Friday, 24 July 2009

Patchwork Crazy

So we thought we had an exciting day on Wednesday but yesterday, it got even better!  A while ago, I read on somebody's blog (very sorry, I read so many and I simply cannot remember which it was) about a patchwork shop in West London, in Kew and it has been in the back of my mind to make a visit ever since.  Even better to visit with someone who I knew would be just as enthusiastic as me.  So we drove from East to West to arrive at Tikki Patchwork.  I know you want to come along!  It even has a beautiful old shopfront.

In we go.  Where do you look first?!

All of the walls are lined with fabby shelf upon shelf of lovely fabrics.  There was Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, gorgeous linens from Japan and my favourite, '30's reproduction prints.  (And much more!)

You can see that stunning, inspirational quilts were hanging from the walls.  We loved this Kaffe Fassett one.

Yep, there's more!

The lovely '30's prints...

Lots of books to guide and inspire you...

Fat quarter and jelly roll packs to set you off on the quilting path...

Another lovely quilt made from the 1930's reproduction fabrics sat in the window.

As if that wasn't drool worthy enough, there was another, different one, on the wall.

Once we managed to drag ourselves away from Tikki Patchwork, we headed over to Kew Gardens which was just a stone's throw away.

Wouldn't mind this pad!

It was very hot and humid in the infamous Palm House.

The highlight for us, though, was the Waterlily House.

The Munchkin was most in love with this furry specimen.

We had a great day, got stuck in the cafe at one point whilst there was a gigantic storm, and arrived home with our purchases, tired but happy.  Today, we decided we needed a chill-out day at home after the heady excitement of the last few days.  The Munchkin's nanny has just had a big operation so we decided to make her something to give her when we next visit.  He drew out a butterfly on paper as a pattern then proceeded with the felt, buttons and embroidery silks to make her something we hope she will treasure.  He is very chuffed to have mastered blanket stitch!

I, of course, am blogging and my sister is getting on with her tapestry.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  So far, the weather forecast for Sunday is good: car boot sale here we come!


  1. What a lovely trip ot!

    So nice to see pictures of your home life Hen....your Sister looks a sweet lady, her W.I.P. looks fab!

    Have a super weekend....I'm watching Darling buds of May...x

  2. Me encanta esa tienda,¡¡¡¡tiene unas telas preciosas!!!!

    Un beso.

  3. Thank you for sharing another lovely day!
    The Munchkin is such a talented boy..and he loves CK too I see...
    Have a fabby weekend!

  4. Oh my - was that quilt shop reasonable priced?! I am so there....

  5. wouldn't the world be a better place if every town had a shop like Tikki?

  6. wow that shop looks fantastic its now on my must visit list!
    the den looks like a hive of activity today :-)
    enjoy the car boots!

  7. I love the look of the patchwork shop there looks to be a great range of fabrics.

  8. OOHH I haven't been to that shop since it changed hands it looks yummy, and as I only live 15 minutes up the road from it I feel it would be rude not to hehe.
    Love your blog so pretty and girly.
    Take care

  9. Love the 30's fabric..delightful! Hope you grab some boot bargains on Sunday.

  10. Wow....the fabrics look amazing! x

  11. I'm sitting here thinking, I can't have another hobby, I can't, but I want to do quilting! That shop has exhausted me, so I can't imagine what it did to you. Such dangerous territory. Munchkin is so sweet and cheeky looking, he's adorable! I don't know how you had the energy to go to Kew! I used to go to Kew a lot when I lived in London, it's wonderful isn't it. Have a lovely weekend Hen, and a big thank you for the shopping trip!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  12. Just noticed, Munchkin's wearing a gorgeous Cath K t-shirt! Lucky boy, I love Stanley, Cath K's dog!
    Love vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  13. I'm sure nanny will love the butterfly to bits, how thoughtful!
    Lisa x

  14. Hi, What a lovely shop! Don't get to Landon much but I've emailed the link to a friend who does!
    As for Kew, well ... I've added that to the list of places to visit when I get Mr Fixit to spend a few days with me exploring London ... soon I hope.
    Lesley X

  15. Another great day out Hen, thanks for sharing with us. I would love to make a patchwork quilt, started one about 12 years!!, that shop would inspire anyone. Have a good weekend, hope the weather stays good :) x

  16. Hi Hen
    You are having a great week with all these lovely outings, good for you! What I like about your blog is that it is cheerful, creative and always fun to read. You go out and do many different things that it is a real inspiration. I like you sense of fun.
    Love the shop once again... Another one to visit when I go up there.
    Well done to Munchkin, I am trying to get there with Phoebe but she is a bit impatient, wants to do it without the learning process..
    Take care
    Have a great weekend what ever you are up to.
    Isabelle x

  17. Hey Hen, I was in the mood for a visit to my local quilt shop but since I am watching two little girls today I wasn't able to make it. Thanks for providing me with a much needed glimpse of all these deliciously divine fabrics. I feel like I got the little bit of 'fix' I needed!

  18. that shop looks a treasure trove!
    I'll have to check it out!
    and lovely pics from Kew. x

  19. Wow, just the shop front is a beautiful design before you even go in. You are very lucky to have access to inspiring places like this. The handmade butterfly is lovely.

  20. Hi Hen, thought you would want to know that Amy Butler is visting Cornwall in August and giving a talk at the truly lovely Cowslip (see link)....thought of you as soon as I saw it! Kathy

  21. A great trip to a lovely shop and clever Munchkin. What talent already!
    Have a great weekend.
    Cal x

  22. I want to spend a day with you too - stamping my feet.....!
    What a lovely day out you had.

  23. Well, Hen, you have driving me to deeper and deeper shades of green. First you show me Alfie's and now you've gone to Kew.

    Isn't it a marvelous place at any time of the year? I can still remember my first wintery step into the surprising humidity of that vast traditional greenhouse. Wow!

    Thank you for letting me have some vicarious trips down memory lane. xo

  24. Hi Hen
    OH MY what a store / what fabulous fabric. How lucky you are.
    Did you buy any thing today?

  25. If I ever get out to London I will be scouring for these thrift shops and fabric shops that you keep posting about. It's very hard to keep focused on the projects I already have underway before wanting to hop up and go start more because of inspiration like this... ;-)

  26. wow! J love shop ! J'm from Italy !

  27. Hmm, think I'll have to come and stay at yours too Hen. Lovely visits, sewing and tea...alll sounds great to me. Happy weekend x

  28. you must have had a ball, Tikki is brilliant!

  29. Clever Munchkin, it's a lovely butterfly.

    Your trip to Kew sounds wonderful.

  30. just look at those lily pads!


  31. I paid my first visit to Tikki last week - isn't it fabulous?
    I had to seriously hold on to my purse-strings!

  32. Hen, it all looks wonderful. The boys and I were in the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the waterlilies too - I did a post about them.

    Thanks for popping over and commenting on my anniversary post!

  33. Thanks for the tip of that fab looking shop, I'll have to take a trip there.

    Victoria x

  34. Love the patchwork designs...and the stuff that is used to create such patchwork is tempting to novice like me too.


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