Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy 2010!

Hello, hello! Long time, no blog, my friends. How are you all? Snowed in? Well, it's mightily nice to be back at the helm of my little blog in 2010. It still seems funny; writing and saying that. What happened to the past ten years? Golly, I'm getting old.

Happy New Year to you all.

It's certainly been cold hasn't it? I know you mounties in Canada are reading and thinking how feeble we Brits are (it's true, we are!) but we don't get snow very often and we do like to make a song and dance over it! We've actually been devoid of snow here in the capital until late last night. We woke up to a smattering this morning but have had steady snow fall all afternoon. The view from my den is rather nice, tucked inside all cosy and warm, thank you very much!

Today's post is a bit of a mixed bag really, just a bit of a catch up, to be followed by showing you some crafty goodies and pressies over the coming days. Got to get back into the groove and all that... Where were we then, what seems like a life time ago?

Well, we spent a lovely, relaxing Christmas in London, the furry friends were very pleased about that, lots of napping in front of the fire for them. They were so desperate to be near the warm they even deigned to share the flump for the first time ever! Now there's a sign that this is the coldest Winter for thirty years.

We shall disregard Mr HH's comment that it looked as if there was a mythical two-headed ginger beast on the flump!

Jacky-Ginge does prefer a lap if he can get one and has worked out that the Munchkin tends to spend more time sitting than the grown-up members of the household and indeed, in the run up to the big day (and after!) there was a fair bit of snuggling in front of the fire.

The Munchkin and I did venture into the West End for a nosey at the Christmas lights and for a promised trip to Hamleys (aaarrrggghhh!!!) Luckily, on the way to Hamleys, we spotted the new Anthropologie store and so in we went for a little mooch to see what all the fuss is about. It's certainly quite whacky inside. I was most interested in the basement where the homewares are situated.

A giant suspended whale. Why yes, of course, just what you would expect.

It's styled in a very eclectic fashion, shall we say. Some items weren't my cup of tea at all but there were some lovely things too which had me understanding some of our American friends' love of Anthropologie. Sadly, the stuff was pretty darned pricey.

The array of tea towels was fab! Don't snigger now, tea towels can be fabulous, you know! These beauties were all appliqued and embroidered and I deeply lusted after some but at £22 they remained on the shelf (they would certainly have to be "display tea towels"!) I came out empty handed with promises to go back in the sale.

These pot holders were lovely too but fell into the oft-uttered "I can make one of those" category!

I enjoyed a browse of this book, which I think is Australian, and has gorgeous recipes for cakes and bakes inside all with beautiful vintage styling. (Edit: Ooops, sorry my Kiwi friends! the book is in fact from New Zealand.)

The Munchkin was very good in Anthropologie as he knew a certain shop, whose name begins with "H", was just up the road! We enjoyed the window displays and mummy thoroughly loved the five floors of toys and games, obviously. Especially when it became apparent we had been in there for so long there was no time to go to Liberty!

Once Father Christmas had been and we'd had a few days rest, off we headed for the country, with the obligatory stop at a steam railway en route, of course (The Watercress Line in Hampshire).

Sadly, I then have to report that I succumbed to the dreaded cold lurgy and spent most of the next few days roughing it on the sofa, kept company by granny blankets, eiderdowns, the "Darling Buds of May" dvd (superb, or should I say, perfick!) and errm, cupcakes.

Feeling sorry for me, Mr HH helped out in the kitchen and made...a raspberry jelly. Hmm. The best jelly ever. Honestly.

Ok, he's quite cute!

The Munchkin, meanwhile, was determined to keep out the chill and it was difficult to part him from his new dressing gown, a pressie from the folks up North, despite the fact that it is for age 9-10!

Being the stoic creature I am (either that or the DVD and cupcakes ran out?), I managed to lever myself from the sofa for a day in Lyme Regis on Saturday. Well, it was a stunning day, freezing, but bright sunshine and clear blue skies. The pastel coloured beach huts along the front looked gorgeous as did all the beautifully painted quaint little houses, really the perfect photo-fodder for blogs. So I took a picture of this to share with you? Errm, well someone (could that have been me?) left the camera switched on so the battery died and errm, had also failed to pack the charger. Ooops! That's why I am so pleased you have such good imaginations, my friends! I did enjoy Lyme but I don't think the shopping is up to much. My beloved Bridport, Totnes or Ludlow are all infinitely better in my opinion. But for scenery, well it's pretty darned spectacular on such a day.

Back soon with crafty things and present-y things, ooh goody! Phew, I'm glad I'm back in the bloggy groove...


  1. Lovely photo's there Hen but you can guess which was my favourite....yes I did have a smile at the 2 headed ginger beast!
    I love a nice tea towel...I have loads!! Some are so nice they're folder away, OH likes to wipe everything with them so they can get very dirty!!! Some I have framed....saddo!!! :) x

  2. Hi Hen!
    Nice to read about your little jolly in London.
    I saw that 'Ladies, a plate' book on Amazon recently and wondered about it! It would be nice to see inside it!!
    Hope you are all enjoying the snow!

