Friday, 18 September 2009


This post comes to you with a very heavy heart today, I'm afraid. Yesterday, I enjoyed a day out shopping because the Munchkin was picked up by his friend's mum so they could play together after school. When I came home about 4pm, the usual furry suspects, Charlie and Vorey, came to meet me but there was no sign of Jacky Ginge. I didn't find this unusual initially but I'm afraid 24 hours later, we have still seen nothing of our beautiful boy. He never goes off like this, I can usually account for him just about every hour of the day and I've only seen him wander as far as next door's garden. So, there has been lots of calling and looking but no furry friend found. We shall put up some posters later and make some 'phone calls but at the moment, it's hard to concentrate on anything else. To be honest, I thought writing my blog might distract me, or at least give me something to do, because I don't feel like doing much else. Sorry to be so down hearted.

Come back soon, Jack.

Let's try to focus on something else. My project this week comes from this lovely book.

I fancied having a go at this cushion using the "crazy nine-patch" pattern.

You choose nine squares of fabric and place them all in a stack. The pattern in the book directs you to cut each piece 8 and 3/4" square which gives you a cushion measuring nearly 26" square. I thought this would be gigantic so I cut my pieces 6" square. The fabrics are a mixture of vintage and new, reproduction-style.

You then make a cut across your stack at an angle, shuffle the pieces and sew them together in pairs to make nine perfect squares again. You then repeat this exercise a further 3 times, cutting across the stack in a different direction each time, so that you end up with a sort of jumble. I mean a patchwork. There's a lot of piecing and ironing open of seams. That's my exercise this week, to and fro from sewing machine to ironing board. Here are all nine completed squares.

And here are the nine squares finally sewn together.

You then choose some border fabric and "sash" the sides.

Then you make it into a cushion, of course.

It came together really well. I think it's very pretty but I'm not sure I have room for yet another cushion so I will probably sell this one, despite my sister's protestations.

So, yesterday, I headed off for Marylebone High Street and specifically to here...

After yet another whinge from yours truly, the lovely shop assistant gave me their last copy of the catalogue. And what turned up in the post today, about half an hour ago? Yes, my Cath K catalogue. The second copy that is. Life, hey?

I enjoyed a thorough examination of its contents. I pretty much love this page. Yes, this one is my favourite. This is my ideal kitchen, just plain white with lots of added bright and beautiful accessories.

However, I adore this chair. I always love seeing the reupholstered furniture in Cath K's shops. Piping is apparently de rigeur on upholstery this season (according to Living etc) and I do think it looks lovely on this chair.

Also loving this patchwork chair. I would love one of these. We saw two of them in the Winchester shop (seriously to-die-for Cath K shop, the best I've been in so far although its location is a bit "high street") which were priced at £900 each. I do wonder how well they'd survive, with all those patchwork seams stretched relatively taught over the chair.

In the shop yesterday, I had a serious swoon over this sofa. Like it? Well, you can buy it for £1200.

I was really rather restrained in Cath K yesterday. I was actually shopping for the Munchkin's birthday so I did get him some of the lovely new clothes in there but I came away with just a note block for me. Loving this "electric flowers" pattern and I think it is best with this gorgeous blue background.

Ah, I forgot that I also bought a few half yards of fabric although I actually bought this in John Lewis as they didn't have it in the Cath K shop, very strange. This is the new fabric described as "heavierweight haberdashery" in the Cath K catalogue. It has a lovely slight sheen to it and is thicker than the usual haberdashery fabric with a very soft feel or "handle" to it. I was thinking of making a simple quilt for the Munchkin which would feel lovely and cosy.

I think he'd like this Stanley pattern.

Though probably not as much as the cowboy one, of course.

Well, I'll leave it there today. Wishing you all a happy weekend.


  1. I'm so sorry about your anxiety about you Jacky-Ginge; hope he comes home soon, safe and sound. They don't know what they put us through, do they? Best wishes, Attila

  2. Just dropped in via seeing your gorgeous home in Ideal Home. Love the blog and absolutely squeeing over all the prettiness!

    ps hope your cat makes a speedy return.

