Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Oh My!

Oh golly!  Oh gosh!

A week or so ago, I was fiddling around with my blog and noticed that it was to be my "Blogiversary" very soon.  Mustn't forget, I thought.  Well, of course I completely forgot and many thanks to Isabelle and Michela for reminding me!  Yes, today is the HenHouse blog's first birthday, a whole year of blogging.  In all truth, it feels a lot longer, like blogging has been something that's been a part of my typical day for ages.  It has been fabby not only to discover and read so many lovely blogs and meet their wonderful writers but to have "met" so many like minded people who have found my own blog.  So, I won't go on and bore you to death but THANK YOU!  It's been fun!

I am a very visual person so when I look at blogs, I honestly love the photos the most.  I do also enjoy reading what people have been making (food or crafts!), I love "meeting" people's pets, children and having a privileged peek into their homes, their lives. I love all the colourful stuff and the happy stuff, too.  Everybody's blog is personal and in my opinion, everyone has a right to write and photograph whatever they like (just as everyone can choose whether to read it or not) and so my blog unashamedly focusses on the bright and the beautiful, the pretty and the colourful (I hope).

I'm not sure what people like the most about my blog but I do have an inkling that people like seeing the crafty things I make and the place where I make them.  I say this because those sorts of photos are always popular on Flickr and because of the positive comments I have gained both in writing and when I have been lucky enough to meet people face to face.  I think my "den" goes before me!

There have been a few changes around the den recently so for the blogiversary, why not focus on the den, the heart of the HenHouse?  If you've seen some bits before, perhaps you won't mind seeing them again. 

When we decorated our home, I tried not to create a scheme that was too girly or too flowery, lacking as I am in female company, even the three cats are male.  As you might imagine, this was an uphill task for someone who loves pink and loves flowers!  My den has given me the thankfully wondrous  opportunity to create a space just exactly as I would like it, where flowers, fabric, buttons, pink and all that girly stuff reigns supreme.

Into the den then.  After you...

The stash won't be new to you but I never tire of looking at it so perhaps you might not?  It is now looking very tidy and ship shape as I picked up the blue plastic woven baskets in Laura Ashley (half price, don't you just love sales?) which you can see on the floor so was able to have a good sort out.  I don't know about you, but now I see a few gaps which need filling...

The focal point, or is it?  I never know where to look first when I come into the den!  I have a few new lanterns hanging from the lights.

Whilst having a quick mooch in Laura Ashley on Sunday and picking up the blue baskets, I was chuffed to find some flower-shaped fairy lights to hang over the chimney breast.  I've been wanting these for a while!  Mr HH probably thinks I've really lost it now, not only do I have "Christmas" paper garlands and chinese lanterns, now there's fairy lights, too!

Ah, now this bit you haven't seen because I had a bit of a revamp in here a few months ago.  I was fed up of bending over my old pine table and bench to cut patterns out.  A lot of my time seems to be spent cutting out fabric and I really wanted a dedicated table for doing just that, one at the right height so I didn't have to bend.  You really can't cut sizeable pieces of fabric sitting down, I find.

So, off to good old Ikea to buy what is basically a kitchen island.  Add a bit of Cath K oilcloth to the top, a few baskets to the shelves and you have the perfect cutting table.

I bought a stool so that I can sit at one side (when not cutting) for when I am handsewing or crafting.  I made a cover for the stool in yet more Cath K pink starry fabric.  My scrap basket is overflowing behind and the shelves hold my books, paper patterns, crafting supplies and all sorts besides!  The Munchkin has been known to spend a while here, drawing happily away.

In the little corner by the door, I decided to create a better storage area for my yarn because now not only do I have a fabric stash but a yarn stash too!  Ikea came up trumps with this metal basket storage rack and now I have all my yarns brilliantly sorted by type and by colour.

And finally, here is where I sit to create all these bloggy posts!

But who is this imposter in the den?!  How fitting that on the blog's one year anniversary, I get to meet a fellow blogger!

I can report I now have a sore throat as I think Lesley and I have talked non-stop for the last 24 hours! 

We did fit in a bit of retail therapy today, though.

To finish with, a pretty picture.  Now if only we had some sunshine to make use of that parasol!


  1. Oh I am green with envy! I would so love a room of my own - a sewing/craft den like yours! It must make crafting so much easier when you have your own space. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Your work space is adorable. I also love the wallpaper in that shop, I wonder what it is x

  3. Happy birthday hen. Lovely pictures of your den. I am very visual too and love to see plenty of pictures, though I am also a lover of words, so like that as well. Have a good evening x

  4. Happy Blog Anniversary, I haven't been blogging very long so to make a year seems like a huge achievement to me - congratulations.

