Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Warning! This blog post contains scenes of mild construction!

It's bedroom revamp day today, people. Well, let's say semi-revamp as it's basically little bits 'n' pieces that are within my control (and ability). I suppose it is therefore, more accurately, prettifying. More serious jobs like building wardrobe doors and painting and things remain to be done. Let's just gloss (ha ha) over those for the mo' though, ok? The weather is still rubbish and dull but I fear if I wait for a sunnier day to take better photos, I could be waiting a loooong time.

So, it was out with my girl toolkit... This was bought for me by my Dad when I bought my flat, back when I was footloose and fancy free. I thought it was so sweet of him. I really have used it, too!

Out with some decidedly less scary looking tools, too...

I somehow managed to grapple the headboard off the bed and onto the floor. What's going on in my room? says Charlie Boy.

I less helpfully managed to rope in some really useless helpers...

Yes, the Munchkin really does have the satin bound edge of a woolly blanket round his neck. Don't ask.

Oh I'm bored with ugly pictures, so (excusing the unpainted wall, pretty please?)...

... ta-dahhhhhh!

Yes, the crocheted cushion I started a few weeks back (read about it here if you fancy) was soon completed. I enjoyed that little project. Another one in different colours maybe?

Somebody asked me how I made the cushion up (literally speaking) when I posted about the back of the cushion. I blocked all the squares, crocheted them together then sewed by hand all round the edges of the big crocheted square onto a piece of old white cotton (thrifted sheet) just using simple over stitching. I made up the back two pieces of the cushion with the button closure then pinned the front and back together, keeping the front uppermost so I could see where I'd attached the crocheted square. I then sewed all round the edges on the machine using a zipper foot so that I could get the stitching right up to the edge of the crochet. Simples?

Time to give my hot water bottle (which is actually one of those miraculous microwaveable thingies) a spruce up. That navy blue flannel, teddy bear patterned cover was not really that cool. Might I point out that the hot non-water bottle was lost for years and only found when I removed the headboard as it had fallen down the back!

I used a rather delectable vintage rosebud print fabric from Donna which I bought at her house sale (and I'd actually forgotten about!) Rather yummy, isn't it? I spent an enjoyable hour or so doing a bit of hand quilting using vintage perle cotton for added prettiness and added some satin binding and a gorgeous blue glass vintage button. I used some leftover quilt batting for the lining. Hmm, cosy. Such an easy project.

Onto the pillowcases. Did you spot those, you beady eyed readers, you? I whipped those up using some leftover flannel (from my patchwork quilt) for the backs and some pretty Cath K fabric for the front (the nice new fabric she now sells which has a sort of cosy flannelette feel to it). I crocheted the edging using a pattern from Crochet Adorned (remember we've talked about this before and here again?) and threaded through a snippet of pink velvet ribbon.

The pretty embroidered pillowcase underneath is a recent TK Maxx bargain.

And you probably saw the headboard? It was a chocolate coloured ultra suede which was so not going with my new look, girlfriends, so I dug into my extensive collection of woollen blankets and off I went a-revamping. I was going to make a loose cover but decided to be lazy and get busy with the staplegun instead.

You saw him, did you? It took him all of five minutes once the bed was all freshly made up this morning to regain his rightful place. He still looks a bit grumpy at all the palaver, though.

See this warm rosey covered thingy? Well, it's nice. It's cosy... And it's mine. Got it?

Now my dear friends, I shall sign off from bloggy duties as tomorrow I am off up North for a while, back to the homestead, sadly for a funeral, but I'm sure a few other adventures shall take place. Have a good week, won't you?


  1. Yummy make over Hen.....loving that bed!x

  2. Sorry to hear about the funeral. I really enjoyed this girly-titivating post; I love doing this sort of thing too! Just a question about the crochet edged pillowcases: how do you get the crochet onto the fabric? My guess is that you sew blanket stitch on the edge of the pillowcase and then crochet onto that; am I right, or is there some other ingenious way of doing it? Best wishes and safe journey,

  3. Not great to be off to a funeral, but what a cosy bedroom to return to.

    Now you've stapled the headboard and made it beautiful I bet it won't be long before you're making a loose cover too.

