Monday, 29 June 2009

Cricket and Crochet

This weekend saw Mr HenHouse's debut for the village cricket team.  What I know about cricket would not fill the back of a postage stamp.  There was only one thing for it...

Failing that, I thought I may as well take along a comfy chair for the afternoon's viewing.  I didn't realise it was going to make the perfect resting place for the necessary sporting accoutrements.

I must admit, I was rather excited at the thought of the annual Chairman's match on Sunday, where the village's official cricket team plays a team made up from other village dwellers.  Not too sure about the cricket, but an afternoon in the sun with the promise of tea afterwards was not to be sniffed at.  Yummy!

Limbering up!  

The Munchkin came along well prepared too.  Check out his Yeovil boot sale vintage deckchair.  I think this is his "don't take my photo" look.

His current obsession: aircraft.  (Along with cars, steam trains, meerkats and so on.)

I thought I should take along something to amuse me too.

Ooooh, after the village team batted, it was time for tea.  Perhaps a strategic move by the other team; can't imagine much agile fielding was going to take place once that little lot was wolfed down!  I made the whopping strawberry cake on the left which was very well received.  I can never help trying a brownie, always in search of the ultimate specimen (it's a hard job but someone's gotta do it).  Oh my, I'm surprised I had any of my own teeth left after a bite of one of those!  I suggest the brilliant recipe in Good Food magazine instead.

Unfortunately, the Mr HH's village team lost to the raggle baggle band of non-regulars (by only one run; gosh, I actually found cricket quite exciting, usually I think it's akin to watching paint dry).  Oh dear!  One slice too many, boys?

We girls are not really that fussed about sport are we?  It's stacks of fabric, ribbons, buttons and yarns that do it for us?  And vintage finds, but none of those this week as I had to forego the boot sale in favour of the cricket match.  The things I do for love!  (Or cake?)

Fast forward to today.  Tomorrow is my last crochet class.  I started adult education classes, two hours every Tuesday morning, back in September as a complete novice.  I'm pleased that I can now crochet simple things.  My main motivation for learning to crochet was to make a granny squares blanket.  My nan has always been a very good crocheter and churned out granny blankets once upon a time but is sadly finding it difficult now she is older (in her late eighties).  So, I have been making squares for months.  I have nowhere near enough for a blanket but I thought if maybe I joined a few squares together, I might be motivated to get some more done.  I have been using Rowan DK yarn (purchased from John Lewis but available elsewhere) which I really enjoy working with.  With the warm weather, I thought today would be a good day for blocking.  Not sure I know what I'm doing with blocking, my tutor doesn't believe in it but hey ho!

I consulted my book for advice on joining the squares together and I also had a look at Lucy's guide to joining granny squares which is fabby.  So, off I went a-joining.  I found it quite tricky, working with the same colour it was hard to see which stitches I was working into but I think I've got the hang of it.  More of a problem was the fact that a certain someone seemed to think the squares very cosy indeed and every time I turned away, I returned to find...

By the end, Vorey was feeling very bold and fully asserted his right to lounge on the squares combined with a challenging glare at the camera!

Hopefully, I might have a better photo with more progress to show you soon!


  1. Dear Hen - I am the lady who made those brownies.

    Sorry - no I'm not but I couldn't resist - lol! (little lol?) Sorry!!

  2. Hen, the perfect English Summer afternoon.....Rob is thinking of dusting off the cricket bat again, but has left it too late for this season...Actually I'm quite glad if it means I have to provide cakes as beautifully made as yours!!! I still haven't eaten and that table of food is making me drool!!!
    The Granny squares are looking great. Hope Vorey keeps his claws to himself!
    CONGRATULATIONS on the IH photo shoot, how exciting, it looked stunning and I can't wait to see it in print. Will they do a follow up at the cottage? Surely they can't deprive readers of Munchkins Cowboy room...
    Take care, enjoy the less stressful week.
    Jane. xxxx

  3. Looks like a great day in the sun!! I had the same problem with my cats when I was lying out my granny squares. Nanny loves me joining my blanket together, he snuggles in :)

  4. Cricket..yuk...cake..yum! It looks like you were tempted by the CK pumps just like me, they're really comfy aren't they (and quite cheap too)The crochet looks great I can't wait to see the finished blanket.

