Wednesday, 9 December 2009

This Week we are...

...doing the once yearly thing of buying the most gigantic tree we can find!

It didn't look that big before we brought it home...

Ok, it's really rather huuuuuge...

Hmm, what's this thing in my sitting room?

Mr HH is a six footer so the tree, as we're realising, is well... a monster!

Just how we like it!
Hope you've not had too much mulled wine there, Mr HH!

I am busy in my den with something completely new...

More of that vereeeee soon, I promise. Just waiting on lots of coloured glitter, as you do.

Master Munchkin has other things on his little mind...

Day 1: a palm tree!

Oh my, he really is pleased with that one!

Back soon, when I find a spare minute, with lots of unbridled beauty...


  1. It's lovely that you've got that very high ceiling and that beautiful tree to reach it. Bet that the decorations will be uniquely splendid.

    May I also say that boy's smile could light up the world!


  2. Hi Hen, now that is what you call a Christmas tree! :0)

    I have done the same before, I’m sure they grow bigger on the way home…I have gone for a two small ones this year.

    Love Lou xxx

  3. hope you have lots of decorations Hen! Rachaelxo

  4. Don't you just love live trees?!

    Just make sure that kitty doesn't drink any of the water from the tree stand. It can make them very very sick.

  5. Looks like your Christmas is coming along nicely. Everything looks good.
    I've been looking at last year's post about the cottage. It looks delightful. How lucky you are to have it so you can go there to chill out and relax.

  6. I love a nice tall tree! Sadly our ceilings are unbearably low...

    I can't wait to see what you do with that house! :)

  7. My sons said they were to old to put up the tree (not real as Tom is an asthmatic) but did just the same and they had smiles as wide as the munchkin's when we were finished. They even said it looked good.

  8. Ooooooooooh! Lovely tree, can't wait to see it decorated, it'll look gorgeous

  9. Ooh! I think I've got tree envy. I hope you've got enough decorations for it.


  10. Hello Hen!
    What a super Christmas tree!
    Sooooo cute the little pirate!

  11. hi hen,
    yes they do always seem bigger when we get them home too!
    my friend has the most enormous Christmas tree in her bay window this year... i can see her house from the road and every time i drive by it makes my laugh as it really is OTT... Christmas is fun! ... enjoy decorating it... can't wait for your 'reveal',
    warm wishes
    ginny x

  12. Heehee, we always go for a tree that takes over the room. I love it too. It's only Christmas once a year.
    Looking forward to seeing your little house.
    Rachael XX

  13. This post did make me laugh as I remember the ridiculously huge Christmas tree my friends and I brought for their flat last year!

    Victoria xx

  14. Oh sweet Munchkin, he does look pleased with his exotic day 1 on the advent calendar. Though of course Palm trees would be related to the three wise men wouldn't they? Very much looking forward to seeing your tree decorated, and the mysterious house construction........ it's not by any chance, anything to do with a certain Alicia is it?! Well, I'll just have to be patient, and wait and see. Must take the dogs out, they're sitting with their legs crossed.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  15. I vowed last year,that this year I would get a smaller tree!
    So what do I do??!!
    It's all good fun though,isn't it?

  16. That is one huge tree! Can't wait to see it all lit up! And what an interesting advent calendar...a palm tree though? What is that all about? xxx

  17. Bet you've got lots of lovely decorations lined up for that monster tree.Looking forward to seeing the finished result.I've got mine up and decorated...took me half an hour to untangle the lights!!


  18. Wow, it's a big un Hen!
    Rachel x

  19. ooo i'd love ceilings big enough for a tree like that!!

  20. Hurry up and show us the pics please Hen. I still remember oohing at your Christmas house pictures from last year! x

  21. You can't beat a big tree! We always struggle to get ours in the car but this year its just right...just about an inch from the ceiling!The munchkin looks very pleased with himself..what a great advent calendar.

  22. It's a very good job you have high ceilings!!!!

  23. Hen....I've just spotted Provence rose fabric on a blog....huh???
    I thought it was not a fabric she had done?
    Oh my....I so love it!

  24. They never look as big outside the house!!!!
    You have to have a huge tree xxx

  25. Is that a Playmobil Advent Calendar the Munchkin has on the wall? I bought one each year for five years and then we started to recycle them - this is the first year we have not brought it out - well, Sophia is 15 now so I guess it was going to happen eventually! I'll have to box them away for the grandchildren.


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