Friday, 22 January 2010

A Mixed Bag

Hello my friends. So sorry I haven't posted for much longer than I intended. To be honest, I've been struggling to do justice to the things I have to photograph with this miserable dull weather and when it has been nice, I've had a couple of days out of the house and running round like a nutter. The Munchkin is doing very well at school and loving it though the new routine is taking some adjusting for us all! We're shattered (well, I am!) Thanks so much for all your well wishes.

Well, here's a bit of a quickie post as I am, customarily, rushing! I promised to show you the extra cakes I whipped up at home, using the techniques I learned on my cupcake course a week ago. Here they are...

I really loved doing the wild rose embossed cakes so I tried them with icing in different colours because for white icing to stand out, you need to use a dark/bright sugarpaste underneath to contrast.

The cakes remain largely intact, partly because I can't bear to eat them, partly because I am trying to cut down on naughty food. One person has no such weighty worries however and dug in with gusto!

I was lucky enough to received a surprise parcel containing some absolutely gorgeous goodies from a good bloggy friend and even customer. Thank you so much, Louise, I was really thrilled. I have a special little something for you too and shall get that off to you when (if!) I am more organised next week.

I loved the fabric and chopped into it straight away and put a square into my crazy nine-patch quilt top. It's coming along but waiting reinforcements from my pal, Donna Flower!

I had to take the car over to Battersea for a service yesterday - dull! However, it was not so dull when I realised I could dump the car at the garage and jump on a bus to Clapham from where I walked to Northcote Road and straight into Living Vintage, of course!

Talking of quilts, look at these vintage stunners they had there, featuring my fave types of ditsy floral 1930's prints.

Fabric LOVE!

This one was so lovely, a "friendship quilt" as each lady who has made a block has embroidered her name in the centre of the "plate".

I am also happy to report that I finished the crochet cushion last weekend. I am, as I say, stuggling to photograph it well, and there have been a few other crafty changes to the bedroom so I will hopefully show you all those together next week. Until then, I will tease you by showing you the reverse, made up in a gorgeous vintage fabric I picked up in Ludlow and a few vintage buttons which I think came from my nan's stash.

Now I really must rush as I have a date with Nostalgia at No 1 tomorrow! Have a super duper weekend, won't you...


  1. The cakes really do look like works of art. The Munchkins cake, colour matches his top perfectly!!!x

  2. Thought of you today Hen, I spent the day in Bridport and have a good haul of bits and pieces from Charity shops. Love the cakes and that quilt is coming on a treat.

  3. I love coming to look at your blog,it's so lovely and colourful!Those little cakes...each one a little work of art,and the's going to be so gorgeous! Lucky you,I wish I could visit that lovely shop in Shepton Mallet.Wonder what you will bring home with you?


  4. I've just been DROOLing over all your cup cakes Hen!!!!!!!! Oh what beauties, I feel my heart squeezing itself with all that beauty! I don't know what it is about cup cakes that gets me so excited, but there you go, I just do. And sitting together like that, so stunning. The one you love looks very complicated, and what a fab result. One thing I learnt from my hour of learning with Tara, is that it helps to have the right equipment, doesn't it?
    So glad the Munchkin is enjoying his new school, that must make you feel very happy and relieved.
    And another quilt! Golly Hen, no wonder you're in a rush, you're like a little whirl wind. It's great for us though, we get to see lots of creativity and be inspired.
    Have a lovely weekend, looking forward to seeing more cup cake creations!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  5. WOW.. Good to see you back. I know, isn't it hard to find things to take pictures of in this weather... But you sure did a nice job here. Love the cupcakes.

    Have a great weekend,
    The Garden Bell - Kate

  6. Hi Hen,

    Oh those cupcakes are so beautiful, its a shame to have to eat them, but Im sure they are so delicious. I'd love one now with my cup of tea :)

    All things nice...

  7. More gorgeous cakes, and another gorgeous quilt being made can't wait to see it finished. Love the other quilt and cushions
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Hen
    I'm going to Niki's tomorrow too...maybe I'll see you there!

