Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Restoring Order

Hello everyone. How's it going? It's gloomy here today and I've had a disastrous morning for various reasons so let's get on with some cheery pics, shall we? I'm starting with those asters again. Hello pretty asters.

The table in my den is looking like this...

Did you spot the papers in the foreground. The other day whilst I was fondling all my new (old) fabric whilst having a tidy/sort out (more of that later), I was struck with the idea of copying it to make pretty paper. Off I trotted to the room where the printer is and here is the result...

Now I think that's pretty darned good. Not sure what I'm going to do with it - yet - but that's all part of the fun, errm maybe!

Did you spot the pretty little crocheted mat under the vase of flowers? I bought a pair of these from the car boot sale last Sunday. The car boot was pretty rubbish to be honest and I only bought a few bits, mainly from a lady who was selling her parents bits 'n' bobs, they'd sadly passed away last year. I was able to assure her that they would find a good home with me. How can I phrase this correctly, delicately? My favourite stalls at car boots tend to be either house clearances or people just like this lady, as that's where I find "granny treasure". Will anyone want my granny treasure one day, I wonder? And what are we buying today that will be the "granny treasure" of the future? Hmm, I'll ponder that sometime when I'm having a sleepless night!

I also bought these two lovely embroidered tea cosies from the same lady. She said her mother had probably embroidered them about 50 odd years ago.

From my fave house clearance man with the red van, I rooted about in a bag of sad Christmas decorations (naff, modern plastic ones) and came out with these. How delightfully kitsch! I think the red van man thought I was a bit nutty but I've given them a good wash and am very much in love with them. Yes, the colours really are that mad! Anemones on acid!

Do you recall I bought a little bit of fabric from Donna at the weekend? This necessitated yet another tidy up in the den. Not that it was untidy, I simply do not do untidy, but I needed to "reorganise", rather than tidy I suppose, in order to find space. Several months ago, I bought this wire rack from a lovely shop in East Dulwich. At the time, I intended it for the kitchen at the cottage but in the end, it wouldn't fit in. It has been languishing on the floor in my den for a while. So, once Mr HH came home from his daily grind yesterday, I taxed him to get the drill out (always a popular request with the boys, I find) and pretty please put up the wire rack for me. I had to iron five shirts for the pleasure but it was very worth it! We're a good team.

Sorry the photo is rubbish but it was about 8pm by this time and I wanted a "before" shot.

Well, rubbing my little hands in glee, I couldn't wait to put some goodies on it. I decided to transfer what I could from my ribbon/trimmings/tin shelf to free up the space for fabric. I'll do my best to dispel today's gloom with my bright haberdashery bits.

Might you indulge me in lots of shots of the bits 'n' bobs?

Did you spot this card which I've fixed to the wall behind the shelves? I picked up this button card from a car boot sale a good while ago and I love the colours in it. Now I can see it and enjoy it all the time.

I moved the tins over to my shelves on the opposite wall, shifting out a load of videos which had been dumped in here since we moved in. Don't videos seem ancient now we have DVDs?

So, I was left with a couple of free shelves in my stash corner. Hooray! I wasted no time in getting some stuff on them, of course.

On the ex-ribbon shelf, I placed the large pieces of vintage fabric I bought from Donna and Clare. They need re-folding really but that can wait for another day so I have an excuse to get them all out and fondle them all over again! There's even some more space in which a little tin, one of my favourites, is currently residing. It looks a tad lonely!

Oooh, luscious fabric!

The other tin corner is looking ship shape.

I moved a large stack of fabric from this shelf so that I could house all my smaller bits of vintage fabric and reproduction 1930's style fabrics together. I see space for more!


So that's how the den is looking today.


  1. I can now head off to bed with these gorgeous images in my head...i'm sure to have sweet dreams!
    xo, K.

  2. What lovely finds at the car boot.I, like you, get some days when it's all rubbish, and I come away so disappointed,as I've worked myself up into a frenzy of excitement and anticipation beforehand.Love the rack and all your goodies on it too,and those gorgeous fabrics...WOW!!!