  3. So sorry to hear about Jacky Ginge - hopefully he'll come trotting home for his dinner tonight! G

  4. Oh Hen....I do hope he comes back...are you putting notices up???

    I'll be thinking positive thoughts for his safe Mel

    AND..i hope Munchkin enjoys his birthday....xxxx

  5. Beautiful cushion - truly lovely - I need to make me one!

    As for the little kitty, I do hope he comes home soon. Thinking of you xxx

  6. Hi Hen! I'm so sorry for your furry friend, hope he come back home very soon.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Oh No!
    I hope your kitty comes home soon.

  8. (((Hen))) Oh, I can so relate, you poor sweetheart. My Weegirl did this about a year ago. She is an indoor cat and 17 years old. She got out of the house and I was frantic and totally immobilized with grief. Went door to door and put posters everywhere. Eight days later she showed up at the door. It was a miracle. Hoping you have the same good news very, very soon, Hen. Meanwhile, I will be thinking of you.

  9. Hi Hen sorry to hear about your kitty cat. I know exactly how you are feeling, I lost my beloved dog Jake. It's the "not knowing" that is the worst thing. I hope you have better luck than me, and he turns up safe and well and wondering what all the fuss has been about. Dev x

  10. Love the cushion and the wonderful patchwork chair, but I could hardly read the rest of the post, for the tears in my eyes. I hope He comes home soon, I know it is awful wondering where they are. Suzie. x

  11. The cushion turned out really pretty.
    My heart goes out to you. I really really hope Jacky Ginge returns home soon. That's just so worrying.

  12. Sending lots of positive vibes for JG's safe return home.
    I don't live far from Winchester so I really MUST go to that Cath K shop and have a nosey round.
    Lisa x

  13. oh I'm sorry about jacky- ginge I do hope he come home soon.
    your crazy patch work cushion looks fab and It's in my fav colours too.
    I got myself a meter of the new stanley fabric last week. I used it to make my little one some pyjama bottoms and to say he love's them is an understatement we had a right battle this morning trying to get him to take them off to go to pre school hehehe.

    Chin up hen he'll be back soon.

  14. Oh, Hen, I'm sorry to hear about your worries over Jack. We've had similar fears which have come to nothing, but the waiting is absolutely horrible. I hope he comes home soon.

    The crazy patchwork cushion looks almost as complicated as the one I made by hand last year! A lot of work in it, just to sell it...

    Now, with your lovely CK info, have you seen Lissylou's 'Show us your Cath' event? It looks like a lot of fun.

    Have a really positive and blessed evening. It may seem nuts to say I'll pray for your cat, but I will.

  15. I hope your boy comes back home safly. I love the cushion! I think I will have to try it. Is the crocheted covered jar in your picture on a Mason jar? Is there a patter available? I like it and have many older jars that I do not use for canning anymore. I just set one on my kitchen counter top to hold an over flow of utensils and think this would look nice in some of my kitchy colors. I follow and love your blog.

  16. Oh....I hope Jacky-Ginge returns soon. Perhaps he is shut in somewhere, we managed to shut Jenson our neighbours cat in the shed at the weekend! We didn't mean to, he snuck in while we were out the front, I heard him meowing when I went to the garage that evening, he had been there about five hours.
    I love that cushion, me thinks me will have to seek the book andmake one!

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  18. Oh dear Hen, I hope you will find your lovely cat. I do pray for his safe return.

    Your coushion looks lovely and I hope your Munchkin have a lovely birthday.

    Lots of love,

  19. Oh no Hen, hope your kitty comes home soon!I'm wondering if he's gotten shut in someones shed or garage as our cat did this once and was gone overnight!
    Good Luck finding him!
    Love the cushion too!
    Rachel x

  20. Sorry to hear about your cat,hope he turns up safe and well. Love the cushion and I agree about the kitchen


  21. Dear Hen, I could hardly read past Jacky-Ginge. As you know he is a particular favourite of mine. Please come home soon boy. x

  22. I hope by the time you read this yourlovely cat will have come back to you.My mother's cat went missing and was found 3 days later having been accidently locked in next door's garage.Going to CK on Sunday with a £50 voucher in my hot little hand...can't wait!