    Bobo x

  4. Hi Attila,
    Yes, that's exactly how I attached the crochet to the pillowcase edge.
    Hen x

  5. Can I come and live in your bedroom?!
    Sorry the reason for your trip is a funeral.
    Look forward to your posts on return.


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  7. looks fab Hen - so different !!! and so pretty and must be nice to go to bed !
    hope your trip isnt to difficult xx

  8. Just lovely! Can you come do my room??

  9. So pretty! Love the cushion and the trim on the pillowcase. Hope your trip goes ok. x

  10. Your bed looks lovely. What a fantastic idea, to recover your headboard. I love the crochet-edged pillowcase as well.

    Sending you and your family best wishes for your trip up north. I hope everything goes ok.

    L xxx

  11. Your "new" bed seems to be so warm nd comfortable! What a nice idea you have. The bed is now coured and happy. You have so many nice ideas. Sorry for the funeral.
    The crocheted cushion is gorgeous too!
    Take care, Clara.

  12. I loove seeing makeovers and yours is greaat Hen. well done and I hope the time away won't all be sad x

  13. Oh sorry about the sadness Hen, hope your trip up North is all OK.

    As for your bedroom makeover, WOW GIRL!

    Leave no stone unturned! it all looks so pretty, love the quilt it is gorgeous, cant wait to see the other one too!Pillowcases divine, crochet cushions beautiful, take a breath! all so lovely well done Hen,

    Sarah x

  14. I bet you are looking forward to getting back to your lovely bed!
    Looks like your cat will keep it warm for you.
    Feel inspired to prettify now ....

  15. wow - that looks sooooooooooooo cozy :o) I have a little award for you over at my blog

  16. Looks like your lovely cat will keep the bed warm until you get back...
    Love the prettifying, very inspiring xx

  17. I love all your work.
    Your bed looks great.

    Greetings from Chile.

  18. Hen you are so creative and industrious too! I wish I could have just a little of your energy and enthusiasm and I would get so much more done! x

  19. I did enjoy your revamping. It's so nice to watch somebody else working instead of me! lol.

    Sorry you haven't got a nicer reason to come up North. Bring your thermals though, as it's a bit grim at the moment.

  20. Hen, can I have your life please? You make and do the most beautiful things! Oh, while I'm having your life, your house would be nice...and not forgetting your beautiful cottage in Somerset...oh, and your cats!
    Sorry you have a sad trip to make. Not the best time of year for the travelling either. Kind wishes to you.

  21. Hi Hen

    It was great bumping in to you at Niki's shop, small world isn't it!

    On to your handmade goodies... I don't know where to begin , it all looks so good! The detail on the pillowcases, so pretty!

    You have had a busy and productive week on the sewing and crochet front. Lucky girl, I am struggling to fit in one granny square a week at the moment...

    So sorry that you are having to go back home because of a funeral.

    Take care
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  22. You don't want an adopted 29 year old daughter do you? ;) That looks yummy!

    So sorry to hear you have a funeral to go to, I hope it goes as well as these things can.

    Hugs, Mel xxx

  23. I think Charlie Boy looks vry grateful you did all that just for him!

  24. It looks very pretty Hen. I am also very impressed with your lovely cushion.
    Sorry to hear about the funeral. I hope it all goes well. Love to you and your family,
    Rachael XX

  25. Your kitty is going to keep that bed warm for you till you get back home it looks beautiful I love the croched edging something i would love to learn how to do

  26. Looing wonderful Hen! I've been idly Googling to get some good ideas for quilts, and here I find yourse is the nicest of all I've seen!