  3. The den looks gorgeous and extremely well organised as ever - it puts my study to shame, shame, shame. The new ribbon rack looks great.

  4. Lucious, all those ribbons and those colours.

  5. Hi Hen
    I love your sheer enthusiasm when re-arranging things in the den. Just like a child inn a sweet shop! I don't blame you, I LOVE doing that too. Arranging all the bits and bobs and having neat piles of fabrics.
    Your den looks fantastic!
    Isabelle x

  6. Hi Hen, your den looks gorgeous, as always. i will be posting your tickets off this week. Sorry for the delay, v.v. busy! Kathyx Ps.NOTHS catalogue comes out tomorrow eeeeekkk!!! PPS. Did you get to S. Molton? Great photos of Donnas, and I am pleased that we left you some bits to buy!!

  7. Wow, it all looks great, you really are sooooo organised! I wish i had a den like yours :) I need to get husband to sort out 'the old potting shed' then i can have all my lovely treasures around me like you!
    Great post as usual!
    L x

  8. Wow how cool!
    Your den looks like so much fun!
    I'm surprised you ever come out!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxxx

  9. SOooooo very clever with the fabric photocopy. One day I will use that idea and pretend that I thought it up all by myself!!!

    I love starting my day with a visit to your place.


  10. Ribbons! and such yummy colours too. Your den looks fabulous, I'm quite jealous. My fabric stash is non-existent by comparison. Nothing for it, I'll have to go shopping to remedy the situation, thank-you for the excuse!


  11. Copying the fabrics is such a brilliant idea! If you don't use the papers you could keep them as a way of cataloguing your fabrics. I really love coming to visit the den and to see how you organise your bits and bobs . You really are the queen of organisation!!!

  12. I am sorry to hear that you have not had the best morning but a good tidy and sort out is always good for the soul!
    I love your new shelf and may need to move over to shelf envy instead of lamp envy now that I have found one for myself that I like!
    Hannah x

  13. Looks absolutely lovely Hen. I wish I didn't do 'untidy' but with three very untidy males in our rather small bungalow it seems impossible for me to do 'tidy' sigh... Still one day I may be able to manage it - there is always hope.

  14. I love your wire rack. I have 3 or 4 wire/metal racks that I have picked up from re-sale shops. I love them. One day when they are all up again I will have a post with all their uses. Moved 2 years ago and have not really found a place for everything. I add my old stuff with new as I work on each room to make it our own. I love old shelves of any kind.

  15. I have crochet patterns like your little doily, I'll send you some.
    Your den is just perfect! ........just perfect! Would you like to come and do mine now?
    Julie xxxxxx

  16. Hi It all looks so lovely, thanks for sharing it !
    On the granny subject - I had a lovely shopping trip to Totnes yesterday and bought what I think is a lovely doormat- green coir with flowers on. I excitedly put it outside to replace the boring one. Husband arrives home to say I dont like that mat it looks like a granny's door mat !! Tried to tell him thats the idea, we do live in a Wimpy semi so maybe its a bit over the top,anyway its now at the back door where it wont be appreciated by many apart from the chickens ! I do try ! Sue xx

  17. It's very dark and dreary with us today so those photos have certainly cheered me up!

    Victoria xx

  18. It's looking very nice indeed....but I fear it is too empty now & you'll simply have to buy some more fabrics to fill up the spaces!


  19. Hen, you have the most wonderful fabric stash that I have ever seen! I am amazed that you get so much done - I think that I would spend all day just fondling the fabric!

    Pomona x

  20. it's no good, I am just going to have to move in for a week :-)
    the wall shelves look fab such a lot of lovely colour must be so inspiring! can you come and sort out my "den" please?!

