Monday, 25 May 2009

Beautiful Bank Holiday Weekend

Hello all.  Hope you've had a good (extended) weekend and had some sunshine to enjoy.  We were blessed with lovely weather in the West Country.  Saturday morning saw us arriving bright and early in the marvellous Bridport.  It was very busy and the brass band were playing in Bucky Doo Square.  Golly, I do love a brass band.  I think the Wessex Military Band have been our favourites so far but they are all brilliant.  There were plenty of stalls in the street which yielded a few pretty finds.  I rather liked this old biscuit tin...

...and this enamelled bucket made it home with us too.  I think I will plant it up with some of the pretty flowers I bought (there are some very good, very reasonably priced plant stalls along Bridport's street market and in the Country Market, ie. the W.I. Market, too).

Mr HenHouse spotted this for a measly 10p at the car boot sale.  Perhaps it will keep the Munchkin quiet for a bit?!

I nipped into Girls' Own Store, as always, and picked up these cute melamine bowls.  Now the outdoor season is upon us, I needed no further excuse!  I spent a fair few minutes amusing myself with various colour patterns once I got home.  And yes, of course the pink one is mine!

So, it was definitely a weekend for outdoor frolics and feasting, don't you think?  Time to give the bunting Mr HenHouse bought me, way back for my birthday, its first outing in the back garden.

The Munchkin had other ideas to amuse himself.  Now Daddy has signed up for the village cricket team, a trip to the car boot sale saw the Munchkin kitted out with all his own gear, too...

In between bowling, Mr HenHouse made sure we didn't starve.  He's reading the paper too; who says men can't multi-task?!

Now the English soft fruit season is beginning, there could only be one choice for pud, couldn't there?

Ummmmm, English (indeed Somerset) strawberries and cream...


  1. Sounds like you all had a perfect weekend Hen. I love the new bowls!

  2. Strawberries are very much on the scene here as well. No authentic clotted cream in New York, but we do make do.

    One of the books I'm reading now is Hardy's The Woodlanders. Can you believe it, my wonderful library actually has some first editions in its rare book area. They would not let me check those out, but the words are the same in the 1970 reprint.

    Best wishes to you, and your continued explorations of color, humor, design, craft technique and family fun. Bet that the upcoming fair will be great.


  3. Lovely weekend, the weather has been beautiful but I've been working all weekend :(
    loving the bowls x

  4. What a glorious weekend! Bridport is on our ‘must see’ list after I saw it on Hugh’s River Cottage series and now after your Saturday shopping adventure I am keener than ever. I hope you have a wonderful half-term break, although, sadly, the fabulous weekend sunshine seems to have been chased away for now. Fingers crossed it shall return before the week’s end.

  5. The book looks fun - did anything get made? The Strawberries look delicious I am just about to put some on my breakfast!
    I like the melamine bowls. You found some really good buys at the market.

  6. A wonderful West Country weekend - thanks for sharing it with us! I'm losing track here, but I don't think I've told you about my bloggy Garden Party next month. Do pop over to see the ivitation if you'd like to come!

  7. Bucket, bowls and a BBQ, what a great weekend!
    Lisa x

  8. Love the bucket and the tin, both very pretty. Also love the strawberries and cream! Being from the Westcountry myself, I am obviously an ambassador for clotted cream! x

  9. Oh what a lovely weekend Hen.
    Love the book xx

  10. Hi Hen,
    What a perfect 'English' weekend! The weather was scorching on Sunday, wasn't it? My poor huuby was digging trenches in our garden...loved the 'multi-tasking' photo of your hubby!

    I do like 'Girls Own Store' in Bridport, but think she should do something about the awful odour in there! (Or loose the dogs!!) It put me off last time I was in and I had to leave!

    4 days to go ;-))

  11. ooo i desperately need strawberries and cream now! preferably in the red spotty bowl for me please ;-)

  12. I love the wee bowls that you bought!
    Hugs, Bethxx

  13. What a very British weekend?!

  14. Sounds like you had a fab weekend. xxx

  15. The biscuit tin is just gorgeous, I would have gone for that one as well.Hmmm, strawberries and clotted cream, yummy!

  16. Ummmm!!! The strawberries into your new bowl look so inviting! I am on a diet, I will try with some yogurt...
    Very nice your old biscuit tin, how lucky girl you are and with good taste!
    This weekend,as I was locked in at home because of the weather too hot and humid, I gave birth to my blog...a very hard work and quite a catastrophe... May I add your blog among my favourite?
    I also subscribed to CL magazine..
    Good luck for the fair, I'm sure, you will have great fun and success!

  17. Oh hen i LOVE the biscuit tin, how beautiful! We're off to bridport for a week next week, the girls are soooo excited, so am i come to think about it! Hopefully i'll bag some bargains too.....Your weekend looks similar to ours, squeezed in two barbeques and lots strawberries! Yum!
    Love Kirsty xxx

  18. You lucky thing.
    Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  19. You were just awarded a Lovely Blog award. Visit my blog for details.

  20. I love our weekly WI stall in our little Market Town, alwayspacked with worthy plant buys as well as lots of delicious cakes, jams and other handmade goodies - looking forward to hearing about Chipping Sodbury:)

  21. Looks like a love, love, lovely holiday! I love the little bucket but the bowls took my breath away. I must confess that I am jealous of what you are able to find in your area. Missouri has proven to be frustrating in this way. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  22. That oilskin table cloth, and the spotty bowls are heavenly! My kind of photo candy! And those strawberries! My mouth is watering!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  23. Strawberries... my fave.... clotted cream... yummmmm that's one lovely dessert!

    Victoria xx

  24. What a perfect weekend! I love the bowls and bunting... very patriotic!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of half term

    Yvonne xx

  25. We did have good weather didn't we? It gave us plenty of time for gardening & a BBQ, but what's happened now? Hope it clears up again for the weekend!



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