Monday, 26 October 2009

Up Hill and Down Dale

Or should that title read "Further Adventures in Yorkshire"? Now I know it can become a bit boring just reading all about someone else's holiday but it is quite handy if you spot somewhere you fancy travelling to and of course, it's quite nice for us as a family to look back on. So, I've condensed all our other days out into this post and thereafter, there's one more holiday post but you're going to be salivating wildly over that one as it's all about a fabby little shop I found. Just you wait..!

So, while we were away, the Munchkin added another year to his tally. Golly, 8 years old, how did that happen? I have escaped the full-on birthday party trauma this year and went for a very modest cake, phew, which thankfully made the 275 miles relatively unscathed!

As if there wasn't enough chocolate in the birthday cake, one day we found ourselves in the little village of Thornton-le-Dale and in particular, in a rather lovely choccy shop. (Mum and Dad, this is the shop from where came the choccies we sent to you.)

Look at the Munchkin, eyes as big as saucers!

As well as getting out and about a fair bit, I enjoyed a few hours every evening with my crochet. I've been able to crochet much more recently as my new arthritis wonder-drug seems to be kicking in. Hoorah!

Bit of a random photo there (maybe the drugs are hallucinogenic too?)! I bought the large tin of buttons from a charity shop in Malton. I spent a good ten minutes rifling through it, selecting the buttons I wanted, when the shop assistant kindly informed me that I had to buy the whole tin. Well, ok then!

Some days we drove to our destination, some days we took the train. Our days on the train were inevitably accompanied by a basket of essentials which looked somewhat like this...

That's birthday cake in the plastic bag, essential to keep one's strength up, you know. Have you spotted my crochet thingies in the basket? Oooh, that's the subject of a whole other post!

So, Tuesday dawned and the boys were eager to get on the train (again) and the NYMR runs special trains all the way to Whitby, so (having heard I might be treated to fish 'n' chips), off we set.

Sadly, the weather was not too marvellous the day we visited but we did our best to admire the attractive little harbour...

...before scuttling off here for the widely renowned fish 'n' chips! They were indeed worth the 20 minute queue, they're that good! No other fish and chips shall ever compare and our Whitby fish 'n' chips experience shall always be referred to whenever we eat fish and chips in future, I'm sure. If you're in Whitby, make sure to visit; if you're nearby, make sure to detour!

We wandered into the old town along it's cute cobbled (but wet!) streets. There were many weird "goth" type shops and more sweet shops than I think I've ever seen in such a small place. Indeed, we saw sweet shops wherever we went in Yorkshire!

This tea shop looked rather inviting...

"Let them eat cake"; well how utterly fabulous!

This building caught my eye amidst the drizzle...

But this one caught the Munchkin's!

As we steamed back home, rather late, it was a decidedly miserable evening but Grosmont station managed to look rather magical for us. A station with duck egg paint, now that I do like.

So, here we are another day, another visit. We set off in the car over the moors and ended up in Goathland, otherwise known as "Aidensfield" of Heartbeat fame (a very popular British tv programme set in the '60's, in case you don't know).

First, we spotted Scripp's Garage but I must say, I was very disappointed by this, it was entirely full of touristy gifty rubbish.

Indeed, all of the shops looked pretty naff and were full of precisely the same rubbish selection of tourist gifts. I was a bit disappointed. We scurried off to Goathland station, the scene for one of the Harry Potter films, which was charmingly, reassuringly quaint.

Fast forwarding now, how could we travel up to North Yorkshire and not go to York? And errm, Cath K?!

I only bought a packet of paper napkins to use back at the cottage but I did enjoy seeing all the new Christmas items that were already in stock.

This is the new Christmas fabric design on napkins, tablecloths and aprons (available with a blue background, too).

All that retail therapy called for a spot of refuelling and where better than the infamous Betty's Tearoom?

Someone certainly enjoyed themself.

Do not venture to Yorkshire intending to diet!

Whilst I indulged in a spot of retail therapy, (badly needed after several days of railway focussed activities!), the boys headed to the National Railway Museum.

I did manage to join them after lunch and was so glad I did as it afforded me the chance to see the marvellous recently re-streamlined Duchess of Hamilton. Doesn't she look just fabulous?