  23. Hi Hen,

    oh it is so sad to hear about your cat :-( I hope he comes home soon!

    Your cushion looks wonderful :-) It does look very complicated though!

    I hope you have a good weekend :-)

    Rose XXX

  24. Oh no... hope Jacky Ginge comes home soon... x

    Your cushion is divine... love it!!!!

    Hope the munchkin has a lovely birthday, awww I used to love my birthday's when I was young...

    Have a nice weekend

    Gail x

  25. Oh I do hope your cat turns up very soon my heart goes out to you.
    Your cushion is beautiful and such a lovely design.
    Ann x

  26. Lovely cushion, I hope Jacky Ginge finds his way home quickly {{{Hugs}}}

  27. Hope Jacky-Ginge returns soon. The patchwork looks very complicated but stunning :)

  28. oh, I hope your cat comes home soon . The cushion looks great.

  29. I do hope your cat comes home safe and sound.

    The Quilting in No Time book looks very good, must add it to my book wish list.

  30. Hi,

    Love your blog, sorry to hear about Jacky-Ginge, Have you checked all the local sheds and garages, once one of our cats spent a couple of days in our neighbour's garage while we frantically searched high and low for him!!

    Fingers crossed for his safe return.


  31. I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty! This has happened to me, as well, and ended happily. I too searched and called, with no response, but over night left a garbage can lid (clean, of course!) full of cat nip & found a very stoned kitty the next morning! Also, check the neighbor's garages/sheds, as thats another place I have found my wayward adventurers! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  32. Oh Hen you must all be missing Jacky-Ginge very much. As a real cat lover, I understand how worried you must all be. I've been there a few times, over the years. Most of them turned up safely again. I am praying hard for his safe return. Putting posters up asap is a good idea. As if seen yesterday or today, it will be fresh in people's minds.

    It is hard focusing on other things in the meantime, all you want is for him to be back home safely.
    Keep faith and keep calling him.

    If it's Munchkin's birthday this weekend, I hope he enjoys it.

    Take care

    Isabelle x

  33. Sorry to hear that Jacky Ginge is missing; I am sure that he will turn up safe and sound and wondering what on earth all the fuss is about. x

  34. Dear Hen
    I hope so much that Jack is back with you very soon, what a worry for you. I'm glad you've had some sewing and such like to divert you - the cushion is beautiful.
    Take care
    D x

  35. Oh, I will pray that you find him soon, safe and sound! We are a new kitty family, and I can understand the worry. Sending love your way from across the pond...

  36. I hope your kitty comes back safely, and that he just decided he needed a grand adventure. Let's hope your next post is about his return.
    The cushion turned out great; I have my eye on that book to purchase and I think you have convinced me to just order it.
    I got my Cath K. magazine a while ago and just fell in love with the flour shaker. I love the kitchen picture as well. So clever of them to do the before/after pic. If I lived in the UK I would probably order quite a bit!

  37. I bet Jacky Ginge will stroll back in soon. Our Purdy went missing for 5 weeks once & then just reappeared looking for her dinner one day. It was a very anxious time but we think she must have wandered off on a hunting trip across the farm.
    She still occasionally disappears for a day or two but now we know she'll come home....she only started doing this is the last few years so they can change their habits.


  38. Sorry to hear about your lovely cat, hope he finds his way home soon!Love the cushion, I think you will have comleted all the projects from that book before I have done one!(shame on me)I am however making myself a patchwork chaise at the mo so I could be excused?

  39. Sorry to hear about puss going missing. Maybe he has got into a shed, garage, or even a neighbour's house. If he doesn't venture far, then this could be the case. My neighbour's persian went missing, and I found him on my garage!!
    Lovely patchwork, and great to hear about the visit to CK!! Love that 'Stanley' fabric!
    Sharon xx

  40. sorry to hear about your cat - ours went missing last year for a week but we found him stuck on top of a wall far far away from our house. He's fine now but we'll never know how he got there. I really hope you get yours back to.

