Thursday, 12 November 2009

Shop, Shop, Shop

Hello readers, here I am, golly am I exhausted after a very full-on day, yesterday. Sister dear is currently in residence at the HenHouse so off we went, shopping bags, tickets and a few pennies at the ready. Might I explain that this is going to be a quick blog post as I really am very busy at the moment, with that fair just around the corner! Off we go then...

This is a bit of fun isn't it? Carnaby Street is currently decorated in a very glitzy style; couldn't resist a picture for you.

But our real destination was here...

Have you guessed yet?

Ah yes, good old Liberty. We always have to go there when Adele comes to stay! The window display at the moment is fabby. Loving this foxy lady!

Equally taken with this patriotic window display.

In we go then, and you are pretty much stopped in your tracks by this...

Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones fame has designed a collection for Liberty (really not to my tastes at all), and this display showcases his designs. Hmm, let's move on!

Before we get to the haberdashery department, we stop to admire this lovely (very expensive) selection of cushions.

They are made from vintage fabrics, the large ones like this one, are made from vintage scarves. Lovely but at over £100 beyond a modest budget!

We loved this tile but at £30(ish), that was also beyond our reach.

Satisfied after an hour of oohing and aahing over the Kaffe Fassett fabrics, the Liberty Tana lawn and the Rowan yarns, we left and enjoyed seeing the back wall of Liberty looking like this!

Off we dashed, the real focus of the day, of course, was going here...

In we go. Just inside the main entrance is this little summer house/gazebo/fancy shed! Now that would be handy in the garden..

I've taken a few snaps for you looking down from the first floor so that you can get a feel for what it's like inside the fair.

The mood of this fair is decidedly festive.

Time to shop though. We went off to meet Kathy whom I have had the pleasure of meeting through blogging and as a fellow stall holder at the Vintage and Handmade Fair. She also has a stall at the Country Living Fair which was stunning and it looked like Kathy had a very appreciative bevy of customers. (Find Kathy at Not on the Hight Street). I treated myself to a lovely necklace and some hair grips which I'm looking forward to wearing.

This was Caroline Zoob's stall which is the first you see inside the front doors.

Absolutely loved this stall which was new to the Fair this time around. It sold masses of Greengate and also the beautiful Pip range of towels which I've seen on a few blogs and I had to snap up a couple of those.

This stall I had not seen before either and had a lovely selection of handmade cushions (amongst other items) which were very reasonably priced.

Upstairs, we were delighted to find Made in Hastings which is always a treat with the fabulous works of the illustrator Claire Fletcher who was there in the flesh.

Also at the Fair for the first time was Poppy Treffry. What a delight she was, very down to earth and chatty.

Sorry but I can't remember the name of this stand; I know it's usually at the fair and very pretty with some lovely Greengate items.

Well, that's my little round-up, I did my best to get a few snaps but it was pretty busy and after a while, my hands were a little errm, full. We arrived home over 12 hours after leaving the house so it's fair to say we had a really top day! Today however, we are feeling a tad jaded. My apologies for the lack of links in this post, in particular to the sellers who had stands at the fair but I'm afraid time just doesn't permit me to do that today. Please do a quick google search to find them should your little heart desire.

I hope to be back briefly tomorrow to give you a little glimpse of my "practise stall" for the bestest Fair around so until then my friends...


  1. Pretty good for an exhuasted, jaded shopper, Hen! I really enjoyed that - thanks. It's the first CL Fair post I've seen.

  2. What a lovely day out for you both. I haven't been to the CL fair for about 4 years, and although when I go upto London I wonder where to go I haven't yet been into Liberty, I will do next time! Have an easy day tomorrow, you will be busy Saturday.

  3. You've had another lovely day in London - may I join you next time......?

  4. What a lovely day you had! Hope all goes well at the weekend xxx

  5. I really enjoyed your trip round the CL fair.My sister is going there next week.I'm very envious as I'm not able to go this time.What a lovely choice of goodies! Love the Greengate stuff especially.Enjoy your weekend.


