Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sugar Sugar

There's no doubting my favourite colours.  In particular, you may just have noticed that I love turquoise and pink.  My shopping in WH Smiths yesterday confirmed this to me!

On Sunday, Mr HenHouse helped me put up my bunting/paper chain/decoration thingy in my den which I had bought during my moochings in East Dulwich last week. We'll just skip over the amused "xmas decoration" type comments. Such a shocking lack of taste these men have. What's not to love?

Whilst in East Dulwich, I popped into Hope and Greenwood and could not resist these sugary confections. Oh the colours... (but where's the turquoisey one?)

Not content with having made myself one crochet corsage already this week...

(Pattern on Rosehip's blog)

...last night, I got out the crochet hook and had a go at Lucy's lovely new pattern for cute itsy bitsy flowers and leaves.  Today, I took the results into my crochet class, did quite a few more and then continued when I came home...

Another top design from Lucy and as you have come to expect, I made myself not one but err, a few!

Couldn't help comparing them with these...

And these!

Give them a go!


  1. oooohhh....lovely Hen...as always pretty and colourful, cheered my dull day up!xxx

  2. Ooooooooohhhhhhh! They are absolutely beautiful.

  3. My sis lives in Dulwich. I will have to ask her to get me some of those sweet fondants! Wow! What a whizz you have been with the itsy bitsy flowers! I have made some too but on my first one I forgot to put a chain between each petal and it came out even more itsy!!! Your blog post is as lovely and cheery as always Hen and I love coming to visit!

  4. OOOHHH Those little crochet flowers are leaves are gorgeous, so spring like. I think your paper chains pretty, men just don't understand. xxxx

  5. I am a red girl normally but have found myself doing lots involving turquoise and hot pink lately and loving it :-)
    also loving the little tiny flowers - they are addictive arent they - i keep thinking oh just one more then find a little pile building up!!! not actually done anything with them yet though :-D
    Lesley x

  6. Oh your den decoration is so pretty - love how you've photographed your crochet with the confectionary!

  7. The crochet clusters look lovely. I've crocheted zillions of flowers but it never occured to me to group them together - it does look effective. I do so like your little china posies - they remind me of iced gems.

  8. I love reading your colourful blog and seeing the things you make, but you really has surpassed yourself this time!
    Those new corsages from Lucy's pattern are just the most goregous things ever!
    Lisa x

  9. Hello Hen, your den looks lovely, I could spend hours in there looking at all your bits n bobs. I'm admiring your crochet too, very pretty, good enough to eat.
    Bertie x

  10. Oh it's just no use, I am just going to have to find a beginers crochet workshop soon! I can't stand it any more, I want to make some!!!!
    PS they are lovely!

  11. Hi Hen, I love the decoration, so nice and bright. It's nice to see someone using a bit of colour! All the whites everywhere in these home magazines is so uninspiring! Right, I've just signed up for a beginners crochet course. As Lyn says, I can stand it no longer and need to get in on the action! :-)

  12. How precious the little flowers are! I want to try to make some! I wonder if I can! lol Love the pretty colors!

  13. Oh, as soon as I saw those I was reminded of the china pins, then I scrolled down, and there they were! Just gorgeous!

  14. Hi Hen

    I have a decoration up across our kitchen - most of the year now. I just change them once in a while - doves at Christmas, even skulls at Halloween but my favourite are the sort you have. I have blogged a picture of mine if you want to check it out.


    By the way all your makes are looking FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! You need to put some of your crochet rolls in your etsy shop by the way!

    Love Emma xxxxx

  15. As a knitter, I would say that if you are making cases for Long straight needles you would need at least 12 pockets. Your stuff looks great.

  16. I'l try again!! ;-)
    Your decoration looks great, in your den,Hen!
    Fave colours..I think it's pink and red for me!
    I certainly would love a mooch around Dulwich too!
    I'm coming to London next week, to the Country Living Fair! I haven't been to London in years so this will be one grand day out for me. ;-)

  17. those are so pretty!

    you talented lady

  18. Yeh, definitely a bit of turquoise and pink thing going on there.
    Love the crochet flowers very pretty.
    Take care.

  19. Hi Hen,
    Lovely photos.
    I'm a BIG fan of turquoise and pink too!
    The teeny flowers are adorable - think I might just be able to find the time to make some - they would make cute corsages for dolls.

    Enjoy the fondants ;-))
    Niki x

  20. Lovely! Sweets, flowers and crochet. What more could a girl ask from her blogpost. Keep that turquoise/pink combo. soooo yummy!

  21. Hi, I have just recently set up a new blog and have found your site via Niki's blog Nostalgia. The corsages are beautiful. I love your bright and colourful photos!

    Isabelle x

  22. Hi Hen..thanks for the message, I've got some serious catching up to do in blogland! Well I love your jaunty paper bunting-thingy, I have some old paper lanterns and get'whatever floats your boat' when they come out! The little flower brooches are just gorgeous. x

    ps. have you seen the gorgeous pink and turquoise flowery union jack tea towel on NOTHS? Gorgeous!

  23. Oh my God!! They're sooo cute. I wished I could crochet.

  24. oooh, pink and turquoise is my favorite colour combination. I stayed at a friend's place last year and the room she put us in was all bright pink and turquoise. It was a real struggle for me to ever come out of the room. Love your decoration - men eh? What do they know !!:-) Crochet flowers are fab too - is there any chance they'd be headed in an etsy direction....?

  25. very sweet brooches... wish i could get to the VHFair... will you be putting them in your shop?
    ginny x

  26. I'm dangerous in WH Smiths, I have a complete weakness for stationary!!!

    Victoria x


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