Friday, 18 December 2009

Festive HenHouse 2009

Hooray, it's nearly Christmas! Hooray, it's Friday evening! Hooray, no more getting up for school for 3 weeks! Hooray, I think I've finally finished decorating the house (well, very nearly almost perhaps?)! Hooray, I've finished my Christmas shopping and written all the cards!

Last year, I wrote just such a post as this for my first bloggy Christmas. I can't apologise for showing you all our Christmas decorations all over again because to me, it feels just as exciting this time around (and of course, I have lots of lovely new followers too). Each year when the decorations come out of their boxes, I've inevitably forgotten most of them and am delighted as I unwrap my "special decorations" (the pretty glass ones, the ones the other members of the household are prone to breaking!)

As if right on queue, we woke up to the white fluffy stuff this morning. Whilst I'm afraid I find the snow quite a pain for practical reasons, I cannot deny it looks rather special, it casts a lovely glowing light on everything and of course, it's very difficult to be anti-snow in a home containing an eight year old!

Herewith, our first ever photo of a snowy Christmas HenHouse taken late this afternoon. To be fair, most of the snow has already gone!

I just love peering into windows from the outside. Everything looks so magical, especially at this time of year, late in the day, when all the lights are switched on. Want a peep into the HenHouse?

The other side?

Brrrr, it's cold, though, Come on in!

Each year, I inevitably seem to add to our collection of Christmas decorations and this year is no exception. In the sitting room, two new nutcrackers are in place, possibly my favourite type of decoration, I just love them!

Back in the other side of the house, in our family room, we find the tree, finally decorated after this year's predictable "Christmas-fairy-light-fiasco". This room is our focus really, as we tend to spend most of our time in here. We have to shunt out some furniture to allow for that rather handsome tree.

I hope you will indulge me in recording this main addition to our decorations this year: my snowy village.

Back to the tree, most days the Munchkin and I play "which is your favourite decoration" and I am rather loving these Father Christmas faces, oh so jolly, and although they look quite like vintage glass, they are actually plastic (phew!).

My favourite though, must be the miniature nutcrackers. I have three of these all in different colours. One of these days, I really must go to a German Christmas market (with a spare suitcase!)

The kitchen has also had a mini festive update. Good job really, as an awful lot of my time gets spent in here in December. The oilcloth has gone red and spotty along with the cloths and another nutcracker has found a home here, having been ousted from the mantelpiece by the snowy village.

Back in the family room, the Christmas cushions covers I made last year are happily back out. There's a rather gorgeous granny blanket on the sofa (a good find on eBay recently) which is in lovely, bright, Christmassy colours. A great hit with the furry friends, too.

This weekend, snow permitting, we are expecting family to visit and in an attempt to get a little organised, I have laid the table in the dining room already. I've also put up the artificial tree I used to have in my flat (when space was more of a premium) and the Munchkin has done sterling work with the paperchains once more.

My tablecloth which I bought in the charity shop in Bridport last weekend is freshly washed and ironed and on the table along with a few other festive touches at each place. Oh golly, I can see I've forgotten the spoons!

Finally (still with me?!), let's head upstairs then.

Ah, my most beloved den. I've treated the den to a glitzy pink door wreath this year.

Inside, the fairy lights are always there, but a couple of sparkly trees are on the mantelpiece in wonderful pink and turquoise colours. Ok, they are quite hard to spot amongst all those bits 'n' pieces!

But I know they are there and I enjoy looking at them each day.

The shelves have a little decoration, too.

Phew, that tour was quite exhausting, my poor little fingers are aching from all this typing!

Lots of festive fun is taking place in the den as I type; there he is, the Munchy one, getting on with his cards. He's giving you a wave, just in case you can't see him!

He'd like to show you his creations, his cards and some snowmen he made in school.

And just to tip Michela over the edge(!), here is the Munchkin looking his most angelic at his school play on Wednesday...

Have a great weekend, snow or no snow! See you all next week.


  1. Your home is so cozy and inviting! I wish I had a wall of bookshelves like that in my living room. I love your nutcrackers, I decorate with those too. Your son's handmade Christmas cards are wonderful. And he is a darling angel!

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  3. Yippee!
    Tis very nearly Christmas......all looks so fab, such a lovely home you have Hen....have a lovely time over the festive period...

  4. What a special visit inside the HENHOUSE today. Each room is cuter that the next. But, I must admit the crafting area is my fav. I love to see the little one hard at work crafting.

    I love nutcrackers toooooooo.

  5. Harry I love you!
    Hen, thank you so much for my this lovely Christmas present, much appreciated! ;-)
    No, really, his cheeky smile reminds me of Macaulay Culkin in "Home alone", one of my favourite movies, I've lost count of how many times I've watched it!
    Thank you for this festive tour into your house..such a pity that you didn't had any featuring on a Christmas magazine, because it looks just fantastic!

  6. what a wonderful tour - have popped by via do you mind if i knit and, like you, am delighted to be at home, on the last day of term, looking forward to the week ahead. We haven't been lucky (?) enough to have snow out here in Wiltshire yet but I'm hoping for a sprinkle - enough to make it look lovely but not enough to make the roads impassable. Your house looks gorgeous. Can I come back soon.

