Sunday, 10 May 2009


Finally, I have grabbed a few minutes to share with you some more lovely blossom, because before too long it shall sadly all be gone for another year (although we can then look forward to the fruit, of course).  Pretty much every time we go to our cottage in Somerset, a trip to the local cider farm has to be made to stock up on its delicious brew!  Last weekend was no exception.

It's always a delight to go there, not least because a 4 litre container of the best ever cider costs less than £5!  It is situated in a beautiful area of countryside and the farm itself is as charmingly ramshackle as they come.

The owner of this frankly rather eclectic (but wonderful) place is one Julian Temperley, who is just what you would expect of a cider apple farmer with the sort of farm you see above. Surprisingly enough, his daughter is Alice Temperley, the fashion designer renowned for her stunning (and very pricey) evening frocks.  Apparently, she has a big bash here every Summer, all the London hoi polloi tripping down to the country for it (and clogging up the A303, of course!)

Dotted around the farmyard are displays of historic apple pressing machinery.

There's even a henhouse!

Beyond the farmyard, the blossom fields are a sight to behold.

But the best bit...undoubtedly the cider!


  1. omg tell me you get your cider in those bottles and I'm taking a special drive all the way down.

  2. Wow, 4 litres for under a fiver!!! It's a wonder you can even remember the weekend!!!

  3. Wow, that's cheap, better not tell hubby....!

  4. Lovely photos! My husband's family live near Rich's Cider, and are loyal to that family - it's great how the family producers are still doing so well. We do tend to buy ours in plastic containers when we go back to the UK though, so I really like your stoneware jars. Over here, we've got used to Breton or Normandy cider. It's not so bad with galettes...

    I'm hosting a Franco-Scottish giveaway, so do pop over if you;d like to enter.

  5. I bet it's the lovely old-fashioned tasting stuff too isn't it? Isn't England a lovely place when the sun shines?
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  6. Ohmygoodness, that takes me back, I used to drink burrow Hill cider many moons ago in a decidedly dodgy pub in Bridport which has it on tap (The Hope and Anchor, if you ever want to give it a go lol). Its one of those drinks that you can happily slurp away on, then stand up to go to the loo and realise you've lost the use of your legs and are suddenly very drunk indeed. Enjoy!xxxxxxxx

  7. My dad was working in Somerset a few years ago, and brought John and I back some home brewed cider, wow, it nearly blew my head off! Strong stuff indeed! xxxx

  8. I miss good old somerset cider, we live in hampsire now there is a cider farm at burley in the new forest we go to from time to time, but its not the same! Growing up my dad used to take us to barn dances, farm open days and yetties concerts - have you heard of them!! they are terrible!!
    Felicity xx

  9. I can feel a Wurzel song coming on!


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