Saturday, 10 October 2009


Last week, I managed to snaffle an eiderdown on eBay for a seriously good price. I feel in need of more eiderdowns, a veritable feast of them (in my dreams) and I know they can be pricey but my reckoning is that they're only going to get pricier in the future. And brilliantly enough, vintage ones are still cheaper than new so that's one to please the economists (and the eco warriers)! So, I try to get one every now and then, when it is within my means.

This little number was cheap because it was feeling a bit the worse for wear. Several large rips to be precise. It was billowing feathers!

But I was attracted to the design. I have one a bit like this, by which I mean "fake patchwork" which came from Mr HH's mum who has probably had it years. That's in a much worse state than this one, is very faded and in a more pastel colourway.

The seller suggested (tentatively, to be fair) that it could be de-feathered and the fabric put to different crafty uses alone but I felt I could mend it because aside from the rips, the eiderdown is in lovely condition; plump and bright. Just how I like it, ooh la la!

I decided my vintage fabrics would be right for this project. The colours were too brash in any of my new fabrics, however retro the design.

So I set to with my trusty needle and thread. It's actually quite fiddly work and as you try to sew the patches, rogue feathers keep getting in the way!

Little did I know that rogue feathers were the least of my rogue-ish worries. Oh my, this is too exciting for purrs! I lurrrrrrrve eiderdowns. Let me at it!

Umm, love the way the fabric goes rustle, rustle underneath me...


Oooh, is that a feather on my face? I like feathers, they remind me of birdies! (I'm not allowed near birdies.)

That was tiring!

Vorey safely off the scene (in his own time, of course), I finished the mending. It's not a bad job and has certainly given the old lady new life. There are years left in her yet!

So long as I can keep her away from Vorey!


  1. Beautiful work, Hen! I love old eiderdowns but they make me sneeze - I once bought two in an antique fair, but however much I washed them and hung them outside I just developed a bad allergic reaction whenever I went near them. So my sister had to have them, and I must stick to the new stuff!

    Pomona x

  2. Hi Hen,

    Vorey is soo sweet, good work on the eiderdown, its look like new :)

    All things nice...

  3. That looks like you did a great job!
    I love it! Looks like Your lovely cat likes it too :)

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  4. I love it! And despite Vorey a lovely patchwork job. As my grandma says with homemade quilts, you are adding character and a bit of yourself. I love the pics of your stash!!!

  5. That's an amazing recovery! Well done, Hen.

  6. Hello Hen! Nice to see Vorey getting a look in! I do like the look of eiderdowns they look so cosy! Can we see your collection in all its glory sometime? x

  7. hahahahha...reminds me of a big Pickle!

    Love the eiderdown....really wonderful Henxxx

  8. It's grand how you have been able to save this old beauty. Hope Vorey doesn't add to the holes. ;) Cherrie

  9. She looks so comfy there! What a lovely puss..I must get round to putting some images of my naughty felines on the blog. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Hi Hen

    Vorey knows just what to do to look cute! Vorey reminds me of Lilly, she really is one for eiderdowns and my dressing gown! She scruntches away with her two front paws. I love it when cats do that. I think they should sell small eiderdown for cats! I am thinking of making one for their beds as I know they'd love it!
    Brilliant job on the eiderdown,really looks good.
    Isabelle x

  11. Hello! I just discovered your site. It is absolutely lovely!

    Your new eiderdown looks amazing. Great job! I think Vorey would agree with me. :)

  12. Someone certainly approves of your purchase!

    Victoria x

  13. Well done, Hen. Isn't it fun to fix something up, knowing that you really have captured the feeling of the original piece that called out for help?

    Your black cat has got to be head of your fan club. Nah ... there are other contentenders around your den.

    Best wishes for continued imaginative ways to explore creativity. xo

  14. Shelagh C. in Houston11 October 2009 at 02:45

    Great job on the eiderdown, Hen. And what a lovely boy Vorey is. He looks just like my Winston.

  15. Splendid work, Ms Hen! I do like a bit of faux patchwork myself. x

  16. That eiderdown had Hen written all over it with that choice of colours!
    Well done on the rescue job, may you ALL spend time snuggling!
    Lisa x

  17. That cat has excellent taste - what a pretty eiderdown.

    They always remind me of staying with my grandparents when I was small - proper cozy beds.

  18. The eiderdown is spendid. Cats always find the warmest places don't they?

  19. Hen, I've just had a fab idea.....Doesn't happen very often so just had to leave you a comment! Why don't you make all those kitty cats patchwork cat beds so they can all sleep in total style in your beautiful den?!! You could buy some really cheap ones and make washable removeable covers in all your beautiful fabrics. Obviously Vorey would like a little padding and a few feathers in the style of that stunning eiderdown you purchased!!
    Take care,
    Jane. xxx

  20. Hi Hen, the eiderdown looks lovely, well done for rescuing/restoring it. I'm not surprised Vorey thinks you should share it.

  21. What...a.....treasure. The quilt is rather lovely too! It's such a great find. It's so satisfying to give something a new lease of life isn't it? You've done a fabulous job with it. Loving that rosebud scrap. Mmm

  22. Hi Hen,

    you have done a fab job with the eiderdown! even with interruptions from that pesky Vorey! lol you will never keep him away now he has fallen in love with it!

    Hope you have had a fab weekend :-)

    Rose XXX

  23. What a great job with the eiderdown! I do so love looking at your wonderful colourful photos ... your blog makes me smile everytime I visit!

  24. Wonderful Hen, love it! The cheater patchwork is wonderful and those vintage fabrics fit in perfectly. You are so right, however they try, repro fabrics just don't have the same colours and would stick out like a sore thumb in this case.

  25. I love that eiderdown and as always your post is a delight to my eyes! Suzie. xxx

  26. Oh Vorey :D You did look quite fabulous, your shiny shiny black fur atop the prettiest patchwork quilt. But you knew that didn't you? Cats do!

    Hi Hen, lovely purchase, looks like you had just the right fabric assortment to do the repairs,

    Love Sarah x

  27. Hi Hen!

    Beautiful, obviously worth saving!!!

    Well done! : ) Vorey is CUTE... : ))

    I emailed you a little while ago but I'm not sure you're at the same address...

    Lucy xx

  28. ha ha! Typical! So cute though! I'm not really familiar with eiderdowns - how are they different from normal blankets? How do you wash them as well? xxx

  29. You made an excellent job of the mending, the eiderdown looks as good as new now. Love, love, love Vorey - so handsome.

  30. You did a lovely job patching that up. I have to look very hard at the photo to see where the patches are. Great job!

  31. Hello Hen, what a FAB buy! And your mending has worked a treat, you wouldn't know it had been repaired, it all blends in so well. A really very stunning piece this eiderdown.
    Oh Vorey! You little sweetie! There is nothing quite like a luxuriating cat, and I can see why you wouldn't want to move him, he looks so happy! Were you not tempted to just snuggle up with him Hen?
    God I love that eiderdown, very inspiring piece!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  32. Good job! I also have visions of a bed piled high with downy goodness. But husband puts a damper on that...crumpling my covers!

  33. Aw..... lovely pictures and great blog!


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