Monday, 17 August 2009


...and the living is eeeeeeasssssy! Yes, people, the Summer has returned to the capital and we are loving it! I do hope the Summer is with you all, too (unless you're in Oz for example, because then it would be a very strange thing indeed).

Well, the living at the HenHouse for the past few days has been very busy, really. We took my parents up to Clarence House for a guided tour, something I booked ages ago as a birthday/Mothers' Day present for them and then we surprised them by taking them to see Dreamboats and Petticoats. We all really enjoyed it (especially that Munchkin). Yesterday, was car boot day (more of that later, of course), followed by more family arriving for a bbq. Parents safely returned up North with the Munchy one for a few days intense spoiling, no doubt, I found myself all alone by 8am this morning (well, except the furry friends but they were too busy hogging the eiderdown in the evacuated guest bedroom, a forbidden practice).

Ah, what shall I do? Well, it's rather lovely outside. Perhaps I should sit on the patio for a bit.

Well, I did have lunch out there but the lure of the mighty den was otherwise too strong!

Did you spot what was keeping me busy in the den today?

On the chair?

Finally, here is the round cushion I have been hankering after making. I cut into one of my many vintage cloths for the lovely central embroidered panel and used a pretty Cath K floral fabric for the rest.

I generally followed the directions in the new Sew Sunny Homestyle book I was wittering on about the other day. It was easy enough though I'm not convinced of the directions which suggest you use a ribbon to make a drawstring to close the reverse of the cushion. Whilst I did this, I was aware this would probably leave a gap in the middle where the fabric bunched closely together and indeed it did. I made a cushion insert using white cotton fabric and polyfill stuffing so all you can see is the white cushion cover. I really do not like patterns which suggest you stuff the cushion then close the gap. For one, it's really not very practical because it means you cannot just launder the cover. It just seems a bit sloppy. Here, there is no way you can just do that because all the stuffing would fall out of the hole! Anyway, it's really pretty and I can see it fitting in nicely at the cottage.

What else did you spot on the table? Well, there are the remnants of the strawberry and clotted cream cheesecake I made for lunch yesterday, of course.

Vying for "most exciting item" place though, is that pretty glass. That was a car boot find yesterday. I've been torturing myself that once upon a time there must have been a set of them. I have just the one and am having scary visions of breakage and dishwasher-removing-the-pattern incidents. Then again, for 20p, I really needn't worry too much. Do you like it? I love it. It's my "drinking vessel of choice" at the moment!

More car boot treasures then. I also picked up this little china flowered horseshoe, a bit different from the posies. I am not supposed to be buying any more posies, I have errm, quite a few now. But I couldn't leave this one behind. I mean, it's not a posy so that doesn't count, does it?

What else shall I do today now the cushion is made. I could do one of my vintage jigsaws?

Or read this book?

I was also pleased to find this colourful flower print for my wall at the cottage. Good old Vernon Ward for just £1.

In fact, I must get on with my granny squares blanket. I have another 7 squares ready to join in for another row. I can't help noticing it's going to look rather nice with that cushion...

Now, we are going to make the most of being Munchkin-free and have a rare night out! Cheerio.


  1. I long for days to myself lovely to be able to do what you like for the day! I really love the cushion, it has turned out beautifully, you never cease to amaze me at the speed in which you produce lovely things..I would be on that for two days, faffing about! Love the new-old glass and your other vintage finds.

  2. Love that cushion, and the glass,I think I would have bought that picture as it used to hang in my grandparents house, and no even I wouldn't have left that horseshoe behind, The jig-saw and book look interesing.

  3. Aaah!
    I love Vernon Ward !!! I've only got 2 but I'm ever hopeful of finding more in the recesses of charity shops.
    Lucky you, great finds!
    Enjoy your child-free time!
    Denise x

  4. I was just blogging about your lovely blanket! You are so sensible to do it all as you go - whereas I end up being left with a mountain of ends at the end!

    Pomona x

  5. Your cheesecake looks absolutely scrumptious! Love the flowery radio and your garden lantern lights.

  6. Hi Hen!
    How peaceful and lovely your garden! The new cushion looks really great!
    This evening I'm showing (she can't read!) your wonderful blog to my mum...she's amazed at the sight of lupins on your sidebar...
    Have a nice week!

  7. I love all your vintage finds, and great job on the cushion! I agree, cushions should have washable covers.
    Your patio area looks almost too lovely to leave, I'm impressed you were able to leave all that rosy loveliness!

  8. I hope you went back to the book later, that would have been my choice for the afternoon.

    And, although we are still officially in winter, it feels more like early summer here in Sydney at the moment. Our days have been in the mid 20's (deg C) for the last few days.

  9. I love round cushions, I don't know why. Maybe i'll even try to make one like you see as I have the Sew Sunny book.

    Your class was a real find, as are your other pretties.

    Victoria xx

  10. The cushion is lovely, but I am afraid it was the scrummy cheesecake I spotted first ! I love the paper lanterns in your garden.
    Ann x

  11. Great selection of handmade and vintage goodies! I hope you're having a good night out.

  12. It was the CK Roberts radio I glanced at first ;)

    Fabulous cushion, well done. Whilst we were filming Bargain Hunt they let us have a browse at the antique fair and I found a lovely stash of embroidered table clothes, they are yummy and I am so enjoying working with them. I love it that I can make 4 pretty scatter cushions from one tablecloth :)


  13. Your round cushion is so gorgeous! I'm waiting for my book "sew sunny homestyle". I bought it last month. I didn't know that this project is in the book. I'm more anxious now (hehe).

