Monday, 10 August 2009

Here Comes the Sun!

Hello everyone! Had a good weekend? Enjoyed the sunshine? So did we!

Saturday was Farmers' Market day in Bridport and we arrived fairly early (as you need to do on a Saturday in busy Bridport) after starting out from London at an unearthly hour! All the essential shopping was done by lunchtime, so there was only one place to head for...

To West Bay, for chish 'n' fips, of course!

The Munchkin was eager to head off to the beach...

Ah, there's no mistaking the stunning backdrop of the golden cliffs that make up this World Heritage Site, the Jurassic Coast. West Bay is only a couple of miles from Bridport. When we are lucky enough to have days such as this, I marvel at how you can have everything within just a few short miles: the fabulous shopping and mooching at Bridport, whether it be the finest produce or vintage goodies; to the lovely English seaside, with freshly caught and landed fish and icy cold water to dip your toes in!

Me? Oh, I'm far too chicken for water of that temperature! I managed a cursory dip of the toes before heading back up the beach where my afternoon's entertainment awaited.

But there was no holding back the Munchy one!

He didn't head too far into the water though, spoiled perhaps by too many holidays on foreign shores with bath-warm water, he headed back to get on with some serious construction.

We dragged ourselves away late in the day.

We also popped into the village of South Perrott in West Dorset which was having its fete. I love these events and this one did not disappoint. We saw some beautiful cottages as we wandered round...

(What were they thinking with those uPVC windows?)

The Munchkin enjoyed seeing the classic cars.

Undoubtedly my favourite thing was meeting these gorgeous friends, llamas and alpacas. Oooh, so furry, I loved stroking them. This alpaca was my fave. I really want some of these when we move to the country! You don't even have to feed them, they purely eat grass! Lawnmower and furry friend all-in-one!

Back to the cottage, and time to admire this week's dahlias, purchased from the lovely old gentleman at the Farmers' Market who sells homemade cider, honey and preserves along with home grown veg and flowers. He informed me that his wife had picked these dahlias at 4am that day! (Sorry, Hannah, it's that lamp again!)

We rested awhile in the garden (this is the front garden) which is looking quite pretty although many of the cottage garden favourites have already finished flowering.

Some of the David Austin English roses are flowering again, though. This one is Charles Rennie Mackintosh which is an unusual shade of lilac.

This one is the Alnwick Rose which has a lovely scent.

Too soon, it was time for the Munchkin to head up the wooden hills, tired and happy after such a fabby day, and we old fogies could relax; finally, good enough weather for a barbecue. Out with the bunting and the hurricane lamps then (not forgetting the crochet and the wine!)

Have you noticed how the nights are drawing in already? I feel a bit cross that we had such rubbish weather throughout July, missing those precious extra hours of daylight. It soon became time to go inside although it did look quite tempting...

... especially bed!


  1. Hi Hen.

    Glad you enjoyed the beach. Looks fab, especially the Living Etc entertainment. It's been a great issue this month.

    I agree about the nights drawing in, a real shame.. There is no real promise of seasons anymore.

    Take Care,

  2. Those roses are beautiful!

    glad you had a super weekend....the weather was magic!

    How cosy your cottage looks, how lovely to curl up and relax there!


  3. Lookslike you had another FABBY weekend. I use to go to Bridport as a child, so I know the area.

  4. Your cottage looks so cosy and what a lovely garden. I love Charles Rennie Mackintosh as well , we have it in our garden. We grow our own lavender and it seems to do well, it looks lovely with the David Austen roses.

  5. Oh I love all your photographs you always take such amazing photos.
    I have also just noticed the hen family in vintage dress LOVE IT xxxx

  6. mmmmm....LOVE those fish n chips. 'course that's not what we call them over here across the pond, but its still the same. Makes me want Cap'n D's for lunch tomorrow!

  7. What a great weekend you had...Bridport looks lovely. Your munchkin has got the cutest smile ever!!

  8. Munchkin reminds me so much of my older son when he was little. Looks like he has had lots of fun.

    Lovely weekend, I really enjoy your posts, lots of lovely pictures and pretties.

  9. Hi Hen, you can't bet David Austen roses for quality.

    The nights are drawing in and getting cold too but on the plus side it means I can look forward to snuggling down with a roaring fire!


  10. What a lovely weekend!I've had a go at crochet(again)I'm still all fingers and thumbs with it!I keep trying to hold the hook like a knitting needle but I shall persevere!
    Your cottage looks so cozy!
    I can't believe the evenings are drawing in alreadyeither!
    Rachel x

  11. Lovely photos, the cottage looks wonderful, inside and out. Very cosy looking bedroom.

  12. It looks like you have had a wonderful weekend - it was lovely balmy weather here, too, so we spent most of the weekend outside on the holiday sofa!

