Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Momentous Day

Hello friends, here we are, another week into 2010. Well, the weather really scuppered our plans for the weekend to go to Worcester to collect a little something I picked up on eBay, as you do. More of that another time when the courier firm hopefully lands it on my doorstep. Instead, there was much indoor activity, if "lazing around, lying in, crafting and reading" count as "activity" (not forgetting eating!) Mr HH and his furry ginger friend seemed to become far too fond of my cosy spot in the den...

I enjoyed a spot more handsewing (my little fingers bear the scars!) and whipped up a few more pretty birdies as you seem to be quite fond of them. Thank you for that. I must say, it is a challenge to photograph anything well at the moment with the dull light levels. So I've done my best to take pics of the new feathered felty friends but I'll try to replace them if Mr Sunshine dares to show his face (oh go on, pleeeease). More piccies and info can be found here with the remaining lonely birdy from batch one!

Mr HH and Jacky-Ginge didn't spend all the weekend in my chair and I did manage to start a new crochet project. Yes, yes, I know this is naughty as my ever-lasting granny blanket is still on the go but you know, I have a sudden obsession with bedding. I have turned my back on plain white and embraced stripes, flowers and colour! I have an ever-expanding collection of quilts, eiderdowns and cushions to go with my duvets, too. No reason why I can't change the eiderdown and cushions every time I change the duvet, is there? I mean, we spend a third of our lives in bed! And so when my sister sent me this cutting (from People's Friend magazine of all things), I decided to make a colourful flowery crochet cushion cover.

Despite the "popcorns" being a bit of a pain, I now have the hang of them and they're surprisingly quick to make up.

Who knows, that could be one crochet project I actually finish. Steady on, Hen!

Yesterday, I had a lovely surprise when a Christmas/New Year present was delivered from a dear friend I have made through blogging (although she is not a blogger herself). I received some lovely gifts which I shall show you another time because I "have plans" for them but I did want to share with you this beautiful card.

Lovely, isn't it? I particularly like that gorgeous blue flowery paper which looks like it might be (or be an image of) vintage wallpaper. Now that is a subject close to my heart as the other half and I are gearing up to finally decorate our bedroom. I think we will probably go with a modern (vintage-looking) paper for the yet-to-be-made wardrobe doors but I couldn't help splurging on a couple of rolls from this site full of divine flowery vintage wallpapers. Yes, a tad on the expensive side but hey, I figured it's still a lot cheaper than Cath's digital papers at £150 per roll and I'm getting the real thing, a piece of history no less! It is far too precious for the wardrobe doors though. I will reveal all when it arrives on these shores...

Anyway, what's all this about a "momentous day"? Well, the Munchkin has finally gone back to school (hooray, love him as I do, the peace is a joy) and of course, he has gone to a new school. We have been muddling along with him at our local school for over three years and have never been happy with him there and fortuitously, he really seemed to enjoy the half day he spent at his new school just before Christmas. But stuff... I've never seen so much stuff! Football boots, white trainers, swimming gear, rugby gear, gym gear, he really needed a valet! (Just what my war-torn fingers needed, sewing in oodles of name labels.) I jokingly mentioned the large amount of gear to his teacher on dropping the Munchkin off this morning and she said it could only get better once he had a violin. Ha, what's wrong with the recorder?!

So, I am sending him positive vibes today and am very hopeful that he is going to enjoy his new school and flourish there. He is in a class of only 13 pupils which I think is just brilliant, the teacher will be keeping her beady eye on him! It is school as we imagine a good school to be. Good luck, my Munchy one...

(A big thank you to Steph for donating the football fabric to us, too, it's well loved!)

Edit: I've received requests for info of the issue of the magazine from which the crochet pattern is taken. I'm sorry that I can't help there as there is no date or reference to the issue number on the sheet which I just received as it is, ripped out of the mag by my sister who I know will have thrown the mag away once she'd finished chopping. I can tell you that it states that the pattern is taken from a book by Melody Griffiths called "Crocheted Throws and Wraps" published by Cico Books.


  1. Oooooh that wallpaper site is too tempting by half! Can't wait to see what you chose.

    Really hope Harry had a great day at his new school. We're very lucky that our boy have really love their little primary and we feel so happy with it too.

    Sounds like a great move for him and you. Sure he'll be full of smiles and stories when you pick him up.
    love Stephxx

  2. Oh best of luck to the little chap. Thanks for the site link Hen; more things to tempt me away from the end of year return!!! x

  3. oh i hope he has a good day! a class of 13!!! how wonderful xx

  4. I can't wait to see the new bedroom reveal, with the vintage looking wallpaper! Your new crochet project looks really lovely. Best of luck to your son at his new school. My son heads back to University this morning, after his nearly month long Christmas break. Daughter started back last week, so it empty nest again by tonight. Sigh.

  5. You appear to be a busy as a Hen in a HenHOuse around there this week. Keep up the great work. Loved each and every one of your pictures..... I'm thinking your hubbies slippers are just to darn JACK cute, am I right.....

