Wednesday, 20 May 2009

For the Love of Roses

A quick blast of flowery loveliness for you today, bloggers.  I'm dashing off to meet my sister from the train who's coming to stay for a few days, mainly so we can visit the Chelsea Flower Show tomorrow.  Oh yippee.  Flowery heaven.

Here at the HenHouse, we're starting to have our own modest little flower show!  I always try to pick some flowers to put in the guest room when we have friends staying so off I ventured into our jungle of a garden yesterday.  Of course, I thought I'd have a few roses in my den too, I do enjoy the fragrance whilst I'm beavering away.

Some for the guest room...

Some "virtual roses" for bedtime reading!

There were enough for a vase for the sitting room, too.

This one is my absolute fave, growing (wildly) over the arbour in the back garden and just coming into boom now.  It has a lovely fruity fragrance and the classic cup-shaped many-petalled flower form which I just love.  I have no idea what variety it is.  

This red one is growing (rampantly!) in the front garden and also has a beautiful, rich and heady perfume.  Its petals are perfect to scent strawberry jam.

Here's a piccy of our back garden.  Pretty wild!  Then again, I must dig out the photos of how it looked when we moved in and you would see a big improvement (honestly!)

Finally, sending you all lots of...

Must dash!


  1. Thank you for sharing with us the beauty and the scent of your roses!
    I envy your attention to details!
    Have a great time at the Chelsea Flower Show!


  2. What lovely Roses. Golly your Roses are out early, mine are only in the green bud stage

  3. you are so lucky to have all those beautiful roses growing in your garden!

    Have fun at Chelsea :-)

    Rose XXX

  4. Ooh how lovely. Thanks for sharing those beauties with us.

  5. Enjoy the show! I am sure you will find inspiration.x

  6. I'm just imagining the scent of those roses now! Love the apricot colour too. Enjoy the Flower Show - went last year and loved it - even though I *did* forget my camera. Oh well, there's always next year!

  7. I love roses, too! They make the whole house smell divine! Your outside space is inviting!

  8. Hello the new picture of look so pretty!

    I just adore roses....the flower of love!

    Have a super time with your Sister!


  9. Your roses are a wonderful complement to your blog, that is a lovely one. It was the first time I visited you, but I don't think it will be the last. Love. Maria João

  10. the garden looks lovely :-) and the cushions are fab !
    what pretty flowers as well how lucky one would be to get to stay at Henhouse ;-)

  11. How lovely, I have problems with roses they don't seem to want to grow for me & end up covered in green fly & black spot :( Must try harder!! Have a great time tomorrow, hope it stays dry for you :)

  12. i went to the Chelsea Flower Show some years ago. It was a tiring, but marvellous day!! It was a flower heaven, and I bet you will have a lovely time, and come back with loads of lovely garden ideas, and inspiration!!!

    Have fun!

    Sharon xx
    P.S. Love those cushions!

  13. Hen love the roses and I hope you and your sister have a wonderful time at Chelsea Flower show x
    Will look forward to seeing the photos x

  14. What beautiful roses, and what a lovely garden you have. I long for order and tidyness among all the overgrown widerness I seem to have at the moment, yours is LOVELY>

    Sue xx

  15. Lovely roses, I adore CL magazine. xxx

  16. I think that your back garden is beautiful, Hen! x

  17. Hello Hen
    You are so lucky to have roses in your garden already, Here things are so slow for some reason, probably too much rain not enough sunshine. My English Grandparents were keen gardeners and had their front and back garden full of roses, The scent was heady and heavenly as you walked up to their front door. Your photos have reminded me of those lovely holidays spent in their garden.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  18. Have a wonderful time at the show. Love the big peachy roses....beautiful!

  19. Beautiful roses, have a lovely time with your sister. My sister lives abroad, and I would so love to see her more often, so make the most of your special time together :)


  20. Love the roses! You are so lucky to be off to Chelsea. Must get there next year. Only been once, many, many years ago and I remember that it thundered and hailed ... but I still had a wonderful time:)

  21. Oh my! Thank you for those lovely roses!

  22. The roses are so pretty.Have a wonderful time at the show.Love the new love cushions too,especially the heart shaped o
    Rachel x

  23. What an idyllic post! I've been watching Chelsea on the t.v. I love it. I like the winner of the best garden, but I thought the Laurent Perrier garden was exquisite. I can't believe you've got all those roses blooming, none of mine are out yet! They look fabulous, your lucky guests. Hope you enjoyed Chelsea, you lucky thing!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  24. One of life's little pleasures for me is picking flowers from our garden and having them dotted around the house.. we don't have a huge choice but nothing beats fresh flowers to brighten up a room..

    Hope Chelsea was bloomin' marvellous.

    Michele x

  25. Hello Hen!
    Glorious roses - they are so evocative I can smell them!
    Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment about our camping trip. We were impressed with The Bridge House Hotel, like you, and we're sure to go back.
    Your collection for the VH fair looks amazing - so pretty and colourful. Unfortunately I cannot be there as we have a special family celebration on the same day - if only I could time travel !
    But I wish you huge success and happy times - have a pretty tea cake on my behalf!
    Denise x
    PS can't wait to hear about Chelsea!

  26. Rose scented jam????? Please tell me how you do this. I am the queen of roses, as you can see on my blog today, AND I make lots of jam every year, mostly berries. I make rose scented teas and lemonade, but rose infused jam???? Please.....I just have to try this.
    Moonie girl


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