Monday, 14 September 2009

Treasure Seeking

Hello, hello, hello! Good weekend? Super, yes, pretty good here and loving Monday so far, I am glad to report. The weekend was a good mix, I suppose you could say. The Munchkin and Mr HH went off steam railway visiting but I was all steamed out so I had a day at home which was going to be a day relaxing but turned into tidying and candle making, as these days have a habit of doing.

There was much china tidying (or do I mean admiring?) going on in the den...

Lots of packing away of china because I have errrm, quite a lot. But it all needs me to rescue it, obviously!

And rescue them I am, (you too, of course), into the vintage teacup candles. Here are the latest ones.

However, whilst the reality of my Saturday sees me knee deep in newspaper, cardboard boxes and melting wax somehow all over my kitchen floor, I really rather fancy myself like this, a la the Joules catalogue!

(In my dream, I am also a size 8, please note.)

Cute dog but I draw the line at the teapot on my head though!

And I got seriously unhappy when I saw these little rugrats dragging pretty eiderdowns through the fields! Quick, report them to IER, International Eiderdown Rescue!

Sunday, oh deep joy, a peruse of the local 'paper revealed that the car booty was on. Off we go, 8am sharp, basket ready, shopping bags ready, bubblewrap ready, Mr HH to carry all my purchases ready! Oh yes, I go prepared!

First up, one stall had the loveliest things, really nicely arranged too. Sometimes, these are the ones to steer clear of, the prices being more shop-like than car boot-like, do you know the ones? But no, really quite fine and so into the basket go the two flowery prints for £1.50. No idea what I'm going to do with these but couldn't leave them there, could I?

Was even more chuffed with the little embroidered picture for £1. You know, I may even have this at the cottage, I can't remember or maybe Adele (my sister) has it but I think I've seen it. Ah well, one or the other of us will find a frame and a home for it.

Linen now. My first purchase actually, was this lovely cloth. It had a few marks on but nothing a bit of elbow grease couldn't handle. The man on the stall wanted £3 for this (and the little traycloth I'm going to show you in a minute) but a chat with the lady on the stall meant we agreed £1 was more like it! What do these menfolk know about such things?!

Would you mind humouring me for a minute while I just play house with my tea cosy as I think the colours are rather similar...

And here's the little traycloth. Hmm, this needs to be "upcycled" into something new, I think.

Yes, quite pleased with those goodies.

I also bought a selection of books of old tea cards, there were two whole boxes full of them, many duplicated, so I didn't feel too bad that I had a project in mind for these and so an hour yesterday saw me pulling out all the cards and chopping up all the printed text.

More on those another time when the other bits and pieces I need arrive so I can get on with that little project.

On a completely different note, I also picked up this kitchen clock, real '50's vintage there, it had belonged to the lady seller's nan, and is now mine for £2. I'll probably take it to the cottage. Unlike modern clocks, you'll notice that it actually plugs into the mains so I'll have to think about where I can put it. It's great though and there was a sigh of relief when I plugged it in and it worked!

Outdoors, two large embroidered cloths are drying in the breeze under the decidedly grey skies. These had quite a few water marks on them which proved surprisingly stubborn to remove (think the bathtub and some weak bleach). The one on the right was £1, the one on the left is folded over. Oh my! This is my pride and glory! This was £5 but I think you might agree that it was worth it...

Can you see how huge it is? It's probably about 6' square as it's bigger than me and it's really heavy as it's made from a heavyweight linen. But look at the work in it, isn't it just beautiful?

I'm going to end there and go and iron my cloth!


  1. I too have that lovely piece of embroidery of the cottage, my mum gave it to me to sell in a car boot we were doing...but I just couldn't bear to part with it's sitting with all my other vintage embroidery waiting for a day when I have time to sew rather then crochet ! Glad you had a fruitful w/end :)

  2. It has been strange to see you in Blogland during the weekend! But your lovely cottage wouldn't have had such fantastic novelties!
    Have a great week!

