Thursday, 15 October 2009


Well, first I must explain that I wanted to write this post yesterday but had a bit of a hiccup with Blogger. I won't go into it, it's very boring. However, the point is that yesterday was the most stunningly gorgeous day here in London and this post was conceived in that spirit, in a "It can't possibly be Autumn in October" spirit, so let's just pretend shall we, that's it's still yesterday?

So here we are, looking at this photo you'd be forgiven for thinking it's the height of Summer, not 15 October!

I realise it's slightly strange holding a glass, albeit a rather fetching one, up to the sun but bear with me, please.

I sort of struggle with this time of year and for the next few months really. I am very much a fair weather girl and I love the sun and the brightness Spring and Summer brings. I also love all things pink and flowery (you'd noticed?) and I get very disappointed with the magazines at this time of year with all their orangey browny Autumnal themes. Bring back May and June, I say, magazine covers ablaze with roses! I had resigned myself to getting excited about cyclamen and pansies, even the asters and dahlias are nearly finished.

With the changing of the season comes the changing of many habits. My breakfast of late has turned from the Summer habitual cereal of choice, raisin "Oats 'n' More" with sliced banana and rice milk, to a more bolstering porridge.

But the last few days have surprised me. I've found much to please me amidst the shortening days of October. Funnily enough, my "Autumn/Winter breakfast" struck me as looking rather pretty and was consumed at the table in my den, as it usually is, with the sunshine streaming through the window. Not very Autumnal at all. Yummy just the same.

As it was so gorgeous outside, I ventured into the garden to peg out the washing (another endangered activity at this time of year, there's nothing like drying your sheets on the line, is there?) And what do you know, there amongst the tangled jungle of weeds and withering Summer flowering perennials, blooming away were the most divinely beautiful roses. There seemed little point in leaving them outside where they wouldn't be admired so snip, snip and in they came.

The roses for some reason reminded me that I recently bought this...

Yes, obviously I bought it for the name alone! In fact, I can remember buying it, on the way back from Donna's open house sale, in a little village called South Molton, which another friend, Kathy, had suggested we visit. (Hello Kathy!)

Have you ever seen such a pretty drink?

And here we go again. Oh yes, I'm going to jolly well make the most of pretending it's still Summer!

It's fabulously fizzy!

Now I'd like to tell you that it tasted great but to a hardened still water drinker, I really could not bring myself to like the taste of it. But it looks good so I'll settle for that!

There's no denying the beauty of the roses though, is there? This one is my all time fave, "Jubilee Celebration" from David Austin roses. It has a gorgeous scent too.

This one is a "survivor" and was planted likely long before we arrived here.

On the patio, there's another reason to be cheerful. The second of the dahlias I bought at Sarah Raven's garden has started flowering.

Can't see it too well here...

...but how about here?

Something (or someone) else on the patio is vying for the camera's attention. It's that sun lover, Jacky Ginge! Keep still, Jack!

Although it's lovely outside, there are things I want to get on with in the den. I write to my sister and send her a few bits of fabric from Donna's sale... and have fun decorating the envelope, as we do!

And there's been a spot of sewing, of course.

A few pretty linen covered notebooks with a patchwork stripe of gorgeous 1930's inspired fabrics, topped off with some luscious velvety ribbon.

And now my friends, I must sign off for a while as later on, we are whizzing off on a little adventure for a week and so there is much to do beforehand. See you in a while (crocodile). Sorry, couldn't resist!


  1. Hen that was a lovely summery blog. I love the autumn, but do struggle with Feb when it is so cold and damp. January here is usually bright and crisp - I'll pay for saying that! David Austen roses are just the best aren't they? Have a lovely time away x

  2. Hi Hen! You won't believe but in London it's warmer than here! We had 5°C this morning!!! Bbbbrrr!
    And I'm very jealous of your lovely flowers!
    Have a fantastic holiday and please, pass my birthday wishes to the Munchkin (I'm not sure of the date..maybe is it tomorrow?!)!

  3. That's a very pretty glass. And those roses are just well......WOW!
    I like those book covers they are very pretty too. I love porridge - have you ever tried it with Blueberries?

  4. Lovely, bright post when its so dready and dull. Love the new blog header.

    Enjoy your time away

    B :)

  5. Lots to take in - yes, yesterday was a glorious day for weather in London wasn't it? I went for a walk at lunch and I hit myself for not taking my camera as the sunlight made everything look so beautiful...

    Loving the notepads and the flowers...Jacky also looks like he is very much enjoying the sunshine!xxx

  6. I have to say I'm the opposite and much prefer this time of year than Summer! I can't bare the heat and much prefer being cosy and snuggly but we have been blessed with some sunshine through the wind which has maybe made it every more enjoyable.

    Have fun on your adventures.

    Victoria xx

  7. I hope that you enjoy your little adventure!
    Your breakfast looks so yummy that it is making me hunry (even though I have just come back from Stamford having consummed a delicious iced lemon tray bake cake that was my lunch and dinner (I wanted a slightly more healthy Fat Charlie but they hadn't made any today)) x

  8. Hi Hen

    I like Autumn..BUT only when the sun is out and has a golden glow to it. The leaves & countryside look pretty then. A drizzly cloudy day puts me right off autumn though...
    What a shame about that rose lemonade, it sounded so appealing at first.
    Have a lovely time, enjoy your time off.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  9. Oh what a light a frothy (like said lemonade) summery post, It cheered me. And yes, you are so right, there is nothing quite like the freshness of sheets, etc., which have been blown dry on the washing line!
    Suzie. xxx

  10. I don't usually enjoy this time of year either. But, for some very odd reason, this year I'm finding it much easier to cope with. Maybe it's because the sun is still shining and although the garden is looking rather autumnal the weather is still warm and gentle - long may it continue.

