Tuesday, 28 July 2009

New/Old Treasures

Ahhh, sunshine; ooohhh, blue skies;  6.50am Sunday morning; it can only mean one thing: car boot sale!

First, whilst everyone else is still tucked up in bed, I make a fruit loaf to take for my in-laws, MIL is recouperating after a major operation.  Hen's answer to any illness: cake.  That simple. By 8am, I am in Sargeant Major mode, decreeing everyone must get up and be ready to leave the HenHouse at 9am - SHARP!  Imagine my dismay then, fruit loaf still steaming away in its tin in the boot, when we turn up to find...NO boot fair.  Grrrr. Only one thing for it, carry on into Kent and go to the boot sale near the in-laws.  Okey dokey.  Golly, never seen so much rubbish at a boot sale; any boot sale which has an enormous open sided lorry out of which a dubious bloke is selling "fresh" meat over a tannoy is instantly a turn-off.  Still, may as well take a look...

And what do you know, we manage to find a few goodies.  Everyone else seems to be interested in rather horrendous gigantic furry toys or electrical gadgets.  I couldn't be less interested in those sorts of things if I tried.  Luckily, this does mean that no one else is interested in old medicine cabinets at 50p, vintage blue and white stripey jugs for 30p, a Horlicks mixer for 20p, old tins and haberdashery bits, all for 70p and some flowery old tablecloths, 75p.  But we are!

Back at the HenHouse and something I bought a few weeks ago has finally kindly turned up in the post (the first lot having been lost, it seems).  Now I am usually a die-hard white cotton bedding fan.  The odd bit of embroidery has crept onto the bedding in the guest room but that's as adventurous as it gets, I leave the colour and fancy stuff to the cushions which can easily be changed.  But you know, I fancied something different, mainly because I'd seen a completely divine fabric print in various magazines over a number of months, nay years!  I finally decided to track down the bedding (The Laundry) and make some our own.  It's very strange, looking at the bed and not seeing white but I do love the print, its a perfect marriage of vintage style floweriness but with a modern touch, I feel.

(If only Mr HH's bedside table usually looked this nice!  Wasn't sure steam train mags or books would really enhance "the look".  Sorry love, I've put all your junk back now, though!)

Must show you the spotty bottom pillow cases...

Carrying on the bedroom facelift, aaaaaages ago, we bought many Enid Blyton/Eileen Soper prints from the fabby This'n'That in Totnes.  They've been at the framers in Bridport for months as they waited to get enough matching wood for the frames.  We finally picked them up a week or so ago.  Right, so there are ten of them.  And they're quite big.  This is a classic case of falling in love with something and then having to find a home for them.  The wonderful one with the bees (I just love anything bee related) has found its way into our bedroom.  Again, I get a start every time I walk in there, you know how it is, when you put in something new and you're not used to seeing it there.

They have definitely given the house a bit of character.  Only three more to find homes for!


  1. There's almost always "something" at even the worst car boot sale! I often find things even if I'm late as it seems that what I'm looking for isn't what everyone else wants. It's either dealers looking for priceless antiques for 50p or people buying toys.

    Your new bedding is very pretty!


  2. Hello Hen...are you in your cottage then?
    I'm getting confused....must be old age!LOL!

    Wow, you found some super things, love the tin and the ballet book, I had that when I was little.....I thought I was going to be the next Margot Fonteyn....hahahahha....bless me!

    Hope you MIL getsa well soon, I'm sure any cake you make would perk someone up no end!


  3. What brilliant things you've found and so cheap too. The bedding is lovely and love the spotty pillowcase.
    Cal x

  4. Ooh I love that tin! And all your other finds are lovely, lucky you. The new bedding is very pretty and looks very inviting, love the spots. xo

  5. Didn't you do well at the boot sale!

    It always worries me when I go to boot sales and see what people think you want to buy what they may have thrown thinking no one would want it!

    Having recently lost my aunt and having to spend the next few weeks and months sorting through her house my family have looked at me like I'm crazy picking up button cards and ld spools of thread as if they were gold!

    Victoria xx

  6. Me again! I am baking cakes for our impending sojourn in Cornwall! So far I have made one Chocolate and one Coffee (another chocolate in the oven!) Me and the Boodle have managed to eat a good portion of the icing for the first choccie one! oops!

    Now listen first the Raven thing and now the Laundry thing! I was unable to decide between polka dots or 30's print for the duvet cover so I bought the pyjamas in the turquoise Dahlia print as a kind of try it out strategy!! Your bed looks really good and the cotton is really soft dont you think?

    My MIL also in Kent has a local Car Boot............. too many coincidences!!!
    Have a great day, I smell cake, yum :) Sarah x

  7. I agree with you the greatest cure-all is CAKE! Especially when someone else is kind enough to make it.
    You found some great buys. Like you I don't like the bootfairs where the dealers sell from open sided vans.

  8. Horlicks mixer... such a neat find!

    And I love the print.