The Munchy one had fun on the legendary "Mallard", where he was allowed onto the footplate to have a go at being fireman with the coal shovel!

I think he decided sitting down and being the driver might be the easier option!

On our last day, we headed to the seaside resort of Scarborough. This was partly propelled by "Coast" magazine which featured a rather special cafe to be found there. More of that in a minute...

Scarborough gets a very bad press, I think, as do lots of England's now rather jaded seaside resorts. But I do think you can imagine yourself back amidst all the Victorian splendour when you stroll along the seafront at Scarborough.

We avoided all the shops and headed straight for the seaside where we enjoyed a brisk walk across the sands.

Naturally, the Munchkin insisted we take a trip on the cliff-top tram.

We made a friend!

After that bracing walk along the beach and back along the prom, we eagerly scuttled inside Harbour Bar. Oh my!

This cafe is apparently little changed from 1945.

There was much wide-eyed appreciation of our surroundings before we got down to the serious job of choosing which milkshake and which ice cream sundae in which to indulge! It's a hard life...

Horlicks anyone? Mr HH fancied a cherryade float instead.

I opted for the banana milkshake. Yumm-mmy. Not as good as the one I had in Betty's in York, though. Golly, I am becoming a banana milkshake connoisseur!

And there we have it! I have oodles of photos but I think this selection gives a good flavour of the lovely time we spent in North Yorkshire. Want to meet me back here tomorrow to see the fabby shop? Oh you do, you really do...


  1. I'll be back dont you worry!:)

  2. Just wanted to wish the little munchkin belated birthday wishes...i'm really enjoying the holiday pics and post, but need to come back in the morning with a cuppa to enjoy it properly...I'm off to bed now.
    xo, kali

  3. Happy birthday to the big boy.

  4. I do love Yorkshire-well I live here! but it is such a large county I have lots more to explore. Thank you for sharing your holiday, looks like loads of fun!

  5. Happy birthday Munchkin!

    I LOVE to look at blog posts of other's holidays as it is a good insight into what somewhere is really like rather than a magazine article or a holiday brochure where they are paid to say nice things a lot of the time.

    You always find super shops, cafes and so on and I always make notes for future reference!

  6. York and Whitby are two of my most favourite places in the world! One is an hour in one direction and the other is an hour in the other! You must have been parked in the same spot as me in Scarborough, I have almost the same photo as you on my blog!!

  7. Hi Hen, I have been a reader of your blog since I discovered it via Lucy at Attic24. Last Monday I was in Malton, busily rushing around as you do, when I saw a family coming towards me I did a double take as it slowly dawned on me as I was walking past that it was you, Mr HH and munchkin! I was a little bit start struck or would have said hello! Then in Pickering on Tuesday morning my partner and I were standing looking in estate agents window and you all passed again. I have family in Pickering and surrounding areas and my cousin introudced me to my partner whom I was spending a week or so with (I live in Falkirk, Scotland). It's lovely to see all your pictures of places I know and love. We went into Marie Antoinette's in Whitby week before last and I also bought some sweets from the sweet shop.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Nicola x

  8. You already know how much fun I have reading little Harry's adventures! He has such a cheeky smile! Thank you for the lovely tour!

  9. That was another lovely tour, Hen - no need to worry about boring holiday snaps with you! It was a bit nostalgic for me, as we were in North Yorkshire before moving to France, and we more or less lived on the train between Harrogate and York, both for work and for the railway museum. Thanks for the memories!

  10. wow looks like you had a very fun filled holiday it felt like we were there with you with all the lovely photo's :-)
    happy belated birthday H :-)

  11. Afternoon hen...for what it's worth, I always deliberate over the sharing of holiday snaps on my blog too, wondering if it's too boring/meaningless for others...but let me tell you I've thoroughly enjoyed todays post of yours and won't worry about making post-holiday posts in future...its been such fun to come along with you!
    Have to say that I agree Whitby in the Wet is not much fun, but on a fine day when you can climb the steps up to the Abbey and walk the coastal path a bit, it's fabulous. And next time, you must must must visit RHB, you'd love it.

    Can't wait to see the shop all excited for that!