  6. Thank you for sharing that! I have never been to anything like that ever! I would lose my mind and my fortune :)
    I hope your weekend goes great! x

  7. I agree with Floss, you're the first to post about the CL fair, thank you for sharing! Mmmm...really any cake this time for your lovely sister???!!!

  8. I could not thank you Hen for taking me via looked lovely!x

  9. Ooooohhhh, can't wait!!! We are going on Saturday!!! Looks splendiferous!!!!
    Wonder if we'll get time to visit anywhere else??!!

    Sharon xx

  10. It all looked very festive and too many beautiful things!! Sounds like you and your sister had a lovely day out! Agree that the little gazebo/shed is an absolute must! I'd love a little escape just for me in the garden!!!

  11. Well, I must admit,I'm completely and utterly jealous. I'm going to have to plan a trip back to visit my mum and dad that coincides with the fair next year.

    I'm still kicking myself for not going to Liberty when i was over last.

  12. Thanks for the tour, you and your sister must be exhausted,can't wait to see what you bought. Oh and now I'm wondering if you'll be attending the Tobias and the Angel "Christmas Show"
    on Nov19th?

  13. Looks like you both had a great time. Thankyou for sharing some great pictures. Hope the fair goes well.
    Rachael xx

  14. I was at the fair too yesterday, but didn't spot you. I found it impossible to take pics it wa just sooooo busy. Did get some pretties though, including a susie watson mug which i love. Take Care Pixie xxxx

  15. Oh all that eye candy - it looks lovley, thanks for the tour. Sometimes I miss London, espeically for all the window shopping. Looks like you and your dear sis had a fantastic time

  16. Hi Hen,

    I was so hoping to get to the fair on Saturday, but we have the small matter of the little ones birthday party to attend to! I came along in June with my other half on his birthday and it was well worth the visit.

    I hope you have a fantastic time, I look forward to seeing all the lovely pictures you will be sure to take.

    Natasha x

  17. Hi Hen
    I have been the worst kind of blogger of late.. not getting around to visits.
    What a perfect day.. Love Liberty's and the CL thank you for bringing them to my doorstep.
    I will be seeing you very soon at 'that' fair.
    Have a safe journey.
    Michele x

  18. can't wait to see what you've got for the fair and how you display it!

  19. Thanks for showing us your lovely pictures, I particularly enjoyed seeing Caroline Zoob's stall as I adore everything she does!!! And Poppy Treffry's work is great too.

    Mel xxx

  20. How kind you are, Hen, to let me see two of my favorite places. Love that fabric covered side of Liberty's!

    Best wishes to you for great success at your fair.

  21. Oh wasn't it good!! Victoria, Rose and I were there today too!
    We are also going to be at the V&H fair on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing your stall!

  22. Thank you Hen,

    I might try to get up to North London on Saturday! AM I BONKERS? I have been working a lot the last couple of weeks and so I havent managed a Christmas fix yet! THIS POST WAS IN THE NICK OF TIME x

    Sarah x

    Ps Have a brilliant day at the V&H Fair, sounds like you have some excellent wares! Tell all when you get back! x

  23. What a day! 12 hours! You've got stamina, I have to say. The back of Liberty's is amazing, is it fabric on the walls? And their window displays, aaahhhhh I'm desperate to see them, I really am. I love the flower stall outside Liberty's too, but I'm always too far from home to buy any, they'd be dead after the five hour journey home. Another place I'd love to visit would be the Country living Fair, it looks heavenly, and I'm so glad we can always rely on you Hen to show us around, those of us who can't make it. Good luck with the fair, very much looking forward to seeing the mock-up of your stall.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  24. Your photos are great, I can't believe how busy the fair was but it was great fun, I will definitely be going next time.
    Ann x

  25. Thanks for sharing such lovely pics - quite envious, haven't been to the CL Fair for years!

    Good luck for Saturday, have a happy and successful day.
    Jo x

  26. that's one of the joys of living in the city, you get to go to great shows,

    Gill in Canada


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