Monday, 15 June 2009

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Hello friends.  Well, here we are are, half way through June already, scary stuff, where is the Summer going?  Most of the photos for this post were taken in radiant sunshine and by the time I'm getting round to writing this, we're having thunder and lightning.  Still, it's good for the garden!

The weekend was a different story down in the West Country.  After the three hours plus drive down, an early start and a full day in Bridport on Saturday, I was grateful of a lie-in on Sunday.   Breakfast (or more correctly brunch, I suppose), took place at a late hour but did mean we could take advantage of the weather and enjoy our first breakfast outside this year.

Lots of seasonal and local goodies were on the table.  A few jars of homemade jam and marmalade; juicy Somerset strawberries; (sadly Spanish) cherries but who can resist even if, I'm afraid, they really are not as good as the English ones (I know, we're probably biased!); rich, salty West Country (Denhay) butter; apple juice from the farm a few miles away; and Leakers' (the best bakery in Bridport, as featured in River Cottage) croissants.  Yummmmm!

The colours of that fruit are so vibrant.

Finishing off last year's preserves before starting on this year's.

Time to fight over the coveted cherry earrings!

The sun is all too much for the Munchkin; but didn't stop him polishing off the gigantic croissant and jam, of course!

Ok, the good bit, onto this weekend's finds.  At the car boot sale, oh joy of joys, a whole stash  of crochet/knitting booklets, my fave, the "Bazaar" ones!  I have a few of these already but couldn't resist buying the whole lot!  I had a good chuckle with the seller as he was a young man, twenty something, didn't look like crochet would be his thing!  We'll have a look inside these sometime soon if you fancy?

Another little booklet I couldn't resist from the charity shop.  Tea cosies, love, love, love!  One is crocheted and the others knitted.  I obviously need to get knitting...

Onto more car boot sale finds, this one a beauty, a fabby vintage tray.  Not a great photo, sorry about that, it was actually a bit too sunny at the time.  It is lovely though, the creamy coloured paintwork a bit knocked in all the right places, the pretty floral picture just a little bit aged and faded.  I offered a pound, it worked!

More flowery loveliness in the form of this print.  The frame needs some work but the picture is pretty, I think.

It struck me that the style was very similar to this pretty print of sweet peas which I also picked up yesterday.  And what do you know, it's by the same painter.

A lot of books made their way back home with us.  The Munchkin got loads, as usual, including lots of hardbacked Enid Blyton's.  That woman was very prolific!  I picked up a pretty vintage Wild Flowers book which has some lovely colour plates inside.  I was really pleased with the little soft backed gardening book.  It tells you what to do in your garden, week by week and has lots of fab period advertisements.  We must look inside that one soon, too.

I had never before seen the Ladybird "Book of Prayers".  It has the most lovely illustrations inside.

My other top find was this gorgeous vintage glasses and jug set.  I have a few vases like this, I really love the style, the textured bands of colour (which look like they have sugar stuck on them!) and the handpainted flowers.  It's love!

Ah, I thought it might be about time for an appearance from this ginger fur ball!  He was obviously feeling a bit left out.

Ok, I'll pose properly for this photo, mummy!  Aren't I a handsome boy.

So, that was our lovely weekend in a nutshell.

Onto other matters, also very exciting!  A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to enter the giveaway.  There were 102 responses, it was great to top the hundred mark and get into treble figures.  The answers you all gave were very interesting, some amusing too, I did enjoy reading them all, thank you again.  Quite a few lurkers have been flushed out of the proverbial woodwork, hooray, and here's hoping you'll feel moved to keep on with your comments in future.  

Anyway, without further ado, the random thingy online picked number...


I hope I have done the job correctly of counting to number 82 on the list and am very pleased to congratulate on her win... MelMel.  Mel, please contact me to discuss your prize.  Hopefuly, I can get it off to you before I whisk my other half away on Thursday.
Thanks again to everyone for entering.  It was great to hear many of you are interested in forties style, I'm going to be needing to pick your brains soon...!


  1. My mouth was watering just reading your post! - I bought some onion marmalade chutney at the weekend - I can't wait to try it! - I love your car boot finds too - I think the sweet pea pic is my favourite - Natalie x

  2. Congrats to MelMel :) Well done on your fab finds this week Hen, I love the jug and glasses, very summery! Oh and the crochet and knitting mags, I wish I could crochet! X

  3. Oops forgot to say, I am having a birthday giveaway if you'd like to enter xx :)

  4. Looks like you had a great time in Bridport. It's definitely a place I'd like to go back to. I seea bit of CarltonWare creeping into the pics! One day we must compare collections!
    Lesley X

  5. Congratulations Mel Mel!!

    A Prize well deserved!