  7. Wow your Christmas home is amazing Hen.
    I'm so sorry i didn't get to go to the handmade and vintage fair, it would of been lovely to meet you again.
    Have a wonderful time sweetie.
    Warm wishes,
    Catherine x

  8. ooo i'm so jealous - your home is just so gorgeous, it makes me joyful and sick at the same time!! lol

    well done gorgeous boy- hope you enjoyed your play.
    can you believe that our school doesn't do any plays once in juniors!!!


  9. Oh,your house is absolutely gorgeous!I will have to look at this post again in more detail as there is so much to see.Lovely to have a house with high ceilings so you have space for that lovely tall Xmas tree.Love all the pics,but my favourite?....that very angelic looking little boy!


  10. It's looking just wonderful, Hen - what a treat to peep through your windows! And you've finished with the perfect angel - I don't want to upset anyone with little girls, but personally, I think boy angels are best!

  11. It all looks beautiful! So sad as I meant to be in London this evening with my brother & his children, but the wretched weather has prevented travel.. hopefully might get to see them tomorrow. Anyway, Have a wonderful weekend! Lizzie x

  12. What a pretty house. It is so homely and warm.

  13. Thank you so much for this lovely little tour your house is just lovely. I live in Australia and although I festive up the house with loads of decs, bake mince pies and shortbread and cook Turkey in the heat on Christmas day to have the cold weather and snow would just make it Picture book perfect ! My children spend the whole day swimming with me chasing them to put more suncream on ! Thank you again for the little look at your beautiful Engish Chrissy it's dreamy !
    Gingerbread Hugs Danielle XX

  14. You home looks lovely Hen!

    I love nutcrackers too and I can't believe as I'm typing this that I don't actually have one in my collection of goodies!!!

    Victoria xx

  15. Wow, the Munchkin is a truly talented artist. I think you and he should consider starting a line of cards! Seriously, I think there would be quite a market for them.

  16. The munchkin really does look just so angelic and what lovely cards he has made too. Your home is so festive and inviting, what time shall I get there! Merry christmas! suzie. xxx

  17. You have a beautiful home Hen and I feel inspired to keep mine as tidy as yours. Thank you for the tour. The munchkin really is a little angel.x

  18. Beautiful Hen, your house looks divine and that little munchkin of yours is just scrummy. He has the best smile :-)

  19. Hello Hen, your home looks beautiful in all its Christmas splendour! I love the voyeuristic views from outside. This time of year is fascinating, when you can go for a walk with the dog at dusk and people have their lights on but their curtains are open so you have a little glimpse of their inner, homely lives. You've given us that today - thank you so much for sharing it.
    We are so far snow free in deepest darkest Cornwall, but fingers crossed, you never know...x

  20. I LOVE your home, Hen! Merry Christmas all the way from Seattle, Washington!

  21. Thank you for this 'peep' into the Hen House! Your home looks wonderful, and so festive! I love the lights on the bannister too - that's a great idea. I'm also drooling over your bookshelves - it's something I've been wanting to do for years, as I've so many books in boxes!

    Love the Munchkin - he has such a cheeky smile!

    Willow xx

  22. Hi Hen,

    I am a serial window peerer too!

    The den looks especially divine with it's festive finery on!

    The Munchkin looks very very cheery too! must be Christmas in the air!

    Sarah x

  23. Love the house,that front door is just gorgeous. Also love the little village, where did you find such pretty houses? And Munchkin is cute too.....but you knew that!

  24. Lovely. Just lovely. A lovely welcoming warm home . Just like you read about only real. Thanks for inviting us in to share.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  25. It all looks very lovely Hen. I'mm off for a catch up as I sem to be falling behind on blogs just now xx

  26. Thank you Hen for your lovely comment you left for me - I was rather touched. I find your blog such a nice place to visit that I can only have lovely thoughts and feelings about it. As you send your posts out into the ether without knowing who is there, I just think it is fair to tell you that what you do is appreciated. For instance I had a rather horrid day yesterday but as soon as I came here to the Hen house, there was so much to oooh over that I was soon transported to somewhere much nicer than where I had been all day. I know keeping a blog is hard work, that it needs to be thought about and that it takes lots of time up-loading all those beautiful photo's not to mention writing interestingly and entertainingly. Seeing all those beautiful projects inspires us to have a go and if we don't we just enjoy what you do so much. So actually, thanks to you Hen! Your whole house is looking amazing - I love those views through the windows; I used to live at the top of a road and see all these nice trees - some in gardens and fairy lights twinkling. This is my first year here at the bottom of the road - so no windows to pass and I have missed that! Little Munchkin has done wonderfully well with his cards, your creativity is obviously rubbing off on him. What smile he has!

  27. tis all lovely as usual - love the new look in the kitchen and muchkins work is excellent :-) we havent had any snow yet just very very frosty but I have my fingers crossed!
    Lesley x

  28. The Henhouse looks fab!!!
    I love my nutcracker but he is looking lonely, I need more friends for him!!!
    E-Mail me your addy I have a little pile of goodies for the Munchkin, I will send them in the new year now though xxx

  29. Wow - its all looking so festive :)

    Love the alpine village and doesn't the Munckin look 'cute' as an angel.

  30. What a beautiful house - it's like something out of a magazine.
    Happy Christmas Hen!

  31. wow, your home looks so cosy and inviting.... I especially love the crafting area, of course! What beautiful decorations!

  32. It's all looking fabulously festive Hen - great job & thanks for sharing it all with us!


  33. Wow as I wasn't around in blogworld last Christmas It is all new to me and looks wonderful!

  34. In one word: beautiful! The house, the decorations, everything!

    Claudia from Holland


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