  3. Hi Happy new year and welcome back, I have missed reading your blog. I laughed about the tea towel delight as I found myself texting a photo of my new dish cloths (very sad!) to a friend yesterday !
    Look foward to following your blog this year
    Best wishes
    Sue Fry

  4. Happy New Year, Hen! Hope you are keeping warm - it is pretty snowy here now, and access will soon be by tractor only, I think! Glad you had a good Christmas, and hope you are feeling fine and dandy now.

    Pomona x

  5. Happy new year. I hope you have a wonderful 2010.
    Lovely wintery photos. We have had about a foot and a half of snow in the last two/three days. Neither myself of my husband have been able to get to work because our street is blocked. Great fun building snowmen with all the other stranded adults on our street though.

  6. Happy new Year Hen, the view from your window is much like mine. Your comments about the tea towels in Anthropologie made me smile, I went in new York and bought two but they were cheaper and one was in the sale so I don't feel too guilty. I will add a photo when I finally get round to blogging about my New York trip.
    Ann x

  7. Glad your back! I missed reading your blog but I'm glad you had a wonderful Holiday :) Thanks for the delightful snaps...especially the "two-headed ginger"...haha We have 2 cats and they have been huddled butt-to-butt on the guestroom bed every day, which they normally wouldn't do either.

    Looking forward to more of your blogging and photos.

  8. Hi Hen, Happy new year. I stubbled across your lovely blog while finding my way round the crafting blog circuit. It's a real inspiration for newbie bloggers like myself. I look forward to your future posts.

    Lizzy xxx

  9. Hen

    Happy New Year from a Hot Country!!!
    I live in Santiago de Chile.

    I never see snow.

  10. What a lovely holiday you had. So much to see and all in one posting. Yep....12 inches of snow due tonight....brrrrrr.... frozen here outside of Chicago.

  11. Hi Hen, lovely to have you back.
    Lots of snow here in Sussex today. I loved Lyme Regis when I went in Dec, although there are only a few good shops.
    Happy New Year to you & the family.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  12. Happy New Year!

    I would like to thank you for your wonderful blog. I subscribe to Ideal Home Magazine and decided to have a nose at your blog when your house appeared a few months ago. I had never before read a blog & since then I have become hooked & have decided to give it a go myself.

    I hope that you get over your cold.

    Laura (aka Domestic Doris)

  13. Happy New Year Hen!
    Such pretty snow!
    We Canadians wouldn't dare sneer about the upheaval in the UK from the snow. You should see Canadians slip sliding around every year after the first snow! Somehow most humans don't seem naturally equipped to function well in snow. Glad to see that you and yours managed to snuggle in during the worst of the weather.

  14. Happy New Year Hen!
    Such pretty snow!
    We Canadians wouldn't dare sneer about the upheaval in the UK from the snow. You should see Canadians slip sliding around every year after the first snow! Somehow most humans don't seem naturally equipped to function well in snow. Glad to see that you and yours managed to snuggle in during the worst of the weather.

  15. Happy New Year Hen! I do envy you curled up all snug looking out at that lovely view - I've been dragged out in it for two days and i;ve not thawed out yet!

    I'd been wondering what all the Anthropologie fuss was about., Luckiy for my purse looks like its well off limits!

    Stay cosy. Hope you feeling much better now. Hope Harry has lots of fun outside.

  16. Hi Just found your blog and its lots of fun. Love the little tour of London, Love London, its been WAY TOO LONG since we've been there, so I guess I'll live through you...LOL. Anthropologie is a fab store but yes expensive, its eye candy for us average Americans...hehehehe. Come by and say hi one day.

  17. Hello we missed you all!
    Happy 2010 to you and yours and I look forward to your posts this year.

  18. I've enjoyed reading and catching up with your posts. That giant whale is amazing. But best of all what a beautiful front door and stained glass windows you have, very dreamy and elegant. Merry Winter.

  19. Happy New Year!
    Lovely Photos! The Munchkin is so cute!
    Lovely teatoels not sure I would have been able to resist!

  20. Hope you are over your bug now,and enjoying the first days of the new year.Hope it will be a good one for you.You have a very clever man there.Mr Boo wouldn't have a clue how to make jelly...or anything else!Love the plate your cupcake is sitting on,and Munchkin looks so sweet in his new dressing gown.


  21. happy new year - darling buds of may is one of my favourites - just want to live with ma and pop!!!!


  22. no not australian, Hen New Zealand,it's a huge hit here and there is a 2nd one out already, Love your blog but never call anything or one australian when they or it is Kiwi, sorry for that rant but we are sensitive.Aunt Bee

  23. Happy New Year Hen, glad you had a nice time despite the lurgy. There are a lot of people who don't "get" the tea towel, yarny, fabricy thing! My crocheted dishcloths were met with a "too much spare time" comment, however, they look nice; and they are practical!
    Yes, a very cute jelly man.

  24. i'm taking a visit with my mum to anthropologie on saturday, can't wait!! i went to the ny one in november and fell in love (mainly with the homewares)

  25. Happy New Year Hen. Ohhh! your lovely trip to Hamleys "the magical toyshop" well that's what I called it when I was a child! The Anthropological shop looks exciting.