    Pomona x

  13. Thank you so much for this wonderful day with you and your family, you always make us feel as part of it!

  14. Your cottage looks sooo lovely! You are a very lucky girl!

    Jo xx

  15. What a great weekend, and such glorious weather!!
    West Bay is on our 'list of places to visit', as is Bridport, of course!!, when we go camping next week, can't wait!!
    Munchkin looks like he had a great time
    Your cottage is looking as cosy as ever, just perfect!!
    Linda O xx

  16. Great photos of a lovely family weekend.
    I quite like Katie Fforde too, although there aren't normally too many surprises in how they end! Her recent stuff is a lot different to her first 2 I think.
    Lisa x

  17. Fish & chips look great, can't beat F&C's at the beach, always taste good. The cottage looks so cozy, I know what you mean about the nights, I've really noticed it in the last week. Let's hope August is hot & sunny even if we've lost those light night. I'm coming to London on Friday to go to the zoo so I'm hoping it stays dry :) x

  18. Oooh I need to visit Dorset again. Only been once and didn't manage to stay that long. You've tempted me to try again! Maybe next year.

    Cottage looks absolutely gorgeous!

  19. What a lovely time. The fish and chips look particularly good, more fish than batter by the looks of it, just the way it should be. Oh no, that has made me feel really hungry now.

  20. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! We had a very cool, rainy July too. My kids are already going back to school next week. Can't believe summer is already over!

  21. Do you think summer has arrived at last? Yes, I've noticed that it's getting dark earlier already - our hens are tucking themselves up in bed by 9pm now.

    The smallholding across the road from us has a pair of alpacas - I just love them...they have faces like fluffy teddy bears.
    I'd love a pair myself.


  22. Snap! We had the same CK picnic blanket on our French beaches this weekend! It's been all round Roussillion with us, used as a tablecloth on picnic tables (picked up that idea from the French) and on beaches, hills and castle ramparts. I'm so glad that the weather is finally good for you.

  23. Hi Hen,

    What a fabulous weekend, and what fantastic photos!

    How jealous am I of your Bridport adventures lol :-)

    Rose XXX

  24. Looks like a wonderful, wonderful day! ... :0)

  25. What a lovely time you had!!

  26. Hi Hen,
    Looks like you had a super day! And I must add that your roses look yummy. ;)

  27. Lovely post Hen. The roses are gorgeous and that bed looks soooooo inviting! Thank you for sharing your wonderful weekend! x

  28. What a wonderful weekend away Hen. Dorset has a very special place in my heart having spent lots of lovely holidays there when I was little.

    Your bed is beautiful and looks wonderfully cosy. Must get hold of some of that Union jack bunting myself.

    We can really do summer so very well in England if the sun shines. Hope it's still shining for you this week.

    Stephx (who is now definitely puttign the Alnwick Rose on her shopping list - lovely).

  29. Gorgeous summery, holidayish post hen, enjoyed it enormously as we shall be headed to Bridport in 3 days YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Think I might be looking forward to it!

  30. Hi again Hen, and thanks for 'playing the game' on my post today - I really chuckled at the things you identify as essential for a vintage photoshoot, as they ring so many bells for me! It's not so different to this month's Campagne Decoration too - they have a fantastic article based around picnics from vintage cars, with the 2CV being the star, of course.

  31. Wow, what lovely photos. You always have such a wonderful time, whatever you're doing!!

    Those roses are beautiful, and I bet that barbecue was scrummy.

    Gemma x x

  32. Hi!
    Congrats for your beautiful blog!
    I invite you to visit my crafty blog:
    Thank you! :D

  33. Hi Hen

    What a lovely weekend you've had. Another favourite area of mine. South Perrott is a pretty place. Pictures of Munchkin are great, I love the expression on his face, you can tell he is having such a good time. He seems like a cheerful, happy & easy going boy.
    It was nice that the weather allowed you to have an evening barbecue. It has been so unpredictable of late...
    I REALLY like your cottage bedroom so very cosy and has an "escape from it all" feel to me.
    Look forward to yor next post!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  34. Hi Hen,
    those cuddly Alpacas, aren't they funny, with their fur over their eyes, very comical! Your little Munchkin is sooooooooooo sweet, he looks like a total joy to have around. I'm not a fan of upvc windows and doors either, they never look right do they? And it's terrible to see them in old buildings. Lovely bag, with all your things in, one of your's isn't it?
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  35. Please can I have some of your fish and chips - they look delicious! I love days out at the sea-side - so quintessentially british! My boyfriend got whisked to Cyprus every year when he was a lad and he turns his nose up at British beaches but I think he seriously missed out... Looks like you had a wicked day though full of happiness and cute alpaccas. Know what you mean about the nights closing in...that is one thing to complain and sigh about...still I love autumn so it isn't the end of the world and it is nice to be cosy! xxx

  36. Hi Hen,

    Your beach bag contents look suspiciously like my own! Aren't we lucky to enjoy gorgeous days out on the beach? Lovely photos, I could smell those Fish and Chips! Must go and focus on working instead of indulging myself catching up on your blog!
    Love Sarah x

  37. Yay for the lamp!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your garden at the cottage is looking do you manage to keep it looking so gorgeous when you are only there at weekends??? x


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