Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Vintage and Handmade Fair

Hello my friends! This blog is brought to you courtesy of my hotel bed here in Chipping Sodbury! I'd like to be asleep but this is truly the worst mattress I've ever experienced. Anyway, enough of all that, onto the exciting stuff! Yesterday was of course, the day of the Fair. We battled our way from London to Chipping Sodbury on Friday evening, and it truly was a battle, with the most horrendous driving conditions, but luckily the morning of the Fair dawned clear and dry and we were at the hall to set up at 8am prompt. Most of my fellow stall holders were already out in force too. We're a dedicated bunch!

The Fair was, I'm glad to report, a resounding success. There was a remarkable turn-out of eager shoppers, especially given the horrendous weather conditions (yes, the rain and gales returned in the afternoon), and I take my hat off to those who battled the conditions. I chatted to all my customers and most had come specifically to visit the Vintage and Handmade Fair and were not going to be put off by the weather. The morning saw a particularly brisk trade and I was glad of a little respite in the afternoon to be able to visit all the gorgeous stalls and have a good natter with people. I even bought some goodies this time, hooray! I was able to put a face to several names, lovely folk I have met through blogging, including Pomona, Kelly and Victoria, Isabelle and of course, her lovely daughter Phoebe who kept the Munchkin amused. Thanks to you all for coming to chat, and to purchase, too! I do hope you all had a lovely time. I am pretty certain no one will have gone away empty handed. Before I forget, a massive thank you to Jayne and Michele who put such a lot of effort in behind the scenes to make the Fair the success it is.

Well, the good news is that this time, the stall was all set up and organised a good quarter of an hour before lift-off so I was able to rush round and take some snaps to share the Fair with you. I also love looking back at these photos between Fairs, they keep me going until the next! I haven't posted links to everyone's stalls because I'm a bit pushed for time but if you would like to visit the website for the Fair, you will find links to all the stall holder's blogs and web shops there.

Here is the lovely Lucy's stall, we were neighbours...

Nicky of The Vintage Magpie was opposite(ish) and I lusted over her gorgeous handmade furry friends. Sorry this photo is blurred but it's better than none?!

Cute elephants...

Ravishing rabbits!

Onto the stall of Clare at Daisy Darling with her stunning hats and pins. Her stall looked beautiful.

Next we find Jane of Country Cottage Chic, one of two ladies whom we have to thank for setting up the Fair in the first place, and here you can see her lovely array of unique vintage goodies...

Into the lounge, I have to confess that I dived on the marvellous Donna's stall. It looked so fab with those painted apple crates. Luckily, I took this photo (and snatched up some fabrics!) before the Fair opened to the public because by the end of the day, Donna's stall looked like it had been ransacked!

This is (I think) Lizzie, The Washerwoman's, stall. A display of vintage goodies...

I only have a little snippet of Amanda (Shabby Chick's) stall. I was too busy ogling everything and chatting about Totnes (where Amanda has a regular market stall)!

Here is Daniella's stall of Acorn & Will. She had some lovely vintage Christmas items - I'd already indulged in some on Wednesday as Daniella had a stall at the Country Living Fair, too.

Back into the main hall now, here we have the stall of Viv of Hen's Teeth, such beautiful things that Viv creates, truly unique is her style. A few goodies popped into the HenHouse shopping bag from there!

Here we have Michele's stall, the second brain we have to thank for being behind the Vintage & Handmade Fair concept. Look at the dazzling array of vintage toys with which no modern counterpart could possibly compete...

Next to Michele, was the lovely Sal of Sal's Snippets with her stunning display of papercrafts and also, lovely sewn and crocheted goodies. Definitely the prize winner for most colourful and festive stall.

Here is Annie's stall of A Saucerful of Secrets with her stunning needlefelted creations.

I particularly loved the owl and the pussycat..

Next door was to be found Niki, of Nostalgia at the Stonehouse fame. Her stall was laden with lovely items, both vintage and handmade.

And then we have Sue from Vintage to Victorian with her ever-so-tempting display of vintage treasures...

Last but not least, we've done a full circular of the hall now and find ourselves here...

Yes, hello, there I am, tucked away looking pink behind all the errm, pinkness!

I was very pleased with the way my stall looked. It didn't seem too crammed in this time but I hope there was still plenty to attract people's eyes. I was thrilled to receive so many lovely comments about the things I had made and the set-up of my stall.

The cake stands were a resounding success.

Mr HH cleverly nipped onto the stage at the front to take a picture of the stall from above. Look at all my lovely shoppers!

So there you have it, a fabulous day, many many items finding new homes, new acquaintances made, old friends chatted to and of course, the added bonus of a few pennies to spend on treats for me!

