Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I think I made a promise to share recent thrifty finds, didn't I? Thrifting clearly runs in the family because as we sat at the breakfast table on Sunday, having stayed locally to the V&H Fair, my Dad asked the lady serving breakfast where we might find a car boot sale. We all love our car boots!

We managed to acquaint ourselves with the roads around Chipping Sodbury rather more than we might have liked in an attempt to find a boot fair!  We finally asked in the petrol station and they didn't seem to think we were nutty so booting is clearly a well respected pastime in the region!

My fave find is probably this lovely jug, the last thing I found on one of the last stalls.  How could I have left it behind for a measly pound?  Here she is posing on my granny squares which were spread out on my cutting table after my "granny squares audit" of last night.

Onto 3 knitted tea cosies, just 10p each.  Not sure why I need so many tea cosies but I won't lose sleep over that sort of trifling issue.

Another hard earned pound was spent on this pretty etched vintage mirror.  I've wanted one like this for a while for our bathroom and there it was, just waiting for me to find it. Serendipity.

Here we have two necklaces, I'm very "into" these at the moment.  The aqua one came from Bridport street market; the pinky one from Sunday's car boot.  I wore the aqua one to the Fair.  £1 each.  Spot a theme here?

Just about to blow the theme, actually as this little glass flower vase cost 50p.  There's something about these vases which have those integral holey flower supporty things in the middle which I'm very much drawn to.  Its quite dinky, perfect for my big English roses as so many have short stems.

This embroidered picture below was from a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago in Yeovil.  And yes, it was £1!  We have a seaside theme in our bathroom at the cottage, Cath K Boats pattern blind and so on, so this will look good once its been reframed as this frame is falling apart.

Another find for £1, also from Yeovil a few weeks back.  I wasn't too sure about this but I am going to paint the frame a lighter shade and it has grown on me (looks better in real life, too).  Mr HenHouse actually seemed to quite like it so that was a bonus (he was probably humouring me?!)

So, onto the good bit.  I love getting home and giving all my finds a bit of TLC; washing, scrubbing, sanding, painting, whatever it takes.  Then it was into the garden where my roses are looking splendid.  In the little glass vase we have several David Austin English roses: Portmeirion, Jubilee Celebration, Sweet Juliet and Crocus Rose.  They each have a different distinct fragrance.  Divine!

So good, another photo is required!

Time to fill the big jug too.  The garden is a bit lacking in anything other than roses (and weeds!)  However, I think the jug looks splendid.

I must show you this fabby poppy which has come out in the front garden today.  It is gigantic!  Nothing shy and retiring about this beauty.

Talking of things not shy and retiring and which also happens to be orange and likes a spot of sun worshipping, Jacky-Ginge never says no to a bit of sunshine...

...or to rolling over and showing his tummy to the camera!

Time now to bbq and enjoy a little glass of rose', perhaps?


  1. Your thrifting treasures are so lovely.
    As are your granny squares, I am a little obsessed with these at the moment x

  2. What pretty things you found. I haven't been to any bootfairs yet this year, I must find one or two to go to. There is a really good one on Taunton Race Course.
    Love te garden flowers.
    Julie x

  3. Hi Hen, you passed over your crochet squares very quickly! I mean, you found gorgeous goods in the car boot sale, but I think we should be seeing more of your gorgeous looking blanket! Love the embroidered sea scene, wonderful! I don't quite know how you manage to find so many wonderful things for a £, maybe car boot sales are more competitive in their pricing where you are!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  4. Lovely finds, and lovely flowers!! My favourite roses are the David Austin ones - they are so sweetly fragranced, and that beautiful old fashioned rose petal formation is gorgeous!

    Sharon xx

  5. Wow great finds at the boot sale!
    I love Jacky-Ginge just look at him lounging in the sun... bless him

  6. Lovely finds Hen! Especially the little glass flower vase which suits perfect to your precious and scented roses..
    ..So you are also a wine connoisseur! You are an extremely resourceful woman (..is it correct?!)
    Enjoy your meal!


  7. The roses look beautiful, love the little jug too , so pretty
    Rachel x

  8. Oh, you have done well! I get to go to a Vide Greniers after Mother's Day lunch (that's this Sunday here in France), but I'll be really lucky to find such good value as you have. I love the jug, and I'll certainly be looking out for something like your small vase, as we have just the same issues with our roses here at the moment.

  9. Oh Hen you lucky spud! What brilliant finds.

    Funnily enough I've just picked up a similar mirror and an embroidered picture too, but your boat version has had me cooing in awe! And do you know I'm amassing a little collection of 50s/60s beads aswell, they seem to go with anything and the colours are perfect. Red, turquoise, cream and green so far for me - all for 50p. Love those pastel shades of yours.

    Wonderful roses too. My David Austin roses (St Swithun & James Galway) are just about to pop. Having only planted them last year I'm ridiculously pleased.

    Have a super week

  10. Some great thrifting going on down your way Hen!
    Love those tea cosies.

  11. You have some great boot fair things there! I am so happy to see Jacky-Ginge put in an appearance!x

  12. Great find, Hen! I too am loving bead necklaces at the moment, they are just so fab! x

  13. Just beautiful, beautiful!!!
    I LOVE the mirror the best. Gorgeous flower pics too. That flower frog vase would look cute on a desk with pens too. Thats what we do at our flower shop :)

  14. Wow, I think I would have bought everything you did--both vases are fabbo!

  15. Great finds! The mirror in particular. I noticed in the Cath Kidston shop in Covent Garden that they are £40 each!

  16. I love Jacky-Ginge's 'loopy' tail. I've got a ginger tom who loves his sunshine too (infact he's gone a few shades latter - sunbleached!!)

    Great car boot finds - here everything still seems fixed at 50p but I think we're due a price hike as the boot sales are becoming so, so popular.

  17. I absolutely love that poppy.

    I drove round a roundabout (twice) yesterday that was covered in a gorgeous display of beautiful poppies, Jason buried his head in his hands and said 'please don't go round again!!'

    Sue xx

  18. Last week I bought 2 tea cosies for 10p each, from a summer fete, it is beyond me how they can sell them so cheap! xxx

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous jug and embroidered picture!

    Love your granny squares, they are turning into an unhealthy obsession with me at the moment!

  20. Hen,
    I cant believe you got all those yummy things so cheap, they are gorgeous, the jug has a real ck vibe. xx

  21. What great finds! I love the jug...and your roses??? DELISH!! The prices there are soooo low!


  22. That little jug it adorable. Why do people sell things so cheaply?! I must get along to our local bootie, I can see I'm missing out! Salx

  23. WOW £1 for that mirror - what a bargain!!!

    Victoria xx

  24. Great finds and some fab granny squares hidden away there. Love to see more of them and what they become.


  25. I dont know where to start everything is lovely (and would look very nice in my home!) have you been watching Mary Queen of charity shops...I was shocked at what people send to charity shops...how we manage to find such beautiful things is a myster to me! Have a lovely weekend..

  26. What great finds - the little jug is so lovely! Great to see your Fair success too! G


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