    I copied some of the CK cowboy print for Jacob and laminated it for placemats but would be fab as wrapping paper for little presents as well so now off to find pretty fabric to copy!

    Lesley x

  21. Such a clever gal you are, making your own paper!

    A picture of a shelf of beautiful fabric always makes my heart flutter!

    Hope your day got better!

  22. What a busy bee you have been Hen, all that sorting. Folding and photographing fabrics is a big part of my life as you know but I never get tired of looking at other peoples stashes. Your images are just delicious but I am glad to see you have left plenty of space for more. You can never have to much fabric ;-)

  23. There's so much in this post that I love! Your fabric collection is amazing, and I agree about granny treasure - it's nice that these items get passed on to be looked after again :)

  24. It's looking so lovely! Like you, my favourite Vide Greniers vendors are selling granny's treasures - it's incredible what you can find, and they (sadly, really) don't always know the value of what they have.

  25. Ooh what is it about your posts that make me want to eat the contents? Your den is just yummy yummy, and I love those lttle buckets! I would just want to spend all my time in there! In the den that is, not in the buckets! Suzie. xxx

  26. Gosh Hen, you have some serious STash going on in your den!!
    I just adore your ribbons, well i adore all of it actually, you are soo good at providing us readers with high-grade eye-candy!!!
    love and hugs to you

  27. V. neat and tidy and sooo pretty.

  28. Woo-hoo! That fabric copied paper looks fab! And your Den is looking like something out of a magazine shoot, very gorgeous indeed. The ribbon! Aaaahhhh, just like a display of art, those spotty and gingham ribbons are GORGEOUS! Love the way you've displayed them, mine's all tucked away in a box, which is really no good, because I can't see it all in the box, can I?! And Hen, I'm with you on the stall preferences, but it's a shame they often come with a sad story, isn't it? Still, happy endings come with you buying the items from the stalls, and treasuring them, and at least they don't just get chucked in a bin by the relatives. Love the display of buttons.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  29. Love your fabric stash! May I come and fondle it? (Not that Im a weirdo or anything, although I can often be found in my craft room gazing at my ribbons LOL!) X

  30. So organised! That button card is great, but they look like little eyes watching you!
    Lisa x

  31. Hi Hen

    Now you have made me very jealous all that colour and how well you have everything organised it puts my room to shame. I need to get it sorted maybe seeing your neat room will stir me into action, I am off to sort out a box - well it is a start....

  32. Oh yes, yum! I love all your fabric and what you did with the paper! Excellent idea!

  33. Hello Hen, I've just recently discovered your blog, it's so inspiring and may well set me off on a different type of shopping spree :o). I've never been much into vintage before, but I love floral fabrics, if you like CK have you discovered Lakehouse Dry Goods yet? Another great source of lovely florals is Shabby Fabrics, I buy lots from them ~blush~ (just watch out for the import duty if you go too berserk!). Look at or if you're interested(though it may be worth hiding the credit card first LOL!). No affiliation, just thought I'd spread the addiction ;~).

  34. i love the plastic flowers and the button card, and the doily.. I love all the granny bits, I was watching Eastenders and noticed I have got the same vernon ward as Dot's one in the kitchen! he he!! if you look closely she has some lovely coloured glass and bits and bobs! my mum says Im turning into my nan more and more each day! I've just read your previous posts does the munchkin really read practical caravanning!!! he would get on great with my dad!! hope you all have a lovely weekend, Fliss xx

  35. OK Hen,
    I can see you are an expert at being organised and tidy...perhaps you could come over and show me how its done...or you could just tidy my workroom for me...heehee...
    Have a good w/e

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  37. Hen, I cant speak, I have never seen such a stash...its a mountain of fabrics and wonderful trimmings...I cant believe it...gosh what a collection...I am tempted to make a smutty comment about your dearly beloved getting his drill out...but I will be a good girl...happy weekend ..I am working on saturday...humph...H

  38. Gosh, that's serious stash, go girl!!


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