Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Now where were we, back on Friday? We were here, weren't we, that naughty other half of mine up to secret surprise things...

So, I duly presented myself at Paddington at the appointed hour and after a pretty miserable hour standing on the train, we were overjoyed to get a seat - near the toilet! Whey hey! But all this dissipated when by 8pm, we found ourselves in the middle of a very picturesque village around here...

And in particular, at the Colwall Park Hotel. What a beautiful Arts and Crafts building. Things were hopeful! It was literally two minutes stumble from the railway station for which we were very grateful.

Mr HH was chuffed too when he spotted the gorgeous cosy, snug "Lantern Bar" inside. I'm sure he didn't know about that when he booked our trip?

Ah, sigh, relax and feel very happy to discover some essential hydrating fluid and some pretty blooms in our room...

After a lovely dinner, a comfy night and an early start, present opening, on Saturday, we decided to go exploring so we jumped on the local train and headed for the infamous black and white town...

Yes, the picturesque Ludlow. That's the well-known Feathers Hotel up there. I'd like to tell you I have lots of other pretty pictures of the streets to show you and set the scene but errm, I don't! I do have pictures of shops though. We like shops, especially these sorts of shops...

We couldn't believe it when we stepped inside this shop, it was like stepping back in time.

Anything you could want for restoring your period house, you will find here.

All very beautifully displayed, as you can see.

Upstairs was dedicated to period-style gentlemen's clothing, suitably styled with vintage props.

Bit of an eclectic photo this but one of my little games I like to play when I am out and about is spotting the perfect shop in which to have my dreamy tea room/gift shop! Here was my choice in Ludlow.

A bit naughtily, I've been saving this bit until last, even though we dived in there first! How could we not visit the marvellous Zani's? It's even suitably positioned on your way into the town from the railway station so it's impossible not to step inside.

Looks promising, doesn't it?

In we go then. Feast they eyes!

Three floors of goodies all very prettily displayed.

All well priced.

All things you feel you really neeeeed...

Here is the lovely Kirstie's section, we had a bit of a natter, Kirstie and I, a fellow crafter. What beautiful things. We did not come away empty handed!

But then you knew we wouldn't, didn't you! Behold the booty!

As soon as we walked into Zani's. I spotted this fabric, basically just being priced up, in the nice lady assistant's hand. I (probably very ungraciously) dived on the lot!

The pink stripe and the white checked fabrics are Jane Churchill but very vintage looking and perfectly pretty, I think. The other two are vintage, the blue one is French (has French writing on the selvedge). Ooh la la, fabric love!

These buttons came from a dinky little collectables shop across the road from Zani's, "Where's Joey".

Also taking place in Ludlow, was a flea market. Oh joy! This is organised by the lady who owns Zani's (the Zani Lady?) I picked up some pretty vintage Christmas cards and the enamelled bird brooch.

We also had an amazing find in there. A whole stash (ten) of the Eileen Soper prints which accompany the Enid Blyton nature series for a mere £1 each. If you've been reading my blog for a bit, you will know we are quite a fan of these and have many around our home. Sorry, forgot to photograph those.

How about these? Both of these were from Zani's. The shade will go in the dining room at the cottage (probably) and was from Kirstie's section, the tin was from what I think was Louise's section (of Louise Loves).

I also treated myself to these as I have a "thing" for crowns at the moment. They've taken residence here at home in our "posh" sitting room.

I also loved a certain china cabinet but without the car, had no way of getting it home. Trust me, we were quiet a sight getting on the train home with all of our goodies as it was!

Lastly, this may not be exciting eye candy but I was very pleased indeed to lay my hands on a few more woollen blankets. Hmm, I certainly have plans for those!

Thank you, Mr HH, you're a star. It's not often I am surprised, I can tell you! Thank you also to my friends out there who were kind enough to send me happy birthday wishes and even goodies. I feel very special indeed to have made your acquaintance. Now, that's my birthday done for this year, when's it Christmas?! Talking of Christmas, you know what I'm doing tomorrow, don't you? Oooh, it's tooo exciting. Come back and see, won't you please?


  1. Happy Birthday wishes to you darling Hen!
    What a wonderful way to celebrate...your Man has done good!
    Lovely, lovely pics.
    xoxoxo Kali

  2. I can't believe how kind has been Mr HH to arranging such a lovely shopping weekend! See you tomorrow then ;-)

  3. I now have a wonderful image in my head of you boarding the train, basket in hand, and Mr H staggering behind laden with bags! And I am glad that I am not the only person who accumulates 'stuff' and rehomes the preloved!

    And is it Country Living tomorrow - or are you going to be head down over a hot sewing machine in advance of Saturday?

    Pomona x

  4. looks like you had a lovely day.im tres envious

    love the goodies!


  5. What a kind, sweet and considerate hubby you have there Hen. A belated Happy Birthday to you and thankyou for sharing your wonderful Birthday adventures.

  6. He sounds like a keeper to me!

    What a lovely day you must have had. Love the shops.

  7. May I borrow Mr HH? What a lovely weekend you had.

  8. What a lovely day. Mr HH certainly knows how to treat a girl. Wonderful photos, Im going to have another look at them incase I missed anything, the shops are fabulous X

  9. Looks like it was the perfect trip for you!

    Victoria xxx

  10. What an absolute de-lish trip you had. I'm so jealous that you can just hop on a train and get to all these treasured towns so quickly.

