Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Terrific Tags

Hello, hello from the busy HenHouse! First of all, many thanks for all your kind messages following the return of the errant ginger furry one. Now, shall I take it personally that I appear to have had more comments about Jacky Ginge than any other post (except giveaways)? I'm a big girl, I can take it. Seriously, thank you, we were touched and buoyed by your comments.

Yesterday, I ventured off to Ikea which I do every few months after a severe psyching up session which I feel is necessary in order to tackle the trip to Ikea. What is it about trips there that leave you so exhausted, even despite the meatballs by way of fuel? I actually went in search of picture frames but I returned, somehow, with this big white thing. How did that happen? More to the point, how did I single-handedly drag it onto a trolley, across the car park and man-handle it into the car. Oh, with great difficulty. But where there's a will...

(Ignore the bag, no goodies in there, just mundane Ikea stuff.) For quite some time, I've been hankering after having an easy chair in the den, for serious cosy times. I have my bench to sit on whilst at the sewing machine or computer (bad backs ahoy), and a stool for when I am at the cutting table but sometimes, I want something more comfy for when I am hand sewing or (in my dreams) relaxing, reading, snoozing. I fancied getting an old chair and doing it up but despite looking for a while, I haven't found one. What I did find however was the "Jennylund" chair in Ikea which, with its petite proportions, I thought might be just the ticket. I'd seen it a while ago and pondered its purchase. Typically, they were sold out yesterday but in a freak moment of serendipity, one was waiting for me, "shop soiled" in the bargain basement for just £69.50. This suited me perfectly as I wanted to make a cover myself anyway. Yes, I know, I am mad. No, I haven't made slipcovers before. Yes, if you've been reading my blogposts you'll know exactly what sort of cover I want to make for it!

Anyway, while I tee myself up to tackle the cover, the den has had a tidy up, a hoover (golly, must think it's its birthday,) and thanks to Mr HH's muscle to get it up the stairs, the chair is in situ, for now covered with a throw.

And covered by a Vorey puss, naturally. Ummmm, so comfy, purrrrrr.

Meanwhile, we stayed at home for the weekend as a result of the ginger fur's disappearing act. This meant a spot of weekend sewing was fitted in, deep joy! My sister has long loved the stitchy picture of "The Princess and the Pea" by Willemien Stevens. Do you know it? You can have a look here. It's been in the back of my mind for ages to make one for her and my mind was jogged from its slumber by a post from fellow blogger Suzie, which in turn led me to Laurie (from whom you can buy Princess and the Pea wall hangings), which reminded me to get snipping, sticking, sewing and all that.

First, I thought I should reacquaint myself with the story. Quite charming (and obviously entirely far-fetched as fairy tales simply must be, just ask Cinderella).

Yes, there it is, that teetering bed. It has 20 mattresses and a further 20 feather pads on top. Hmm, sounds lovely!

And here they are, one for me, one for Adele.

All framed up and ready for hanging.

I'm rather liking them in my corner!

Yesterday's pre-Ikea action took more of a papercrafty form. Remember when I bought those tea cards ? You can read about tea cards here if you fancy. Time to do something with them. And with errm, lots of other bits and pieces...

There's those lovely vintage tea cards...

Gorgeous vintage French seed packet labels and some cute little flowery transfer-thingies (no idea what to call them but I remember having them and loving them as a child) which Adele gave to me recently...

Stamps and labels...


Oooh, yummy new spotty ribbons from Cath K...

Fabulous fabric scraps...

To make these...

I've packaged them up into little sets of four, they bear various messages suitable for gifty activity though some are blank and suitable for every occasion, some describe the bird or flower on the card. They'll be finding their way to the Fair in November. The website tells me there are only 53 days to go! Hooray!


