Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cottage Love

I love cottages, yes I do. You have probably picked up on this fact already and I'd make a bet that a fair few of you out there, my dear bloggy friends, are partial to the odd cottage too. The obsession with cottages led us to a cottage of our own, there's no deeper love than that, surely?!

We often go in hunt of picturesque cottages and spending quite a bit of our time in the West Country, we are spoilt for choice. There was Selworthy...

The infamous Gold Hill in Shaftesbury (think Hovis)...

Lovely cottages in abundance in the stunning Dorsetshire countryside...

Even our local bank is in a beautiful cottage!

But let us not be biased to the West Country (oh ok then). We spot cottages on our travels everywhere. For my birthday trip last year, we saw pretty cottages aplenty in Suffolk...

This rather grand cottage was waiting for me to admire it on my way into the Decorative Living Fair in Kent earlier on this year...

So, having one real cottage as we do, what better to fill it with than cottagey things?

There's the cottage magazine rack from the boot fair for £1...

The picture wall boasts a fair few cottages...

Vintage linen is adorned with cottages...

There are cottage-shaped toffee tins in the kitchen...

Even cottages on the gorgeous Hope and Greenwood sweetie packaging...

I spotted this yummy teacosy in Cath K...

Back to my collection then. It seems cottages were a popular choice for embroiderers in years gone by...

What do you know, my sister has the same embroidery!

Interesting to see and compare the different choice of silks used, don't you think?

More cottagey embroidery which came to me courtesy of that dangerous place, eBay! This one looks pretty old.

Cottages adorning pretty vintage gift cards that I have thriftily collected...

More skillful embroidery on this thrifted fire screen (£3)...

Sister Adele is just as big a fan of cottages. Her landing wall is a veritable gallery of them...

They're in her kitchen too...

...on walls and on china. This lovely cake stand depicts Anne Hathaway's cottage.

In the back of my mind for a while, has been the wish to turn my own crafty cottagey dreams into reality. This has been a fair while in the making, I can tell you.

Come on in. Mind the roses over the door...

I'd like to share with you my cute country cottage...

Hmm, whilst I am very grateful for the sunlight today, taking photos of glass fronted pictures is a challenge! Here is my little stitchy picture before it was framed.

And here are a couple framed.

One is for me and I've made two to sell, one is still in the making.

They'll hope to see you at the Vintage and Handmade Fair in oooh, ten days time!


  1. Oh my goodness what a gorgeous dream cottage. I have yet to realize it. There is one drawback stopping us from moving away and thats the daughters and Grandchildren, now if I could only take them with me. We would head for Crewkerne in Somerset and villages around...Merriott, North Perrott, Haselbury Plucknett. But in the meantime I try to make my home a cosy country classic.

  2. oh my... i just love cottages, too !
    I wish i'd live in england...
    i even consider to emigrate when i'm old enough :) all i need is a good man to participate ;) an a good workplace, of course...
    and i love your photos! keep up with uploading picutres of the beautiful landescape you happen to live in :))
    Greetings from a very envious german girl ;)

  3. What a great post! I love cottages, my godmother lives in the most adorable cottage. It's actually 1 larger one with a smaller on the side and they even have another smaller one in the back garden!!!

    I should really go round there armed with my camera to share with my blog friends!

    I'm also pleased to tell you that I will be able to come to the V&H fair next weekend. My plans for that weekend were cancelled so immediately my friend and I have booked up to come along!

    Will be lovely to see you in person,

    Victoria xxx

  4. What a great post, such pretty cottages. You are so clever, your cottage picture is so beautiful. Good luck at the show.
    Rachael xx

  5. Oh just stop it!
    I cannot handle the gorgeousness overload!!


  6. It seems safe to say you have a thing for cottages LOL...What a gorgeous post! So many pretty places and things to look have quite a collection! Cottages in far away places always look so magical... Thank you for sharing your beauties with us! xx

  7. As you probably know from my posts in the past I'm a cottage girl through and through!Loved your post and all the wonderful photos,and your embroidered ones are beautiful too.


  8. Lovely, gorgeous post. I know Selworthy very well, and we try and go at least twice every year in the summer for lunch! Did you know Periwinkle Tea Rooms at Selworthy are famous for using a tea cosy on every pot of tea they serve! I know Suffolk too, my dad was born there. The picture of your pretty tins the one of a cottage, well.....when I was about eight I saved my holiday money and bought myself that tin in the early sixties and still have it today, after I eat the contents (fudge) I kept my glass marbles in it, now I use it for my little scissors and needles as a handy needlework tin, and and a couple of special marbles too!

  9. Yes, big fan of cottages here too Hen. I used to have a 4oo year old cottage that was once a river warehouse and I loved it. Pretty pictures today x

  10. Dreamy cottages, how lovely!
    Love your cottagey makes, so pretty!
    Rachel x

  11. Hen, I ♥ your blog! I am just so enthralled with the looks of English thatched cottages....they are my very favorite house in the world! I would love to go to GB to see all those unique little homes and to be able to actually tour one.

  12. Yes i adore cottages,they have so much charm & character.i am lucky enough to live in a little cottage 'snowdrop cottage' infact!
    I cant imagine living in a new house all square & boxey!!
    Is that dedham in one of your photos,i know dedham well its not far from were we live! x

  13. my oh my.. what a great post! so many cottages to drool at! love this post seriously! can't pick a fave photos as all photos were awesome! thanks for sharing..

    have a great day

  14. Hi Hen,

    What a great post! I too (as you may have guessed!) love cottages. Who needs oodles of space and open plan living when you can have a cozy cottage!? I love the fact that yours is filled with cottagey things too.

