Sunday, 4 October 2009

Super Saturday

Hello again friends. Another week, another post. Remember I said that something exciting was happening at the weekend? Want to see what it was?

What are you waiting for? Through the gate (Mr HH was so impressed by this railway sign!)

Through the rather attractive front door...

Where are we going, Hen? We're going here, to open house chez Donna, doyenne of the most marvellous vintage fabrics.

Hang on a minute. There are even goodies on the lawn!

But I'm too impatient, the goodies on the lawn will have to wait. A girl has to get her priorities right. I need fabric, and I need it now!

But first, Donna is going to tease me with vintage titbits in the hall...

There are lots of vintage clothes here. Loving that fake fur coat!

I remember seeing one of these basket bags (on the right of the photo) at the '40's weekend we went to and all the vintage stall holders were oohing and aahing over it so it's obviously a covetable piece.

In this corner, were some lovely vintage children's toys and all manner of collectable goodies.

I can wait no longer and find myself in what is usually Donna's living room. Who needs telly when you have fabric?! Where to look first? My eyes are darting like action man!

First up though, if a girl's going to fabric shop (for 3 hours!), she needs to make sure her men are happy first (ie. not distracting her from the matter in hand). Mr HH seeks out Donna's lovely cosy kitchen...

The Munchkin is invited into the playroom and doesn't come out again until it's time to go!

Where were we? Fabric? Living room? The bit in the bay window first because it's a big room and there's a lotta fabric!

Divine quilts and bedspreads...

Aaarrgghh, quick, oxygen: I see eiderdowns!

To one side of the "bay window area" is this table groaning with seriously lovely Sylko drawer sets and all manner of dinky and delicious haberdashery bits 'n' bobs.

On the other, is some lovely fabric and printed cloths to get your mitts on. They are atop a lovely patchwork quilt that Donna is making. I spent ages drooling over the fabrics in it!

There are more shelves laden with vintage fabric of the most delectable variety!

On the other side of the room, a lovely vintage screen is home to some gorgeous pairs of vintage curtains and on the table in the centre, are Donna's scrap bags and oodles of fat quarters. Let me at'em!

I have a good armful of larger pieces of vintage fabric before I even spot the fat quarter section. Lucky that Donna's delightful mum is on hand to whisk my purchases to one side, leaving my hands once more dangerously free, though I did suggest to Donna that she might get some trolleys for us for next time!

I know, you need to see them even closer...

It's those curtains again.

Round the room, are other lovely items to catch your eye; pretty frocks and fabby flags.

Through into the "inner sanctum" (Donna's gorgeous home keeps on going!), I am stopped in my tracks by the wall of vintage haberdashery drawers groaning with fabric all beautifully stored away and organised. If you have bought some fabric from Donna online, it has probably come from here. There's also a rail of cute children's clothing.

On the opposite wall, the window is framed by gorgeous rosebud chintz curtains and the bookcase is home to some cosy-looking granny blankets.

How can I convey to you how much I enjoyed the day? To be immersed in that much gorgeousness was a real treat. Add to that that all the things you are seeing and fondling are true vintage pieces, it's a special event. Of course, I also met some lovely people who were happy to wax lyrical about sewing and fabric which was really enjoyable too, and then there was Donna herself, everything I thought she would be; warm, chatty, knowledgeable, dressed in a stylish rose-print floral dress. She even let me into her sewing room, her very own den, and showed me some other goodies. As I remarked to my other half, oh to live round the corner!

So, three hours (truly) later, the cheque book a bit the worse for wear but laden with bags of seriously scrumptious stuff, I collect my boys and off we set. A couple of hours later, back at our cosy cottage, it's my favourite time; that moment where you arrive home from your trip and unpack all your goodies around you to "have a play". And when it's accompanied by Somerset's finest cider and a roaring fire, what more can you ask for?!

If you weren't lucky enough to make it to Donna's open house, console yourself with a trip to her website and the virtual world of vintage fabrics. You won't be disappointed. Thank you, Donna, for a truly fabulous and memorable time.


  1. Your enthusiasm would also have been mine, if I were lucky enough to live over that Pond and near enough to get past that gate.

    Your gentlemen are to be greatly complimented for knowing it can be fun to travel!

    It will be fun to see how your finds will get translated into more of your truly brilliant creations.

    Truly, there really is nothing like vintage. xo

    How amazing was all that? I think I may still be hallucinating from the jet lag! As that house cannot possibly exist in the real world can it?

    What a bumper treasure trove of vintage goodies, no wonder you were 3 hours! I am off to check out Donna's web site............

