Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Fair!

I do, of course refer to the marvellous Vintage and Handmade Fair which, if you've been reading my blog at all in recent times, you will know was taking place yesterday.

So, on Thursday morning, off we set with an extremely full car to Somerset to stay in our cottage for a relaxing few days.  I purposely did not take any crafting supplies with me so that I really would have a rest before Saturday.  And rest I did!  Thank you everyone for all your good luck wishes in advance of the Fair and I'm sorry if I didn't get to reply to some of you because we have no internet connection at the cottage.  

Let's whizz on to Saturday then.  Up very early before 6am, re-pack the car, and set off to Chipping Sodbury, just a bit late.  It was beautiful scenery on the way there, in glorious sunshine too, which did help to take my mind off things because my tummy was really quite full of nervy, excitedy butterflies!  

The setting up was quite frantic and it soon became clear that I had an awful lot of stuff for my little table!  Anyway, I did my best.  It is at this point that I have to admit that the only photos I took on Saturday were of my own stall.  I took these literally moments before people started coming in and once the doors opened at 10am, it was really very busy for most of the day and I would only have taken photos of the backs of people's heads!  So, I hope you might like to see the photos I did manage to take.  Lots of it will be familiar!

Jayne's husband kindly roamed the hall (when the poor man had not been press ganged into washing up for the tremendously popular and successful tea and cakes stand) and you can find his photos  via Jayne's blog here.

I had a really wonderful day at the Fair.  What more can you ask than a chance to be shopkeeper (every little girls' dream surely?), meet wonderful people and scoff fabulous cakes?!  A very big and heartfelt thank you to all of my customers, existing and new, and to all those who stopped by to have a good natter.  It was lovely to finally put some faces to names and to meet lots of new faces too.  It doesn't get much better than chatting about sewing, crochet and vintage, does it?  I posed for a very amusing photograph for the local paper, with lots of stuffed lavender hearts dangling from my fingers(!) and met one of the directors of the Sew Hip/Inside Crochet magazines who asked to take one of my crochet hook rolls to feature in their magazine and asked if I had any sewing features I might like to include.  

I managed a quick whizz round the Fair ten minutes before closing time and realised later with regret that the only downside to having a stall is the fact that I couldn't shop at everyone else's.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have "peddled my wares"(!) at the Fair, a massive thank you to the inspired organisers Jayne and Michele.  It's a marvel that not only did they have all their own goodies to collect and make but they managed to organise such a successful event, too.  I was lucky enough to have a lovely neighbour at the Fair in Jayne and on the other side, the tea and cakes stand!   How I am now regretting that I only managed one piece of tiffin... 

This is turning into an Oscar speech, sorry about that, but mega thanks also to my Mr HenHouse for making my easel and various other items for me and helping to lug all the "stuff" into and out of houses, cottages, halls and a car.  Luckily, there was a fair bit less on the way back.  I think the poor Munchkin was particularly grateful for this, shoe horned as he was into the only seat in the back of the car (the rest having been folded down with big boxes on top) and with a very large green glass jug of peonies on his knee.  He was quite pleased with the pocket money he earned this week!

We stayed locally last night and enjoyed catching up with my Mum and Dad who had travelled down to the Fair, too.  Today, we even managed to fit in a car boot sale!  More about today's finds soon...

Here's to the next Fair and if you didn't make this one, you really must put the next one in your diary without delay!


  1. Congratulations! You really make beautiful things (and I love all your vintage finds, too)! You've got a great eye for design and you're just so creative! Can you tell I love your blog?

  2. Hi, So good to see you yesterday. Your stand was lovely and choosing what to buy was so hard! We never did get around to talking CarltonWare... one day!!
    Enjoy a post fair rest now if that is possible?
    Lesley XX

  3. ...would LOVE, LOVE to have been there...too bad you are a 6 hour flight away!!!! congratulations though...hope you had a wonderful time...


  4. Hen...

    I only wish that I could have been there. Unfortunately, you are a 6 hour flight away. Hope you had a wonderful time...

    all the best,

  5. It all looks and sounds divine!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    xo, Kali

  6. So glad you had a wonderful day, it does sound like it was lots of fun.
    Your wares are bright and lovely and I bet they drew lots of attention!
    Thanks for sharing, it was a good Oscar speech!!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  7. Well, that was almost as good as being there...your photos are wonderful! I would have enjoyed the shopping part though. You really do look beautiful posing by your wonderful creations! I'm so happy for you!

