Friday, 28 August 2009

All Sorts!

Oh golly, I don't know whether I'm coming or going today! I'm surrounded by boxes, teacups, fabric! Not such bad things to be surrounded by, I know. We're shortly off for a little break so of course, there's lots to get ready too. I've been up to all sorts this week.

Washing the fabrics I bought at the Festival of Quilts. Some inside whilst it's been raining...

Some outside when it's not been raining...

Making chutney to use up the Summer's gluts...

Making lemon curd because it's shortly the village gardening/produce show and I want to show willing and join in. Last year, my lemon curd wasn't placed at all. I like it very lemony and sharp and I guess those old lady judges do not! But I like to take part and support these important village customs lest they disappear.

I've eaten a load just by naughtily dipping my finger in!

Making fruit cake...

Eating fruit cake...

Making "jelly fluff"...

Ah well, at least I needn't worry about the washing up. I bet you all remember doing that when you were little, I know I do, licking the spoon was the best bit!

Every day, there are tomatoes of all shapes and sizes to pick...

My "big boy" is ripening nicely. Sadly, his friend next to him looks like he's burst his seams!

There are flowers, just supermarket flowers but quite pretty and cheerful all the same...

The flower show outside on the patio is better! The lily bulbs I bought at this year's Chelsea Flower Show are finally flowering.

They are gigantic. I was going to do something clever like putting something recognisable next to them so you could see how big they are but errrm, I didn't so please might you use your imagination?

Thank you kindly.

Indoors, the Munchkin appeared in my den with this little lot and declared that Jacky-Ginge had "had a baby". How reassuring to know he hasn't yet worked out that a) being a boy, b) having had "the chop", Jacky-Ginge is not likely to have fathered anything!

I thought I might sew something. Maybe I won't then. No, of course this is not my den at all.

So I made some teacup candles. Thank you for your very positive response to the candles. I have now made another batch. These are the last teacups I have for the moment so I shall have to get scouting about over the next few weeks. They are here for now if you fancy a look. There's such a wonderful variety of teacups and saucers out there, all prettier than their modern counterparts, don't you think? I think you do!

This one is staying with me because I love it!

I'd be lying if I said there had been no sewing at all. Once I had managed to oust the furry friends, I made a few rather pretty round cushions, using some of the lovely vintage embroidered panels I've collected partnered with some of Cath K's finest.

Fancy giving one a home? They're here for you.

There have also been a few owls in the offing but they're still waiting their feet! I've made a few with more "boyish" colour schemes. Yes, it's true, I've broken away from flowers (but I made up for it with the cushions)!

Well, my friends, have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, won't you. We have one last week now before the small person heads back to school. Much grumbling going on about that from his corner, a sort of relief from mine! Please forgive me if I am uncontactable for a while as we enjoy the last of the Summer hols. I shall be raring to go in a week or so so if you have placed any orders or left me any comments, I'll be getting onto those as soon as I am back!


  1. hi hen, I was just Reading your posts and saw the tea trolley I brought one the exactly the same yesterday from a local cs for 5.50 my husband can't stand it but I love it!! Fliss x x

  2. Just love those cushions. Your garden produce lookswonderful, mine never took off bloomin'slugs and snails, but a friend did give me a forgotten "courgette" so I made marrow chutney. What are you going to make with the material? Have a wonderful weekend, are you going to be in Somerset?

  3. Hello
    I came home today and found Octobers Ideal home on my mat, so decided to have a quick flick and who appeared on page 48? but you of course. So lovely to see a blogger in print, what beautiful pictures,and a truly inspiring home.
    I spotted it was you from the photo of your beautiful den on page 53. Well done you have a wonderful break.
    Love Sophie xxxxx

  4. Gosh you have been very busy, puts me to shame, thats it, this weekend I am going to make an effort!
    PS that lemon curd looks delicious!!!

  5. Lovely, lovely cushions. I'm hoping to try making one of these sometime over the next week. Still trying to decided which fabric to use! I hope it turns out as lovely as yours. :-)
    I found three lovely tea cups today (although without saucers) and as my MIL loves candles I thought I might try making her some for Christmas. Would you be willing to let me know where and what sort of wax to get please? Thank you :-)

  6. Wow, haven't you been busy! I love the teacup candles and the round cushions!
    And the lemon curd you made looks truly scrumptious!
    Laura x

  7. Love the cushions and especially the owls!

    Any chance you might write up the owl pillow pattern and sell it in your etsy shop? I'd be the first to buy it!