    I love your pussy cat - hes very cute!

    Sam x

  6. You know what, I really like replies coming to my blog best of all, not to my email (just looking at your comment above). Is that just me?

    Anyway, thanks for this lovely post - you have done well, and it's great to see all that wonderful food in the sunshine!

  7. Wonderful finds Hen. I love the jug and glasses too. And, congrats to MelMel too - she will be so pleased! Thanks for your comment on foxy - Mum is going to be so chuffed to read all the comments on it! Kathryn. XX

  8. Great finds, love the books. I also love the Bazaar books, I have some, lucky to find a set.
    Did the fur ball go away with you or did you take that one when you got home?
    Well done to Mel for winning the give away. I was up at early to check if I'd!!! :)

  9. Oh Hen those prints are wonderful, I havent managed a car boot yet this summer, shame on me...but our local one seems to have gone and the nearest one is at a difficult time! perhaps an early start before church on sunday have inspired me...mind you it has to be good weather, I have bought too many beautiful embroidered pictures with water damage on the day of purchase!...have a lovely week...H

  10. What lovely things you bought. The old patterns are very interesting, and also the old books.
    Beautiful pictures of your delightful puss-cat.

    Many thanks for the information the other day.
    Julie xxxxxx

  11. I absolutely love your new (well old!) pictures..beautiful!
    And I have a few of the bazaar booklets, as you well know.
    I'm going to Totnes on Friday...with a fellow blogger,Joe!
    Can't wait!

  12. Lovely post Hen. You bought some great books but I am not sure I would want Adam the Gardener on my bookshelf! Good to see Jacky ginge! x

  13. Breakfast in the garden looks lovely - I must do that sometime! x

  14. Hi Hen!
    Yes..that's me! I changed my profile's photo after reading that you can't bear frogs and toads..I'm very sorry, I didn't want to hurt you!
    Your finds are always so interesting, especially the flowery prints.
    I like very much photos about your family life..they convey peacefulness and harmony.
    Have a great and romantic weekend!


  15. Lovely vibrant tableware to have with your breakfast.
    My 9 yr old LOVES e.b too, especially the Famous Five and Secret Seven. We constantly giggle over the amount of food and drink those children put away!
    Lisa x

  16. Wow...How exciting....I've popped you an email....xxxxx

  17. Love the picyure with the sweet peas on. What a lovely leisurly weekend you all had.

    Jo xx

  18. What a lovely way to start the day!!,Your brunch tray looks totally scrummy!!
    You certainly found some treasures at the car boot sale,I love the jug and glasses set, and the pictures are pretty too.
    Your cat certainly is handsome, and obviously loves his photo being taken.
    Lovely photos, Hen
    Linda O xx

  19. lovely photos and finds :-)

    congrats to the winner too!

    Rose XXX

  20. Lovley pics Hen! I been busy making preserves, last weekend I made 21 jars of strawberry jam and 3 jars of strawberry curd as well a bottling 12 litres of elderberry champagne. HFW and River Cottage have a lot to answer for. xxx

  21. What a delightful post, ti has really cheered me up. xxx

  22. Hello from America--Tennessee to be exact. I love the sweet pea picture. Sweet peas are my favorite and grow along fence rows here. I've missed seeing the little Mr. Cuthbert's sweet pea book on your previous banner. Can't find those books around here. I've enjoyed reading your blog and all about your adventures!

  23. I love the bowls the cherries and the strawberries are in! got any more shots of your roses?? they are soo gorgeous.

  24. I love the tray, you have a gift for finding vintage prettiness, have a nice time away, oh just realised i should be picking my little boy up not sat here looking at blogs, im such a bad mother!!!

  25. Lovely summery photos & what a great haul from the car boot!


  26. Your brunch looks your yummy. Great finds

  27. Hi There,
    I love your blog, I would love to buy any of the Bazarr booklets that you may already have copies of, if you would be willing to sell them. I am very interested in getting a pattern that is in more Bazarr Items it is a pattern for a House tea cosy, I have been trying to source this pattern for a while now, If you can help or are willing to sell any of the mags please e mail me my email address is,
    Many Thanks,

  28. Hi There
    I really Love your blog, I would be very interested in buying any spare Bazarr copies that you may have, I am particularly interested in a pattern in "more bazarr Items", which is for a Knitted House Teacosy, I have been trying to source this pattern for a while, If you are interested in selling any of them to me please email me at
    Moe x


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