  12. I have just adored your photos and commentary on your fabulous trip! It is such a wonderful way to "escape" and make me what to move from the U.S. (and it's horrible new government!) to North Yorkshire! It looks just lovely there! All of England is just beautiful and I hope to visit there one day! Thank you for sharing what looks like a glorious trip!!!

  13. Gosh what fun and what beautiful places you visited. Mr Thrifty would love the cottage/area you stayed in.

  14. Hi Hen
    Ooh another instalment! It is strange how somewhere that has never appealed to me much, now looks so much more interesting!The Duchess of Hamilton does look fabulous!
    All those lovely cakes, chocolates AND banana milkshakes...A favourite drink of mine. I make a home made one with 1 banana, milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream all blended together! Delicious!
    Love the 40's cafe.
    Look forward to part 3!
    Isabelle x

  15. Never think your holiday posts are boring Hen - very far from it. I think you and Lucy (Attic 24)are doing away with a need for the British Tourist Board all by yourselves. Other people's holiday pictures can be boring because you don't know what you are looking at and they take bad photo's. But when the pictures are entertaining, fun, bright and colourful and when you write so well about your exploits, it's a treat to be taken along. Thanks for sharing as you do Hen, it's really enjoyable.

  16. Oh Hen! I'm enjoying your Yorkshire break so much. A trip on a steam train to east fish and chips - fanblimmintastic!

    Love the look of the new Christmas Cath stuff - hope its all available online because I still have some vouchers burning a hole in my pocket and there's not a Cath shop for miles (I think the York one is nearest - by about 100 miles!)

    Your pictures are such wonderful eye candy, in fact I think the grotty weather makes them even more atmospheric. That Scarborough cafe looks amazing. Woody and I once set out for Scarborough but for one reason or another never arrived. Must put it back on our to-do list, he'd love a coffee in there.

    Have a lovely week.

  17. I loved the trip to North Yorkshire, I am from the West part, long long ago... It was lovely seeing well known places again. Thanks!

  18. Happy Birthday Munchkin. What a lovely time you all had. Definitely on my list of places to go.

  19. Oh, what a grand tour! What a fabulous guide you are.

    I loved every one of your photos (perhaps first place going to the birthday boy with his train-decked cake ablaze.)

    I have been to some of those Yorkshire places, and so enjoyed the memory lane.

    Promise to return for That Shop.


  20. My dear Hen,

    Please take a look in my blog ;o)
    I need your adress! :o)
    Many many lovely greetings,Pati

  21. Lovely,lovely post!I enjoyed reading about your Yorkshire trip soooo much, as it brought back happy memories of our holiday there some years back.Lovely pics too.


  22. Oh my I love that cafe, it's fantastic!!
    My parents went that way in the summer, I was hoping to join them but couldn't get back in time for work :( They travelled to Whitby twice to get fish & chips...60 mile round trip!!! I love heartbeat country, I must confess they did bring me back some gifts. I was planning on doing a post about them but haven't got round to it yet.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's post :) x

  23. Hen, I am so enjoying your holiday photos.... I think I am with muchkin with the sweet shop that would be my favourite!
    Wonder post thank you for sharing x

  24. Hen, more fantastic photos, thanks for sharing.
    That cafe looks briliant!!!, love it,
    Linda O xx

  25. I am enjoying your blog and this trip tremendously.

  26. I just love your holiday snaps. They are much better than any tourist brochure. It was lovely to see places we visited briefly a few years ago - we just wandered aimlessly through the area and visited Betty's having no idea of the significance, saw a steam train at Grosmont and briefly visited Whitby. I'm taking notes on where to visit next time we are over there.

    I think the munchkin would have enjoyed his holiday and all the wonderful places he visited and things he did rather than a party. Happy birthday!

  27. I have really enjoyed reading this and your last post. I have fond memories of a holiday with family and friends when we stayed in Pickering in a cottage. I remember having lovely fish and chips in Whitby and going in a wonderful old fashioned joke shop. I love York and used to stay with my sister there when she was at University, it has so much history and character. Your pictures are great and not like looking at someone's boring holiday snaps at all ! Can't wait for tomorrow's installment.
    Ann x

  28. Hi its me commenting on this post now. You could have gone a few miles and gone to the Wensleydale Railway from Leeming to Redmire or to Skipton the Embsay/Bolton Abbey one - they are all lovely. The views from the Wensleydale line are so pretty. So you need another week in North Yorkshire in the Dales and you could meet up with me and Marmalade Rose!

