Monday, 14 December 2009

Country Christmas

Well hello my friends, I am entering this week in high spirits, I do hope you are too...

We enjoyed a lovely weekend in the West Country, meeting up with my parents for some pre-Christmas fun and gift exchanging. We were lucky to experience some very good weather, as the blue skies of the photos shall testify. On Saturday, where else were we likely to be headed but my favourite Bridport?

And it certainly didn't disappoint. The brass band was out (a rather mini version)...

More importantly, the gentleman in red was out, too. Yes, Father Christmas and his reindeers were in residence for the day in Bucky Doo Square.

Spending the second Saturday in December in Bridport has become a little annual ritual for us. There is the Farmers' Market, the rotary club float with Father Christmas, the brass band and all the usual delights Bridport has to offer. The Munchkin is always happy to see Father Christmas in his sleigh. Each year we take a photo of him in front of the float and each year he is getting inevitably bigger!

He's always happy to rehome the chocolates Father Christmas is dispensing and was very interested this year in the load on Father Christmas's sleigh...

Meanwhile, other folk, deemed not to be suitable recipients for Father Christmas's choccies, were raiding the bacon butty stall! Gotcha!

I did briefly wonder if I was hallucinating when what I presume was one of the three kings came riding past on his camel...

We made friends with this absolutely adorable chap named Alfie who had turned out in his festive best. Awwww, he was so lovely.

We had a lovely time in Bridport and of course, a few essential acquisitions were made...

Firstly, I spotted this pretty china set which shall be reincarnated into a plate stand and a teacup candle. I loved the pretty colourful vintage beads which I bought myself from one of the flea market stalls and I also picked up the pretty brooches and flower-shaped earrings.

Not forgetting the tablecloth, of course. Yes, the tablecloth came from the Rotary Club stall for just 50p and is beautifully embroidered though it is currently in the washing machine with high hopes for getting the stains out.

There was a fairly impressive seasonal haul, too. I bought the fabby Father Christmas tablecloth and napkins from a charity shop, along with the decorations (the bead chains and snowflakes). As you will have spotted, there are yet more paperchains for the Munchy one.

I couldn't resist these cute knitted decorations from the RSPCA shop although I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with them yet!

On the right here you see an old chalk snowman figure; on the left his modern and far less charming counterpart (note also that the plastic snowman was 50p, the chalk one was 10p!) I have plans for those...

And then I picked these up for 50p on a market stall.

Oooh, loving those colours!

I carried on with a tad more festive decorating in the cottage. I put up my collection of vintage Christmas cards.

The Munchkin seemed more interested in decorating people! Ha haaaaa!!!

I almost forgot to show you my other treasured purchase, this gorgeous Fair Isle cardigan. I bought this from a charity shop, obviously hand knitted and looks like new. It is so snuggly warm, I have worn it continuously since I bought it (except for bed, of course, but you never know if the temperature really plummets!) It is beautifully made and has little seed pearls sewn along the rows too. Whomever knitted this can know it has gone to a very good and appreciative home indeed.

All too soon, as is always the case, it was time to pack up and head back to the ole' smoke. Me, with my trusty (new-to-me/vintage) basket, and a sprig of holly gleaned from our countryside walk to and from the pub on Sunday!


  1. Hi Hen

    What a fantastic weekend you've had! You brought back a basket full of delights, I really like the lanterns and snowflakes.
    Your cottage looks like the perfect setting for a cosy country Christmas.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. A fair isle hand knit - you have all the luck, Hen! Have a good week!

    Pomona x

  3. What a wonderful weekend Hen!The cottage looks gorgeous and I'm loving your pretty finds!
    They obviously have very good charity shops in Bridport with reasonable prices!
    I popped into a charity shop in Witney and they had a coat priced at £19.50! Unbelievable! Have a wonderful week!
    Rachel x

  4. You always manage to find such lovely things on your trips,and bargains too!
    Ooooh,and I'm so envious.Would LOVE to have a cottage to decorate at Xmas.


  5. What a wonderful day you had! The wise man and his camel are are just a hoot! Oooh, I really like your vintage Christmas cards. And the fair isle sweater you found is beautiful. Isn't it amazing what people no longer want? (I have a one in lavender shades that I wear all the time.)

  6. Sounds like you've been having a fantastically festive time.

    The cardigan looks so warm and snuggly!

    Victoria xxx

  7. Hi Hen..please don't think I'm a naughty person..but I want to marry Harry, he's soooooo cute!!!!!! Just kidding!
    Your mum and dad are such a lovely couple! Hope you're all fine!

  8. Looks like a funfilled weekend. That cardigan is gorgeous.

    Sue xx

  9. lots of lovely treasures and your munchkin looks very happy to see father christmas! :) Plate stand idea sounds wicked - how will you fashion it together? xxx

  10. Looks like a fabulous weekend and that cardi is gorgeous....all the rage now those fairisle. Theres a shop in Duke Street in Brighton sells all that sort of stuff....set one back £125.00 for same sort of a bargain me.

  11. Oh, what fun! I haven't had such a lucky day of thrifting in much too long.

  12. A great weekend & great finds - what could be better?


  13. Lovely Hen I so enjoy coming on these visits with you!
    Love the cardi..x

  14. Wonderful finds! I love chinese lanterns they always have such lovely colours, and is that a CK lampshade I espy?!! Lovely suzie. xxx

  15. You always find the most lovely things... looks like a great weekend. What plans do you have for the snowmen? :) x

  16. Snap! I found a fairisle waistcoat in the charity shop this weekend. Unfortuately it won't fit me, but on the other hand I'll be able to felt it in the washing machine. Yipee!

    Also soaking embroidered linens!

  17. I enjoyed seeing your outing and had to laugh when I saw the goodies you bought. I wondered if you'd have some to show! :)

  18. What a fab weekend Hen and I love the cardi!

  19. These sort of wonderful weekends fly by too fast, don't they Hen? Still, you've got your lovely haul to remind you of a fab weekend. Those paper lanterns were a great find!Your new banner is looking FAB! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  20. Hi Hen, what a lovely country tastic weekend you all had, looks lovely!
    I am very behind on my reading and am just catching up on all that you have been up to, so sorry for not visiting for a while! caught up in the busy Christmas Maelstrom!

    Love Sarah x

  21. Love the paper lanterns Hen, may well zip on down to Bridport to see if any left. I spent the day in Honiton recently, have you found any treasures there?

  22. Oh my goodness, I would think that I had died and gone to heaven if I could find a bacon butty stall!


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