Tuesday, 13 October 2009

RIP Booty

Hello people! Isn't it a glorious day? Big sniff, aaaahhhh. Everything seems fresh, covered in dew, a tad chilly... but sunny and that's what matters.

The weekend saw a bit more hatty action for Innocent's campaign. A big, warm, hearty thanks to those of you who decided to join in, too. Mine are off to the post office today so I took a little snap to remind me.

There's been more crafty action in the den. I thought I should get on with my owly friends in advance of the Fair. What with the Munchy's birthday (I am being reminded exactly how many days there are to go on a daily basis), half term, our trip the week before half term (stupid mummy managing to book our holiday for the wrong week, durr), the small matter of adding another year to my own tally and the Country Living Fair, I'm trying to be organised sooner rather than later. Twit twoo!

I also made myself a doorstop, having made one a few weeks back for my sister, you may remember (read about here if you fancy). Very easy to make these, though I think the corner shop is wondering why I am buying nothing but rice, rice and more rice!

And dare I say it, the "C" word. I've been inspired to make a few Christmassy goodies. However, I didn't want to go down the predictable gold, holly, sleighbells route; I wanted to make something for Christmas but not using obviously Christmassy fabrics and so I selected some of my lovely recently acquired vintage fabrics, added a few "vintage inspired" fabrics too, and got on with a bit of patchwork.

More of that another time, perhaps when it's a tad closer to the festive season?

Now, back to the title of this post. Sunday was the last, yes, the last car boot sale of the season for us here in London. Sob! Despite having inherited the dreaded lurgy from the men of the household and not waking up until 8:30 (late for me!), wild horses were not going to drag me away from the last boot sale! Come on, blue basket, off we go...

Well, it was a disappointing boot sale really. It started to rain on our way there and there were not so many stalls as usual but quite enough all the same. The blue basket did not come home empty!

I bought these Redoute rose prints for 50p each. I have a few of these now. They will look good in the bathroom. Sorry about the strange photo angle, I was trying to keep the sun off the glass. I used the vase to prop the pictures up but now I am thinking, oh dear! I'm sure you get the idea!

A few plates destined for cake stands popped into the basket.

Couldn't resist a dinky pair of floral glasses for 50p. I thought they might make nice little individual bud vases. Oh and there's a pretty posy brooch in good nick and a pair of cute earrings.

Oooh, love these, these were my first purchase. A pristine pack of matches with gorgeous floral box covers. I shelled out a whole 30p on these.

Love this tin, too. This was from just the sort of stall I love, you know a clearance type stall, and I do wish I'd found this stall sooner. Do you also torture yourself with the goodies you might already have missed? However, there was the pretty violets biscuit tin just waiting for me. Just 50p. What is it about violets that is so attractive? And why do you rarely see violets as decoration anymore?

And even better, it was full of buttons!

So there we have my little haul. A grand total of £5 was spent.

I almost forgot, I also bought the large tablecloth, for 50p. It was muddy where somebody had naughtily trodden on it but it has come up a treat. I fear it may be a "cutter"!

I was motivated by the posy brooch to have a look at how my collection is doing.

Coming along nicely!


  1. What lovely treasures - I like those plates and glasses particularly and those posy broaches are so sweet! Why is it the last carboot? Surely there are others going on in London? xxx

  2. The little hats you made are really sweet. I bet they will fly off the shelves on the Innocent bottles! You did so well at the boot sale. A whole tin of buttons for 50P and a lovely tin too!!! You certainly have a lovely collection of posy brooches. I am going to set you a challenge of finding one that is all violets!!!x

  3. What great finds at the boot sale!
    I love the matches and the posey brooch. Your Collection is certainly coming along nicely!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  4. More great finds! I love collecting the porceleine flower posy brooches, I have quite a large collection myself!

  5. What treasures you found Hen! I'm looking forward to seeing more of that 'c' patchwork...looking very lovely!

  6. What a wonderful treasure trove of pretties! I love it! And the buttons...what can I say?!! be still my beating heart...buttons...my very favourite thing!

  7. What a fantastic haul, especially for a fiver, especially love those matches, they go SO well with your teacup candles, mine's still burning well, looks lovely on the fireplace.

