Thursday, 27 August 2009

UP North

Yes, that's where the HenHouse gang ventured for the weekend, in particular to stay with my parents in my hometown...

I left home at 18 to go to university and never went back really, except for visits, of course. Now that we have the cottage, a lot of our weekends are taken up staying there (no complaint!) which does tend to mean we don't get to visit anywhere else particularly frequently. I seem to have fallen into a pattern of only getting back "home" once a year. Better make the most of it then!

So, off we went for a weekend of pampering and laziness at my parents' hands! Cheshire really is a beautiful county, the countryside is stunning and my Dad, having lived there all his life, is the ultimate tour guide, even if he does do his best to seek out every tiny, bumpy, windy lane going!

We ended up in Malpas which is where my paternal grandfather used to live. I haven't visited his cottage since he died 11 years ago so it was time to return. The view from his cottage, converted from stables long since, is lovely, all rolling countryside...

A very handsome kitty is now in residence, called Timmy, who enjoys his very own "jungle" in the garden which is where I remember all the workshops once being.

We were so close to Cheshire Ice Cream Farms that it would have been rude not to drop in! They have gazillions of flavours of delicious ice cream made from the milk from the cows on the farm. We won't go into how many flavours Mr HH managed to put away.

Of course, few of the trips we make fail to take in a bit of the steamy stuff...

I've long loved the little town of Llangollen in North Wales and it is now an added bonus for the boys that it has a very lovely steam railway.

Whilst mooching round the town, we spotted this rather cute caravan!

Travelling along the line to Carrog, we had fun trying to pronounce the rather challenging Welsh place names!

Mr HH headed straight for the railway shop in an attempt to add to his vast railway library whilst I enjoyed the sights on the platform. It always amazes me how beautifully kept these old stations on the preserved steam railways are - in strict comparison with the rather dismal railway stations we are presented with today which have a few plastic flowers in a hanging basket if you are lucky.

Into Chester for a final look round on Monday, mum took me to this new (to me) shop. Golly, what made her think I would be interested in "The Vintage Shop"?!

I loved the tea trolley in the window laden with some gorgeous flowery blue cups and saucers...

We strolled back from town along the canal (the Shropshire Union Canal), much better than walking along the busy roadside.

One member of the party was particularly delighted, especially when some very kind ladies passing by shared their bread supply with him so that he in turn, could feed these feathered friends. People are so lovely to children, I want to be a child again!

We had a lovely few days and recharged the old batteries. For some, it proved a bit more tiring!

Yes, Marty the Meerkat came too!


  1. That is such a wonderful smile - no wonder people give him things - I suspect that it will go beyond childhood! And they're always sweetest of all when they're asleep!

    Pomona x

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend!

  3. Augh, when you post things like this is makes me want to do nothing more than pack up my suitcase and move out to England! It's so beautiful.

    Time to seek out the beauty of what's here in Iowa, then, I suppose... hmm...

  4. Looks like you had a really great time.

  5. ooo we love the icecream farm... i always go for ferrero rocher flavour!!!
    even though we only live about half hr from chester we never go.. thanks for the tip on the vintage shop.. will be going there now!!!

  6. Hi Hen,

    Lovely pictures :-) I have never been to Chester, but it looks very beautiful!

    Nice to see the munchkin having a good time!

    Rose XXX

  7. Lovely hen :)

    We nearly bought a sweet little cottage in Malpas many years ago, so sweet, the floors were wonky ;)

    I used to live in a little appartment by the Racecourse in my single days by the way, the shop in Chester looks worth a visit :)


  8. sounds like a lovely weekend. I was at uni at Keele so we used to go to Chester quite often, and I remember it fondly.

    Your munchkin has such a lovely smile no wonder people are so kind - we had a similar thing a couple of weeks ago - I bought a necklace from someone and she very kindly gave the children a little bead bracelet each (surfer style for the boy!) for free - how kind some people are - it completely made their day!

  9. A lovely snapshot of your weekend away.What a tired and happy boy your Munchkin was!

  10. looks like you enjoyed yourselves hope the trip back wasnt to bad :-)
    as you know I live in Cheshire but hardly ever get to Chester - to lazy adn to many of those bumpy windy roads to deal with but really must make the effort!
    Lesley x

  11. Great photos, that ice cream looks very tasty!!
    Looks like you all had a great time!
    Linda O xx

  12. I so enjoy your photos taken while on adventrues in the countryside. Oh to dash off to view the greens and stop at the tea rooms for a gentle rest enroute.Thank you so much.

  13. Looks like you had a super action packed weekend. Know what you mean about people with children we had exactly the same experience with our grandaughter when we were in Kent. Makes your hear feel good.

  14. What a lovely special weekend with your family!

  15. What a beautiful place you grew up in. I hope you always go home for your visit when everything is in bloom! I somehow came upon your blog and have been following it. I believe it must have been something to do with vintage from another blog site. I love vintage it will pull me in anytime at all. Beautiful blog!

  16. Aaaawww your two little Meerkats! So sweeet! H. is just so adorable, always smiling in the photos, and he looks like a tiny Meerkat curled up with his toy Meerkat, so sweet. That vintage shop looked interesting, but it shows how clever and up-to-date Cath K's version of vintage is, doesn't it? Her shops are always cheery, whereas sometimes those proper vintage shops, selling the real deal, can be very musty and a bit depressing. I notice you didn't mention any purchases from that shop?!
    I love the fact that Mr H is a railway enthusiast, he's a proper genteel gentleman.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  17. How could people resist such a cheeky smile???!! He's just lovely!
    Have a fabby weekend!

  18. Looks like you had a wicked time and discovered some new things! It is nice to go back sometimes eh? xxx

  19. How strange..we were in that very vintage shop only last week! We went up to visit my mum who lives just outside Chester. It's a small world.

  20. Bom dia, não sei escrever na sua língua, mas adorei seu blog, você é muito talentosa, tem muito bom gosto, sucesso. bjs.


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