Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Hello everyone. Sunny with you today? Well it's sunny here and I've had a rather nice day, you know. Nothing in particular, just pottering. Not sure I'd go so far as to say "domestic bliss" however!

I have a little quiz for you, today. Will you play along? What do you get when you take...

...some outrageously gorgeous vintage fabrics?

...some plain white cotton tape?

...and your trusty sewing machine?

This. Of course.

Or this.

Maybe this.

Definitely this!

You may recall that I made some bunting to edge my stall at the Fair last week. The fabrics are mainly from the divine Donna combined with some "repurposed" embroidered vintage linens (thank you, Mandy, for those). As I strung the bunting up on the shelves for my stall during my "practise run", my sister said, "You do know people are going to want to buy this?" And what did one of my very first customers on Saturday morning say: "Do you sell this bunting?" whilst eagerly fondling my beloved mini bunting!

I was pretty shattered after the Fair; the long drive in horrendous weather, a busy day (thankfully), the awful mattress of course, not forgetting my antics last week with my sister. I put things away on Monday, then did a spot of crochet but by later in the afternoon, I'd revived a bit and could no longer ignore the lure of the sewing machine. I obviously got a bit carried away (who? Me? Surely not?) cutting out the little triangles because once I'd made my bunting for the Fair, I had lots of little triangles left over.

So I turned to the pile of little triangles. But of course, I had added new fabrics to my stash at the Fair at the weekend so a bit more snipping went on.

And there you have it, the Den has gone all buntylicious!

There's some on the shelves in the corner which house the stash...

But there was some left over...

...so the mantelpiece got a bit too!

It's fabulous stuff, this mini bunting. I get to use some of my most beloved and beautiful vintage fabrics but I only have to use a leeeetle bit and there they are, on display right in front of me, everyday. When I finally use up each lovely piece of precious fabric (GULP!) I'll always be able to look at my mini bunting and remember. Ahhhh...


  1. Ohhhhh how delicious is that bunting?!! I was hoping I would get to a link saying and you can buy it 'here'. Right that decides it. I was going to paint my long shelves in time for the fair this weekend but I think I will make some mini bunting instead ;-)

  2. Isn't that sweet, and such a good use of scraps? I did guess what you were making, because I actually made myself a little string of mini bunting this autumn, but with all the same fabric. I love the varied fabrics you used.

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

  3. That is sooooo adorable. What a lovely den you have. Sooooooooo jealous.
    Rachael XXX

  4. A great way to use some beautiful fabric- I made my first attempt at bunting in the summer and hung it in the garden under our porch..it's still there now and always makes me smile. Your room looks beautiful, it should be in a magazine!Such lovely pattern and colour everywhere. Your stall looked amazing on Saturday, I'm in love with your notebook covers, they're fab. I may have to make a purchase soon!x

  5. Now doesn't that look cute!!!

    Victoria x

  6. It looks absolutely lovely - and that is one of my favourite books, too! And lots of lovely pretty pictures, too - I definitely have serious den envy!

    Pomona x

  7. I love bunting, made yards of it over the years in many shades an colours to the extent recently a friend asked me to make bunting......wait for it.........bunting for her dolls house! I did it, a bit fiddlely but I have to say it does look good on the dolls house!

  8. Dont think that I didn't notice the lovely Cath covered Roberts radio! a Birthday gift perchance? Looks fabulous in the Den as does the new mini bunting, lovely lovely.

    I do of course have the sophie Dahl book which looks so lovely, nicely produced but I have tried a few of the recipes and they havent turned out so well! Ah well must be me!~ Still love the book and her writing though.

    Sarah x

  9. Buntingfabulous!x

  10. ilove making bunting and it always looks great and cheery when its hung up! I too have that book!


  11. Hehe!

    Just made me look up and notice my minibunting hanging on the bannisters - has been there since the end of this summer festival season (where it spends its time making my tent stand out).

  12. How lush is your den hen??


  13. ooo yummy bunting its sooo cute in the "mini" bunting style! and its so hard to use up lovely material so little bits like this is such a good idea!! i should be getting on with making stuff whilst the downstairs of my house is out of bounds but need inspiration which I may have just found ;-)

  14. i love mini bunting and yours is very pretty.

  15. What pretty bunting and your den looks so organised! How do you keep it looking so good?

    Jo xx

  16. Congratulations on a successful fair! I wish I could've been there, but someone has to buy me an airplane ticket first! Haha! Does your machine behave well? I noticed you have a Bernina 230. How long have you had it?


  17. You don't do things by halves,do you!!I love bunting too and have a check/stripey/spotty one up at the bedroom window.
    Your fabrics are so pretty and your bunting must hold lovely memories of the materials and where they came from.
    Your posts are always so inspiring.


  18. Hi Hen

    Donna's stall and website never disappoint, although my bank balance may disagree with that after I have shopped there!

    I love having bunting around the house, so easy and yet such a wonderful finishing touch.

    Glad to hear you recovered now!

    Isabelle x

  19. Once you start Hen there's no stopping you!
    You've now made me feel bad because I was planning on making bunting yesterday for my table at the fair but I couldn't face another run in with my machine so sat & did nothing...hahaha! While you made loads, must try harder on Sunday :) x

  20. Oh my goodness....that mini bunting is so cute Hen....lovely!x

  21. Love it! Want some now!!!!!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  22. Do you think that if I snuck in very quietly, and sat in a corner, and not said a word...you'd let me visit?
    But who am I kidding...I'd most probably walk in and be like a child in a lolly shop!
    Or just faint.
    Loveliness Dear Hen :)
    xoxox K.

  23. great idea Hen, you can see all the lovely fabric in one go! I've got my eyes on those crochet flowers as well...how scrummy are they!

  24. LUVERLY bunting! And as I've just posted on my blog - we've got to the age when the description of a great weekend includes the word "pottering"!

  25. You are such an inspiration indeed! I love the bunting and feel some holiday bunting edging into my need to sew mind. Thank you, your den is such a delight. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  26. Half read your post, rushed over to your Etsy shop, boo hoo, none for sale!
    It does look lovely.

  27. Yes I love bunting too! I have some velvet bunting ready to trim up at Christmas!

  28. that's a serious stash of fabric!!!!!!! yay!

  29. Your little stringy flaggy Bunty friendsare JUST GORGEOUS. I am off to do some rummaging on Donna Flower's site. These fabrics are too beautiful to resist!


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