  14. Gorgeous cushion & such pretty crochet Hen, I don't know how you fit it all in! I'm also loving that pretty glass!

    Natasha x

  15. Your patio and garden looks so divine!
    Love the cushion, love your drinking vessel.
    Happy Summer - Rachaelxo

  16. Hi there, Great job on the cushion. I wish I could sew and knit. I have been trying to find someone who can knit that will teach me, but no luck yet. I love, love, love your flowery radio. Where did you ever find that??
    ♥ Rebecca

  17. Well, yes, of course I did spy that cheesecake, but admit that the pretty cushion grabbed first place straightaway.

    I so agree with you about the technicals of construction. With cushions, one always would want to have an easy way for future laundry trips.

    Your garden does seem peaceful. Enjoy it. ox

  18. Your pictures are lovely, and I love the look of your garden, all decorated and adorned for a summer day - very pretty!

  19. Hi Hen,

    It really was hot in London this weekend wasn't it! So nice for the sun to be shining :-)

    Was Clarance House good fun? I keep meaning to check out the Buckingham Palace State Rooms before they get closed again in September!

    Please tell me Dreamboats & Petticoats was fab? We are supposed to be going in a couple of weeks and I am so so looking forward to it!

    Your cushion is fab - I received my copy of the book yesterday, but no chance to check it out yet as My Amazon Delivery Man came at tea time, and by the time I had little one in bed there was dinner to do and then Chris to entertain! Hopefully later on today I can have a good read :-)

    I have to say the one thing I noticed in your pic was that beautiful radio! I have been eyeing them up in CK over the weekend, but no amount of making eyes at Chris was making him part with his hard earned cash just yet! *hopefully* he has made a mental note of how much we NEED one lol... Although he is more than likely to come up with a long list of why we DON'T need one! ;-)

    Hope the sunshine is continuing to shine for you today... It looks like it's going to be another hot one here!

    Rose XXX

  20. Oh Hen what lovely finds. Love the glass (my gran had some like those) and the lovely bargain Vernon Ward. Lucky you.

    Fab cushion, it looks very squishy andb perfect for snuggling up with.

    Enjoy your peace and quiet for a few days.
    Stephx (I love your garden lanterns btw!)

  21. Once again an absoloute treasure filled post! It was a real pleasure! I spotted the round cushion immediately as I Have been eagerly awaiting the REVEAL!I love the embroidered panel in the centre of the cushion that was inspired.

    Thanks Hen for a really lovely read and such gorgeous photos.I am still lusting after your crochet squares, scrummy - fancy running a Masterclass?
    Love Sarah x

  22. Hen, that cushion is gorgeous. Really, really gorgeous. Think you should make those for your shop it's so fab. Crochet blanket coming on very nicely indeed. Am extremely jealous of your lovely looking weather!!!!!! Why can't we have a bit here? Just a tiny bit! I think that glass is a prize find for sure, and the cheesecake a prize cheesecake.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  23. Hi Hen,
    What a amazing spot to sit on a summer afternoon. And your cushion is gorgeous!

  24. That horseshoe shaped (most definitely not) posy is soooo lovely! I would have snapped that up in a second! Some lovely buys there and your cushion is great.

    Mel xxx

  25. Hi Hen

    Oooh! I do miss not going to the Yeovil boot fair! We are waiting until September time. In the meantime we are spending our weekends re-decorating the house. I love seeing what you buy at the boot fair as they are things that I would invariably buy myself! Such a beautiful picture, that is one of the things that I always look out for at boot fairs. You table in the garden does capture a lovely summer's day feel.
    How lovely the cushion is, I haven't made anything in ages. All packed away because of all the work we are doing in the house...All taking much longer than expected. We are doing most of the work ourselves..
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  26. ooo i nearly was licking the screen for that cheesecake ;-)
    the glass is gorgeous and the cushion looks fab!
    enjoy your child free days - ive got the rest of today and tomorrow woo hoo !

  27. Hi there
    just a quick question are those scrummy Clapham shops far from Fabrics Galore, I often get the train to Clapham juction from where I am in Teddington and walk up to Lavender Hill, I just thought if they were close I would have a little wander. And if you haven't been to Fabrics galore you must must go.
    Take care

  28. I thought you'd pinched my picture, just went to the wall to check and yes it's still there. Now I've come back to drool over the cheesecake and admire the lovely cushion.

    Mrs Bun x

  29. Just wanted to let you know how much i love reading your blog,i live in New Zealand & love reading your stories of your trips round the countryside & especially your visits to the C.K. stores,unfortunately we don't have them here in N.Z I am a huge vintage fan & follow many blogs,but yours is one of my favourites,i don't have a blog myself.My email is

  30. It was well worth cutting into that vintage cloth your cushion is gorgeous. Those granny squares of yours are so perfect, very skillful and definitely a blanket to keep to go with your cushion.

  31. Hi Hen, you simply have to check out the Liberty posts by wee birdy - I have put a link to the page on my blog!
    When I was reading it I was dying to have a natter about it with someone and I realised that someone was probably you!

    :D love Sarah x

  32. That cushion is just beautiful - the granny blanket is its sweetheart alright - they're a match made in heaven. Gorgeous stuff x


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