Friday, 30 October 2009

Wristy Love

I do really miss my den when I'm away. I usually spend a sad little while before I go, saying farewell, fondling a few things and making sure it looks tidy, as when I get back, I like to walk in and see it looking just so, just like I imagine it to be.

I miss Bernie the Bernina, oh yes, so I have to make sure I have some form of crafty activity with me when I go away. The yarn and the hook are obviously the perfect portable choice. (Takes a while to decide which yarn and which colours to take though!)

As you may just have noticed from reading the blog this week, we spent the whole of last week in Yorkshire. As we unpacked the car and I started to put away a few bits and pieces in the kitchen, I looked round for a fruit bowl. Mr HH my dear, have you seen a fruit bowl? Negative. It was only some while later that we realised the fruit bowl was on the dining table, through in the living room. By then, the bananas and clementines were happy elsewhere and I, meanwhile, was very happy to find an empty bowl...

Most evenings while we were away, as we pretty well stuffed our face most lunchtimes, I didn't need to cook a full dinner later on, leaving me with more time on my hands than is usual at home. I crocheted away all night and I crocheted pretty much everywhere else too, when I wasn't driving!

The result (or half of it, to be precise) was this...

Looking at it, I couldn't help thinking what a marvellous rug it would have made for my Sindy house many moons ago, I could have trimmed all the edges to look like tassels!

And of course, there was the tin of buttons purchased in Malton which I told you about the other day. The crochet "rug" really needed the buttons.


Because like the lovely Lucy, I too had spotted those fabby wrist warmers in the Joules catalogue and thought they would be just the ticket for my arthritic wrists. And so the yarn came to Yorkshire and I must say, the wristies came in quite handy against the chill up there (I am an adopted softy Southerner now, after all).

That's my pair up there. Perfect for driving in, sleeping in (cold hands sticking out of bed!), crafting in and doing all manner of things in.

Perfect for whatever you fancy.

It didn't end there. In true Hen style, I didn't (couldn't) stop at one pair. Oh no. I had the proverbial wristy bug. It started with 34 chain and on it went...

And I was loving the stripes. Mainly half trebles, some doubles, some two rows of half trebles in the same colour, some a half treble and a double together in the same colour. Just to make it all a bit...interesting. Round the top, I opted for a simple picot edging, chain three and slip stitch in the next stitch, all the way round the top.

But why stop at plain stripes? Why disregard wiggly stripes? Why not ripple wristies?? Why not indeed.

For those I chained 31 + 2, the pattern worked in trebles, groups of three trebles in fact, then decreasing and increasing in groups of three in between , as you do with the ravishing ripple.

There you have it, three pairs of wonderful wristies to show for my yummy Yorkshire trip.

Hmm, these are fabulous to play with!

I had fun choosing buttons from my thrifty tin, matching up pairs because in that whole tin, there were very few pairs indeed.

And now my first pair is looking a tad fluffy and well-loved already. But I have the ripply ones in reserve for when I'm feeling kinky rather than straight, so to speak. The third pair? Well, they were intended for a special friend and if you read her blog you just might spot them!

Happy weekend one and all. Until next week...


  1. Ooh I love your rainbow wrist warmers, and all the many photo's of them, posing in different ways! The buttons really add the extra snazz factor, well done!! ps I loved your last post, what a fun time you had xo

  2. Marvellous! I love them! Blanket, scarf and other projects will be put on hold.....I want to try these!! :o)

  3. Very fab looking, cosy wristies. Love the ripple wristies, what a good idea.

  4. Love those 'wristies'!They'll keep you really cosy this winter.Your post has inspired me to get crocheting,infact I'm off to get some wool now!
    Have a great weekend.


  5. Wow - I do like those! Loving the buttons and the ripple one's too. Beautiful colours and you wear them really well - they do suit you; very nifty. I think wrist-warmers just look so good in a way normal gloves don't. The pair I made went all floppy and woolly from over usage and I haven't replaced as of yet. I live in London and am finding the lack (or the expense of those there are)of yarn shops so frustrating! Am desperate for wool and don't dare order on-line at the moment because of the post strike. I've got odds and ends of yarn but not what I need for anything - so annoying!
    Really enjoy your blog - full of gorgeous things. Siobhan

  6. Hen...such a lovely post!
    full of colour!
    I love the warmers....a great idea.....the last picture is so pretty!

    Have a fab weekend!x

  7. Hello

    Just in love with those gorgeous wrist warmers!! love the colours, a really lovely idea, your blog is such a lovely place to visit


  8. The red nail varnish makes them look particularly glamorous! I always look a bit of a granny when I put on wristies - the red nails lift them to quite a different level. Perhaps you could crochet some for the shop - they look absolutely lovely, and I am sure that I would like a pair for Christmas!

    Pomona x

    PS And bizarrely enough the word recognition is 'wricismo', which I think sums it all up! Creepy, or what?!

  9. Just had to pop over after reading Vanessa's blog to say how absolutely blooming marvellous is that bag you made for her.. she is SO lucky!!