  8. Hi Hen,

    Wow, haven't you been busy!

    I am so envious of your red tomatoes - mine all determined to stay green! I can see lots of chutney being made... lol

    I do love those round cushions!

    Have a fab bank hol weekend :-)

    Rose XXX

  9. awwwww the 'kitten' is so sweet!

    ha, i suddenly realised what round cushions remind me of - SOAP! (thats been bugging me for days!)

    if i ever have a giant bathroom with a chair i will have to have a 'soap' cushion on it ;)

  10. You have been busy! Love the cushions and the owls. LOL at the kitten!

    Have a lovely break

  11. Hi Hen
    I really like the cushions! Beautiful choice of fabrics. I don't know how you find the time to get all these things done! Your cats must be well behaved to be allowed in the den. Mine are too inquisitive and are banned from my room. Larry is Sooo nosy he has knocked over several things and walks over everything. Maybe when they get a bit older and like sleeping more.
    Phoebe loves the owl, I gave it to her for her birthday. Glad to see that you are making more...they are so sweet.
    Lemon curd is an absolute favourite of mine. Good luck with village entry.
    I wish you all a fantastic week, whatever you plan on doing!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  12. Loving the Owl cushions - well everything really - as usual. Are you sure that's not a Trifid?


  13. What do you mean licking the bowl when I was a child... I still do it now!!!

    I just adore your round cushions... I don't know why I'm always drawn to round ones!

    Have a great bank holiday weekend.

    Victoria xx

  14. Have a good holiday! Princess Bunchy has been raring to go back to school and has had her bags packed for at least a week - I'm the one who is not looking forward to it!

    Pomona x

  15. You are so good to wash all your fabrics so soon after buying them, I never do until I am ready to use them and then I have to wait before I begin a project, or horror of horrors not wash it, eek!

  16. Have a great break, knowing all that you've accomplished ... and aside from that ... just how great a break can be.

    I laughed at your comment re the judging of your lemon curd. I also prefer it not too sweet, and would love to have the chance to sample what you've got in those jars.

    It seems to me that the UK summer school holidays must be shorter than what we have over here in the States. Please do not reveal this to a certain Munchkin.

    I so agree with you about the beauty of older vintage china (true antiques even more so) as compared to anything currently available. It is so, so sad that so many UK potteries have just said adieu.

    This could lead to a full essay about the decorative arts of today and yesterday. I'll leave it for now. Let me know if you'd like to trade comments about whether future generations will even know what antique or vintage might mean.

    Have a lovely long weekend.

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  18. You have been very busy! love the cushions! love the chutney too. My toms are very hit and miss, but we have had quite a lot. they are yummy. Enjoy your holiday away! Suzie. :)

  19. I love the round cushions they are so pretty. Seeing your lemon curd took me right back to being very young and eating my grandma's homemade lemon curd, I loved it . She used to put it in her homemade jam tarts for me. I think your tea cup candles are gorgeous, I am just debating whether to treat myself.
    Ann x

  20. priceless and precious..... the chopped male boy who managed to father such a handsome 'offspring'!!! What a busy Hen you are!!! Rachaelxo

  21. I adore the pretty cushions Hen, you are a wonderful craftswoman :) I have my Sew Sunny book and am hoping when I get time to have a go they are so pretty, and a good way of using some of my vintage tablecloths, or if I am feeling brave i may have a go at embroidering myself. ;)


  22. What a post full of beuatiful things I do adore your round cushions, ever so pretty.

    I've just spent the last hour ooohing and ahhing at you rlovley home in Ideal Home magazine. You and Andy have done such a wonderful job together, such a glamourous home with a really confident, stylish design. Lovley to see pictures of the Munchkin too. You do look a happy pair. Congratulations on a wonderful spread. Wish my home was even a teensy bit as tidy and gorgeous!

    Hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.

  23. Absolutly love the cushions, unfortunatly the colours in my house are more purples & pinks otherwise I would have snapped one up. I really must learn how to sew properly!!!

  24. Hi Hen,
    Just popped over because I also saw you in Ideal Home. Your house is gorgeous! Particularly covert your playroom, sofa, throws, cushions, rug, love what you have done with your little boys artwork. Also his room is fab. Where are his little table and chairs from? Also love the chair that the Love cushion is on in the dining room. Finally, loving your teacup candles and owls. So cute!

