Monday, 25 January 2010


No, not stray dogs or even kitties but pretty things; goodies and treasures if you like. Herewith a display of all the objects which have been rehomed chez le HenHouse following the weekend thrifty trawl.

First up, here are my goodies from Nostalgia at No 1, Niki's wonderful new shop (see my blog post below for a proper gander at the shop and all the delights therein). In fact, the fan was from a charity shop near to Nostalgia at No 1 but the other goodies are from Niki, honed down from a wide array of lovelies on offer.

The colours of the fan (spotted in the window), drew me in. "Buy me" it said, I'm lonely and unloved...

I bought this little collection of cute vintage booklets from Niki. They have the most lovely illustrations inside.

Moving on swiftly (it was quite a productive day after all), a few pretty textiles made it home. I bought the gorgeous dress/apron from Lizzie at the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair. It even fits me so I doubt I will take the scissors to it. Isn't the fabric just divine though? Thanks Lizzie, your stall was one of the highlights of my thrifty day. Quite how you managed that cold weather with your stall outside, brrr, you are a lady made of tough stuff!

The little dress was hunted down from a table top full of vintage dolls' clothes. No, I don't have a thing for dolls but just look at the fabric on that dress. Pink - check. Turquoise - check. Stripes and rosebuds - check. It's just so me and for £3, it had to be mine! I've given it a handwash but am finding it hard to cut into it despite the fact that I have no need for a doll's dress. Hmmm, watch this space, maybe after a glass of wine later. (It looks much better now it's been washed in the Munchkin's gentle bubble bath!)

Here's a close-up of the glorious (to use the Munchkin's current favourite word) pinny from Lizzie (colours are a bit washed out as the naughty camera was determined to use the flash and I couldn't really be bothered to try and override it, forgive me please). It is truly luscious though.

Also from the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair, some lovely cigarette cards to be employed in papercrafts here in the den.

In fact, I made quite a good haul of vintage paper goods with lots of cards and yet more books of cigarette cards (much time spent yesterday over a steamer trying to get the cards out, grrrr)!

I particularly love this cute little card.

And this one, too!

There is always a good button stall inside the main hall at Shepton Mallet and I picked up some pretty ones for my stash. I found a lot of buttons at one of the stalls outside too, from a delightful lady and they were very reasonably priced so that was very good indeed.

On to my fave charity shop. I was distressed after Christmas to find the shop was shut all over the Christmas and New Year period so Saturday was the first chance I've had in ages to visit. Bingo, I was not disappointed!

Pretty brooches languishing under the counter had to come home with me for my ever-expanding-for-no-reason collection.

Pretty plate - definitely had to be rehomed.

Oooh yummy. Look at this "variegated" crochet! I was thrilled when I pulled out first one vintage trimmed pillowcase from the drawer, swiftly followed by its pair. They are homemade too. Wish I knew how to recreate that crochet edging.

Well, there you have it, the highlights of my thrifty weekend. Back at the cottage, Mr HH put up the portiere rod on the door and with the aid of some curtain hooks from our neighbour (I knew I'd forget something), we hung the door curtain I'd made. Oooh, cosy; be gone nasty drafts.

This was a bit of a thrifty, vintagey endeavour too. The beautiful barkcloth fabric on the front came from Donna's last house sale. I found the lining here at home, in the "abandoned ironing basket" in the spare room. I have no idea whatsoever where it came from but it was almost the perfect size and already hemmed. I wanted to use 1" heading tape to keep up with the vintage look so I salvaged some from a 1970's curtain from my flower power fabric stash here in the den. Job's a good'un!

A spot of crochet took place to jolly up this drab terracotta pot.

I do have quite a few fake flowers around the cottage. I buy fresh ones once we are there if we're staying a few days but I can't really keep real plants there as we can't water them frequently enough. This geranium jollies up the bathroom, especially now its pot is all snuggly and stripey.

