Tuesday, 30 June 2009


First you see it...

...then you don't!

The cute "Love" cushion which I have been very much enjoying in its new home on its little Arts and Crafts chair in the dining room (and particularly loved by Vorey who thinks it's very cosy) has gone off on its hols to Ideal Home mag for another photo session as it's going to be featured in the mag (October issue I believe, by the way).  I did give it a vigorous de-fur first, of course. So, to those of you who bought a similar "Love" or "Home" cushion from me already, you're ahead of the trends!

More firsts around and about the HenHouse. 

The first sweet peas...

Yes, they do smell divine.

The first wild sweet peas...

No, they don't really have a fragrance.

The first hollyhock...

Self-seeded, in amongst loads of weeds!  I've never grown hollyhocks here though we have quite a few dotted around the garden.  I do jolly well love hollyhocks, too.  Cottage gardens eat your heart out.  You can't actually eat them though, can you?

Moving on to the edible crops then.  (That was a truly awful link, wasn't it, my apologies.)

The first tomatoes...

In fact, the tomato plants are loving all this hot weather and are looking very triffid-like.  I'd better get out there, pulling out the non-flowering side shoots and tying the plants in.  Heaven help the window cleaner when he tries to get past this little lot!

The first chilli peppers...

Still green so here's hoping for lots more sun so that the little monsters turn a fiery red.  I usually dry them and use them in my curries there after.

Down in the optimistically titled "kitchen garden", the first peas...

The first broad beans...

The first green (French) beans...

Not the first raspberries though.  Finding it hard to keep up with the raspberry picking but I'm waiting for the sun to go down then I shall tackle them later and probably make jam.

Not a first really, except that it's the first time I'm showing you this.  Does that count?!  I'm a bit disappointed that the "million bells" are looking more "tens of bells" at the moment, I really want them to trail all down the basket but perhaps I'm being impatient.  Who, moi?  Mr HH is shaking his head, "Hen?  Impatient?  Oh no no no"!  Or errm, maybe not.

I bought the cute heart-shaped hanging basket at the Chelsea Flower Show.  I'm not usually a hanging basket fan but I bought this and another round one with a little heart shape protruding from the bottom (golly, that sounds dodgy, doesn't it?)  which I rather liked.  We'll look at that another time perhaps (like when it's started flowering).

That's it for firsts, now it's just random bits and pieces, as you've come to expect from me and this blog.  I am LOVING (get that?) my red polka dotty verbenas which are now starting to flower nicely.  Good boys (better than that million bells.  Huh, what million bells?)

In fact, the red polka dot beauties are so fab, they get lots of piccies!


  1. I was getting worried about my Sweet Peas they haven't started flowering yet, but you are just getting your first flowers I'm not worrying so much. I bet you are looking forward to seeing the article.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Hi Hen,

    Your garden is looking fantastic!

    I bet you are thrilled that your cushion is being featured :-)

    Rose XXX

  3. I am loving those red verbenas-very vintage!
    I can't wait to see the article about your lovely home.

  4. Those flowers are so gorgeous! I'm going to have to have a looky for some of those :O)

  5. The garden is looking fabulous! ox, suzy

  6. Your home looks amazing!

    S xx

  7. Lucky you! All those rasperries!
    Mine looks like your "million bells": )
    Indoor/outdoor..it doesn't count..everything is fabulous at Henhouse!

  8. Wow..your garden is really going for it....especially the tomatoes!! Well done on the cushion...hope you get loads of extra customers because you deserve them! x

  9. Oh that little LOVE pillow?? DELISH! Loved your photos of the flowers too. This is my first year for sweet peas and I'm soooo excited. No hollyhocks, but they're next!


  10. Congrats on your Love cushion being featured. That is very cool!

  11. Oh, what great news Hen - your cushions are wonderful! Love the pics from around your garden too.

  12. Wow, well done on all the magazine exposure (now that DOES sound dodgy)! Can't wait to see it so remind us when it's out x

  13. I'll be buying that issue then! Can't wait! That really is fantastic that they're going to spotlight your cushion, fantastic Hen! And so exciting! I'm with you on the hanging baskets. But then occassionally I see one where I think, oh, I've changed my mind about hanging baskets. Yours has made me change my mind! And blimey, your produce looks so healthy and perfect. We're still waiting for ours to look like triphids, and to show signs of producing. The sea mist we get slows them down I think. I love those verbenas, so retro and gorgeous!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  14. Great news on the cushion front, how could they not feature it!!
    Sweet peas are my favorite flower, and the scent is so strong, all my sweets peas this year seem to be a deep purple, not that I mind, I love purple flowers but I do love your pink ones, such a delicate colour.
    Your veggies are coming on a treat, I bet they'll all need
    picking and eating together!!
    And I think it must be a good year for raspberries, we've had loads,and I managed to make our first ever raspberry jam at the weekend, which my husband says tastes delicious!!
    Lovely photos again, Hen
    Linda O xxx

  15. That Hollyhock is the most amazing colour! I found that the ones I planted deliberately succumbed to "rust", whilst those that self-seeded have survived. Have patience with those Million Bells... hate to say it, but ours are wonderful, I don't use anything else in baskets since I discovered them. x

  16. wow congrats about the cushion - of course we can say we knew you before you were famous ;-)
    am extremely jellyous that you have tomatoes as i still dont!!! whats all this about non flowering shoots and tying in etc etc? i can feel a trip to the library coming on!!!

  17. Your garden is looking lovely. Congratulations on getting your cushion into the magazine.

  18. Your flowers and veg look amazing!

  19. Hello, I have discovered your blog casually and I have been charmed with it.
    I am charmed with quite what you do, the colors that you use, the photos ... everything!!

    I have put you in my blog in the favorites' section, hope that it does not matter for you.

    Regards from Spain.

    PD:he had use a translator because I don`t know speak in English ,so I hope that you understand everything what I wanted to say.

  20. Hi Hen, I went out in our little garden for an hour after work only to find Mr Slug and Mr snail have gone to town on my holly hocks and lupins...I wanted a little patch of lupins like the ones on your blog...now I have a patch of soil....


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