  9. That sounds like my kind of shop! Can't wait to see your new cushion. :-)

  10. Hi Hen....lovely blog, you are FANTASTIC at cake decorating!

    Have a super weekend!
    I'm off to Buxton tomorrow, hoping to find some good shops to visit, then maybe I'll do a show and tell!xxx

  11. That's the first I've heard/seen of the "Vintage Living" shop it looks right up my street, pity it wasn't in the North East I'd be paying a visit tomorrow! Lucky you going to visit Nostalgia at no1 say hello to Niki for me please...Lucey xx

  12. Hi
    The cupcakes look gorgeous, well done. They look too good to eat.

  13. Another lovely post there Hen. Your cakes look stunning.
    I have bought a rotary cutter in preparation for doing some patchwork......I an still working up to the task..
    Have a fun weekend
    Rachael XX

  14. the cupcakes with the wild flowers etched on are beautiful

  15. Hen, you've surely got the icing of cupcakes perfected. If I were that adorable Munchkin, I would have gobbled my way right across that selection. Not one would have escaped my "quality control" testing!

    So glad that the new school is beginning to mesh with the whole household, and is a great school for that wonderful lad.

    Now...on to fabrics, etc. Every time that you show some of the sources for the beautiful fabrics that catch your eyes, I just turn that deeper than Carlton ware shade of green.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  16. I'm trying not to look at food at the moment so I'm not going to comment on those cakes !! But the quilt is coming along very fast indeed. Looks great.

  17. Your quilt's looking lovely. I'd love to go to that shop....lovely things.
    Have a great weekend :) x

  18. o but those cakes look scrummy!! I love the quilts- especially the ones that are signed - what a lovely thing to have!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, look forward to seeing your cushion!


  19. The cakes are all really beautiful, you are certainly honing your new skill; love all those colours. Not easy to make them look so good! I can't believe how much of your new quilt you have done - no grass grows under your feet does it! I think you said you were worried about such big projects, well obviously there was no need and its looking great - very complex and interesting. Love the surprise parcel; isn't it lovely getting things in the post? I'm so pleased the new school is working out for Harry, he certainly seems to appreciate your yummy clever cakes. Look forward to seeing your crochet cushion soon, the back looks lovely with its perfectly lined up stripes. You always have so many lovely things to show us - you are such a fast worker!

  20. glad everyone is AOK
    Crochet cushions , how do you normally put them together once you have finished crocheting? sew and then stuff or sew onto material?

  21. The crazy nine patch quilt is coming along nicely. I'm desperate to have a go but other things keep getting in the way!
    Glad Munchkin is settling in at his new school. It's quite stressful worrying if you've done the right thing, even when you know you have.

  22. Hi Hen
    It was lovely seeing you today, small world isn't it. Did you find anything to tempt you? I can see that when I go to the post office or run some errands in town, I'll be coming back with vintage things instead...
    Hope you found the clock you were looking for.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  23. I hope you had a lovely time at Niki's, you lucky girl. I promise a parcel of fabric loveliness will be winging it's way to you early next week!

  24. Ooooooooh your cupcakes are amazing - I am so envious. Do you do mail order????? Only kidding!

    Jane x

  25. Those cupcakes are truly works of art. I just wanted to drop by to tell you how I love your blog, and gave you an award on mine today. You really don't have to do it, but I wanted other people to see what I love about your blog :)

  26. Your cakes look beautiful, and the quilt is going to be fantastic. Hope you are having a lovely weekend xx

  27. those cupcakes look a work of art - if only I had willpower like yours as I'd have polished them all off! Love those quilts and looking forward to seeing your completed one too,
    BH x

  28. Cup-cakes and quilts! such a lot of cosy joy on one post, really lovely Hen.

    Your quilt is looking AMAZING!

    Hope you are having a gorgeous weekend too!

    Sarah x

  29. Beautiful cupcakes and they look so yummy too! The little shop "Living Vintage" looks so fun. I wish it wasn't so far away from me. Love your blog. Rebecca

  30. Oh those cupcakes are amazing..... love the crazy quilt too.

  31. Those quilt blocks are wonderful! I can't wait to see it finished. :) And the cupcakes are just too pretty!

  32. Hi Hen

    your embossed cupcakes are just what my daughter wants on her wedding cake - any chance you could share how they are done, or let me have details of the course you went on please?


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