  25. Beautiful cushions Hen! That chutney looks really you have the recipe? have a lovely holiday.

  26. Wow! I'm very embarrased and can't decide what commenting first!
    Have a fantastic holiday (I'm quite sure about this, in truly Hen's style!) and don't forget to post about "that October's magazine" when you'll be back!

  27. Hi Hen, I've only just found you (after seeing you in the Ideal Home Mag) and oh my gosh how did I not know about you before lol.

    I adore everything you make and am in the process or starting to 'sew'. I had my 33rd birthday last week and received a sewing machine for my birthday, I also did a beginners sewing course and made a bag... woohoo lol.

    I will be following you from now on and picking up some tips.

    Lastly, I have 2 year old twin boys and when I was pregnant I got myself a candle making kit, but when the boys arrived 2 months early I found I was way to busy to make candles lol... anyway now they are abit older I may dig it out and make a fab tea cup candle... I have a beatiful one with a saucer that I got given from my husband's grandfather who sadly passed away.

    Anyway, thanks for such a fantastic blog... I love your photo's so much


  28. First of all I think that those old lady judges can be a little picky and I say the sharper the better!

    Second of all I lOVE the round cushions they are gorgeous.

    Third of all the new fabrics are looking AMAZING!

    and finally fourth of all have a lovely break in the cottage

    ;D Sarah x

  29. are one busy lady. Wish I could come to your house and eat FRESH lemon curd. I would lick the bowls for you! I love it lemony and very tart. Can't get yummy lemon curd in the States. Really love this homey post, Hen.

  30. Hi, just had to leave a note for you to say what a beautiful blog you have here. Interesting, creative posts and great pictures as well - perfect ! Thank you for sharing them and best wishes...

  31. Hello Hen! I love your blog... your lemon curd looks absolutely delicious, I like lemony things also. Can you post the recipe please?

  32. wow what a wonderful post. you have been so busy. thanks for shareing

  33. What a busy, creative lady you are! Beautiful cushions, scrumptious lemon curd, wonderful owls and the teacup candles are superb.
    I was lucky enough to buy a Sweetpea one from Hen and it is so lovely I don't think I want to light it! Wonderfully packaged too, if anyone is debating about whether or not to buy one - don't wait any longer!

  34. wow, how lovely all that fabric looks hanging up to dry!!

  35. So there I was sitting in a B&B in sunny Scarboro reading my favourite mag and there were you smiling out at me!! I have been reading your blog since you started and knew your house was going to be something - but wow its lovely and so nice to put a name to you all - I mean you dont look a bit like a Hen??? Have a lovley break we had a lovely English seaside break in Scarborough

  36. Hi there, just picked up Ideal Homes with my shop this morning, sitting here having coffee and oooohing and ahhhing over some ladies' beautiful home and adorable den and it's you !!! How fabulous. Looks great :o) Michelle x

  37. Wow Hen your home is beautiful, stunning, I love it all. Its a real credit to you and Andy. The article will definatly be put into my collection of fave houses.
    Well done you, you must be so proud1
    Claire xx

  38. Hen your cushions look fantastic. I bought the book after I saw the pics on your blog. I've only made one cushion, but I made it too baggy as the book doesn't say what size the cushion pad is! Any way I've now chopped a bit off and now the cover fits the pad beautifully. I'll have to post a new pic on my blog.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you had a lovely break away. Love Fi x

  39. I couldn't help the guffaw that came out on seeing all your cats in your den, which should probably be-named studio or work room do you think? Your cushions look fab, simply fab! Gosh Hen, you're like a whirl wind, I'm in awe of your fab jam making, and all your making, making, making! Hope you're having a lovely time on your break!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  40. I love making teacup candles! I have used those little cups for holding hard boiled eggs, and teacups with their matching saucers, they are so wonderful.

    I like to make cinnamon candles by adding wonderful cinnamon and spice to the wax, or even make rose wax with rose essential oils.

    Love love love your candles.

  41. Hallo! I just fell in love with those round pillows!!! The most beautiful of all!!!

    My blog if you would like to visit:

  42. wow, how busy have you been?? All that wonderful food and gorgeous flowers and stunning interiors, I need to go back and read it all again :-)
    KAren x

  43. Just been looking at all your lovely photos again, and the cats! Wondering how your holiday went? If you're back? Nice to see those lovely cushions again.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  44. that was a very yummy post hen. Did you save me any of that fruit cake lol.
    I bet your a tad lost now the little one is back at school I know I am.


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