I do have some lovely items remaining for any of you who missed the Fair and fancy treating yourself or making an inroad into your Christmas shopping list. I'll be trying to list those soon but now, I really must get up for breakfast! Most importantly, a date for the diary, 1st MAY 2010. If you are reading this and are sorry you missed out, I know you'll be wanting to come to the next Fair and if you came yesterday, I'd be pretty confident (and hopeful!) that I'll be seeing you in May!


  1. Hello there, perhaps you maybe on the way home by now. I visited your stall and was realy happy to see the yellow/floral cakestand still there, I had to have it for my own collection of tea china, however when I saw the others it was difficult to choose. I didn't have chance to chat as you were to busy, however I hope that you didn't get into too much trouble for the lighted candle!?

  2. I loooove the cake stands!!! Well done on a succesful day at your fair! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. Looks like you all had fun. I will, I WILL get there oneday!

  4. Hi Hen, Thankyou so much for letting us see the first piccies of the wonderful Vintage and Handmade Fair! It all looks amazing!The stall holders all work so hard making their gorgeous wares.I loved visiting earlier this year! Couldn't make this one due to another commitment but I love love love reading all about it and seeing all the photos!Your stall looks beautiful,think you deserve a rest now though!
    Enjoy your day!
    Rachel x

  5. Wow! Thanks for posting that Hen, I've been eagerly awaiting an update and was thinking about you all day Sat! Glad that you had a sucessful day and that the weather didn't put people off. It all looked beautiful, well done!

  6. You were beautiful Hen among your fabby goodies!!!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to report us about the fair! So pleased to know it was a success for you!

  7. You know what, I am gutted that I missed out on this fabulous fair, but in a way I am glad that it was too far away for me, because I think I would have needed a second mortgage to fund my habit there. What an extraordinary display of the most delectable goodies.

  8. It all looks so beautiful and I love the pinkness of your stall. I am just so sad I didn't get to see it all myself. I was so looking forward to it after visiting the last fair. A group of us were all geared up to drive down but in the end given the weather warnings and the long drive down we decided reluctantly it would be best not to risk getting stuck on the motorway. We will have to wait now until May. Hopefully we can make some online purchases from you though.
    Ann x

  9. We vintage & handmade fans won't let a little thing like gale force winds & driving rain put us off!

    It was a fabulous day again wasn't it? So glad you enjoyed it & I'm just sorry that we all didn't have a bit more time to chat.


  10. Almost like being there. Thanks, Hen.

  11. Thanks for all the lovely photos - wish I could have been there as I had a wonderful time visiting Vintage and Handmade last May. Glad it all went so well despite the weather.

  12. Bravo to you, and all who created such a success!

  13. Your stall looks gorgeous . . . and all the hardwork and effort really does show!

    Hope you're now enjoying a well earnt rest!


  14. Wow, you truly are wonderwoman Hen, not only do you produce a stall full of loveliness you also photograph everyone's stall and write up a brilliant report! I only managed a few photos of my own stall and of the crowds rushing in and that was it, I didn't get another chance! Ransacked is the word. I sold a ton of fabric which was great. I am busy restocking, pricing up and adding to all my boxes ready for a 3 day fair at Cowslip Workshops next weekend. Shame it's so far away from you. You must try and make it there one day, you would love it and there is a steam train in Launceston for the boys!

    Was so lovely to see you and I am thrilled with my goodies. I think I will need to get some more from you though as I didn't really have my buying head on properly yesterday.

    Safe journey home my lovely xxx

  15. Wonderful photos Hen. I am glad you had a successful day and I hope that the munchkin enjoyed himself too! x

  16. Hi Hen

    What a fantastic day it was! I had a great time so did Miss P. It was lovely meeting Mr HH and the very sweet Munchkin!
    I have already made a note in my diary for 1st May next year.
    Glad it was a success for you.
    Snap, I bought Viv's round brooch too, so pretty isn't it.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  17. Oh it looks FAB!
    Wish I had made it.....maybe next year!

  18. Well done on a successful day and brilliant photos and report. Your stall looked lovely.

    Sue xx

  19. We're just back home having been to Yeovil and Reading on the way back - I am very impressed that you are able to blog from a B&B - the Head Chef and I couldn't even work the TV and oven in ours - lucky we had Princess B to help!

    It was great to see you and glad you did well - a lovely, lovely fair and well worth the trip.

    Pomona x

  20. wow such a wonderful blog! love all the piccys from the fair--looked such an exciting day!! your table looked beautiful with all the treasures! xx

  21. Brilliant report thanks Hen. Loved the pics and they almost made up for not being there .. almost! x

  22. what gorgeous things!! i'm booked into a B&B so that i can come to the may one!!!

  23. Wonderful again, Hen! As yesterday, I've enjoyed a quick break in my busy weekend by enlarging each photo and studying it in detail! Thanks for taking the trouble to do such a good post for those of us who couldn't get there.