  41. I really do hope Jack returns quickly. A cat of mine went missing for a couple of days and showed up on my doorsteps a little skinny but safe. Here's hoping yours makes it back soon.

  42. Hello Hen, I hope Jacky Ginge comes home soon. Glad I'm not the only one that only received my CK catalogue today!! Chin up, I'm sure JG will be home soon.
    Love Sophie xxxx

  43. Sending you lots and lots of good luck wishes...I absolutely know how worried you must bexxxx

    Please don't give up I'm sure your beloved cat will come home xxx

    Love Sam xx

  44. So sorry to hear about Jacky Ginge. I totally understand how you're feeling as we lost out cat last week and we'd only had him a few hours. We adopted him from my Mum and Dad who are moving and he managed to escape on the first night. So I really do know how you're feeling. I found it hard to concentrate on anything. I really do hope he comes back soon. I'm sure he will. He knows where his home is unlike ours who knew us but not the house yet. Love the patchy cushion and also those lovely Cath chairs and sofa. Just beautiful. I think that kitchen page is my favourite in the catalogue too. Take care and I hope that Jacky Ginge turns up over the weekend.

  45. Oh no poor Jacky Ginge, hope he comes home soon. My cat went missing over night once, I spotted him crying in a disused shed. I climb over the wall & rip the padlock off, I was in such a state... oh by the way it was snowing & I was still in my PJ's! Neighbours must have thought I was crazy. With all these positive thoughts I'm sure Jacky will be back acting like nothings happened.
    Cushion is lovely, looks like hard work. Love the new CK fabric, I asked if they were going to do Stanley fabric & was told no :( brought a eco bag to cut up in the end, should've waited. Sending you big blogging hugs to cheer you up :) x

  46. I'm crossing my fingers, toes etc etc that Jacky Ginge comes home safely. Our cat disappeared for three days in the summer and we were going spare! I do hope he returns soon.x

  47. Hoping by now you have your ginger boy back! Rachaelxo

  48. Hi Hen,

    Sorry to hear about Jacky-Ginge, hope he makes an appearance soon...

    On a happier note, I'm really impressed with your patchwork pillow. You make everything look so easy, I'm sure it would take me forever to make something as perfect as that!! By the way, when is the den going to be featured in the Ideal Home mag? It must be sometime soon?

    Hope you have a good weekend

    Natasha x

  49. I know just how you feel, we lost our tw cats when they were not much more than kittens, many years ago and it's horrible not knowing where they are. They turned out to be trapped in a locked garage (and we, like Josie May, broke in and freed them. Hope he comes back soon.

    LOVE the cushion, Your sewing is so neat and precise. Lovely.

    Sending positive vibes from Cornwall. Jo x

  50. Hi Hen,

    Poor Jackey-Ging, he's my fav of your cats! :-)

    Have you asked all your neighbours to check their garages/sheds?

    I hope you find him soon.

    Sian x

  51. Hi Hen, hope Jacky boy comes back soon, I agree with others that he might have got locked in a shed etc. Those gingers are just so adventurous!
    Thinking of you and him....

  52. Oh my! I'm in love with that kitchen! And the sofa as well! Sadly, as soon as I see such lovely things I think of my beautiful family, and how those things would never stay lovely if they existed in this house... ;)

    Maybe when the kids are older...

    I love your cushion!

  53. I'm late commenting on this post but thankfully I see Jacky Ginge has returned home safely.

    Great new patchwork style - looks great.

    Ditto on CK kitchen, it's exactly I hope mine will be one day and we have a chair at home that my mum said I can have when I move and she'll have it covered like the ones in the catalogue!

    Can't wait to see what you create for the Munchkin's birthday

    Victoria xxx

  54. *sigh* I am so jealous that you get to pop off to see CK whenever you want. It would be a long drive for me from Virginia!
    Your new cushion cover is just too sweet! Love that crazy nine patch. xo, suzy


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