Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bits 'n' Bobs

Hello my friends, everyone had a good weekend, I hope? We're just recovering from arriving back in London very late last night (and more to the point, I'm recovering from looking after a demanding 7 year old once more)!

Thank you for your kind words following on from the post about the Quilt Festival. At Vanessa's request, I've dug out all the various cards and receipts I collected on the day and I have edited the post with as many links as I can find to the suppliers from whom I bought. So, if you had your eye on a particular fabric, you may be able to track it down. Credit cards at the ready!

A bit more housekeeping. I've finally managed to load my pretty teacup candles into my blog shop.

They are made in genuine vintage teacups, many with matching saucers, with a delicious fresh rose fragrance. I have several burning at home (perk of the job!) and after 12 hours of burning, there's at least half of the wax left. The wax I now use is specially for container candles and is made as a by-product of petrol so you needn't feel bad about buying them as you are not damaging the planet any further. The teacups can easily be washed with soap and hot water of any bit of wax left once the candle has burned and be used for your daily cuppa of choice. I think they are very competitively priced as I recently saw them featured in an interiors magazine for £22 each. Find them here should you choose.

I've managed to finish a few covered hangers which I've had on the go for a while, slow coach that I am (well, actually it's because I started doing lots of other things in between!) They have really pretty fabrics and gorgeous vintage lace along with velvet ribbons and flowers crocheted in the finest, softest yarns (angora and pure new wool). They are currently hanging out (sorry, that was a very bad pun!) here. They are refusing to be photographed very well today, my apologies for that!

I also placed the two pretty patchworked and linen bags in my Etsy store as I still have some fabric left to make some more for the Fair. I've decided it's ages away and I have plenty of time (famous last words!)

Phew, that's my sales plug for today over!

More making now... I thought you might like to see an apron I made recently for a blogging friend who has a little penchant for aprons. It was a bit of an experiment and amalgamated the ideas in Anna Maria Horner's book "Seams to Me" (link in the sidebar) for both the "Full Contact" and "Cup Half Full" aprons, along with a bit of "winging it" my way!

There is an even better photo on Vanessa's blog as she is a talented lady with the camera and styling (and lots of other things!)

I hope to be back tomorrow with tales of the weekend. Cheerio for now...


  1. Hen those candles came out so beautifully, clever you, your Etsy shop must be bursting with gorgeousness!

    Now back to those epic quilts.....what about a Heathcliff one! Tee Hee, love Sarah x

  2. I love that cookbook!!! I recently bought it after reading about it on a blog and the pictures and recipes are so wonderful. So many things I am planning on baking this holiday season.

  3. You have been busy - all sorts of lovely things! I have not been so productive - just sewed the armholes of Princess Bunchy's dress up by mistake - not a good move - I think my thoughts must have been elsewhere at the time! Or maybe it's just incompetence - so it's good to see all your beautiful creations to inspire me to greater things!

    Pomona x

  4. Lots more lovely things to see.....they are gorgeous!

  5. I use that wax too, I think it burns cooler too so is safe for containers.

  6. Love, love, love the apron! I've posted a blog topic this morning all about some 1950s aprons i picked up at a car boot!
    Laura x

  7. Hi Hen,

    As always your makes are wonderful :-)

    I really do envy your sewing skills!

    One day I will learn to sew properly (and not just badly!).

    I am also determined that "when I get the time" I will learn how to make candles!

    Rose XXX

  8. Hi Hen!
    I'm very sorry...we(me and mum) are drooling for your cups!!!
    P.S.Price is really very honest considering cup+saucer, the matchbox, the box, wax, wick, ribbon, etc.!
    Looking forward to your weekend tales...

  9. I love the tea cups and are so very tempted by a couple of them...

    Gorgeous makes as usual. I do enjoy your lovely posts.

  10. I am so excited, I bought a candle cup and saucer! So many beautiful things, very hard to resist.

  11. I'm attending a course at the Make Lounge next month to make teacup candles - can't wait!

    Victoria xx

  12. I love the apron - and the cup candles - going to check out your blog shop now but...if any aprons like that one wind their way on their I'll defo be interested! (She says when she is about to move house and then go travelling and has enough stuff already!) xxx

  13. Hen your photos are great, don't say anything different. The teacups look magical, and love the matchbox and matching box packaging idea thingy, very, very classy. Thanks so much for the links, have looked at all of them, and sat on my credit card whilst doing so.
    Your shops are chokka with gorgeous goodies, just gorgeous.
    Love Vanessa xxx(do you mind if i knit)

  14. Lovely tea cup candles Hen.....very pretty!

    Loved the post today!
    Always to cheerful and a delight to read!

    Hope you had a super weekend!


  15. hello Hen. Finally beginning to get to blog reading and off for a lovely catch up on your now. Sooo looking forward to it! x

  16. What lovely things, Hen. The candles are just so gorgeous that is almost mean to burn them, but then I bet they smell so good that would be also mean not to do so. :)

  17. Gorgeous photographs this post - I'm such a big fan of your teacup candles! Love the velvet ribbons on your linen bags too. G

  18. Hello! I have a little something for you on my blog! Please come over and get it. Love you post! Suzie X :)

  19. Oh I saw this stunning pinny on Vanessa's blog and thought it was just beautiful. Such a different take on an everyday item. Rather too gorgeous to be smeared with cake batter though!

    Your candles are divine. Such a lovely idea

    Emma (silverpebble)

  20. Hi Hen,
    Hope you are enjoying the summer...thank you for your comment on my blog and for your suggestion of plum chutney - I shall be a domestic goddess by the end of the week!
    Talking of which - I love the apron that you recently created, lovely.
    It'll be time to think of the next V&H soon, won't it?!
    Niki x

  21. Those candles really appeal. Lovely shots as usual Hen.

    I think Harry's seven like my youngest isn't he and there's no way I'd let her near the machine yet. She'd probably sew her fingers into it. Depends how accident prone he is. I did have to take a big breath letting a very nearly 9 year old near it even so. She was suitably respectful of mummies machine. Ha Ha.

    Cushion is similar to Vanessa's by the way it's from a baby knit blanket by Lois Daykin with Vanessa's flowers thrown in for good measure.

    Lisa x

  22. Hello,
    Love your teacup candles. They are so very pretty.
    ♥ Rebecca

  23. Just received my cup candles in the post and they smell gorgeous! Thank you.


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