  9. You did well to still find some interesting bits and pieces on your day out. I always love Ladybird books - but don't seem to see many out here any more.

  10. Hello Helen!
    The old flowery tin is fantastic!
    Can we taste (virtually of course) cherry and berry jam, please?

  11. Lovely bargains - wish they sold things that cheap at our carboot sale!

    Hope your MIL enjoyed her cake.

  12. Why don't I ever find such lovely things at boot sales?! I love The Laundry too, I always want some of their blackbird clothes pegs :) The bedding looks gorgeous!

    Mel xxx

  13. You have made some wonderfully great finds! Good for you. I awoke with the thrifty itch this morning. Hope I do as well as you have. Your photos are so sweetly pretty this morning. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  14. That picture of the tin with buttons has been calling to me ever since I saw it on my blog list! Well done for finding goodies in an otherwise unencouraging spot!

  15. Super finds, Hen! The Kent boot sale sounds like something you find in this neck of the woods; plastic toys, electrical goods and generally crap stuff! I shall live in hope of finding the odd occasional good thing! x

  16. Mmmm... CAKE!! Or vitamin C as it's known in our household - I'm sure your MIL will feel much better after a large dose ;-)
    Great finds at the boot sale and love your new bedding x

  17. You got some great boot sale bits and bobs. I have never found anything nice at a car boot sale or a charity shop so I am quite envious! I think the spotty pillow case is lovely and just the thing to liven up my white bedding! x

  18. Buzz . . . .Buzz I love bee things too and have a collection of vintage honey pots, all shaped like bee hives.
    It takes skill to find treasures like that. Well Done!!
    Helen x

  19. Just spotted the vintage style picture in your sidebar...thats lovely!x

  20. I'm ill Hen, do I get a homemade cake?..lol!!!
    I love your finds, the cabinet is fantastic, such a bargain! It sounds like our local bootie but it does work out well 'cos no one wants the stuff we like. Remember my sewing box?..£1, still can't get over that. Prints are great too :) x

  21. Fabby finds at the boot sale, the first aid box is great.
    Sophie xxx

  22. Lovely little treasures, Hen - it's too long since I've been to a boot fair, but you have surely inspired me. I know where I am headed this weekend!

    Pomona x

  23. Hello,
    You are right-CAKE DOES FIX EVERYTHING!!! You got some nice deals at that sale. Good for you. I love when I find a really good bargain.

  24. Its quite funny because when I went to the carboot sale on Sunday
    I saw a vintage book and thought of you. I also had so good finds.

  25. ooh Hen, I'm green with envy, I've LOVED that bedding for as long as the Laundry's been around and still have the brochure stuck on my pinboard! It looks utterly gorgeous.
    Love the bits and pieces you picked up at the boot sale, especially the green tablecloth..very pretty. x

  26. COR! Lucky you found that second car boot sale! I would have been mortified beyond belief to turn up and find no boot sale.
    I've just visited the laundry, and am wondering if I can afford this and that, such gorgeous stuff.Love your new bed linen.
    I'd say you didn't do too badly at the second car boot in the end, what a lovely cache of goodies.
    Love Vanessa xxxx (do you mind if i knit)

  27. Hi Hen

    I enjoyed catching up with your previous post too. What a great day out. I too would have come back feeling very inspired and motivated to plant new things in the garden. I never used to like dalhias but in the past couple of years I have grown to love them!
    As usual great boot fair finds, I really like the tablecloths and tin. The duvet set, well I can see why you had to go for it. It is a beautiful pattern, I like it very much.It really has a vintage quality to it.
    Isabelle x

  28. oh i forgot to comment so just had to say the new bedding looks fab although you now have me hunting out lovely white bed linen !
    love the new framed pic as well :-)
    hope its not to soggy where you are its nearly flooded here !
    my tomatoes are going to float away before they get chance to ripen :-(

  29. oh i love the bedding, i finally found a folding tray table like yours but i had to get it on ebay so it cost three times as much, i think there is a real vintage drout at the moment, i found one sandwich plate/tray really pretty, i got it home, washed it, dried it, made cakes ready for tea within two minutes of steve coming home he had dropped it, smashed to bits, i cried!!! it survivied all those years and I didnt even have it a day! fliss xx

  30. Hi, Lovely to see the poster you bought from me framed:) I'm just going to take a load more in (some mounted and others not). Glad you enjoyed your visit to Totnes:)
    Lesley X

  31. PS Thanks for posting the link to my blog X

  32. I would love to go to a thrift store in London. We have lovely thrift shops here in Iowa, very kitschy and country, but I think there is a lot of elegance that London affords which is not as common here... :-)

  33. Wow, what gorgeous things you found at the car boot sale, i'm jealous!! I've got two planned to go to this weekend which i can't wait for, i'm having car boot withdrawal symptoms! Just wanted to say your blog is absolutely fantastic, you inspired me to set mine up! Keep up with the GREAT work!
    Laura x


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