That's all for today folks. Bedroom/bedding reveal next, perchance? Better get on with making it then! Cheerio for now...


  1. Hello Hen, just been taking in your last two blog posts! So glad I don't live anywhere near that shop!Looks fabulous. That dress! I can see why you wouldn't want to cut it up, but then again, just think what lovely things you could create with the fabric. That beautiful fabric. So glad to see your treasures. Looking at your blog often satisfies my urge to shop very satisfactorily. Very satisfying!Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  2. Hen I am completely in love with your door curtain! What a beautiful job you've done and I hope you don't mind but may pinch your bobble trim idea for the Cath window blind. I've got a bolt of the same fabric I'm makimg into a blind for our bathroom and never thought of using up my cream bobble trim to finish it. Hope you don't mind me copying!

    Lucky you getting to Niki's shop, hope I might make it there when I come down to the Vintage & Handmade Fair perhaps. Love the brooches, what a breath of spring, must get mine out and wear them.

    Have a lovely week.

  3. I've just done a catch up too Hen. Such gorgeous things in both. Thanks for sharing x

  4. Actually, it's tatting, and easy to recreate. Just need a tatting shuttle, thread (looks like Coats 10 or 20 to me) and you're off. I could show you, but I live in France...

  5. Hi Hen,

    What lovely finds! Always so colourful and cheerfully floral :-)

    I really must make time for a CS raid soon!

    I have been thinking of making a curtain to go across the door for some time, at the moment there is a door "sausage" found on ebay, but not so pretty as your curtain!

    I hope you have a great week :-)
    Rose X

  6. Hi Hen

    A very successful weekend, so many lovely things. I really like the tea set from Niki. Also love the cigarette cards.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  7. What lovely things! And you always photograph them so beautifully. Looking at the pillowcase and the varigated lace, I think it's tatting - a form of lace made with a little shuttle. I learned it long ago but haven't made any for ages.
    Jo, Cornwall x

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely haul! I'm especially fond of that little purple plate. I'm a sucker for lavender!

    I'm also a sucker for tatting, and that's how the edge of your gorgeous pillowcase was adorned. I recently bought an antique tatting shuttle so that I can learn to do it as my grandmother did. It uses very fine crochet thread, so it does somewhat resemble its hooky cousin!

  9. Love everything but some things are particuarly wonderful and caught my eye! Of course you couldn't leave that lovely fan in the window and walk on by - it is so pretty isn't it; I would definitely have to have had that. There is a fan museum in Greenwich which I keep meaning to go to, as it sounds rather lovely. Then the little dolls dress which is just so perfect - I had a little doll that I called Rose-Elle because she wore a rose bud dress (all pink and cream I think). The colours are lovely; perhaps a vintage doll to fit it? They can be rather nice. One would be alright wouldn't it? I love your curtain; I made a door curtain once - not so pretty as yours but still pretty nice and it made such a difference, both to drafts and making every thing look cosy. Yours is rather nice! Finally, I do like your little crochet pot cover. I never have anything in a pot living long enough to get one of those, but one day maybe a jam pot will get one for some flowers maybe. You have found loads and loads of gorgeous things, lucky you!

  10. I am almost certain that the edging on that pillowcase is tatting, not crochet. I do both crafts. As a matter of fact, after a little searching around, I found a pattern that is pretty close to the one used on your lovely pillowcase.

    There are two ways to tat...using a shuttle that has a bobbin of thread, or using a long tatting needle. In some ways, it is becoming a lost art, because there aren't many who do it anymore. My very old aunt did it when I was a girl. When she passed, I realized I didn't know another soul who tatted. So, I decided that I needed to learn.

    Thanks for letting me chatter on! Enjoy your vintage pretties!

  11. The curtain looks great! I have the exact same posy brooch as you too, mine was handed down from my Grandma :)

    Love the rose plate, I would have snapped it up too!

    Mel xxx

  12. Lovely finds,as always.Especially like that pillowcase,a great find,and funnily enough I bought the same floral brooch on Saturday!


