Friday, 13 November 2009

It's (Virtually) Here!

Hello dear people. Well, I can't believe we're here, six months has passed and tomorrow is the big day, the day of the fabulous Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury. My deepest hope is that you shall be coming along and I'll be able to meet you in person, I'm very excited to meet those of you who have indeed told me you are coming. You'll find the HenHouse stand in the main hall in the back right hand corner, manned by the motley crew: yours truly, Mr HH and the Munchkin.

Today, I am a little like the proverbial headless chicken. I walked my sister back to the station, discovered that WH Smith no longer sell chalk, grrrrr, paid a hard-earned £12.01 customs charge to Royal Mail to release my fabric from America and promptly got soaked in a torrential rain storm on the way home. I started making my choccy traybake to take to the Fair and my scales informed me that the batteries were flat and were not going to weigh a thing. Aaarrgghh! I am so very glad that we spent yesterday getting organised as I just knew today would throw up unforeseen problems. We did a bit of a mock-up of my stall and then packed everything away and loaded the car ready. There was some last minute sewing, too, as my sister informed me the table needed some Princess and the Pea pictures. If they don't sell, she's going to be having two more pictures on her wall, I can tell you!

I'm really pleased with the way my stall is looking. I've put a lot more thought into "the look" this time. I am however, disappointed with the photos of it because it was late afternoon by the time we had finished playing shop and so they really do not do the stall justice, in my humble opinion. Might you like to see anyway?

It might look a bit different in terms of where the crib is placed and I also have another little set of vintage shelves to place but I will need to see what space I have around the table when I get to the hall tomorrow morning.

Here's a vintage suitcase our neighbour at the cottage gave to us, providing a great, handy spot to house my patriotic selection of goodies. Harold has popped in there too!

His contemporaries are in the crib, nestled amongst some pretty cushions...

Although one has escaped onto the table! I have my board again (thriftily fashioned from an old frame from the car boot sale and a cork board from a charity shop) to show off some pretty brooches and corsages and I'm taking along the basket Vanessa gave to me, it's so yummy!

Here's the little vintage suitcase I picked up in Bridport housing all the pretty vintage fabric wheat/lavender sacks. I finally found some chalk at the supermarket earlier on so that I can write my prices on those little blackboard signs.

But I am really chuffed with this section.

We bought these shelves from a stall at a village fete in Dorset back in the Summer and I've just this week given them a pink make-over. I've made some cute mini bunting from vintage cloths and fabrics to adorn the edges.

I have two cottage pictures for sale. They are really time consuming to make so I'm not sure anymore will follow!

I have a great selection of gorgeous vintage teacup candles with either lavender, rose, lily or a very appropriate Christmas spice scent. They make a fab Christmas present in their gift boxes with their own dinky fabric-covered boxes of matches.

That ever-talented other half of mine has come up trumps making these gorgeous cake stands with vintage china plates. We have just three of these, all with different plates, patterns and colour schemes.

So, my friends, there you have it. I hope you think it looks pretty and enticing...

My heartfelt apologies to everyone who has emailed me recently, sent me gifts and been in touch. I just don't know where the time has gone and I am so behind in replying to everyone, a situation I shall rectify next week. Now, I'm going to try to finish off a couple of pairs of wristies for my stall because it seems you have taken them dearly to your hearts!

Have a wonderful weekend - that's an order!


  1. It all look's rather pretty hen.
    Sprry I cam't be there to meet you but good luck and have fun

  2. Everything is just gorgeous; best of luck to you this weekend!

  3. Best of luck dear Hen, your stall looks fantastic and I'm sure you'll write "sold out" on your little blackboard signs!

  4. I hope tomorrow is a huge sucess for you and all the stallholders....wish I could make it but it is a bit of a long day maybe though! x

  5. I looks wonderful, I'm sure you are going to do well. I adore the cake tiers!

  6. Hen, I think that your stand is going to attract lots and lots of customers, and that you'll have a big success at the Fair.

    You are so wise to really consider the importance of presentation. And you are talented in being able to see the stand from the customer's point of view.

    Absolutely well done!
    If I lived across the Pond, I would definitely be there to see it all in person. xo

  7. Oh how I wish I lived closer Hen...I would be there, to drool at your display...don't worrry, I'd mop up after myself :)
    Have a fantastic weekend and thank you for sharing your photos with us. xx

  8. wow you have been a busy Hen!! it all looks fab and gorgeous and will sell out in no time I bet :-)
    enjoy your weekend xxxxxx

  9. it's friday 13th today so maybe that's why there have been a few hiccups.?!..but best get them over with today so tomorrow can be perfect... hope the fair goes well...sadly i cannot make it this year.
    i do love your owls and am very impressed by the tiered cake stands by mr HH.
    wishing you lots of fun
    ginny x

  10. So very nice! You should be marvelously successful as your stall is so inviting. I wish you good fortune and hope you come home lighter in merchandise and heavier in cash. ~Kelly

  11. Good luck for the fair! I bet you get people that want to buy your mini display bunting! I am looking forward to your next post when we are informed that you sold out of everything!!! x

  12. It looks gorgeous Hen, I hope you have a brilliant day and make lots of lovely money, you deserve to after so much effort.