    What great embroideries too! I would love to come to V&H fair, but as always, I am doing something else (going to Amsterdam for a job interview). Oh well, best of luck there!

    Sian x

  15. Hi Hen

    I do love thatched cottages! We went to Dorset at the weekend and stayed in a thatched B&B. Between you and your sister you certainly have a quite collection of cottages. Some lovely embroidered pictures including the ones you have made.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  16. Scrummy post Hen. Love cottagey stuff too!

    I did notice the lovely cakes on the cake stand in the 'vintage cottage linen' picture. Something was missing though so if you would be kind enough to furnish me with your address I'd like to fill the gap for you. (very secretive eh!) I'll understand if you don't want to though. :)

  17. Funny you should blog about cottages...just looking at this site: that another blogger recommended...thinking of a cottage holiday for my boyfriend and me! xxx

  18. Why is it always so sunny in London and in other parts of the UK not???!! ..well, among your wide and lovely collection I must confess you that my fave is the biggest one! ;-)

  19. Oh yum, what a lovely post! :)

  20. Well, you might have guessed from the name of my blog that I have a bit of a thing about cottages, so what more can I say? I have them on my walls, too. I also have a hankering for a cottage tea cosy, but haven't got round to making one yet!

    Pomona x

  21. Hen,
    I love looking at your posts.(and a sneaky peek round your lovely house!) We lived in a tiny cottage for 7 months while we were in the middle of moving house. I loved it while we were there but was glad to have 'normal' size rooms when we found our current house!

  22. The pictures are beautiful Hen can't wait to see them in the flesh/fabric. Oh and that teacosy in CK.....the stores are always full of fabulous display items, wish I knew where the designers find them!

  23. Lovely pictures Hen. I would love to live in a cottage but I wouldn't be able to fit all my junk in!!! :)
    My parents little cottage is beautiful but soooo small! x

  24. Hi Hen! I live in a cottage in the beautiful Lowther Hills (quite high up!) in the Southern Uplands of Scotland. I'd love to send you some foto's... a different cottage life up here.

  25. Love this post Hen! I have always loved the thatched roof cottages.

  26. I love cottages too, what a lovely post ! It's amazing the things you find cottages on. They must have been nearly as popular as crinoline ladies, they seem to appear on the same sort of things. I love the 30s cottage gardens with hollyhocks and lupins that usually surround them. Your pictures are great and would look at home on the wall of any cottage or indeed town house, don't want to rule mine out !
    Ann x

  27. Our first house was an 18th century Cumbrian cottage, so in a way, it's been all downhill from there... We did look at a fantastic French cottage when we were buying dowh here, but the problems with the layout were incredible! Every bedroom was accessible only from the other bedrooms on either side, and there seemed no possibility of creating a corridor. We regretfully passed up on it and went for a newish barn-conversion-style house instead.

    The textiles (yours and the vintage ones) are truly lovely, Hen.

  28. Oh what a beautiful post. I too love cottages and hoped we would be in a quaint little cottage instead of this big old farmhouse when we started our new life in the country. Luckily the village we are nearest too is filled with thatched cottages and beamed houses, in fact they are busy filming Midsummer Murders there at the moment, which makes driving through very strange, floodlit at night and houses pretending to be shops etc..

    Loving all your cottagy related items too, especially your new pictures, they're gorgeous.

    Sue xx

  29. I'm with you, with you, with you on the cottage theme Hen! And so glad to see that cath K was selling the same tea cosy as I've got, gosh, we must have very similar tastes, Cath and I! I do think your cottage pics are fab! They'll be snapped up at the fair. Looks like you're incredibly busy. When Hugo and I got married, we moved to this bigger house we live in now, but we moved from a tiny cottage, and have very fond memories of how simple life was when we lived there!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  30. oooo you have sent my mind whirling with dreams of owning a beautiful cottage. I love the cottage you stitched, it is gorgeous!! Have fun at the v&h fair. I will def be visiting in may when me and the hubby stay in Bath to ceebrate my birthday! xx

  31. Oh, Hen, what a charming post! One, to come back to again and again because it's so delightfully cozy to read. Lovely embroidery too. Thanks for sharing all this loveliness!!!!

  32. Great post, and gorgeous photos. I live in a cottage and although its small and drives me mad at times I do like living here, though I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a thatched cottage X

  33. Have you ever seen Thomas Kincaid's cottages? He's the "Painter of Light" I think. stunning.

  34. They look really good Hen! Love the Liberty border.
    Just watched Tio Gear on Dave! Sad! and giggled at Jeremy Clarkson's attempt to turn mercedes interior into a cottage complete with leaded light windows and a wood-burner! tee hee!

    Sarah x

  35. I know I keep saying this, but I love your posts! This one is amazing, love love love! suzie. xxx

  36. hi Hen,
    a lovely post...
    i like how you have have used the vintage embroidered linen for the flower garden in your cottage picture... looks sweet with the background fabric too.
    cottages are just heavenly!
    good luck at the fair... won't be able to make it this year, sadly... i am sure you will all have lots of fun,
    ginny x


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