Thursday, 9 July 2009


Where did it start, this love of colour?  This week, all the colour around our home has been catching my eye...

Earlier this week, I was going through old magazines (with a view to cutting out and scrapbooking the best bits) when I came across this image of the floating market in Bangkok. Although I've been to Bangkok, I never went to this market because it's actually situated a fair distance from the centre and the Skytrain was not really up and going then.  I regret it now. Isn't this a wonderful image?

It's now on my pinboard in the Den.

Then I've been crocheting together my granny squares as I thought it might inspire me to get on and finish the blanket some time this century!  I've just crocheted the horizontal rows together so far as I'll only crochet them together vertically when it's completed.  Pleased with it though. Just got to keep the furry friends off it!

This morning, I was wrapping a gift.  Loving that wrapping paper (M&S).

Just the one birdbox was lonely.  It badly needed friends...

Yesterday, was the Munchkin's class assembly so they all put on a little performance for the parents to show us what they have been learning  about this term, which is apparently "mini beasts"!  I came home with the Munchy's butterfly which he has sewn.  Cute!

Moroccan pouffes bought on our recent trip to Marrakesh.  Never was there a better place to buy the most fabulous colourful goods (haggling hard, of course!)

Tassels from Marrakesh which I've put into a frame.

Crocheted beads also from the souks.

Not forgetting the most fabby babouches.

A colourful corner in the living room.

A colourful corner in the Den.

My latest fabric arrival from Holland Fabric House.

This week's supermarket flowers.

I hope you all have colour brightening up your day today.


  1. What a beautiful colourful post!
    Loved it!

  2. What a truely colourful post!!!
    Your blanket is really coming on now, I'm sure you'll be snuggling in it come the Autumn!!
    More birdboxes, they are so pretty, and very clever too.
    Looks like all your sewing has rubbed off onto the Munchkin, well done to him xx
    I love that chair, is it a modern take on a vintage theme, or is it a vintage find? I must admit it looks abit like a chair we had at home when I was small, although ours wasn't quite so colourful!!
    Your colours have certainly brightened up my day, thank you xxx

  3. So much colour to feast your eyes upon!
    Love, love, love those tassels, they look fab framed up like that.
    Lisa x

  4. Hi Hen, I've been having a catch up on yours and a few other blogs, gorgeous colours, very cheerful, I used to work in Monsoon and we had a couple of the pouffes in the childrens changing room, I loved them but the leather had a really strong smell and I LOVE your babouches!
    Claire xx

  5. Hi,

    Loving your Karakesh goodies, and your new fabrics and your crochet blanket!
    Everything is so bright and colourful!

    Hoping to get my granny blanket finished sometime this century too... lol

    Rose XXX

  6. Thanks for brightening up my day, it's a bit dull here! Loving all your colourful goodies :)

  7. Super stuff! I really love the colours you have chosen for your blanket; although it it lovely and colourful, it is not too 'in your face'! x

  8. Oh Hen I am a colour fanatic too! must post some pictures of my kitchen sometime ( Pink and Red, lovely!)
    Gorgeous post as usual
    S x

  9. I want to move in NOW!!!!! What gorgeous goodies you brought back from your trip. I love the picture, and those bird boxes....necklace....Babouches...oh Hen, I love it ALL!!! Chair looks familiar!.....I do love those chairs. Also haven't M&S got some fab wrapping paper at the mo. A few weeks ago I picked up the polka dot paper and such a bargain at £1 a roll.
    I've been to the floating market, it was amazing...if you make it there again, you must go.
    Take care,
    Jane. x

  10. I'm so envious of your fabulous purchases from Marrakesh. I keep saying at the moment how I would like to go there.

    Thank you for bringing a bit of colour to a very busy and stressful work day for me! Thank the lord for blogging breaks at lunchtime!

    Victoria xx

  11. I love the pictures of your home. Everything is so colourful and so fresh looking. Well done on the bird houses, I agree that you needed more than one!

  12. The colors are so cheerful on this drizzly day! I love the bird houses and the shelf full of beautiful things! You always brighten my day!

  13. Thanks for that colourfest.I love the bird houses, so cute. We have pirate assembly tomorrow.

  14. Hi Hen, your Granny squares are looking great. The bird houses have turned out really well, you should consider selling a few in your shop. I love your collection of Scandinavian glassware. I have started a small collection of it myself and I fear it could become more than a little addictive. All you Marrakesh purchases look wonderful, it makes me wish our babysitters didn’t live on the other side of the planet as I would love to visit after the way you described it and all the treasures you have come home with. The Munchkin looks as if he has his Mum’s sewing flair with his lovely butterfly.