  13. OOOH so many lovely goodies as usual a total feast for the eyes. Yopur door curtain is gorgeous, I am planning to do something similar with an old tartan blanket, must get on and do it!

    Sarah x

  14. What gorgeous finds!! Love your crocheted flower pot cover xx

  15. Hallo I came across your blog through Niki at Nostalga
    I was going to say that the edging on the pillowcases was tatting but I see several other people have already picked up on this. I have tried and tried to tat but with little success I will keep trying because I love the look of it so much. Nice to become a follower of your blog luv Jan

  16. Another lovely post the CK blind!
    The flower pot cover is truly cute!

    Now then, that curtain on the door is wonderful....such pretty fabric!xx

  17. You are right - those fabrics are divine. What a treat to stop by your blog today.

  18. Bravo, do take a bow! Those are "glorious" indeed, and I won't even try to pick favorites.

    Great to get that draft sorted out, too, in a very stylish way. (Mr HH can also take a bow.)


  19. Lovely things you bought. I always wash delicates in bubble bath, my theory is if it is gentle enough for the skin it is gentle enough for needlework.

  20. Well found Hen! I love that little dress, the fabric is just beautiful.

  21. Well I am loving that crochet on those lovely pillow cases. Thanks for sharing all your lovelies today Hen
    Rachael XX

  22. Thank you for the mention and compliments, so glad you like the pinny, I think it came from France.. I have quite a stash of them that I use & enjoy. Love your crochet pot cover... and door curtain. Lizzie x PS Have only just defrosted from the weekend, it really was VERY VERY cold!

  23. I think all of your goodies are delightful, and I can not resist buttons, and those are so lovely! Suzie xxx

  24. GLORIOUS finds! love the fan and cigarette cards especially and do hope we get to see you sporting your new dress/pinny! Rachaelxo

  25. Sweet finds! Sometimes I wonder what you do with/where you keep all these things you find. Like, say, your brooch collection. Do you have a drawer full of them, or a display cabinet maybe?

  26. The door curtain looks lovely. I think your crochet edging is actually tatting. One thing I've not had a go at. lol.

  27. Wow so many fun finds you were able to bring home. You have some great places to search. Have a good week!

  28. The variegated crochet edging is tatting. I think tatting is maybe harder to learn to do than crochet, but it is easier to get a lot more done than crochet. Look online at some tatting videos (I had to "see" someone to learn- I couldn't learn from a book - I tried) if you want to learn. It is a "cheap" craft, too- just a tatting shuttle and probably thread you already have lying around. Good luck!! (I don't have a blog- sorry.)

  29. Lovely finds Hen. I think you need to make yourself a cute little rag doll to fit inside that dress! That is, after you learn to do tatting :)

  30. Ohhhhhhhh, what treats! That plate is just divine!

    m ^..^

  31. what wonderful have much better charity shops than ours...the cottage looks lovely as H

  32. oh my, what an AMAZING haul you have had I am so envious at the amount of gorgeous quality vintage things you can find over there! so beautiful, all of it, lucky girl xx

  33. Lovely, lovely, lovely things! I have no qualms at all about cutting things up and using them for fabric. I would prefer that the items are recycled into something useable than they languish in a drawer somewhere.

    Your curtain looks wonderful, that fabric was always one of my favourites, perfect colours. Funnily enough I am listing more of that fabric on the site this week!

  34. Some lovely finds there! - I have aposy brooch identical to the one you've just bought - Natalie x

  35. Hi Hen,
    Thanks again for your purchases! Glad they've gone to such a good home!

    I wandered along to the antiques fair on the Sunday...Thankfully a few pretties were still there!
    I adore the dolls dress...couldn't you just hang it up somewhere, rather than taking the scissors to it? - Maybe a bit too girly for your boys to enjoy though?


  36. gorgeous finds! You wil no doubt make something fabulous with those gorgeous fabrics and buttons!!!


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