    Tell Mr HH, well done on those cake stands. I think my heart would be in my mouth at the moment of drilling!!

    Sue xx

  13. Good luck Hen....I know how wonderful your makes are, being luky enough to own some....have fun...your stall looks amazing!xxx

  14. There isn't a word in the English language to describe all this loveliness and gorgeousness and beauty and prettiness and ... and... I have never seen a prettier sight in my life - all the pics on this post are absolutely adorable. I am desperately in love with your country and yours is just the blog to 'feed' my need!

  15. The basket looks perfect on your stall Hen! And what a stall, it looks truly FAB, you should be proud of yourself. The cake stand, how clever is Mr.HH! Those are going to go faster than hot cakes. Gosh, I wish I could be there, I really do. You've put so much hard work into your stall, and it looks truly wonderful, and very enticing. Good luck, and hope you have a wonderful day. Chipping Sodbury hey?! Sounds like something out of a 40's novel. I'd heard of it, but didn't quite believe it existed. Hugo and I are off on holiday tomorrow, so ta-ra till end of next week, or just before.................... Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  16. I hope you, and all the other stall holders, have a wonderful day, as you all put so much effort into making so many beautiful things.
    Lisa x

  17. Looks great hen, good luck for tomorrow. xxx Pixie xxx

  18. Ooooo, it all looks sooo lovely! Wish I was able to come! :)

  19. Oh I'm very excited! Spotted a few bits I might want to take home with me!
    See you tomorrow xxx

  20. It all looks wonderful Hen! I'm still sorted out stuff for tomorrow arrgh! looking forward to seeing you there.

  21. Best of luck. Everything is looking lovely.

  22. All beautiful! Your stall will be such a hit xxx

  23. Hi Hen

    It all looks so enticing! Can't wait to see it all in the flesh tomorrow. I already have my eye on something or 2...
    Have a safe journey there, weather awaful over here!
    Look forward to seeing you as well as Mr HH and of course Munchkin.
    Hope you can put your feet up a bit now and have a rest, or is that wishful thinking!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  24. Good Luck with your stall, you have lots of gorgeous things and I hope you get to bring none of it back home ;)

  25. Kelly & I have excitedly read your post from our laptops in Bristol's finest Premiere Inn!!!

    See you tomorrow

    Victoria xx

  26. It looks fabulous - my friend and I talked about coming, but just didn't think we could justify the journey, unfortunately. I especially love the pretty Union Jack style cushion, the candles and your husband's cake plates. Good luck, hope you sell everything x

  27. I think I said this last time, but if I lived a couple of thousand kilometres closer, I'd be there in a flash and I would buy a tea cup candle, the vintage cake stand and an Owl. Did I miss a post on the cake stands!? I would love to make one of those, I am pretty sure you carefully drill the holes with masking tape, but where to find the metal pole part??? Mr HH has done a great job. Hope you all have a great day.

  28. Good luck Hen, hope it goes well for you all. Wish I was coming :) x

  29. It's all looking magnificient Hen. I'm sure you will be travelling much lighter on your way back home. Everything is beautiful; wonderfully crafted and put together perfectly. I really hope the weather is not too hideous and people come out in their droves - I'm sure they will, (take their mind's off all the rain!) You've worked so hard, for stunning results. You should be very proud.

  30. wow I just love the selection you have just so yummy. I am in Canada, but it has given me some idea on how to make som extra cash hopefully next year.

    I do hope you sell out and look forward to hearing all about it.

    Gill in Canada

  31. Hope I send my last comment , It just seemed to disappear! I will check later and if it is not there I will send it again! suzie. xxx

  32. It all looks gorgeous ! Wish I could see it for "real"!

  33. Great to meet you today! I'm loving my Cushion nad pennant!!!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  34. Dear Hen
    The stall looks absolutely beautiful.

  35. ....and it all looked so wonderful today darling. All that hard work was worth it! Loved my goodies I bought from you and hope you had a profitable day and a safe journey home xxx

  36. I've just read your two last posts and find I've missed TWO lovely fairs! It all looks fabulous - great photos. I hope you had a fun and sucessful day yesterday, your stall looked most enticing, and I would LOVE one of those cake stands!


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