    Stay Creative,
    The Garden Bell - Kate

  6. I love your new crochet project. My mum is making the very same one from the People's Friend too ~ it will be very interesting to see the finished results of both blankets ~ Can't wait! Best of wishes too to your little boy :O)

  7. Hope he enjoyed his new school.
    How naughty starting something else when you haven't finished your granny blanket! I've been doing mine for nearly 2 years now, just want it finished.
    Have you seen the wallpaper in Habitat?? We have some great designs, they have been discountinued now & have been reduced to crazy prices....£5 a roll!! I have the one with birds on. x

  8. I was wondering if Harry had started his new school!
    I think he'll need a wheelbarrow to take that lot with him!
    xxx ;-)

  9. I love your crocheted motifs. They are stunning! The little birds you made are also lovely. They look so happy and cheerful. Just the thing to have around on a gloomy winter day.

    Hope your little one enjoys his new school! Keeping my fingers crossed for him.

  10. Hope he settles in well at his new school. Schooling always seems to be a worry. I ended up getting the iron on name labels from abel labels I think they are called. ;-)

    I will be watching the bedroom makeover with interest because I'm hoping to do ours this year.

  11. I must admit that I am considering the CK Digital paper for one wall in a room here down the lane, so I am intruiged to look at your recommended website, I know it will be good! I'm off there now for a deco!

    Sarah x

  12. What a lovely, wintery, and homey post.

    I really enjoyed the pic of Mr HH looking so at home in the den.

  13. I hope the munchkin got on ok at school today. He has a good chance being in such a small class.x

  14. The felt birds are beautiful, along with the lovely homemade card you received. Hope your son enjoys what sounds like a fantastic school.

  15. I hope very much that young Harry enjoys his new school and sets off every morning with that great big smile of his. Well done to you for sorting it out for him, it's not easy when they are not happy in school. Tried to get that People's Friend so I could add it to my list of projects to think about and never do! I think they have moved on to the next week though which is a shame as it looks rather pretty. Have a soft spot for the mag as it was passed on by an elderly neighbour when I was little and I used to enjoy the childrens page. I think it's ok to move on to a new project if you have a bit of a block with something - otherwise you can end up doing nothing just waiting until you feel like it again. This new blanket could be finished in double quick time and give you a spurr to finish your other one too. You get tons of stuff finished anyway so never-mind if one does get away!

  16. Hope the little lads first day has gone well. LOVE the link to the vintage wallpaper site, I could do serious damage to my pay pal account on that one! Lizzie x

  17. Hi Helen

    First time for a comment from me! Hope he enjoyed the new school today, it's all a worry trying to find a good school and knowing what will be best for your children. I'd love to be able to send my children to a school where there are only 13 in a class! Your birdies look lovely too, Rosie the owl is still nice and comfy in our home!

  18. Hello Hen...hope he settles in well....13 children eh...what a lovely sized class, we had only 11 in last week because of the snow, we got so much done...reading, handwriting....once the numbers rise it gets so tricky....
    I do think the "den" looks so fab, such a welcoming space...xxx

  19. Hi hun!
    I started to make the same blanket as you taken from a lovely crochet book....yours looks lovely!
    I'm using a cotton DK but think I may switch to wool it seems more cosy some how.
    Can't wait to see your end result!
    Hugs Karen x x x

  20. Dear Gorgeous Hen - How funny it is that I haven't commented very often at all and yet because of the warmth in you blog, I kind of feel like I am catching up on my Friend the Hen's news. So glad to hear your little Munchkin is in a school where he can thrive - our little Archie is as a similar school from the sounds of it and is flying thank goodness (However this in in New Zealand and therefore they are all shoeless - the national obsession... quite shocking but also very handy at times).
    I am completely in awe of your new crochet blanket pattern - I have never seen anything like it and it makes me want to weep (with joy I think). Can't wait to see it develop.
    Lots of love, Kate (the greedy for colour one). xxooxxooxx

  21. I say it's fine to have dozens of coverings for your bed! Then you can change them as the mood strikes you!

    Good luck to your son...hope he loves his new school!

    I like the look of those crochet 'flowers.' I like you better than the ones in the picture...

  22. All the best to the Munchkin, I hope he has a wonderful time and makes lots of new friends.x

  23. What a lovely , happy post ! All the best for the young one at the new school .

  24. Hope the Munchkin enjoys his new school.

    Victoria x

  25. Hi there

    Have just discovered your blog which I'm loving! Do you know which issue of The People's Friend has that great crochet project in? I'd like to try to track a copy down. Many thanks



  26. Hello Hen! So sorry to be so absent from your blog, our new computer has me tearing my hair out with frustration. There are times it just blanks me. Dreadful.
    I was wondering if you received my e-mail in reply to your e-mail? I think things are getting lost.
    Anyway, lots of loveliness here............. that quilt you made! WOW! It's just GORGEOUS! And the new eiderdown goes so well with that look, doesn't it? And as for the birdies, they're so beautiful, just love 'em. The colours and decoration, just fab.
    Things have also been awful this week round here, because we had a burst pipe on Tueday, in my old studio, and many of my precious books have been ruined. I opened the door, and water gushed out. It's really put me back on everything I'm meant to be catching up on. Anyway, must be off, have to get on with the new book I'm working on.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  27. Glad the fabric was put to good use!! Good luck to him with the new school, hope he's settling in well...
    x Steph


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