Friday, 2 October 2009

Mad Week

Phew, it's been a hectic week, readers! Right now, I am also rushing as I have a million and one things to do but I must blog, oh yes, as I haven't blogged for a few days and I need my bloggy fix! So, the reasons why I haven't been able to blog for a few days, or should I say, the reason...

Yes, my incessant-tea drinking sister is in town! Bit of a short notice trip and all the more exciting for that, really! But it hasn't all been tea drinking and eating cake (though errm, lots of it has!)

There was Liberty on Wednesday...

...and VV Rouleaux...

Yesterday, my sister needed to be introduced to the delights of Northcote Road (Cath K twice in two days, bring on the oxygen!) More particularly, I needed to enthuse with her here:

Do you notice that since my last visit, they have painted the facade pink? Now, we're in disagreement over this as I liked it "stone", Del thinks it's eye-catching in the "ointment".

Inside, it's looking as fabby as ever...

This little cot quilt is so cute. I fell in love with the green/polka dot/rose fabric in it which has that lovely feel and slight sheen that can only mean one thing: eiderdown fabric. I am now on a mission, I need a greeny/polka dotty/rosebuddy eiderdown!

Today, we're back in the den "for a rest" and I'm admiring all the gifts my sis brought for me. This cute little vintage plaque:

Some lovely china...

I am particularly loving this teacup and saucer. It shouts "SPRING" to me. In the background are some anemones which came home with both of us from Cath K.

And how do you like the wrapping paper in the background? That was snaffled up on Northcote Road.

Reversing a bit, my tapestry-mad sister inspired me to get this in Liberty...

I'm really not sure I have the patience for tapestry but I've been struggling a bit with crochet recently, well I haven't done any for weeks, as my arthritis is bad in the index finger on my right hand which is a pain. Maybe tapestry will be good for me on those Winter evenings in front of the telly (or on my sunlounger somewhere tropical!)?

In VV Rouleaux, I picked up a few dinky flowers. I have a little collection now.

This week has also been a week of deliveries. Our post has been completely up the spout of late and now everything has come at once! There has been delicious fabric from Donna...

This one is very funky!

Yet more post today...

I spent a very pleasurable hour browsing Clare's completely divine Vintage Home website the other day which I really must get in the habit of doing more often. I treated myself to some lovely fabric. Yes, it has rosebuds and polkadots - with stripes - another favourite of mine.

It arrived beautifully packaged and smelling lovely.

More of a surprise was a gift from a lovely blogging friend. I recently was lucky enough to be asked to make something pretty for her lovely little girl and out of the blue, this thank you gift arrived today. More lovely wrapping and a pretty card.

Oooh, it's looking exciting!

It's looking seriously divine, in fact!

What a lucky girl I am. Thank you so much, Sarah, I was so touched that you thought to do this for me. It is gorgeous and I think indeed too gorgeous to "repurpose". You are so kind.

Meanwhile, whilst in Living Vintage yesterday, Adele spotted a doorstop which she rather liked. I declared, in my "gung ho" fashion, that we could easily make one rather than handing over a hard earned £17. So, we drew out our square for the base, a triangle for the sides and off we set. The most difficult bit was choosing the fabrics. I left that to Adele; now it's not often I give people free reign with my stash! I did the sewing whilst Del went to the shop in search of rice with which to fill it. She then topped it with the swirly velvet ribbon.

Of course, now I want one too!

Well my friends, I really must dash now. We have exciting plans for tomorrow which I know you're going to want to hear about next week. And as if I hadn't been lucky enough recently, the door bell rang once more earlier on and the postie presented me with yet another parcel which really blew me away. But that is going to have to wait until next week...but it's really worth waiting for!

Happy weekend!


  1. Wow, sounds like you have had a lovely few days! I havn't been along the Northcote Road in years, but looks like it's time for another trip again! Lovely doorstop, very inspiring! Have a lovely weekend! x

  2. What lucky girl you are! I made a doorstop just like that, inspired by what I saw at Exeter last week and a draft excluder, now I feel I cannot blog it, may I blog mine with a link to your blog too? Great minds think alike! Your vintage cups and plaque are really lovely.
    Glad you had a good with your sister, and look forward to seeing what you are doing after the weekend.

  3. Wow! Can I come and stay, too? Tea, cakes, sewing, secondhand shopping (I'm not allowed first hand for a year, of course, but I would regard that as a gallery to look at) - I feel quite envious of your sister!

    What fun you have both had, and I can't wait to see what is in the next parcel!

    Pomona x

  4. After seeing all the wonderful things you bought I am in need of some retail therapy! The door stop looks great with a good choice of fabrics. Lucky sister being allowed to go through your fabric stash!

  5. Hi, I finally made my round cushion. It's so beautiful!. My niece is in London and only returns on October 22. She bought some fabric for me at Liberty but it's so expensive there ... Here in Brazil I pay about 3, 7 pounds 1 meter (1,00 x 1,40). Do you know somewhere in the South or South East London where she can find fabric for a good price? I appreciate if you could let me know.

  6. You certainly sound as though you've had a great week with your sister!! What lovely post too!!!

    Sharon xx

  7. Isnt it lovely recieving those special parcels or cards with nice words through the post,especially when you dont expect them! The vintage living shop looks fab,one of those places you dont know were to look first!! Have fun tomorrow whatever it is you have planned!

