Friday, 6 November 2009

Making - Seasonal Style

Sorry my friends, if you think it's too early for the "C" word, look away now! For the crafting community though, Christmas is well and truly here already and with the Fair just round the corner and one hopes, a fair few folks turning up intent on making in roads into their Christmas shopping list, I've knuckled down and produced a few Christmassy items. Only a few, most of my stall will be chock a block full of the sort of goodies you're used to seeing coming out of the HenHouse but I cannot deny, I'm starting to feel a tad festive myself! Bring on the mulled wine and mince pies...

To join the flowery gift tags I made a while back, I selected some tea cards with a more seasonal feel and along with some genuine vintage Christmas scraps, decided to make a few packs of gift tags suitable for December 25th.

These ones are decorated with mainly vintage fabric from Donna and some pretty ribbons I've been stockpiling for festive crafting...

The tea cards are combined with some more modern Christmas fabrics, also some vintage, sparkly ribbons and mini stickers for a bit of glitz.

I'll be packaging up those later on ready to take next week.

More crafting, but not of a festive nature this time (phew, you say). What's this brood, taking up residence in my finest chair!

There's a few which are suitable for boys this time (not ruling out tomboys, of course!) and I still have a few cut out ready to complete sometime.

The girly ones are made with Liberty Tana lawn as accent fabrics. The boys have funky modern prints.

A few others have sneaked into the crib ready to go...

..along with this pretty little cushion, crafted from a gorgeous cottage garden embroidered vintage cloth, edged (and backed) with lovely floral fabric from Donna, not forgetting that divine duck egg bobble trim. Perfect for a little (or big!) girl's bed.

Back to the Christmassy stuff now...

More stunning fabrics, a mix of mainly vintage (from you know who!) and some lovely 1930's inspired patterns...

It wouldn't be Christmas without a stocking, would it?!

The main body of the stocking is made from a vintage woollen blanket dyed to a lovely shade of red. The washing machine still hasn't forgiven me for that and it doesn't half blunt your needles!

The top cuffs feature some lovely unusual buttons.

They are trimmed with vintage ribbon.

I wanted these to be suitable for Christmas (obviously!) but not to make them from overtly Christmassy fabrics or lots of sparkly gold. That's about as understated as the HenHouse gets!

Harold thought he might pop inside for a cosy up...

...but he was too chubby so he settled for the pillow instead!

Now people, I must love you and leave you as Mr HH has been very mischevious indeed and this morning before leaving for the office, presented me with this...

I am to be at Paddington Station at the appointed hour this afternoon to go, well, who knows where! Maybe turning another year older is not all bad after all! Have a great weekend...


  1. Happy Birthday Hen,wonder what your suprise could be?
    Love all of your makes, especially the Christmas stockings, very festive!
    Rachel x

  2. Hi Hen

    Have a fabulous birthday! Your mystery meeting at the the station sounds very intriguing, what ever it is it's bound to be fun! Look forward to hearing more about it.
    Love the owls!!!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. Happy birthday, Hen!!
    Hope you have a fine surprise this afternoon, and I am sure the fair will be a blast!

  4. Ooh lovely post on so many fronts Hen. Seems we are both in festive mood today (though not sure that mine doesn't stem from the fact that I have finally got the Christmas range onto the website...sigh). Love all your gorgeous things, but particularly the stocking - so snuggly and cheery. Happy, happy birthday and let us know where your mystery tour takes you xx

  5. Happy Birthday!! Your mystery trip sounds intriguing. Hope you enjoy it immensely. Watch out for the postman, something is on its way to you - a bonus as I didn't even know it was your special day.
    Jo x

  6. Have a lovely birthday Hen. I can't wait to see where that ticket is going to take you!!

    Sue xx

  7. Hi Hen,
    please don't apologize for the "C" items! They look great and Harold is so cute!
    Have a lovely birthday celebration...I think that everybody would marry Mr.HH!!! ;-)

  8. Happy Birthday Hen! I cannot wait to hear what your evening will bring.

    I do like the look of Harold, I think I might have to introduce myself on Saturday!

    Victoria xx

  9. Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday dear Hen.
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Hope you have a lovely surprise trip.
    I know exactly what you mean about the "C" word! I work in a craft shop and I get customers coming in just before the Easter holiday and ask "have you got any Christmas things" I gently remind them that we haven't had Easter yet! But it doesn't wash I have to go and find the Christmas stock!

  10. Lovely makes Hen.
    Happy birthday, how romantic Mr HH is. What a lovely birthday surprise. Have fun. Looking forward to finding out where you ended up.
    Rachael xx

  11. Have a wonderful birthday!Look forward to hearing all about your mystery trip later.All your 'makes' are so lovely.You are very talented.Have just started on my Xmas shopping,so getting in the festive mood.


