Thursday, 18 June 2009


Hello everyone.  Just squeezing in an early morning post before setting off with Mr HH for his birthday weekend, destination : surprise!!!  I need a break after all the organisation and subterfuge it's taken!

Yesterday, I made the trip to Biceseter, to the Outlet Village in particular and of course, Cath Kidston in the even more particular!  Herewith, a bevy of goodies...

I was pleased with my fabric haul.  Apparently, the shop has been low on fabrics for some weeks but had recently received more stock.  I was chuffed to find the wacky floral one, I've wanted that for ages.  I see aprons, bags, all sorts of goodies in my future.  The spotty fabric is to make new roman blinds for the Munchkin's room.

Now the only problem is where to put the new fabric.  It's currently sitting on the bench in my den because my Cath K shelf (which has taken over Kaffe Fassett's section too) is chock-a-block full.  

More shelf loveliness.  Just because.

I also picked up a bag containing 5 metres of grey bobble trim (for £5).  I added it to my veritable treasure chest of bobble trim.

Here's where the treasure chest lives.  Every now and then, I have to look in all these tins to remind myself what's in them!

(Lesley, Mel Mel, surely now you're tempted to head down South?!)

So, my mum and dad are currently in charge at the HenHouse and my mum brought lots of goodies for me that she's been collecting. Aren't parents fabby?!

Before falling asleep last night, I managed a whizz through the "Illustrated Patchwork Crochet" book (which belonged to my nan), tantalised by the pattern on the front.  It has some promising projects (if the colours are sometimes a bit 1970s) but we can always do something about that.

This flowery hat box arrived for me with mum, too.

Oooh, what goodies might be inside?  Quick, quick...

An array of lovely beads.  I'm "into" retro beads at the moment.  These also came from my nan's house.  They have a lovely raised floral pattern all over them.  I love them!

Lots of gorgeous china posies too and I don't know how mum manages it but she manages to find them unchipped.  The teacups will make lovely candles.

My china posy brooch/pin/earring collection is looking blooming marvellous!

Now, a quick whizz back to crochet.  Do you remember I started experimenting with a wavy pattern?

It wasn't quite how I wanted it, the bands weren't wide enough so I've been experimenting further...

Watch this space!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I think the weather forecast is good.  Now, I must track down my swimming costume (really, it's missing!)


  1. I like the new picture you put on the top of your blog!
    The colours of your new goodies cheer me up!
    Have a good trip and enjoy yourself!!!

  2. Your wavy crochet looks like the cushion cover on the ripple blanket in Vintage Crochet. I was really cross that this picture was in the book and there was no pattern for it. Looks like you may have nailed it though x

  3. Awesome post!

    You have just answered a question I have just asked myself!! Do they sell fabric in outlet ck stores?

    You have a ck shelf!!!

    Have a truly special day!

  4. The crochet book is fabulous, I love that completely mad blanket, colour plate 8. Very funky.

    And you are such a lucky girl, all those other gorgeous treasures from your mum!

    Oh, and definitely watching the space, lol. The crochet has worked out great! Looks perfect to me. You might just get asked for a tutorial ;-).

  5. i LOVE everything in your photos!
    Lovely fabrics and ribbons and books and china....

    are you sure your mum doesn't want a surrogate daughter?! lol

    have a fantastic time :-D

    Rose XXX

  6. I love all your china posies...I must take a picture of mine sometime.
    Have a nice weekend
    Deb x

  7. That crazy mazy crochet blanket is fab - what were they taking in the 1970's to come up with that!???

    Lovely post - have a great time!


  8. Have a nice trip and lots of time to relaxe.
    May be you could put your robbon on a ribbonholder, so get some more free space for you new fabrics ;)


  9. Love the fabric Hen, that will keep you busy!!!
    You have a great eye for colour, I think thats what I'm in need of at the moment,an injection of colour!!!
    Well done your Mum, some great finds there.
    Your collection of posies is lovely, they are so pretty and delicate.
    Hope you and Mr HH have a wonderful time away, enjoy!
    Love Linda O xx

  10. Hi Hen, gorgeous beads, love your new banner! Have a fab weekend. Kathyx I am doing a show all weekend :0( Hope the weather is good as it is outside!

  11. Hope you both have a lovely weekend away!
    Bocester seems to be having a run of blogland visitors at the moment; I've been, you've been, Little Gem's been, who's next? x

  12. I have lots of the bone china floral brooches. When they are all cumped together they make the "perfect garden".
    Julie xxxxx
    Enjoy your weekend

  13. Just the sort of flowery, pretty post I needed this morning. Thanks Hen!
    I loved the ripple before, but now that you have widened it,I can see it's much better. Keep us posted!


  14. have a fabaroony time!!! and when you get back we will discuss my rummaging time being booked in - those tins will not be safe from me ;-)
    love the fabrics i got a couple of those when i went on my way home from london (slight detour arranged LOL) and meant to go back after deliberating about the pom pom trim and then forgot!!! - the crochet looks luverly you are a clever girly :-)
    have fun! happy birthday mr HH

  15. I second lucy, it looks lovely and it seems that your mum has brought you some wonderful goodies. Have a great weekend.

  16. Hi Hen, love your new banner! You made it to Bicester then, lovely fabrics,I'm off there next week with my daughter when she's back from uni.What a lovely assortment of haberdashery.Have a wonderful weekend!
    Rachel x

  17. it's a relieve to see that i'm not the only one with fabricshelves filled to the brim, buying fabric is so addictive, isn't it?
    enjoy your trip!

  18. oh! I am jealous of your Bicester village visit! I was near it last weekend but wasn't allowed to go! (overruled by the men in the party!)

    and love all your little goodies too!

    have a fab weekend x

  19. Sometimes I wish I still lived in England just for Cath Kidston and especially the outlets!
    What I really love though, are your china posies! I have been collecting little bits here and there too but the "finds" here in OZ are very few and far between.

  20. Fab post!! Do you think you have an adiction to bobble edgeing?

  21. Wow, what a fabulous stack of fabrics. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Loving all that gorgeous fabric and beads. You've been tagged on my blog, call by for details.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Sue xx

  23. Your mum sounds great, she certainly knows what you like - I have a mum like that too! - I love the CK fabrics, I am waiting for some to arrive any day now, I have all sorts of projects planned for mine - Natalie x

  24. Lovely wavy crochet. Isn't your Mum generous letting you have all those gorgeous things? I hope you have a lovely weekend away. x

  25. Oh Hen what wonderful lucky thing, I have started collecting those lovely china flowers...I BLAME YOU...(I collect enough already..) Have a lovely weekend H


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