  1. Hi Hen! I'm droooooling just looking at your fantastic tags! Hope one day to see them on your online shop!

  2. I want a chair just like that in my sewing studio, with a patchwork cover!! One day :)
    Love the princess and the pea works of art, and oh my those tags are little pieces of deliciousness!
    xo, Kali

  3. I want a chair just like that in my sewing studio, with a patchwork cover!! One day :)
    Love the princess and the pea works of art, and oh my those tags are little pieces of deliciousness!
    xo, Kali

  4. What a wonderful packed post - i love the tags - great idea, i saw some little cards like that at a carboot sale, wish i'd got them now!!!! Those pics are fab - i had that princess and the pea book when i was a girl. xxxx

  5. Love that chair. See Vorey is trying it out for size, hehe! Those labels are really lovely.

  6. hello! Another magical post! I love those Ikea meatballs, yum! Your tags are just gorgeous, and loving those Princess and the pea pics too. Thanks for the link to my Princess! ;) I love your posts! Suzie. xxx

  7. The 'Princess and the Pea' pictures are lovely, I'd best not show them to my daughter though, she'll want me to make her one, and I don't think my sewing skills are quite that good yet!!!! One day, one day!!!!!!
    The tags are such a great idea, yet so simple, but packaged up they look lovely, and I'm sure they'll be snapped up at the fair.
    Vorey looks looks very comfy in your new chair!!

  8. What a lovely post, Hen. I love the pictures of The Princess and The pea are just the cutest thing ever!
    And your tags are really sweet.
    See ya. xx

  9. Hi
    Those tags are sooooo lovely ! I am sure they will be snapped up fast !
    Loved the Ideal Home article as well. You are so lucky having a den , mine is the dining table !
    Love your blog
    Sue x

  10. ooo you have been busy and well done on the bargain chair - it is sometimes worth the trip to Ikea ;-) i just love those meatballs :-)
    LOVE the princess and pea picture - i saw it on someones blog ageeessss ago and had a go - i should post a pic of my half hearted attempt and give everyone a giggle ;-)

  11. Wow I love the tags - you've been getting very creative! Looking forward to seeing how the chair turns out too - hee hee typical that the kitty must test out its comfort! They are such funny creatures! The princess and the pea pictures are lovely too - seeing the ladybird book brings back memorys - what a funny story!!! xxx

  12. Oooh Hen I love your princess and the pea art, I also reminised over the Ladybird book as I had that one as a child.

    Your chair looks fab and comfy and I'm loving the tags, good inspiration cos I always use up left over wrapping paper and never have any tags... so will have to try and make some up myself.

    Lovely post today

    Gail x

  13. My Parents bought me that very chair for my Birthday this year....its very comfy and such a neat size!

    I love the fabric that you're going to use to cover it, I boughtsome of the CK flowers fabric fromthe market man, to do the same but never got round to it, maybe when I move!

    I love all your goodies, your posts are always so cheerful and bright and we all love it so much.....:>)
    What ever you choose to blog about.....
    I'm so pleased the catlet is home....just been snuggling Pickle, she really is a little cutie....

    Have a fun week...xxxx

  14. I love everything you do! Your crafts/arts are so inspiring! The tags are great. I made some stamped tags to hang on canned jellies and salsas last Christmas, but I love the extras you put on these.

  15. Hi there, I too had the princess and the pea story book as a child and it was one of my favourites. The fabric pictures you've made on that theme are just lovely! Have to say, very impressed with the chair in the car!
    Regards Julia.

  16. I'd love a chair like that in my sewing/craft room....hang on a minute I'd love a craft room!

    My you have been busy! Lovely tags and I remember those sticker thingies as well, I used to have a large collection, I loved them. I wonder what happened to them.

  17. Great photos, as always. The tags are really pretty and I love the princess and pea pictures!

  18. Those tags are really nice,what a lovely idea!Looking forward to seeing the new chair cover when it's done.


  19. Lovely things Hen. I can't wait to see your chair cover.
    What are tea cards exactly? (though I fear it must be something sooooo obvious)

  20. Wow! You've been super busy - I just adore both the P&P pictures AND the tags - so so pretty - I love your imagination - so inspirational.



  21. Your blog make me feel so jolly!!! The chair looks quite fitting in your den especially with Vorey to accessorize! The tags are are gorgeous and a great way of using the tea cards too! x

  22. Love the Princess and the Pea pictures -so sweet! I too had that Ladybird edition of the story- the pictures took me back some years!

    I love those tags too - so much fun to be had with bits and pieces!

  23. I have those three Ikea mice... but for my baby! Snow White does seem to think she's a cat though, she picks them up in her teeth and crawls along shaking them! Either that or whirls them around her head while holding the tails! So much fun when you're 10 months old!