  24. Great write up Hen! Thanks for sharing, lovely pictures. I'm so cross I had to work yesterday having booked the day off 6 months ok :( Hope to see you in May x

  25. It was a super day wasn't it! Lovely to meet you there ( and the munchkin!)looking forward to the next one already!

  26. Cant wait for the May Fair! Victoria and I are planning on bringing our Mums!
    I have to admit despite my gorgeous cushion and Pennant, I'm slightly jealous of Victoria's Harold!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xx

  27. Thanks for taking me along with you - enjoyed every stall you photographed.

  28. Hi Hen, gosh your stall does look fantastic at the Fair. One day I will make it along, it looks so wonderfully festive.

    Thanks for your lovely comments, I bought the fabric with the hearts from a charity shop as a double duvet cover. Its definitley handmade though, no labels or anything and although the pattern looks vintage I'd say its modern in make. Sorry not to be able to say where its from. I'm sure I've seen it somewhere before though, maybe in a baby/childrens brochure for bedroom furniture maybe?

    Off to have a look at your lovley arm chair cover and see if I can work it out for mine!

    Have a smashing week.

  29. Hi Hen,
    Lovely to share a quick chat with you at the was a fab day, wasn't it? Loved looking through your photos here too.
    I'm thinking of trying your ploy next time (like you say, if we're invited next time!) - I shall not over-fill my stall...unlike yesterday!!

    Have a great week,

  30. OMG, I am planning to visit in the UK in May 2010, gasp! Can't wait, will bring an extra suitcase xxx

  31. looks like a good time was had by all, well done!!

    Gill in Canada

  32. Wasn't it just fab?!!
    I am so looking forward to May!

    The highlight of the day, for me, was Harry coming over and giving me the biggest ever smile!!

    Have a great week!


  33. What a beautiful event! It looks amazing! I hope you did well with the sales?

    It is so cool to see the stalls of so many bloggers I know and it must have been great fun meeting people in person! Ah I wish I could have been there! xxx

  34. Hi Hen,

    What a fabulous day and well worth the efforts!

    It was so nice to meet people and buy so many pretties in person.

    Poor Munchkin, I can assure him that Harold will be well taken care of and he was fabulous company on our journey home

    Victoria xx

  35. So Glad you had such a successful day! and even managed to pick up some pretties for yourself :)
    I wish Canada wasn't so far...I would have loved to visit with you at the fair...perhaps a trip in May could be possible...I will disguise it as a romantic getaway! ;)
    Thank you for posting such lovely photos! xx

  36. Golly Hen!

    Where to begin? Brilliant 360 degree tour I almost feel as though I was looking at all the treasures with you!

    Your stall looked amazing, loving all the display shelves and boards painted pink, so right for "henhouse", you are good for mocking it up beforehand.

    Sorry about the rubbish mattress but glad it meant you could post this! tee hee!

    Will you post your things in your shop now? I will pop over and have a look to see if my favourite stocking came home with you!

    Love Sarah x

  37. Hi Hen,

    Boy was I excited when I saw the pictures!! It all looks fab, just sorry I couldn't make it. I have already booked in next years fair so nothing can get in the way!

    I'm looking forward to visiting your online shop to see what (if anything) you have left over. Need my Henhouse fix!!

    Have a good week

    Natasha x

  38. Hello Hen, Here is another huge thank you for taking those of us who couldn't make it in person with you to the fair. Your stall looked amazing, no wonder it was popular!
    I can't make it to your fair, but can get to the show in Harrogate this week.... can't wait, sooooo excited. I wish I could find out if there are fairs like yours near here in North Wales, there must be some out there somewhere????

    Big thanks again,and well done, Wendy.xxoo {:0)

  39. thank you for the mention - I am indeed Lizzie aka the washerwoman! Wanted to say Hi to you & say "fab dress" but somehow was sooooo busy all day! see you next time! Lizzie x

  40. I think you should become our official photographer Hen.. you certainly did us all proud with your fabulous photos and write up!!
    As always.. and with good intentions.. I still didn't get a proper chat with you and many others.. Maybe we should make the next event 24 hours!! Probably still wouldn't be enough time to get around to everyone.. I suppose that is the beauty of it being so busy though!
    Lovely stall Hen.. thanks for being a valuable part of our day.
    Michele xx

  41. What a day! What a success Hen, no wonder you're knackered cream crackered. You look gorgeous in your retro pink dress by-the-way. I'm just sneaking a moment to catch up on all your posts you've been doing since I was away on holiday, and what treats lay in stall for me. Will have to go back and have another look, there's so much to see. The den looks fab with all that bunting, absolutely fab. My collection of bought bunting is in a neat pile in the cupboard, where it's been lying for a long time, must follow your lead, and put it up. Hope you're recovering splendidly from all the chaos? Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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