  10. Lovely wrist warmers! You are so productive even when on holiday!!! I like them all but I think the ripply ones are my favourite. I love viiting your den. It must be such a pleasure to work in there. My crafty space is the size of a postage stamp!!!x

  11. i think I can guess who they are for but she is teasing us and making us wait till tomorrow :-)
    you have the patience of a saint to produce such lovely wrist warmers they are gorgeous :-)

  12. Really love your Ripple Wristies - they've brightened up my wet and windy stormy Cork morning! G

  13. What wonderful colourful wrist warmers. Something useful looking simply beautiful.
    Carol xx

  14. Love those wrist warmers, this is definitely a craft I must learn to do. Its wonderful what you can create! Do you know I think you and I have the same fruit bowl! Love your den, it makes me want to take over a bigger room in the house. hmmmm! Suzie. x

  15. I love them! Saw Lucy's and am guessing the other pair are for Vanessa? Oh I am so jealous! x

  16. You make me laugh :) As I was reading about your first pair I was thinking - "I'm sure Hen won't have made just one pair on her week away!" LOL (By the way I had to buy a cakestand to use as a fruit bowl as my original fruit bowl is only ever used for my wool!)

  17. Oooh! they look lovely and warm. Your blogs are always interesting to read - I wish I could write like you.

  18. ooooooooo Hen I'm LOVIN your wristies!!!! Adding the buttons is a lovely touch, I did really like the buttony versions in the Joules catalogue too.
    I saw today that Alicia (post gets Cozy) had finished making a pair too, it's lovely to see so many beautiful stripy creations emerging everywhere.

    Your hands look very glam with your red nails by the way!!

  19. Well Hen, others have already expressed my thoughts, but here goes ... the crocheting is just that perfect blend of whimsy, usefulness, sophistication and fun that we have come to know always is created at the marvelous HenHouse!

    It's very kind of you to explain your pattern.

    Well done ... I am another who also greatly admires those sparkling red nails.


  20. Ohooo I love the wriggly ones, my favourite, I reckon our blogging friend shall love them, Lesley is right she is teasing us a little ;)


  21. Well, they are fantastic! We get really warm days in autumn, but wth cold mornings. If I hang my washing out on the line early in the chill morning, it will dry in a day, but I like to have a little pair of fingerless gloves to protect the poor, pathetic skin of my hands and knuckles... Wouldn't your wrist warmers do it in more style than 'borrowed' cycling gloves? Very clever, Hen.

  22. Love the ripples..I want to try the ripple pattern on attic24..but it does look a bit tricky! I've caught the crochet bug now and am in the process of making some birdies and robins from the same blog.If they turn out okay I'll post about them...heres hoping!Have a good week, not long now before the V and H!


    Whoops - had the caps lock on there...I'm not shouting!

    I like fingerless gloves too as you can wear them while doing things you couln't with full gloves on like typing on the keyboard.


  24. Love the wrist warmers! I am working on a pair right now that are grey and have a cable up the back of the hand. Once I am done with those I will have to make a more colorful pair. They look so cute and fun.

  25. Lovely Hen. I knitted so many pairs last Christmas for gifts, I was only thinking the other day that it would be quicker to crochet them. You beat me to it!!! I may even treat myself to a pair as the pink fluffy ones I made years ago are tatty now :) x

  26. Hello Hen,

    Vanessa is a lucky girl! she will wear them well. What gorgeous creations and what beautiful wrapping and thoughtfulness in your parcels! You are ;ovely,

    Happy Halloween,

    Sarah x

  27. Only just found your blog today - love your crochet mitts - I need some too :0)

  28. Yummy! Hope all that exercise helps! Do pop over and enter my giveaway!

  29. Oh! They are really lovely, especially the 'kinky' ones! ;)
    I want some!!!

  30. The wristies are all gorgeous, congratulations

  31. Oh YES! Fabulous, and just what I've had going round my head since doing my big dyeing thing a week or so ago, and now I know just how good they look! Just lovely!
    love Penny x

  32. Love your blog,

    and your "hen house" title with the background picture is perfect.....

    how can i learn to put a picture LARGE LIKE YOURS in the background of my title?? i keep searching around in the 'customize' to no avail...

    can you help??

  33. Hen, they are gorgeous. I succumbed to a pair of the Joules ones last week, cos I found them in a shop on holiday and just fell in love. Yours are just as lovely. x

  34. I have just got back from a weekend away and read your post. I love your lovely gloves from your holiday away. What a great find too with the buttons. My favs are the wavy ones. Beautiful. Well done you. I have got to learn this skill.
    I also am completely envious of your den. I would never leave it.
    Rachael xx

  35. Wow. I found you via Luce in the Attic. I just love her site and she has always lead me in the right direction of finding new bloggers to follow. Hope you don't mind if I follow along on your journey as well. Stop by my garden. We currently are on refacing, but I'm still trying to post some of the hookie stuff.

  36. I feel ever so smug that I'm the happy owner of those beautiful wrist warmers! They are treasured Hen, truly treasured, I love them. Love the ripply patterned one's too, very lovely. Your den is looking fab, no wonder you find it hard to part with when you go away.
    Love Vanessa xxxx (do you mind if i knit)

  37. Oh! They are LOVELY! The rainbow colours and buttons are so sweet... now I'm itching to try my hand at a pair! I love all your lovely projects and adventures. You're not looking to adopt a crafty Australian to take on your adventures, perchance? Pick me? :)


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