  12. Oooooh, how exciting...I can't wait to hear about your mysterious trip! And as for the Christmas goodies...absolutely gorgeous! I am revving up into festive mood nicely and bought some Christmassy things this morning! :)

  13. Happy Birthday!! Can't wait to hear about your mystery suprise!

  14. Oh I love a surprise. Lucky you! Have a happy birthday Hen! I love those owl cushions and adore your stockings ( the christmas ones, Ha ha!)Where do you find those blankets, I cant find any anywhere!
    Have a wonderful weekend! suzie. xxx

  15. oh hen! as usual your creations delight me! xxx

  16. Happy birthday Hen! You are very lucky to have Mr HH and he always seems to be very kind, generous and thoughful! Enjoy your mystery tour! x

  17. Happy birthday, hope you have a wonderful "surprise".

  18. Happy Birthday! You have made some lovely things for the fair. I think my favourite is the Christmas stocking. x

  19. Happy birthday Hen! Hope you were taken somewhere really nice!

    Looking forward to next Saturday.....


  20. have a fab time - i know it will be something fantastic and enjoyable :-) love the details on the stockings they look fab :-)
    enjoy and happy happy birthday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Oh, sneaky to leave that exciting news until last! Happy birthday and have a great weekend.

    Now, to the crafts - just lovely! I'm well in the mood for some festive stuff, although our local craft fair isn't until the end of the month. I too have blunted my needle, stitching some thick doilies onto bunting, although my crafts are still for home consumption only!

  22. Victoria and I are coming to the fair now! We can't wait to see your stall!!!!
    I love the owls!!!

  23. Have a truly splendid birthday Hen...I can't wait to hear where you went..what a nice Mr HH!Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  24. Muy hermoso blog felicitaciones , Chany

  25. Very Happy Birthday Hen. Lovely lovely things. Definitely not too early to plan for Christmas! Love your gift tags, I'm sure they'll go just like that at the fayre. Wouln't mind hanging up one of those stockings either. You have obviously been working v v hard! Hope you've been having a lovely day and that you've been spoilt just a bit.

  26. Oh it all sounds very exciting!
    Have a lovely time where ever you end up.
    I love the owls, I am busy making owls to at the moment, only mine are out of yarn.
    Have fun!

  27. Don't worry about the 'C' word - I've been crafting since August for that!

    You've been a really busy bee - those owls are dead cute!!

  28. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl, hope you have a wonderful surprise :-)

    I can't believe how busy you have been, those stockings are beautiful!

    See you next week, sooooo excited xxx

  29. Hey you! Happy Birthday! Fancy Sneaking that in right at the end of your glorious Christmas Crafts!
    Hope you have had a really brilliant Birthday?
    The stockings are to die for Hen! Did you only make three (ONLY! I am sure from the description of your needles and washing machine 3 was more than enough!) I suspect they will all sell at tyhe V&H Fair but on the off chance PLEASE will you put me on first reserve for 1?

    Sarah x

  30. Ejnoy your mystery tour Hen. Really wish I could get to the Fair, such fabulous treasures from the Hen House as ever. Hope its a huge success.

    Love Stephx

  31. Happy Birthday Hen and have a wonderful time. I love reading your blog, and you are sooooo clever,thank you. Wendy x :o)

  32. Happy Birthday Hen! Time twins - oh my word. I bet we even went into the same shops, inc the fabulous Zani Lady of course. We must of walked right past each other, oh I really wish I'd seen you and could have said hello properly!

    Ludlow in the autumn is the most wonderful place isn't it. Hope you had a smashing day too. I'll show you my vintage treasures if you show me yours!

    Lots of love and birthday cake


  33. Happy Birthday Hen! Turning up at Paddington Station, sounds so romantic, and so Miss Marple! What a great creative mind your hubby has, very impressed. Am looking forward to the reveal of your adventure. Those owls looking out of the crib are just so wonderful! So sweet and comical. Wherever you went Hen, I hope you had a wonderful time. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  34. Hi Hen...hope you enjoyed your suprise!
    Your blog is always...I so enjoy the cheerful colours!x

  35. milkchurncottage9 November 2009 at 21:36

    Hi, I wondered if it is possible to buy a pair of your lovely crochet'd hand warmers for me to wear whilst driving my much loved but totally unsuitable car (the heater stops working when its cold). And if you are interested in selling more than one pair I would love to sell them in my shop as they are really lovely and would make great presents. Thanks Karen

  36. Hope you had a great birthday, your mystery trip sounded very exiting. Your Christmas stockings are lovely, hopefully I will get to see all of your gorgeous wares on Saturday. I have just booked tickets for Wednesday's Gala Evening at the Country Living Fair so lots going on this week.
    Ann x


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