    Bunting for the chicken house would be lovely, but what would Lovely Hubby say?? Lol.

    Sue xx

  8. oooh you have been a lucky girl. Do you know about the car boot sale at yeovil football ground it starts at 10 every sunday.

  9. What a lovely blog ! Great finds at the sale I've enjoyed my visit here , thankyou .

  10. I love the violet touch you've added to your blog!

  11. A great haul of goodies for £5. The jewellery collection is growing steadily with lots of beauties.
    Lisa x

  12. The matches are a real find! Well done you.

    We're lucky we have one boot sale that continues throughout the year as it's held on a car park so no worries about waterlogged fields!

    Victoria x

  13. £5 well spent my sweet, well done you. I too mourn the end of the bootsale season but at least we have various lovely vintage fairs to keep us satisfied until next spring.

  14. Ohhhh and I meant to say that patchwork is to.die.for!! I adore the fabrics and colours and can't wait to see what it is going to be!

  15. Fantastic purchases for just £5. Love the violet tin, 50p and all those buttons too!
    Do you have a project in mind for the brooches or are you just going to wear them?

  16. Hello Hen,

    That rainy day surely did not stop you from a happy treasure hunt.

    The violet tin full of buttons ... amazing!

    Your new violet header is just lovely.

    Hoping that you are feeling better, and crafting at full throttle.


  17. Hello hen. I'm afraid I let you down with the hats as I was so poorly myself all through the end of last wekk, but next year I promise to make loads (just a nice early reminder please!)> Not too early now for the C word, after all it's nearly half term already...groan. Hope you feel better now x

  18. Oooh, I really love your blog! You are one very canny car-booter too -that tablecloth is just gorgeous! And I love your brooch collection..and the tin with the buttons..and the pictures...and, well you get the gist!
    Ali x

  19. Hello Hen

    Blog beautifully revamped, I love the banner! Lilacs and purples are favourites of mines!
    I like the patchwork and colours chosen, much better than dark green and red which I don't like.
    I hope that the Yeovil boot fair is still on for a bit longer, we have a lot to get rid of. I don't want to wait until spring, I'd like it all out of the way soon!

    I love the owls. one in particular and know where I am heading straight for when I arrive at the fair in November!

    Isabelle x

  20. You didn't do too badly for a late-start-feeling-ill-rainy-end-of-season sale, Hen! I love the tin of buttons...

    If you are feeling full of ideas for Christmas, do pop over to my Advent series (you can find it in my sidebar) - I find it's a good way to begin the run-up to Christmas without starting the whole festive thing too soon, and would love to know what you and the Muchkin do!

  21. Nice haul Hen!
    I also torture myself with what I may have missed...a few weeks ago I came across a stall selling everything for 50p & it was all vintage - I kept wondering what I could have bought if I'd gone down that way first instead of last.
    And I hate seeing people going out with bags when I've just arrived too.


  22. As usual, I love all the pretty things you have made - you have a great eye for colour and pattern!

    Pomona x

  23. I have a friend who always seems to get to the beautiful things at the boot just before me. She was brought up in the trade so can spot something great through a bin bag. Sadly ours will end by November. Horrible thought.

    Really like the floral glasses.

    Lisa x

  24. You have been one busy lady! I love your collection of flowery brooches.

  25. I love the fabrics you chose for that patchwork!

    I love seeing the treasures you find at the sale! That's a sweet brooch collection you've got...

  26. Hello Hen - it looks as if you did a wonderful shopping job even if it was raining. I think your blog is great and violets are my most favorite flowers. Thanks very much.

  27. Great finds! what a fab tin and with all those buttons - how fab!! x

  28. Your new banner is adorable x

  29. Love all your pretty brooches. I never have much luck at boot fairs sadly. Great new banner you have too. Dev x

  30. Hiya Hen,

    I like your new header. I saw your post the other day and you reminded me to do my weekly check of ebay for quilts, eiderdowns, vintage things etc. I just won a pretty double eiderdown for £26! :-)

    Sian x

  31. I have said it before and I will say it again, lovely little hats! suzie. x


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