Friday, 5 June 2009


And I don't mean the pop group!  This week, I've taken a break from sewing and crafty stuff and managed to get on with all the things I'd been putting off in the run up to the Fair.  Time for a spot of DIY, perhaps? 

Well, I'd sort of been putting this project off for a while because it was going to involve sanding.  Oh my, words cannot convey how much I dislike sanding.  I do my best to palm it off on Mr HenHouse but he's wise to me now!  I was, however, keen to get on with the make-over so seeing the sunshine outside yesterday, it was on with the scruffy working gear and outside to face these...

Yes, a little pair of vintage wooden steps.  Unbelievably, these were just 50p from the marvellous Yeovil boot sale some weeks ago.  Towards the end of the boot sale, the family manning this table were keen to get rid of everything so the cries of "EVERYTHING 50p!" rang out.  I needed no further encouragement to check it all out.  I was a bit hesitant about the steps though and indeed, Mr HenHouse got them in the end.  I think I just couldn't cope with carrying any more.  Well done that man.

So, Mr HenHouse furnished me with the power tools and I set to (very noisy) work... (Check out those sanding pads stored in the old OXO tin; he's full of surprises, Mr HH.)

The Munchkin was (happily for him) off school yesterday as the school was being used as a polling station so he got on with his own crafty project.

Today, of course, the weather is completely pants, so disappointing as I was getting far too used to the sunshine.  So, no photoshoot outside, just have to make do with indoors.  Want to see how they look?

I had the paint mixed a while ago and its a little bit more vibrant than I remembered!  I chose some Cath Kidston "Box Floral" oilcloth in aqua for the top. I think it's quite a new design and I really like it, it has a very '50s look about it, I think.  I have some cotton duck fabric stockpiled too. The paint is Dulux Javan Dawn 3.

They are going to live in my den where I have quite a lot of shelves to reach.  Not forgetting reaching the stash, of course.

As chance would have it, I happened to be perusing the 'net the other day as there is a big birthday coming up in the HenHouse this month.  When making a few purchases, it's only fair to get yourself something, to keep yourself motivated, don't you find?  I've seen this book on quite a few blogs and it was very reasonably priced in the Amazon zshops so into the virtual basket it went (it's far too easy to do that, isnt it?)  Funnily enough, I think my steps would fit right into "Bazaar Style".

I haven't had chance to look through it much yet (all that sanding and painting) but a quick flick reveals some deliciously bright and colourful pages...

On a completely different note, do you remember in my blog post about the Fair, I mentioned having my photograph taken by the local paper, with hearts dangling from my fingers?  Go on, be honest, you thought I'd lost it and been hallucinating, too many cakes and all that.  Fear not, my people, because proof is just a click away.  Oh golly, I havent been in the 'paper since I was about 8 at school!

Have a fabby weekend everyone (despite the rubbish weather forecast).  And I haven't forgotten the giveaway...


  1. Your creativity is unbelievable little fairy! Your wand can turn a toad into the prince charming! Your vintage wooden steps are FABULOUS!

  2. What a lovely feeling to turn a drab piece into one so pretty. Well done.

  3. I am gobsmacked! I can't believe you turned those pretty tatty looking steps into something so gorgeous. I love your choice of colour and oilcloth.

  4. That's weird, as yesterday I was dragging my vintage steps all around the garden in order to find the right place to use them for a plant display.
    We must have both had steps on the brain!
    Have a good weekend ;-)

  5. The steps look so good!!!!!!!!! x

  6. Your steps look very smart for their makeover.


  7. The steps looks lovely, and how exciting getting your picture in the newspaper!

  8. Oh Hen the steps look wonderful. After all that work you deserve to put your feet up with a cold G+T and that good book!

  9. The steps look amazing well done Hen!
    And loving the photograph of your in the paper get you.... LOL no really it is great x

  10. oooo being vertically challenged (5'2") i love any pretty options to help me reach up high and this is the prettiest set of steps ive ever seen :-D
    congrats on the article !
    lesley x

  11. I like Munchkins little Engine
    (is it and engine or a truck?)
    Julie xxxx

  12. Hi Hen..what a brilliant idea...I have some steps just like that in the can I persuade Pete to sand you I hate it, but unlike you, if Pete wont do it I sometimes paint over the top...I know I am terrible...staying in and knitting and doing my Venice photo album which I have been putting off ...

  13. I followed you over from your Flickr pages and I love your style...vintage, feminine and utterly gorgeous!

  14. You have done a great job with revamping the steps. I love the picture of you in the paper showing your wares!

  15. Hi Hen, the steps look gorgeous, love the paint colour,very pretty! Hey you're famous too!
    Rachel x

  16. Great job on the steps. I love the photo and story in the paper, how exciting.

  17. Only you could turn a step ladder into something so pretty!

    They will fit in with your den perfectly.


  18. The steps are great, I've been looking for some for years 'cos I can't reach the top shelves in the kitchen cupboards.... OH put them up!!!
    The book looks good but I MUST not buy anymore books!! I'm finding the paterns in the 100 flower book hard :(
    Love the newspaper photo :) x

  19. LOVE what you've done with the steps!
    you would pay a fortune for those in a shop!
    Bazaar Style is one of my fave books, Selina Lake is a fantastic stylist.
    and Congrats on your newspaper feature! you must be so proud!

  20. I love the makeover you gave the steps, there so pretty now, who would of thought that steps could look so beautiful! xxx

  21. That book looks super, must try & get it! Well done with the steps, they look fab. Lizzie xxx

  22. What a lovely pair of steps... great imagination, LOVE the colour and the fabric on the top finishes them off beautifully...

    Yvonne x

  23. Your new steps look so pretty.

    I just recently borrowed Bazaar Style from the library and really enjoyed the colourfulness of it, I think every image you've shown from it is one I copied for inspiration!!

    Victoria x

  24. The book would be lucky to have your steps in it--love them!

  25. What a transformation!! The steps look fantastic.
    I love the colours and oilcloth that you have chosen,
    they go so well together.
    Well done for getting you photo in the paper, you'll get people pointing at you in the street now!!!!

  26. Hello Hen
    Your upcycled steps look divine and I LOVE the blue colour paint.
    I have the bazaar style book too, I adore Selina Lakes work.
    Theres a fantabulous Flickr group pool named after the book too, have you seen that?
    Incidentally, I wanted to write about this book on my blog and contacted Selina to check it was ok..she asked me to get in touch with the publishers to double check and I was told quite clearly that NO I could not show any pics from the book due to privacy issues with folks whos homes are featured. Just thought I'd mention.

    Love to you


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