Sunday, 24 January 2010


I am sure many of my fellow bloggy writers and readers will know of Niki and the beautiful blog she pens and goodies she sells over at Nostalgia at the Stonehouse (You do? Good. You don't? Get on over there!) Recently, Niki excited all her fans by announcing that she was opening a shop of her very own and indeed, that special emporium, Nostalgia at No 1, opened in the Somerset town of Shepton Mallet last Thursday.

So where did the HenHouse gang go this weekend? Where do you think?! I'm taking you with me. Come on...

I spotted that distinctive blue paintwork a mile off. The pace quickened. Come on!

The Munchkin found himself a little corner with the cute doggy display so that I could get on with serious mooching.

Firstly, though, I spent ages nattering as who did I find inside but Isabelle and my lovely pal, Louise. It was a complete surprise to meet Louise (and her other half and mum), which really made the visit for me! Apologies to Mr Louise and Mr HH who looked bored to tears, ha ha! We girls can chat and we can shop and don't they know it!

Of course, the time came when I could natter no longer and needed to get down to serious investigative work. The beautiful dresser is an obvious focal point when you step inside. I should point out that shelves had been plundered somewhat by us eager shoppers!

The bed looked so cosy, I think I could probably be found there on slow afternoons, amongst the eidys!

There were some beautiful vintage clothes and hats available and a particularly gorgeous rosy dress. If only I were a size 10 ( ha ha big haaaaaa!)

Yes, I love pansies. This hat was much more beautiful in reality than the photo suggests, actually.

There were pretty covered coat hangers hanging on the bed. I was captivated by what were clearly stunning eiderdown fabrics used to make a couple of them.

More tempting goodies...

And more!

Some pretty prints adorn the freshly painted walls and can you spot the lovely curtains Niki has made using vintage fabric?

I have a severe weakness for vintage aprons so I did very well to resist this one. It did look very at home on the mannequin, though.

Ah, it was lovely and quite a treasure to be found in Shepton Mallet. You MUST visit if you are in the vicinity (and make a special journey if you're not!)

And were there purchases? Oh, of course there were. But then you knew that! There was also super thrifty shopping in my fave charity shop earlier in the day and of course, the antiques fair was on at the nearby Bath and West Showground, so it seemed silly not to pop in. But those, my dear friends, shall have to wait until another day as this Hen needs her beauty sleep!


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous but so delighted that you shared your visit. It looks like Niki's shop is so fabulous and I could do some serious shopping there. If only there wasn't an ocean between us! xo, suzy

  2. Hen, this is yet another of your great weekend reports. I keep thinking that, amongst your other obvious talents, you really could do a weekly Monday report on your weekend doings that some major media something or other would be so, so wise to pick up.

    We readers of your posts are not the only folks who would enjoy sharing your great humor, taste and generosity of spirit.

    I did pop over to Niki's place to see more of what you saw. Yes. That is a shop to visit. I wish her loads and loads of good fortune in this still new year.


  3. Looks like a great little shop! I wish I lived in England!

  4. wow what a busy weekend you've had!
    Looks like lots of fun..... I love the apron :) I wish I could drive so I could visit all these great places :(
    Looking forward to seeing your goodies :)

  5. oh lucky ducky!
    I'd love to go!
    Maybe a few N.west bloggers should hire a vintage coach and do a tour of all the top shops!
    I'd love that!

    Have a super week...I'm on my way to school!xxx

  6. Those shelves certainly look plundered! Good to see you on Saturday, glad you had a fun time at Niki's shop. Lizzie x

  7. I shall be going sometime it all looks exciting.

  8. Thank you Hen for such a generous post...I am just off to the shop now, so will comment properly later this evening!
    Have a lovely week,

  9. What a totally beautiful shop. Your friend should be extremely proud of herself. Wishing her every luck in her new venture. If ever we are down that way I will make sure we pop in.
    Rachael XX

  10. Oooh I like that shop - all of it. I could spend a seriously long time mooching through just about everything you showed us. Also the pice give some good examples of how to display the mountain of stuff I have here (some of it still in cardboard boxes in the garage), I can see I have work to do! Thank you.

  11. So jealous! Would love to visit Niki's shop, too far away but if I should venture down South it would be top of my list.
    Looking forward to your charity shop treasure finds.

  12. can't wait to see what you got!

  13. Am very envious!I would spend far too much money if I was to venture into that lovely shop.Just as well that I don't live near!I will look forward to seeing what you bought on your trip.


  14. Thank you for that little jaunt. I'm looking forward to the rest of my day out. Will I be stopping for tea and cakes too?

  15. Oh! Oh! Oh! I am hyperventilating! What a fab place! I am SOOOOO jealous but very glad you had such a lovely time! Cx

  16. How lovely, vintage goodies and social. I think Niki need to have a man creche in the corner of her shop for all the long suffering husbands, boyfriends and sons!

  17. Hi Hen Just wanted to thank you for visiting our little shop , its always a frill to know you have been in !
    I really love your blog spot and your quilting and shopping fab.
    would have said hi before but Im new to the world of the web and didn't know how to !
    we are about to launch a shop on line {which is terrifying ] where we shall be selling most of the goodies from the shop ,plus some of my stash of vintage fabric which had been destined to become cushions and never made it
    Thanks again Hen
    Best wishes

  18. What a gorgeous shop thanks for sharing your visit.

  19. that looks an amazing shop - definitely one to visit as am not too far from shepton mallet!!!


  20. Hello again Hen,
    Thank you for this post - I'm so glad that you girls all arrived at the same time and were able to have some fun and laughter...even if hubbies weren't so impressed!
    Thank you also for your purchases... I hope they will bring you much pleasure.

    (I must make sure that my plastic electric fan heater doesn't find its way into any more photos...doesn't quite look the part, does it?!!)

    Have a great week,

  21. Glad you had a lovely time at Niki's, its a shame we missed you as we were there on Saturday too and at the fair afterwards! Can't wait to see what tempted you..I was very restrained this time I don't know.....

  22. Hi Hen

    I knew you'd love it! I went on Friday (no camera) but am taking Mum tomorrow (camera in bag, but no guarantee I'll remember to take pics!!).

    The Munchkin looked very at home in that corner!

    Sue x

  23. What a beautiful shop! I would love to spend some time in there :)

    Mel xxx

  24. What a lovely place. Thanks for the vicarious shopping trip and the link to her blog. Can't wait to see what you got!

  25. Hello!
    Just to thank you for these beautiful shots of Niki's shop! I'm sooo envious of you girls living in the vicinity! Hope I will be able to visit Nostalgia at No.1 soon, I am in love with Niki's goodies (and I am the lucky owner of some too)!
    Have a fabulous week,


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