Wednesday, 25 November 2009

On the Go

Well, I still haven't planted up those primulas. Beautiful though, aren't they?
I have a particular thing for the ones with the coloured inner rings on their petals. I'm sure there's a proper word for it.
Today has actually turned out to be rather pleasant and would provide perfectly acceptable conditions for a primula planting session. It would also be lovely to sit and put my feet up...
But no, no, I am far too busy! I picked up some fabric from the collection office (and grudgingly handed over £12.01 in charges to get my parcel released). The fabric came from Sew Mama Sew!, ordered some time ago now. They are a lovely, sweet collection, very reminiscent of 1930's prints I think. Perfectly "homespun" in their charm.

So last week I got the scissors out and made merry with a few of my vintage embroidered cloths, combined them with the pretty new-to-me fabrics, some Cath K ribbon, a spot more embroidery, buttons and elastic, and a few more covered notebooks came into being.

It's quite difficult to find vintage embroidery on coloured backgrounds so I was pleased to give a home to this green one but as it was a little piece, I decided it might be better incorporated into something new. Et voila!
I found some attractive (and useful!) slimline diaires and decided to give them a revamp too. They are charity diaries for Cancer Research.
Finally, I snipped up a large damaged tablecloth, finally cut into my pretty Cath K polka dot ribbon and made some A6 notebook covers, always a handy size.
If you fancy treating yourself or have the perfect recipient in mind, you can have a look at them here.
That's not all, though. Today after school, is the Munchkin's school's Christmas fair and so I have been very busy in the kitchen. I have a few goodies piled up to go in the hall but that was definitely a bad idea as I feel like pinching a gingerbread each time I go past! I just couldn't stretch to the lurid icing this year.
For now though, I think I've been quite productive and I need to refuel before I am faced with all those hordes of hungry school children who inevitably head straight for the cake stall once the bell goes. I do think it would be wise to check my lemon drizzle cake, though, as I've never made it before.
Quality control, you know!

(My apologies that this post looks a bit strange but I wrote it in my emporium by mistake and when I imported it into my blog proper, it looked rather bizarre!)


  1. Hen, I am so in love with your blog ...such lovely eye hear you speaking of planting flowers while we are experiencing winter is sweet. Your posts brighten my day! Thank you! xx

  2. Lovely Primulas, Hen! Hey, but why do we have Primulas only in Spring here??! Enjoy your delicious cake, I'm sure it has turned out perfect!

  3. Lovely Primulas, mine need planting too! I blame the weather, thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Love the books covers they are lovely. The cake looks wonderful - did it taste nice?

  4. Another lovely post Hen. Those primroses look very cheery on this horrid day. Also I am quite fancying one of those gingerbread men myself.
    Hope they go well.
    Rachael XX

  5. Oh I'm starving Hen! Pass us a slice please x

  6. Those book covers are so wonderful, you are so creative and inspiring.

    All things nice...

  7. The lemon drizzle cake looks is one of my favourites to deat of course!!!!!!!!

    I cannot believe that it is primula time already...I love the ones with the colourfuls rings too! x

  8. It's almost like you are speaking in a different voice, Hen, such is the power of fonts! Love your notebooks and I am hoping for one for Christmas. And I would like some cake, too - I was so busy that all I made was flapjacks for the last school occasion, which is not really up to your standards, I know - your gingerbreads look very tempting. I think I need some help around here!

    Pomona x

  9. Hen you are such a worker bee! so busy and nmanaging to cram so much creativity into your day, I am in awe!

    I love the new header featuring Jacky Ginge! Marmalade snuggles!

    Sarah x

  10. Primulas look very cheerful and the cake looked delicious,hope the Christmas fair went well.


  11. OoooH! Must go to the local garden centre for my primulas, now you've heralded their arrival. Just doing a quick hello before i head off to knitting. Great idea, the diarys, really very good, and they do lookm gorgeous. I know exactly what you mean about the resentment of paying that import tax, it's totally unbeareable, isn't it? Must tootle off hen, Lots of love, Vanessa xxx (do you mind if I knit)

  12. found your blog through a chain of contacts - love your style and 'stuff' and I think Charlie-boy's twin is living in my house!

  13. Cakes look lovely Hen, I think I'd like to try the lemon drizzle fave!
    Love the diary's too :) x

  14. the fabric site is fantastic and I love your note books.

    great stuff.

    am off to shop for something tasty for my ow makes now.


  15. I love the bright colours of the primulas. They would make a wonderful splash of cheer in any garden.

  16. Oh, my goodness, I cannot believe you had to pay that much money to have your fabric released from the post office. What a nightmare.

  17. Beautiful work as always. It annoys me that the import tax on parcels from America isn't very much but the Post Office charges loads to "collect" the money.

  18. Hope the Christmas fair went well and lots of miney was raised.

  19. Hi Hen

    Really pretty notebooks! It's annoying about the customs charge. I buy quite a bit from Ebay US and sometimes I get lucky but most of the time they charge!

    Hope the school fair was a success!

    Isabelle x

  20. I think the centre colour in the primulas might be described as an 'eye'....

    ...and why the tiny writing, I wonder?

  21. Lovely notebooks and diaries honey, you are such a busy little bee! I hate it when I get import charges and have all but given up buying from the US now as it makes it so ridiculously expensive when they slap on extra charges.

  22. I don't think I could resist pinching some gingerbread every time I passed, it's my favourite!

    Victoria xx

  23. I adore primulas, they are just so cheery! Your notebooks are just so pretty! You are a clever bunny! suzie. xxx

  24. The fabrics you have used are lovely Hen! about one of those gingerbread biscuits & a slice of lemon drizzle for afternoon tea?


  25. I really enjoy your blog and pictures! Primrose was my Mothers favorite flower when she was a little girl. How did your lemon cake turn out? It looks scrumptious!


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