  5. Happy blogsversary, Hen!! I have just found your blog a few weeks ago and got totally hooked to it. I hope you have more and more fun blogging. Oh, and your den is absolut craft heaven, congratulations! x

  6. Now I am envious, not only is it a beautiful den, but it is a really tidy den. Wish my workspace was as tidy........
    Happy Birthday

  7. Hello Hen....glad you are having fun together!
    Lesley is a great person!

    I love to see more pictures of your lovely home, the "den" is my fave, luckey Lesley getting to see the real thing!
    What fun!xxxx

  8. yum, what a nice first birthday treat! I really love your crafty den. The pinks and aquas are lovely!

  9. Happy Bloggoversary to you Hen :-)

    I love your den, it's just amazing!
    I dream of having somewhere like that one day!

    Rose XXX

  10. I love your den, If we EVER build the proposed extention to the house I'm gonna have one just like it. I really like the Cutting table-clever Idea!
    Also Thank you for leaving a comment about Bob on my blog.

  11. Happy Birthday from Bridport. Thank you for sharing your den. So tidy, puts me to shame!!

    Hope you have a good week.

    Colette x

  12. What a fantastic den, no wonder you can create such lovely things with all those beautiful items surrounding you for inspiration (oh and a sprinkling of talent too.

    Happy 1 year Blogaversary.

    Sue xx

  13. It's so lovely in there Hen. I bet you could spend all day in there creating. Happy blogaversary.

  14. Hi there and happy first blogversary!

    Only discovered your lovely blog a few weeks ago! And I too am a very visiual person, although love the some bloggers write too!

    Totally loving your colourfest photos. Your Den is amazing!

    Look forward to catching up with more.


  15. Happy Blogiversary!! i wish i had your den!! x

  16. I just wanted to tell you why I enjoy your blog. I live in the US and have not been to England for many years. I enjoy hearing the words we don't use...boot sale, chuffing, bits (instead of things) and lots more. I like sewing and crafting, antiques and bargains, old houses and English gardens. So, guess I am living vicariously through your blog! Keep up the good work and congrats on the anniversary

  17. Happy one year blogiversary! I love your den an may have to pop in to LA if those baskets are on sale as I have had my eye on them for a while! x

  18. I love your den, I have just taken over our spare bedroom but haven't quite made it my own yet. Seeing your lovely room has inspired me to put some time aside to sort it out and make it more useable. I love the way you have organised all your fabrics and yarns and your cutting table is a great idea, I wish I could be so creative.

  19. Happy Blogiversary hen!Love this post, the colours, the details,so pretty! Such a beautiful place to think and work!
    Rachel x

  20. Happy Blogiversay :) Your Den looks very inviting

  21. happy anniversary Hen! I've followed each and every post and they are brilliant.. thanks for a whole one years wonderful entertainment x

  22. Happy Blogg-a-versary!
    Such a pink girly den, no wonder you create such loveliness in there.
    Lisa x

  23. Hi Hen,
    Happy Blogaversary!
    I do have a den of sorts, but it is nowhere near as organised as yours! Oh and I love your fabric stash and your wool stash oh well perhaps one day i will organise myself!!!
    Moe xx

  24. I have only just started blogging and am delighted to find a world of like minded people out there that I can share my thoughts with.
    Your workroom is so pretty and has that happy feeling. I bought lots of those woven baskets for my daughter, they're so handy.
    Love the Carlton Ware.

  25. Happy Bloggyday! That is the most wonderful room I have ever seen - and I now have serious stash envy!

    Pomona x

  26. Happy blogiversary. Thanks for sharing the den again - I love it. You are far too organised though!

  27. Its not a den - its a play room!! How Gorgeous!!

  28. Hi Hen, I am green with envy at your lovely den...sigh. It must be a real pleasure to work in there. Nice to meet a fellow blogger too. Dev x

  29. Happy blogiversary from Kent! I love your blog and I am sooo jealous of your den! Ali x

  30. what a lovely room - you are very lucky :O) Happy Blogiversary!

  31. Happy 1st blogversary!!!
    Your craft den is great. Mine is just being started on. Thanks gfor the lovely inspiration!! A lovely, colourful, happy room!!!