  8. hi there !! what a lovely surprise visit and even better to share some shopping time :-)
    look forward to seeing the tapestry all made and love the fabric choices for the doorstop :-)
    ooo spill the beans on the exciting news please ;-)

  9. Such a fabulous post as usual but yet you leave us with a teaser for more fabulousness on the horizon!

    Have a great weekend

    Victoria xx

  10. What a selection of days out and parcels in! Thanks for sharing all that - have a great weekend, whatever you do together.

  11. Ohooo Hen a lovely pretty post :) I adore the pretty new facade but then is my favourite colour so I would :) What pretty and generous parcels you have had, I can imagine you playing. I have had the CK SEW book and love it so that is my play at the moment. Look forward to hearing what your parcel was

    Have a lovely weekend


  12. That shop looks divine...I must try to get there next time I'm in the big smoke. I love it when parcels arrive..although mostly its presents for my girls from the doting Nannies rather than for me!

  13. oooooh how exciting I can't wait to hear about your last parcel.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the tapestry hen and It'll look darling when it's done so you'll just have to persivere if only for that hehehe.

    Have a lovely weekend

  14. What an amazing week and such wonderful things. The shop looks brilliant I really must try and visit. I love all the flowers from V V Rouleaux, I have never been there but it is one of these places I have always meant to visit. You are so lucky living so close to all of these places. Your doorstop is very clever and it wouldn't hurt if you stubbed your toe on it ! Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Ann x

  15. Hi Hen,

    It looks like you and your sister had such fun! I must must must visit Living Vintage (I don't think I'll be able to contain myself though!!)

    Looking forward to hearing your next installment of loveliness

    Have a good weekend

    Natasha x

  16. Good Evening Hen!

    I do so enjoy your blog....:>)

    You do have fun shopping trips with your lovely to have a shared interest...

    Enjoy the weekend..Melx

  17. Hi Hen
    Lucky Adele, I bet she loves coming over to stay, lovely house, full access to the den, shopping, cakes and of course...some sisterly company! Sounds like you've both had a great time. I like the pink on the shop front, it works for me.
    Now I am intrigued...fancy leaving on that note, I have to wait a whole weekend before finding out what your plans are and what the postie brought you!
    Well, what ever you are up to Hen, I wish you a great time;-))
    Isabelle x

  18. Sounds intriguing hen. Look forward to hearing more next week. Love the pressies from your sister too. Sorry to hear about the arthritis which I have too though I kid myself it is 'only' rheumatism!!! x

  19. A post full of lovely things!I particularly liked the embroidered tea cosy and the pretty china.Just the sort of things I like to collect..I wonder what the other parcel could be?!


  20. I love that doorstop too! I think, although the paint was more eyecatching, but I agree with you, I preferred the stone too! Suzie. xx

  21. LOVELY POST!! I have to say I prefer the pink facade!! ( but I am a helpless pink girly!!)
    Lots of lovely buys and the Sister plaque is just Gorgeous!
    Enjoy the rest of your time together hun x
    Annie x

  22. Ooh what a lot of lovely lot of pretty things! If only I could pop over and visit that shop, it looks so dreamy. Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous finds xo

  23. You are seriously having way too much fun! Love the fabric, the cute flowered teacup, and the door stop. Oh, and that linen she sent you is SWEET! Have fun with sis.

  24. Such a wonderful explosion of ideas. So hard to match production with ideas. I get years behind, but you, well you just zoom into them. Congratulations on your findings.

  25. Hello from New York Hen,

    I do envy you having a sister. I've got brothers, and believe me, it is totally different.

    Every single photo and word of this post reveals some interest that I share. Your posts are so much fun. Your personality really does shine through.

    And ... then there are all those colors and patterns and creative notions!

    (Tapesty is something I like to have on hand, for when I really just need a simple something involving color and pattern to keep my mind at rest. It's a bit paint by numbers, but ... because of the lovely yarn colors, the results are always richly rewarding.)

    Could write sooo much more, but will stop now. Almost. Envy you your easier access to Liberty's!


  26. You and Adele certainly know how to have a good time! What fun you have had, it all looks lovely. I am with you on the stone coloured facade, I like the pink too but not as much.
    Whatever joyousness is going on, ENJOY..... see you next week :D
    Sarah x

  27. What a wonderful week, looks like you are "Livin the dream" it's great to have a sister stay isn't it?

  28. Hi Hen, sorry to hear about your arthritis. Arthritis runs in my family so I have looked into quite a few alternative medicines for treating it as I will no doubt need them one day. Tiger balm (the extra strong one) is very good for localised relief. Glucosamine is excellent for helping lubricate joints damaged by arthritis. My Mum takes it every day and she says her bad finger has improved at least by half in the move-ability stakes. Celery juice or celery extra tablets are also very good for joint lubrication. Have a lovely weekend:) PS. Love the doorstop, your clever chook.

  29. OOO! That was soooo lovely I'm going to go back and read it all again....maybe twice. teehee.

    How much rice did you put in your door stop? A friend has just asked me to make her one, but she has heavy fire doors. (yep I know you shouldn't wedge open fire doors, but sometimes when your carrying laundry or in and out you need the doors wedged open for a short time)

  30. hello, its martha, we met at donna's today. i just wanted to drop by and say i look forward to seeing you again at the handmade fair

  31. I love Northcote Road ... it's fabulous ... might have to head there tomorrow for a Sunday afternoon stroll! :)

  32. What a wonderful postman you've got to bring you all those lovely goodie's hehe. That tapestry cushion is so pretty, Lucey x

  33. I just love shopping... *sigh* You know, it's funny, I've been meaning to make myself a doorstop or two. My husband has a tendency to throw one of his shirts on the floor to catch the door...lovely.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely mail and purchases! :) It's been fun.


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