  8. Oh Hen, your stall looked beautiful. I wish I could have visited!

  9. Your stall looked wonderful, well done on such a succssful day.

    It was lovely to meet you.

    Sue xx

  10. Hello Hen, it's was lovely to meet you on saturday, we didn't get time to chat 'cos you were so busy!!! Think everyone wanted to meet you.
    Hope it was a success for you, your things are beautiful.... I couldn't decide what to buy!! It was a feast to the eyes. That's great news about sew hip.
    I forgot it was you who made the brownies.... lovely!!
    It was werid seeing your family because you feel you know them but of course you don't!! I said hello to Munchkin as he walked passed but I think he thought I was a!!! :)X

  11. Hi Hen, it was lovely to meet you at the fair!. Your stall looked amazing, I love my needlecase and have filled it already.It was such a lovely atmosphere to shop in!
    Take care
    Rachel x

  12. I wish I could have been there. Everything looks so pretty

  13. Your stall looked so lovely and colourful! I wish I could have seen it in person, although I am not sure that I could have resisted any of the lovely things!

    I love fairs, there is always such a great atmosphere around. You seem to have had a wonderful time.

  14. Only wish I could have made it to the fair - will you be at handmade in Winchester in Jult?
    Chris x

  15. Hi Hen
    I am so pleased you had a good day with your family. You certainly brought some wonderful colour to the occasion and your stall looked FAB!
    Next time I am going shopping..I missed out on so much.

    Michele x

  16. Congratulations on such a successful fair. Your stall is a riot of colour and gorgeousness. And you are wearing such a pretty dress.
    Well done on the Sew Hip thingy.
    Hope you have a well deserved rest.
    Lisa x

  17. Hi Hen!
    The story about your participation at the fair is so exciting! I had a virtual tour on flickr, well, I think that your stall was the most colourful and cheerful of all the fair,congratulations on the hard work you've done (and also to Mr.Henhouse)!!!
    What a pity that you didn't took any photo of the poor Munchkin, I would have seen his funny expression!
    Don't mind if your story seems too long, your attention for details get us much involved in your adventures..THANK YOU!!!!


  18. It looks like the most wonderful event. I wish I could have taken part. What fun to be photographed for a local newspaper and have your crochet roll featured in Sew Hip! I am glad that the day was a success for you.x

  19. Congratulations, your stall looked great, did you manage to sell most of your items? Was there anything you would do differently next time? You must have learned lots, I am sure.

    Congratulations again!

  20. Sounds like a super day out was had by all! I love your dress BTW! x

  21. Oooh it was such a fab day,wasn't it,Hen? Hope your family all enjoyed it too!
    Lovely to see you again.

  22. So jealous i wasn't there x

  23. Hi Hen
    it all looks lovely wish I could come, I might badger someone to come with me next time don't fancy driving all that way by myself, when is the next one?

    Great news about sew hip, are they feturing your pattern or the prouct, you should pubblish a book 'Henhouse Style!'

    Felicity xx

  24. Hi Hen, there's an award for you over at my blog.

    Sue xx

  25. It's lovely to see how everything came together. It all looks fantastic!

  26. your stall looks fantastic! I am glad the fair went so well for everbody :-) just sad that I wasn't there :-(

    Here's to next time!

    Rose XXX

  27. Your stall looks terrific, as do you, love that dress. So glad that it went well.
    I really wish I could have gone to look at and buy up lots of goodies.

  28. it is so colourful, I would not have known where to look first! I esp love the painted pink frame. You are very clever, your dress is cute too!

  29. Congratulations on doing so well at the Fair, and getting that well-deserved attention from the magazines!

    Please do have a good rest in your garden while dreaming up the next round of beautiful creations. xo

  30. congratulations hope you sold lots of things...its looks fab...H

  31. hi! I bought 2 of your lovely candles in teacups! they are so beautiful!
    It was a really great fair in a lovely setting!
    thanks! xxx

  32. Hi Hen,

    Your stall was fantastic I could of brought one of everything!!

    I'm so pleased with my beautiful covered notebook (I'm the crazy customer who couldn't decide which one to buy!)

    It was lovely to meet you, thank goodness my partner agreed to spend his Birthday weekend in Chipping Sodbury :-)

  33. Wow your stall looks gorgeous!! I shall be keeping track of your blog from now on!

  34. Glorious! Your stall looked glorious! And i bet you sold out.............. oh how i wish we lived closer, could you bring it up North next time?!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  35. Hen, pop over to my blog....I tried to email you but it was rejected!



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