  5. What a beautiful English day you had! We tried to have a very English day at my garden party, but we were a bit challenged by the strength of the French sun!

    Your post below about the magazine shoot is very exciting. Congratulations that your lovely home (or at least one of them) is recognised for its worth!

  6. Looks like you had a great weekend. The crocheting looks good. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket. Let me know if you try some of the patterns I emailed.
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. What is it with cats and all things crafty? Mine love to lay on anything I'm working on and they both start to circle my beading box when I get it out. They like to run off with the wire and thread.

    Love your blog, just wish my house was as nice and tidy as yours!
    Andrea x

  8. Vorey is a very beautiful and handsome cat so I'm sure you forgave him! Sitting on our "stuff" is in their genes anyway - nothing anyone can do.

  9. Hi Hen!
    What a heavenly buffet! I bet your cake was sublime!
    Little Munchkin makes me smile, he's so lovely!
    Have a great week!

  10. The cricket tea looks gorgeous! The crochet is coming along very nicely!
    Rachel x

  11. My Sister and I so love the knowledge is VERY limited, My Sister however has dated a couple of chaps who play....she often does the cricket teas at the local club....I pop along to eat them and wear a summer frock....LOL!!!
    She pops by your blog and will enjoy this post I'm sure!


  12. Scrummy post as usual. I always feel at home when I visit you. x

  13. My husband is a keen cricketer, and has played at county level, I used to love going to watch him many a moon ago, teas never looked like that though ;) How scrummy. I have the book too, well he has, a little present for him from me :) It is a lovely book.

    Reminds me he really should get back into it, is an excellent fast bowler and we have such a lovely cricket ground in our village.


  14. your day at the cricket looks fun :-)

    Your crochet squares look great! I am just at the joining stage myself.. My nan crochets, and I've been learning (she taught me when I was a kid, and I forgot how to do it, so I've been re-teaching myself from books!).

    looking forward to seeing how you get on :-)

    Rose XXX

  15. Hello Hen,

    All the cakes look yummy (even the dangerous brownies) and the crocheting is coming on very well.

    What I really do love is that expression on the face of yon Munchkin.

    Best wishes to all at Hen House. xo

  16. Hello Hen - can't wait to see your spread in Ideal Home - how exciting for you! BTW I have a recipe for the most sublime choc/macadamia/rum brownies ever, if you're interested!

  17. What a great weekend you had. My 8 year old son has just started playing cricket at our local club,please tell me if there is a magical washing powder that gets grass stains out of trouser knees!!!!!
    The afternoon tea spread looked scrummy, of course the strawberry cake looks the tastiest!!
    Your crochet is looking great, looking forward to seeing finished blanket.
    Linda O xx

  18. Hi!! I just found your blog and I am loving it. Your granny squares look absolutely beautiful. Well done!!
    I will be returning for more visits. It is always exciting to find lovely blogs like yours. :)
    Take care. x

  19. I love cricket.
    It's a wondeful way to pass the afternoon on a warm summer day.
    I spent my 21st birthday on my own watching Australia play our county team, more years ago than I care to remember!
    Lisa x

  20. Hi Hen, what a fabulous spread, it makes one want to join a cricket team :) Where did you get your gorgeous rose deck chair from? I could add something similar to my Birthday list me thinks. Your crotchet classes seem to be going very well. I am hoping to do something similar here in Guernsey but haven’t had much success in locating a class as yet.

  21. OMG I am planning to start a crochet class in September, like yours my granny is a dab hand but not so nimble anymore! I love the colours you've chosen for your squares. I visit a little craft fair in Cornwall every August and a lovey lady there does one blanket every year and every year I buy it! sad!
    I must must learn, keep up the good work!
    Really like the new header picture on your blog too!
    Love Sarah x

  22. Hen, I love your writing, it's always so entertaining! And you actually made me interested in cricket with your story. I think I'd be like you, very happy to crochet while sitting sedately on the side lines, before partaking of a slice of cake and a cup of tea. That would be my sort of cricket!
    Your crochet squares are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! My crochet tutor thinks blocking is pointless too, and I must admit, although I like the idea of blocking, I can never be bothered, and things seem to turn out o.k. I'll probably regret saying that now!
    Love the colours you've used.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  23. paintdropskeepfalling30 June 2009 at 15:07

    That's been a very entertaining post! I shall go away with a smile now - thanks.


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