Wednesday, 25 March 2009

You Can Never Have Too Many...

...golly, there are so many possible answers to that question, aren't there?  I might make this a regular blogspot as it's a little phrase which could be applied not infrequently in my world!

Today, it's pin cushions.

My first pin cushion came courtesy of Cath K, the little toadstool.

Then do you remember when I made this whopper?

That one is a free pattern from Anna Maria Horner.  It's jolly useful and my pin cushion of choice because I find its size useful when I am removing pins from in front of the sewing machine needle and trying to jab them into a pin cushion with my left hand whilst simultaneously sewing the seam guided by my right.  The Cath K toadstool is very cute but is sadly more use as an ornament than pin cushion as its shape means it likes to topple over when you're trying to stab a pin in it.

Undaunted, I still added this little number to my collection when Ms K brought it out...

Again, I feel big is beautiful where pin cushions are concerned but it's very sweet and decorative, all the same.

Then, you may recall I made these ones...

A few of you now have one of these of your very own.  That's a nice thought (thank you).

So, the pin cushion supply in the den dwindling, it was time to make the one in Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts which I've had in my mind to make for ages.  Oh my, this is very pretty, I rather like this one.  What better than the opportunity to combine 8 pretty prints together.  And faff about shaping it into segments with embroidery thread.  And to top it with a crochet flower.  Of Course.  May I present the "Wagon Wheel Pin Cushion".  Ta dah!!!

But it looked so sad on its own so along came Red...

Did I stop there?  You know me too well.  But you know what they say about safety in numbers...

It's a perfect size too, about 5" in diameter.  It certainly dwarfs its shop-bought contemporary!

Another thing you can never have too many of, as we ladies know too well, is bags.  Especially ones that can carry your shopping or your everyday bits'n'bobs (perfectly sized for magazines) but not those nasty un-eco friendly plastic ones.  Even better, one crafted from pretty flowery and polka-dotty fabrics with a bit of gingham ribbon and a crocheted flower (predictable aren't I?) to boot.

Bag mooching can be undertaken here if you should fancy.


  1. I love pin cushions....what a lovely post Hen....and such a pretty bag!xxx

  2. lovely n colourful!

    I use a patchwork heart for pins, I feel a bit voodoo though putting pins in a heart!


  3. Lovely pincushions, and pretty bag
    Julie xx

  4. Lovely post, per usual, dear Hen...colorful and happy.

  5. Lovely pin cushions. I've got the posy pin cushion by CK too, but I haven't dared putting pins in it!

  6. lovely as per usual Hen :-)
    i like the new pin cushions - i dream of a den of my own with fabric and pin cushions scattered around. I do love the one i got from you and have it on show permanately :-D
    lesley x

  7. Oh the pin cushions are beautiful and the bag well what can I say I have fallen in love with it x

  8. You know I was just thinking about pin cushions too and thought I might make one this w/end when I'm with Lucy from Little Blue Door...however, having seen your beautifully made ones I'm sorely tempted to pop over to your emporium and spend the time crocheting instead...they are lovely !

  9. Your pin cushions are so pretty. I like the homemade ones the best.

  10. I think yours are better then Cath's!! The new ones look like great cakes.... yum.. must be hungry!! Like the bag too :) x

  11. Lovely new work! I must say I really like the pincushion squares ... very covetable!

  12. You are so right, we can never have enough when they are such gorgeous things.

    Love the new pincushions, they looked small until you put one beside CK's. Much more useful.

    Lisa x

  13. Hi Hen, I think you are right - I seem to have numerous pin cushions too! I love the new ones you have made - so bright and cheery.

  14. Everything is gorgeous. The bag is to die for.


  15. Oh Hen
    I love your pin cushions! Much better than my ck toadstool although it's so cute it's always falling over!

    I love your photos so colourful, your cottage could be in country living, think I might have to start Reading your blog from the beginning!

    Felicity x x

  16. You can never have enough pin cushions!
    Beautiful as ever Hen.

  17. i was doing a bit of blog surfing, as you do, and found your gorgeous blog. lovely! i actually stumbled across your shop blog first, i see that some of your followers are familiar. this world of blog is the nicest world, wish i could just live in it forever and not enter my real world at all :)
    i will be back
    %*_*% rosey

  18. lovely pin cushions, and that bag is gorgeous. Was having a sort out this morning though and am forced to admit that it might just be possible to have too many bags and shoes. Or we need to move to a bigger house. One or the other....

  19. Hi Mrs Hen, You are a very talented lady indeed; the pin cushions are lovely but your bags are simply divine!

  20. Love, love, love all the fabrics in this post! and the pincushions too!! xo, suzy

  21. GORGEOUS pin cushions! I never thought of them as being covetable, but the ones you made are! Just lovely.
    Vanessa xxx
    (do you mind if i knit)

  22. Hi Hen,
    There's something about a miniature cushion that's very appealing...and I just love those segmented pin cushions you have been busy creating.

  23. Hen, I think I'll just come and live with you and then I'd be able to test all the lovely things that you make. Have a lovely evening - jacqui x

  24. WOW!!! I LOVE pincushions, too and will never have enough! What a beautiful collection you have! When I get my sewing machine back out, I am going to make more pincushions and try some new patterns! Love all of yours!

  25. Hi Hen, these little collections of things can become obsessions can't they! I had it with tins a while back and had to really tell myself off before it got ridiculous!! (at least you sell yours, I'm the worlds worst hoarder of 'stuff')I see Cath has brought out another pincushion, a strawberry one, but I do think yours are really more lovely, especially with the crochet flowers.
    Thanks for your message by the way,oh and a lady left a rather lovely message in my messages for you just after as she hadn't got a blog to leave one on yours..does that make sense? I hope so!!

    enjoy your w/e xx

  26. Hi!
    I love your sumptuous pin cushions! They are beautiful!!
    And, your bag is divine! Lovely!

    Julia xxx

  27. I know what you mean...I have 4 5 present but I am in love with your latest creations...they are lovely...I also know what you mean about CK's...always fall over!!! have a lovely weekend

  28. You've produced some more beautiful things Hen, such a talented lady.
    Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  29. Hello
    If you look at my blog you'll find an award waiting for you, hope you like it

  30. Great post. Loved all the little pincusions too. Tried to find the Anna Maria Horner one but almost lost the will to type ... I couldn't get it and now have given up ... obviously not meant to have it.
    Also enjoyed the 'Made in Hastins' post - I will go there - one day.


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