  32. Happy 1st birthday Hen :) lovely peek into your Den - I love the IKEA kitchen island - it looks brilliant with the oilcloth. Lovely to see Lesley too - I recognised her from the bag!! XX

  33. What a fabulous den. I get such a kick out of seeing such organisation! Brilliant.

    Happy 1st blog

    Cal x

  34. Wheyhey! Congrats on a whole year!!!!! Your blog is just so lovely - don't ever stop!


  35. Me encanta la decoración,es todo precioso!!!!


  36. Congratulations! I love your den and all the pretty, bright colors! I always have to play with the Kitty widget ;)

  37. Happy 1 year blogging Hen. Its always cherry to visit you and see what you have been up too! Hen's Den is perfect:) Rachaelxo

  38. Happy anniversary, or blogging birthday, or whatever the preferred term might be.

    You post a delightful series of views of what fun it can be to explore color, have great days out with young and older gentlemen, and also show how a creative lady can explore city and country in a creative way.

    Wishing you many more excursions, fabric cutting and assembling, baking, crocheting ... oh the entire mess of fun you show us. xo

  39. Happy 1st blogiversary!!! Your den is fantastic, so neat!! The kitchen island is a great idea. I've been waiting for OH to move his office out so I can have the spare room as a sewing room...he moved out in Dec but it's still full :(
    I then get in trouble for having fabric all over the dining room!! One day.....
    :) x

  40. Happy first blog birthday! 'Hen in her den surrounded by beauty - now where's Jacky-Ginge? my favourite fur cutie!' You have the most beautiful work space Hen and I wish I had your organisational skills. The kitchen island idea is superb as is your arrangement for wool.

  41. Happy Bloggoversary - Love reading your blog, so enthuisiastic and full of vibrant photos. I'm so envious of your den!

  42. Happy happy blogiversary to you :)
    What a treat to see your den, I really love it, you would have to prize me out and force me to sleep as I would be like the Elves and the shoemaker!!!
    I love the Laura baskets and fairy lights I confess I sucumbed to the same lights this week! Love Sarah x

  43. Hen! It's LOVELY! I know exactly what you mean about having your own space you can make feminine, I've got my studio, but really I want more of the house to be feminine looking. I said this to Hugo the other day, and he raised his eyebrows. You see, it occured to me that by a process of stealth and me compromising loads, a lot of the house has a masculine feel to it. So I've decided to change that by covering the house in crochet! yep, crochet! Love these photos of your den, what a splendid tour, thank you!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  44. That Den is hardcore. Love it !

  45. Congrats on your blogversary!
    Can you come round and sort my craft room out? LOL


  46. Happy Birthday HenHouse! Wow! Look at all your comments -I wish I got so many - what is your secret? I guess people must just really love your blog - you are doing something right!

    I'm a bit like you with pictures on blogs - because I am often reading blogs on borrowed time, my eye quickly scans the page and homes in on the interesting pictures and words that stick out - I need to take these learnings and apply them a bit more to my blog I think...I do wish I had more time to read everything though!

    Love your den - it is sooo pretty and girly - I want it!!!! One day when I have my own place perhaps... xxx

  47. Happy Blogoversary - so glad I found your blog! "and many more" G

  48. Happy Blogiversary! It was lovely to see your creative space and get fresh ideas. I have been reading your blog since the spring, and always find it very inspiring. It's one of the highlights of my day when I find out you have a new post!
    Take care,

  49. Happy belated Blogversay Hen!!!! And you got to spend it with the lovely Lesley, that must have been great.
    Love your Den and the new additions, I don't think I'd ever come out if I had a Den like that....well, maybe for a 'little' shopping!!!!
    Jane. xx

  50. happy blogiversary! Love the pictures of the den - looks so inspirational, and you have an amazing set of stashes, fabric and yarn there. Most envious!

  51. I have so loved looking around your den. That fabric stash! It just looks so gorgeous sitting there in those neat piles. You've given me so many ideas for my own workroom.
    (Just to make sure I don't lose you and your blog I've added you to my blogroll. I always think I'll remember the name of a particularly lovely blog, but rarely do.)
    P x

  52. Hi! I love your blog (just found it today)...and your studio looks a bit like mine...only yours is much much tidier! That picture of you in that that Ed in East Dulwich? (that's my neck of the woods!) x

  53. Oh Hen, I have just found you tody and I have really enjoyed reading and veiwing your wonderful blog. Your Den looks fab, I wish I had space for such lovelyness.
    Sophie xxx

  54. Hi Hen!
    I think that people love this blog so much just because you're PERFECT!!!!
    A perfect housewife,mother,wife craftsgirl, friend..
    Happy blogoversary!!!

  55. Happy Blogiversary!

    I LOVED this post - am coveting your den with my whole heart! I agree with a previous commenter - it's always a high point of my day when I see you've added a new post to your gorgeous blog.

    Jo x

  56. Your den is amazing, I just stumbled across it on flickr looking at pictures of sewing rooms. Do you mind if I post one of your pics - I'll link back to your blog. I'm still new to blogging - so forgive me if I'm not doing it right....

    Thanks! PS. Love your blog.


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