    I love those pretty, scrappy tags!

  24. I promise I won't mention four-legged friends! I love the Princess pictures - so beautiful; as you know I have a soft spot for little princesses! I used to have those flowery paper shapes - I don't think we did much with them, just swapped them, or stuck them in scrapbooks. You have been far more inventive!

    Pomona x

  25. You have been busy Hen! The Princess & The Pea pictures are fabulous! Remember the old school posters? Well I have a P&TP one of those too!

    The tags are a great idea. 53 days??? It's not that long is it?? Yikes! I don't have a sewing machine as Miss Cottage has kidnapped it & taken it to uni, so no sewing at the moment (but it's a good excuse for thinking about buying another!)


  26. Hi Hen

    Love the tags, you must have had such fun making those. Just the thing I like to do especially around Christmas time.
    I remember that princess and the pea book very well, I had the same one read to me by my English Grandmother.
    Over the past month we've had a couple of trips up to Ikea in Bristol to get some bookshelves,bits for the house and an armchair, a Jennylund as it happens. It's the perfect size and shape. I love the fact that it has removable covers. I am guessing which kind of cover you are after. I too would LOVE to have one like that. Ikea didn't have any like that so looks like I will have to make myself one. I have never made a slipover cover and can see my cover taking an age to be made.
    Good luck with yours!
    Isabelle x

  27. Really like what you've done with the cards and the princess pictures are beautiful. Your sister is going to be over the moon!
    Lisa x

  28. Those pictures are gorgeous! The cards will go like hot cakes, Cant wait for the fair in November, im bringing my friend along!

  29. What a bargain your chair was! Well done you. Can't wait to see the new covers, how long will it take?... a few hours knowing you!
    The pictures are lovely, I'm hoping I can make it again to the fair :)x

  30. The gift tags are really beautiful. Well done with the Ikea trip, it is an exhausting place but I have never quite been able to figure out why. My daughter has the Jennylund in red in her room it's so comfy, I have fallen asleep in it many times.

  31. OOh those Princess and Pea pictures are gorgeous. And I lurve your chair. I've offered one of my old second hand sofas on freecycle to make way for one like that - no joy so far though. Seems I can't even GIVE away furniture. It'll have to go to the dump, sadly.

  32. But no-ones mentioned the fabulous ironing board - Just love wooden ironing boards! Great tags too!

  33. Aaah the Princess and the Pea, how I dreamed of being her when I was a child, a lovely book.

    All the things you make are just gorgeous, really like the pictures. And am with you on the Ikea front, you just have to have meatballs when you go there, yum! xx

  34. Love,love,love the pictures, wow, they are lovely, can't believe how much I covert your sewing room, its adorable and those tags are fabulous, I lose myself in your posts x

  35. Hi Hen, HAPPY DAYS!!! I’m so pleased that Ginger is home safely. I have been making some tags for Christmas; mine don’t look as beautiful as yours. Well done for being in the magazine…I have been reading it today, your home is beautiful.

    Love Lou xxx

  36. The pictures look wonderful, lucky Adele! Love the tags too, very pretty!
    Rachel x

  37. I love, love, love the princess and the pea pics - please think about doing some for your shop!

    Beautiful post, as ever, I always love my sneeky peeps into your world! Loving the idea of you curled up, warm cat on your lap, working quietly away in your den.... actually, scratch that, now I'm just envious!

    Jo x

  38. My friend said her and her other half would always row whenever they visited ikea!!!

    I love the princess and the pea pictures, it's one of my favourite stories.

    The tags look great too.

    Victoria xx

  39. Hi Hen

    My word you have been a busy lady, love the Princess & the Pea pictures and the tags are great can't wait to see them at the Fair.

    Crickey is it only 53 days to go - gosh that is scary I had better get my finger out so mcuh to do so little time...

  40. Really looking forward to seeing what you will do with that IKEA chair.

    Meanwhile, those tags are mighty fine. What is the difference between tea cards and cigarette cards? (I do have a few vintage cigarette cards, but have never before heard the term tea cards ... must have been similar promotional pictures back when beauty and taste reigned.)



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