  3. all looks super fun the last cloth....what a lovely thought!

    Have a happy week!x

  4. Very successful carbooting, well done. I love love love that huge tablecloth, the quality of the embroidery is so good. Exceedingly good value, too.

  5. Beautiful finds Hen! So much work gone into that beautiful tablecloth!The clock is such a pretty colour too!I know what you mean about some people laying out there boot stuff nicely amnd then charging shop prices! I overheard a lady saying she wanted £100 for a mobile phone and she wasn't joking!
    Happy ironing!
    Rachel x

  6. Lovely finds. Love the tableloths. We have a clock just like that one in yellow, and it keeps perfect time!

  7. Those cloths are beautiful and you're right I have something very similar to the cottage one on my blog but I think it has the crinoline lady on. I do have one with a cottage, I have quite a few actually I can't resist them. I still feel in two minds about cutting them up though so I have put aside a lovely blue one I bought for 20p and am going to make something with it for the Woodbridge Market on the Hill, perhaps I won't feel so precious about them then. The last embroidery with the garden theme is lovely I don't think I have ever seen anything like that before.

  8. Fantastic finds - I really wish I could visit your local car boot sales! Droolsome embroideries! G

  9. What lovely finds, Hen! The 'garden' tablecloth is quite amazing - how did anyone ever have the time to work it? I got a crochet throw and a large French enamel jug this weekend, and had to work out how to get them home on my bike! I managed it, clanking a little...

  10. You got some lovely things this weekend. Looking forward to seeing what your tea card project turns out to be.

  11. Lovely goodies hen. Particularly partial to the cloths x

  12. Beautiful finds and lovely, lovely embroidery. Isn't it funny how ironing our embroidered linens is never a problem yet 'normal' ironing gets put off?!

  13. Beautiful tablecloths and china!!! you did really well this weekend!!
    I wish the car boot sale I went to on Saturday, was as good. it seemed to cater for toy hunters, fishermen, or guitarists!! Definitely a 'blokey' car boot!!

    Sharon xx

  14. That last huge tablecloth is amazing and such a bargain for a fiver, so much work and very unusual. What a find!

  15. Can I come to the boot sale with you? I can't believe the bargains you find, I'm so rubbish!
    Love the cloth & the clock, think my nan had one :) x

  16. hello lovely :-)
    those cloths are fab and i LOVE the clock !

  17. Good goodies as usual Hen!

    looking forward to seeing what the tea card project will be, and why not a tea pot on your head you could cover it with one of your gorgeous new cosies! Tee hee,
    Love Sarah x

  18. Lovely finds! The big tablecloth is wonderful.

    Jealous Jayne

  19. You certainly have a knack for spotting a good vintage bargain! Lovely.

  20. Well, out of all your lovely finds, i have to say my favourites are the embroidered cloths, as I could actually eat vintage sewing... Love it! Suzie. xxx

  21. Lovely finds, Hen. The cloths are really pretty.
    The 'garden' tablecloth is fantastic, must of taken an awful long time to complete. What a treasure!
    Enjoy the ironing!!!!

  22. I have exactly that little embroidered cottage picture! My dear departed grandma gave it to me with a matching one of a crinoline lady - it must have been a kit at some point. I will have to take photos of them and do a post shortly, so we can compare!

    Pomona x

  23. Hahaha Helen I think you and I are the IER. I shrieked when I saw that photo and told my family that it was a disgrace to treat eiderdowns that way. They looked at me like I was mad of course!

  24. Oh oh serious linen envy going on here! The little picture is very like one my nan did hers is a little large with a bigger garden full of flowers. I was so pleased that my mum inherited it as in my turn I will too!
    Oh for boot sales like that up here sigh.

  25. FANTASTIC FINDS there hun!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE that tablecloth though!! Well done hun!
    Annie x

  26. What a beautiful blog i love the finds. And your idea with the candle tea cups is so pretty and unique Wow ;-))


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