    So to Scarborough - we spent a couple of nights there at the Bank Holiday (to see Jane MacDonald) your little Munchkin would love the battle in Peasholm Park but I don't know if it was shut by then for the season.

    As for Whitby I bet that you didn't (you wouldn't have known to go there )climb the steep hill you can see near the swing bridge - that has lovely shops and up there and to the right is a lovely tearoom called Bothams still like a 'proper tearoom' with Aspidistras! There are also lovely junky shops and good charity shops along there. In the summer you can og on the old lifeboat or a replica of the Endeavour out to sea. Oh I could tell you so many places to go............. Did you visit the shops on the two streets to the left of theswing bridge - durrgh you must have to come the cafe and the sweetie shop. Did oyu go in the old chapel with the wool? did you get to the 199 steps?

    I am so excited you went there and hope you will visit again - you could have gone to Filey -genteel and old fashioned and tne onto Bridlington avoiding the horrible takcy bit and finding the original Georgian town which we only found this year. Sorry to ramble just so happy you came North and it weren't half bad!!

  29. Loved the holiday post Hen. Although I live in the Yorkshire Dales now, I'm originally from East Yorkshire and seeing your post brought back happy memories of all the places you visited. I hope Mr HH bought you a piece of Whitby jet?

    Looking forward to crochet thingamebob!

  30. You all seemed to have a wonderful time, which is not surprising given the fabulous places you visited. Belated Happy Birthday to the munchkin! Mmmm Fish and Chips in Whitby, a Milk shake in Scarborough and afternoon tea in Betty's in York what more could a girl ask of a holiday! I love your photos

  31. I want to go to Yorkshire now!
    Just for the cake :)
    No it looks amazing!
    Happy Birthday Munchkin!!!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  32. I've really enjoyed hearing about your holiday and your photo's are just fab.... thanks


  33. just popped in to see your little blog. How lovely. Your recent holiday snaps take me back to my preuni days. I grew up around there and spent many a weekend in the places you visited. I love Whitby and the lovely shops in York. you must try and go back near Christmas, York is beautiful at Christmas.
    Nice to meet you, loving your makes
    Rachael xx

  34. Belated happy birthday wishes to Munchkin!
    Recording family times is what blogging is made for and sharing them with others to show what a fab and varied country we live in is a bonus for us all.
    As well as popping by to see all your lovely makes of course.
    Looking forward to another post as ever!
    Lisa x

  35. aaaahhhh happy birthday sweet boy!!!

    it looks like you had so much fun!!! and that harbour bar!! wow!!

  36. Who said its grim up north...we know better!! Love that cafe, how fabulous.

  37. Wow! What a trip you've had!
    I am very intrigued by the Marie Antoinette cafe, is that in Whitby too?

  38. Hello Hen....

    I'm in the middle of the hoovering....where do all the dust bunnies come from!?

    I think Yorkshire is so pretty this rime of year...I'm so looking forward to popping to York...
    Even more so now I've been reminded, just how fabby it is!

    No doubt my Niece will be enjoying the sweet shops, just like Master HH!

    Take care.

  39. Hi Hen, so pleased you and your family enjoyed yourselves up here in God's county! I was on the steam train yesterday - travelling in style behind the Sir Nigel Gresley!
    It is indeed a wonderful place...... and thanks for the reminder to visit Cath K's in York to see the Christmas stock.
    Carol xx

  40. Oh Hen, my favourite place...whitby...and lovely lovely let them eat cake at antoinnetes ( not sure how you spell that) I do hope you found bobbins wool shop opposite, I love it in there and shepherds purse and over the other side all the vintage shops...there is also fortunes oak smoked kippers...I wish I had known you were going...we know the place like the back of our hands...we could havelet you into some non tourist secrets...I see you enjoyed bettys...did you have a fat rascal! this hardened yorkshire woman was chilly down in cornwall...I could have done with your writies which I had also beenadmiring in seasalt....hope you enjoyed Yorkshire and understood the accent...its lovely to see it through someone elses and hugs H


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