  15. When I get asked what my favourite is I always say A RAINBOW, I don't have one favourite colour because there are too many to choose from!

  16. Hi Hen!
    You can choose always the best!
    The Muchkin seems to be such a talented boy!

  17. a wonderful array of colours! i throughly enjoyed looking at them x

  18. You have possibly one of the most colourful cheery houses I know!

    PS Furry kitty beasts are just waiting to cover your crochet in hair - you just wait and see! :) xxx

  19. Gorgeous post! Love all the colour, I've missed reading things like this. You did so well in Marrakech, when I went there I found it more expensive than buying their stuff here!

    Mel xxx

  20. The foto of the flowting market is very beautiful. But I can tell you this market is not as nice sa on the foto. It is very touristical and it is no so coulurful as on the foto. But it is an interessting place. And the trip by boat to the market is exciting ;)

  21. i too have the same fascination with bright colors! the fabrics, beads and pouffes on the brightly striped carpet are my kind of eye candy!

  22. Holland House fabrics was a good call - I've got my own little package winging it's way to me now! thanks.

  23. oh i love the colourful corner in the living room.

    yesterday I made Mr J&B read your post, Ive been wanting to do a 1940s day for so long, and Joshy loves railways, I showed him your photos, showed him Mr HH and Munchkin - happy and having fun, showed him the vintage railway posters which we both love, but no, Mr J&B wont budge, I'll have to go alone, I could pretend Im a widdow oh maybe I'll bag a GI!!

  24. Gorgeous post Hen! Those tassels!Exquisite! Those slippers! Lovely! Your necklace! I'm gonna make one for myself! I've been badgering Hugo to go on a trip to Marrakesh for a long time now. Having seen your goodies, I've suddenly found renewed vigour to persuade him! And you are now officially an enabler. Just went to House of Holland and did some fabric shopping!
    And your crochet blanket is fab. If I was the cat, I'd be fighting you for it!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  25. Ooh, your post coincided with the return of the sun (thank heavens!). Lovely to see so much gorgeous colour shining out at me (and the Bernina is just wonderful, thank you!) x

  26. Really beautiful colours - especially love the Marrakesh tassels and other finds - and your birdhouses look fabby hanging together!

  27. What a happy visit this was for me this afternoon. Thanks for brightening my day, Hen.

  28. Wonderful colours - what a pretty post!

  29. Whenever your love of color starts, I only know: my heart jumps everytime, when I see, that you have made a new blog-post, because that colorful pictures make my day!
    Many greetings from germany

  30. Just the shot of colour I need on a dreary, chilly day up here today - thanks Hen. Your Marrakesh finds are so zingy. The more I blog the more I'm finding brighter colours creeping into our house and I really like it. Love the pouffes, and the fabby babouches and the very fabby spotty top too, gorgeous.

    Thanks for the inspiration as ever - and for the comment. Know what you mean about uniform resolving a few clothing crisis, if only I could get my two to put theirs uniforms on more quickly!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  31. I love bright coulours too! Your photos have brightened up my morning.

  32. I Love colour don't you? Lots of people are scared of it. I can't think why? Just like you said it brightens your day!
    Love Helen x

  33. Oh my, I am desperately in love with your blanket - it's one of the most beautiful ones I've seen and I'm coveting it with my whole heart!

    Gorgeous post, as ever!

  34. an explosion of colour Hen...I love your treasures from your adventures...especially the slippers...have a lovely weekend...H

  35. Gorgeous post Hen! Love your blanket and the pretty colours you've used!
    Rachel x

  36. I love the goodies you bought back from Morocco - how on earth did you fit those pouffes in your suitcase?! - Your blanket is really coming along - I have about 40+ squares ready to block and crochet together but I can't seem to motivate myself at the moment - Natalie x

  37. Loving all your Morrocon finds - my daughter has a pale pink pair of those slippers - they are tiny and so cute - unfortunately she is growing out of them fast :0(

  38. I would love to go to marrakesh myself, some day! Really love the colors!
    And those fabrics from holland fabric house are great, aren't they, i've bought them myself too. Just have to figure out what to do with them ;-)

  39. Hello apart from the usual great newsy post and so colourful too I want some babouches!!!

  40. Beautiful colours! I just knew you would find some great things in Morocco - I was just waiting to see them!

    Pomona x

  41. Hi Hen
    With all that's going on at the moment, your post is a welcome ray of sunshine and colour. I believe in the power of colour, it can have a impact on your mood and your colourful post has had a very positive effect on me! Just what I needed.I love your workroom, it is a happy looking room.
    Really enjoyed your previous post, what a fantastic time you must have had. We keep missing the 40's event here in Cranmore. Must make it to one soon.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  42. *Happy blogoversary, dear Hen!!!*


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