    Adore all of your bootie, each and every one.

    Thanks so much for taking time away from all your treasure hunting to take some pictures of this marveloooooooous trip.

  11. A dream weekend for sure. Hooray for hubby! :)

    (can't wait to see what you're up to tomorrow) x

  12. Oh yes, Happy Birthday! Thanks for taking us along on your treat. It was a true feast for the eyes. Love those buttons and that fabric. I'm drawn to buttons like a magnet!

  13. What a lovely suprise Hen...I'm so pleased you had great fun!
    The fabric is so pretty!x

  14. I am pleased to read you had a nice birthday! Good on Mr HH!
    I can sympathathise with you are the cabinet as I am still dreaming of my Brighton drop leaf table! x

  15. Ludlow is the place for you Hen! It's like it was designed and built just for you! What a fab hotel you stayed in, so glamorous, like retro glamour, love it. Mr Hen house really knows how to treat you, very nice of you Mr HH. That place you settled on for your tea room? Yep, that's the one, I agree, perfect. Just love the lace curtains.
    So glad to be able to share your trip with you Hen, I'm so very nosy!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  16. Mr HH is a gentleman indeed to arrange such a lovely trip for your birthday. I just had a look on the hotel's website - it's fabulous! x

  17. Malvern is an amazing place, as are the surrounding villages. I can see how you really loved it there, especially the quaint shopping. Lovely surprise!

  18. What a lovely man your MR.HH is! I award him a special Sarah-jane bramble award for being brilliant! I'm glad you had a lovely Birthday and so much Booty, Wowzers Trousers Ludlow is a veritable treasure trove! One to add to my list of must see towns! Thanks Hen,

    Love Sarah x

  19. My MIL lives near Ludlow, We love Zani Lady, and all the lovely shops.

  20. You lucky thing ! I remember visiting The period House shop some years ago when we were doing up our first house, it really is a treasure trove. It looks as if it is well worth a trip back it's such a beautiful part of the country. You found some lovely treasures and what a find , the Enid Blyton prints for a £1 each. I have a few of those and paid an awful lot more than that.
    Ann x

  21. Does Mr HH have a brother?? Sounds like a perfect weekend, I may forward this post to OH!!
    Happy birthday :) xx

  22. What a wonderful selection of shops you found! Ben and I spent some lovely, but all too brief, child-free time in Malvern once. Thanks for all the great pics.

  23. So thats where your surprise mystery trip was! I love Ludlow and that area, and how lucky for you that there was a flea market on too! Love the look of that hydrating fluid!!! Hee hee! suzie xxx

  24. What a sweet thoughtful hubby you have,I bet he did a bit of research beforehand and found out that Ludlow has all those shops you love.My father lived there as a child.My sister went there recently and came back raving about Zani's!
    Glad you had such a lovely birthday,and found some wonderful goodies.

    Bellaboo x

    Bellaboo x

  25. the vintage magpie10 November 2009 at 21:57

    Happy Birthday Hen! I think I've gasped at every photo on this post... too much booty! I need to go to Ludlow, and I need to go now! See you Saturday x

  26. Hi Hen
    How lovely of Mr HH to organise a little romantic break in the Malverns. I love the mystery side of it, with being given a ticket and told to meet at a certain time at the station.

    I went to Ludlow in 1999 and did not see any of the interesting shops you found. All I remember is a really nice pottery shop in a little alley. It's a lovely place.

    I recognise that Pink striped fabric with roses on, I found quite a bit of it in when I went to the IOW in May. I have been trying to decice if some of it should be used as curtains in our bedroom but am still undecided...

    I can see why you had to snap up all those pieces of fabric, my instinct would have been the same.

    Miss P looking forward to meeting Munchkin too, although she might be a bit shy too at first!

    Isabelle x

  27. Oh hen, what a lucky girl you are!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday..

  28. Happy Birthday Hen!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun - I'm glad you went through Malvern country - that is where we used to go as kids - my grandparents lived in Worcester all their lives and we'd go on trips there. Now they are gone, there is no reason to go back really...it is sad...

    I love the fact that you and your hubby do these sorts of things together - I wish my boyfriend and I were more like that. Maybe this is telling...ah who knows?

    Anyway I hope you had a wicked time. Lots of LOve xxx

  29. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! I absolutely love the crowns, they would have come home with me too :)

    Mel xxx

  30. I love the tale & pics of your weekend, I love Zani Lady, but hardly ever get there. I will be having a similar weekend to yours with my bagman, Michael, when we visit Bridport. Tracey

  31. So glad you had a lovely time Hen, you were definitely up and about before us because that blue enamel coffee pot in the first Zani lady picture of yours - came home with me!!

    Love the vintage Christmas cards, we didn't have time to get around the flea market this year. They're lovely.

    Still can't get over what a small place the blogging world is!

    Enjoy the rest of the week.


  32. Mr HH did good! Inspired choice of destination and you look like you had bags of fun.

    And I'm with the on the whole vintage blanket collecting. I can't walk past one either without snaffling it.

  33. Oh what a fabulous treat! and I LOVE thos fabrics!


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