    Beautiful roses, and those linen-covered journals look wonderful too.

  11. I'm a summer girl too! I get quite annoyed when the weather gets chilly so I'm loving the freaky warm october we are having!
    The flowers are beautiful and I love the notebooks you made they are fab!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  12. What a cheery post. I've been saying all the same things about autumn to myself today. I like spring colours, and light and freshness and so the on-set of pre-winter gloom(and a cold!) has been making me feel quite dismal today, Thank you!

  13. Hi Hen!

    All looks lovely, I love the notebooks!

    I share your love of the sunshine. I don't mind the colder months, but rain I find thoroughly depressing!!!!

    Loving Jacky Ginge!

    Lucy xxx

  14. What beautiful roses. I don't know how you do it...everything we plant seems to die..perhaps forgetting to water stuff is the cause!Have a good week.

  15. Hen, hope you have a wonderful time on your adventure! I'm so with you on the pretending it's still summer thing. Unfortunately there is absolutely no escaping Autumn here, AT ALL! I do feel like I've been press-ganged into Autumn, very much against my will. Very impressed with your dahlia! You must be guarding it against pests! And Roses! Aren't they nice. I mean in that they keep on flowering for us, so nice of them to be beautiful for us, isn't it?! Bon voyage, and look forward to your return.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  16. its just gorgeous weather at the moment its so bizarre but very welcome after the rubbish summer we had! i cant remember the last time it was grey and rainy! love the notebooks very nice indeedy :-)
    enjoy your holiday even if it is a week early :-D
    see you later alligator ;-)
    Lesley x

  17. i love the autumn, its those short days i loath, out in the dark and back in the dark. lovely post and love the new title picture....perfect

  18. I SO know how you feel about the denial of autumn - and it's so easy to do with such lovely sunny days. It's July really. Drinking rose lemonade and sniffing those roses helps keep the summery imagination going.

    Your little books are lovely. Very lovely indeed!

  19. Oooh, is that South Molton in North Devon? That's my home town :) I love reading your blog and was so surprised to read the name, what a place to find fame! Not sure I'd like the taste of the lemonade either :S (Although I do like roses and lemonade separately).
    Lucy :)

  20. Have you tried pressing flowers? I think your lovely roses might stand the test of flower pressing! Then you can still enjoy the loveliness of it even when it's dark and gloomy outside.......

    LOVE your blog by the way! All the way from Bellevue, Washington, USA!!!

  21. I love the summer, so the warm weather we had yesterday was a real treat!!! I love the note books you made they are fabulous!!!


  22. I've been enjoying the last few summery autumn days we've had. I love all the seasons when they are interesting. Dismal drizzly grey nothingy days should be banned, though!

  23. I'm afraid I'm in quite a spring mood myself...not a good way to feel at the beginning of fall, is it? But I do love fall, all the same. The light, the smells...

    The roses are beautiful! I noticed buds on one of my miniature roses just today, even though we've had a couple of frosts already. Amazing...

    Enjoy your adventure! :)

  24. Hey Hen,

    I say put the roses in the lemonade the acid and sugar will help them last longer!

    Love the new header too! beautiful colours. Have a lovely time on your travels.
    Sarah x

  25. Hello you lovely lady! I have an award for you on my blog if you would like it! Suzie. xxx

  26. I just love visiting you all the way from Texas! And that blog banner is its purples is resplendent! I need to get back to sewing. You inspire me every time! (And I love that kitty; photo in the sidebar is so sweet.)

  27. We really do need to make the most of these lovely days at this time of year dont we/ those roses are beautiful!

  28. the covered books are a lovely idea for a gift.

    do you sell other makers things in your shop or just your own?


  29. I wonder if you are going to the North Yorks Moors Pickering Railwat Weekend?? for your little jaunt if you arent then you might consider it next year

  30. I love fentimens orange sizzler...we have had lovely weather this weekend but could only see from the window as sweet p and I are onthe sofas under blankets nursing the note and hugs H

  31. Hi honey...hope you're feeling good and no doubt keeping busy!! When things start getting dark outside, you've got lots of gorgeousness inside to indulge in.
    xox, Kali

  32. Love your roses and note books Hen! You must be on a little break as I am missing your posts! Come back soon.

  33. gorgeously pohotographed....really got me in the mood for our summer...or our spring was 35 degrees celcius today...i want spring back!

  34. Hi Hen, here in NZ, we woke to a frost, can.t believe it Labour weekend is planting time in NZ for the coming summer and though I,m bathed in sunshine now (it,s 10.00am Saturday morning) I think I,ll hold off planting the veges till next week. I love your blog and it is a pleasure that you allow me (us) in to your life. Barbara

  35. Like you Autumn makes me feel a little sad. I try to be possitive though and use the dark and grey days for inside crafting knowing there is little I can do in the garden!
    ps those note books are gorgeous!


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