  26. Hello there! It was lovely to see your pics of the Anhropologie store. I'd heard that a store had opened up in London. My goodness though, I had no idea things were so expensive. Those tea-towels make for very expensive washing up! Ours always end up covered in stains in no time, however hard I try! Love your blog, by the way. Ros

  27. Glad you're back. Looking forward to visiting with you this year. Get those batteries on charge!

    love Fi x

  28. Happy new year Hen, what lovely pics. Rachael XX

  29. I'm jealous of your snow...although it really is much better to have it in a place than can handle it...which is not where I live.

    Anthropologie is a little pricey... I also find makeable things, and sometimes even things I can't make for which I think, 'Oh, I could make that if I took a class!' :D

  30. Yup, we love our Anthropologie! But it's because they have stuff that looks vintage.

  31. Ahhhhhh

    ....tell mr HH that the "mythical two-headed ginger beasts" will be waiting for him.....

    the picture of the 2 orange marshmallows is absolutely perfect!!


  32. Yes, as a Canadian, I am huddled up in my warm house. The difference between there and here (I live on the Prairies) is we don't have the humity that makes it colder. We do have wind chill which makes it colder. Our houses though are built with central heat and triple pane windows, with wall to wall carpets in most houses so we can cocoon in our homes. I was outside shovelling snow at -36 C. (with the wind chill) today but I am dressed appropiately to stay out for a bit.
    Brenda in Canada

  33. Nice blog, and I'm loving your photos of your cats. The 2 on the stool by the fire caught my eye. I have 2 quite like them! Happy New Year.

  34. A Happy new year to you too!
    I never quite dared to visit an Anthropology store, unless accompanied. But the things are quite lovely, aren't they? There were knitted sweaters in Anthropology that I covet, but also fall under the "I can knit that myself" category. That must be the problem with crafters.

    Lovely cupcake! Did you make them?

    Images of your ginger kitties make me smile! Thanks for sharing them with us,

  35. Hello Hen,

    What a lovely cosy time you all had. Darling Buds, Perfick! The weather was always fantastic wasn't it? Good tourist advert for Kent!

    I am V happy as Larkrise is back on Sunday, Joy!I love the gentleness of it all..... a bit sad I know, but there we go!

    Here's to 2010 and lots more enjoying your blog!

    Sarah x

  36. hi hen
    welcome back - sorry to hear you've been under the weather but rather glad to hear i wasn't the only one! happy new year from a very cold and snowy gloucestershire

  37. Hello Hen and good to see you back. Bit slow geting going myself, but I have missed it and all my blogging friends. Shame about Liberty, but the Munchkin does look like he had the best of times. Have had the lurgy here too, but almost clear at last...yuk xx

  38. Just love the picture of the sharing cats! Wondrful!! :)

  39. Happy New Year Hen, hope it's a wonderful one for you all at the Hen House!

    Goodness me the price of those tea towels is a bit steep isn't it, but they really are rather nice. I wish I could have the Munchkins dressing gown - not as cosy as I might be as the radiator has packed up and deserted me. Not the whole house but the living room so could be worse. Your cats look purr-fectly sweet sitting by the fire - mine heard the fan heater and ran away very crossly! Hope you are feeling bright eyed again after your nasty cold; probably all that hard work over Christmas lowered your resistance. Yummy looking cake - almost too pretty to eat, but I'm sure you managed somehow! At least there is time after Christmas for winding down nicely. Makes it hard to get back into the swing of things again though doesn't it? Lovely to have you back and I look forward to all the lovely things to see on your blog in 2010.

  40. Happy New Year! Glad you had a lovely time. Can't believe how much snow we've had - and it is soooo cold!

    Loved your patchwork quilt on the previous post!

    Keep warm,


  41. Happy New Year Hen!

    Sorry to hear you've been unwell, my whole have been ill with the lurgy the past few weeks... luckily mine appeared this week so I've been snuggled up in bed rather than tackling snow and underground services!

    Look forward to seeing your crafty makes in 2010

    Victoria xx

  42. Hello again My friend!
    God to see all of the updates!
    My daughter just flew in from london today! She said you all had quite a blanket of snow around the UK!
    We are getting 11 inches today here in the midwest of the usa .. YUCK!!!
    I want flowers! and Spring! and cath Hankies hanging on the clothesline!!!

    Keep up the good work!
    I think you should sell your stuff to antrho!!!
    They should be so lucky!!

  43. Hi,
    Your blog is lovely.
    Tracey x

  44. This is my first visit to your lovely blog. Such pretty photos you posted. I couldn't visit London without a stop to Liberty. I love getting lost there. How cozy your lovely cats look. I'm now off to look at all your previous posts. I'm sure I will enjoy them.

  45. Thanks for letting me know about the Anthropologie shop! I have been raving about it since I visited the New York Soho one in November and I had no idea they had opened one in London. Bit annoyed about those teatowels though, they were much cheaper there and some of the ones in your photo were in the sale at £7.50! And I didn't buy any!! I did try to make my own versions though, not quite as nice, but handmade!


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