    Sarah x

  3. Fantastic! I really wanted to go but couldn't get yet another Saturday off. I hate working in retail, I can only have 1 in 4 off so it means I can't do nice things. Maybe it's a good job I couldn't go, do I really need anymore fabric?? :) x

  4. Thankyou for sharing your day out - it all looked fantastic - can imagine how empty your cheque book could get somewhere like that :)

  5. Hen you have been truly spolit!!! I bet it was a wonderful experience with so much to see and buy! I am going back to have another look at the pictures in detail! x

  6. I'm so envious! I have had her site bookmarked for ages and pop along occasionally to have a virtual look at the fabrics I just love them!
    Julie xx

  7. Oh wow!! Drool drool, lucky you. What a wonderful way to spend 3 hours.

    Sue xx

  8. you lucky thing,getting to see the sewing room. What a fab house though..visiting the bathroom has never been so much fun!!!

  9. Ok so now I have the deepest envy. How lovely to meet Donna and to buy all those gorgeous goodies. x

  10. WOW! It looks like you had a brilliant day. It all looks stunning, so jealous I live too far north!

    Laura x

  11. WOW!!!
    Oh Hen you lucky exciting!

    I spotted a CK dress and so many things I'd have loved, including that basket!

    What a fab day out!
    You get to do the bestest(Iknow not proper English!!) things.....what fun you will have making and arranging!xxx

  12. What better on a dreary morning like today's,to feast my eyes on all that gorgeousness in one post!!
    Heavenly,is all I can say!!!


  13. Hen! You must be on the most enormous high after your weekend!And how nice of your boys to leave you alone to shop, I call that beautifully behaved!How I'd love to go to one of Donna's open house events, but it is just so far away. But you've brought it to me with your wonderful photos, thank you so much, I do feel like I was there too now. Everything Donna sells is gorgeous, isn't it?
    Love Vanessa xxx(do you mind if i knit)

  14. I can feel your enthusiasm - I'm enthusiastic now to know what you will make with all these goodies?! :) xxx

  15. Oh! What a wonderful, fabulous, exciting, fantastic ( and a million other descriptive words!) day! You made me feel like I was there! I almost reached in to pick up that cider at the end too! Suzie. xx

  16. Hi Hen,
    I think I would have needed the oxygen as well, there was some seriously yummy fabric there.
    A girl can never have to much fabric can she? are you going to Alexandra Palace this week or are you all fabriced out, as if lol.
    Have a great week

  17. What a super day out! Don't forget that Donna will be at The Vintage & Handmade Fair in November so lots more opportunity for shopping!!


  18. Ohhhhh what a lovely post, it made me all teary. You have said some very lovely things and taken beautiful photos Hen, thank you so much. It was a huge pleasure to meet you, Mr HH and that gorgeous Munchkin boy. His smile is just wonderful! It was a fantastic few days made worthwhile by all the lovely customers who came along. I can't wait for the next one now!

  19. P.s Yes I wish you lived around the corner, what fun we would have, although friends who do live nearby sometimes curse that fact that they know me as it is too tempting!

  20. Thank you for sharing Hen, next best thing to being there.
    What a wonderful selection of fabrics, lovely house too.

  21. Thank you Hen, I doooooo love your shopping trips. The bonus for me is that I don't spend anything! Teehee!

    Thanks for the door stop tips. I've bought 2kg of rice!!! Our heavy, sprungloaded fire doors may still be too strong though. On a little shopping jaunt at the weekend I found some handmade doorstops in a shop and was told they were full of stone chippings. I save that for plan B if I need it!

    Please pop over and take a look at my latest project, I'm soo proud of it. It's a Christmas Pudding... fabric of course!

  22. Yes you look like you had a wonderful time! I especially love that you relaxed with your haul with some cider at the end.
    I am lucky enough to live near to Donna and to be her friend, but I've got to come clean It is DREADFUL!!! Temptation isn't even in it. It's beginning to feel a bit like a craft addiction.

  23. Thanks for sharing.... a lovely post what a heavenly day!!

  24. What an amazing post, I have been savouring all of the photos and have been having a good look at Donna's shop. I love all the different fabrics even though I am not a great sewer myself. It looks like you had a lovely and very satisfying day especially rounding it off with some scummy cider.
    Ann x

  25. Oh my! The more your showed the more I thought I should avert my eyes! I knew I was going to see so many things I wanted but could never have! (Well, not realistically, at least). I don't think I've ever been happier to see a link! :) lol

  26. Hi Hen

    I can easily see why you had such a fantastic time. Donna's house looks stunning, combined with it being filled with vintage treasures and textiles it must have been a vintage shoppers paradise! Unfortunately I couldn't make it on those dates.
    Donna obviously thought of everyone, I will remember that for the next open day. I was concerned that Miss P might get bored but seeing Munckin in the play room, I now know that she'd be fine.
    I like the pink roses dress and that haberdashery unit!!!
    Isabelle x

  27. well I must congratulate you on having such well trained men. I'm sure mine would have insisted on waiting in the car and expected me to be out within 15 minutes hehehe.
    it sure was a beutifully inspiring home and you are sooo lucky to have been to see it (can you hear the jealousy lol) I bet it was really easy to spend those penny's



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