  27. Mmmmm...your bed just looks so del-i-cious and scrummy!!!!
    fancy a lodger?? I'm very good at doing the washing up??!!!
    Well done you it looks fab hunny.
    Sorry you've got a sad time ahead.
    Hugs Karen x x x

  28. Your bed looks beautiful and your crocheted cushion is fantastic xx

  29. Hi hen
    Well it looks like you've been a woman on a mission. It all looks very nice, you can pop over and do mine next time your in somerset if you like lol.
    I love the picture of the munchkin in his rather fetching pink satin scarf lol I wonder is he's as miscevious as my little one.
    Sorry to hear about the funeral. Hope you have a safe trip and I'm sure you'll manage to fit in a few nice things while your there.

  30. Sorry to hear your trip up north is not under happier circumstances Hen. You have been so busy, I dont know how you manage it. Charlie boy looks very taken with your, sorry, I mean HIS hot water bottle cover I dont think you'll get it back!

  31. Sorry to hear about your sad trip. I have started reading your blog for inspiration as I have just started sewing. You make the most wonderful things.
    I absolutely love the patchwork quilt and hope one day to make one myself.

  32. What a fantastic idea Hen - I love it! Just the perfect post to brighten up a dreary day. You're going to be having such very sweet, flower filled dreams I reckon.

    Yes, yes, yes! I'm coming to the V&HM Fair! I can hardly believe it but now we have a new car that will transport me reliably further than the next villgae I feel confident to hop on the motorway and come down. A long day all to myself full of vinatgeness! Be still my beating heart. Can't wait to come and say hello to all the lovley bloggers I've been dying to meet - you especially, do hope you'll be there.

    And I must admit to squealling with delight to hear about Mr Hen's love of The Knotty! It's an institution around these parts. We live about 500 yds from Cheddleton station and the most very amazing news is that the line is to be extended into Leek over the next few years. A commercial venture will bring passengers from Stoke right up the steam line and through to Alton Towers. It really is the prettiest line (no car acess to most of it) and follows the river and canal. Do come up for a ride and I'll treat you to afternoon tea and a stroll around Curlew Country!

    Better push off before I fill your blog up with my ramblings! Have a lovely weekend.

  33. I love the white crocheted cushion & the hot water bottle cover. I really don't know how you fit it all in, You must be up at the crack of dawn every day!

    Sorry to hear your sad news, hope all goes ok.

    Natasha x

  34. What a great make-over! Love the cushions and the quilt and the hottie cover - brilliant. I love your blog - I read it regularly but have never sent a comment - it's only now that I start blogging myself that I realise how precious the comments are! I think your style is sooo lovely and you are a total inspiration. Thank you!

  35. Well done you - it all looks amazing.xx

  36. Oh wow Hen! What a fantastic transformation! Your bed looks fantabuladidosy splendidiferous. That's my highest form of praise.People say cats have no expressions, but that's rubbish, you just have to look at your darlings to see exactly what's going on in their minds, on their little faces. Very nice hot water bottle cover!
    Hope you fare well on your mission.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  37. it all looks absolutely amazing!


  38. Hi Hen, I like your blog too, great in the photos. Very good hands while you do business, as I am trying to get some examples. This renewal was also great, are very industrious lady, congratulations ..

  39. Hello, hope your trip isn't too difficult & you made the best of it.

    I love the bed, looks so cosy I could just lay down for a minute..... I wouldn't mind sharing it with the lovely pussy cat!
    He looks so funny sat on that really pretty fabric, not very cool is he??
    As you know I always look forward to your posts to see your beautiful friends :) x

  40. It all looks divine! suzie. xxx

  41. Even though the reason is a sad one I hope going home means some comforting family reunions too. We have several homes don't we - those we come from and never forget and those we make for ourselves. Yours will be very nice to come back to, all the more so because of what you've been up to lately.

    Such a pretty new banner Hen - lovely to see your new fan there as I also like it rather a lot! Your crochet cushion has turned out beautifully - love the colours, a really nice pattern too. The bed is looking very comfy and cosy - no wonder Charlie Boy thinks it is his very own. The head board is great, everything works together in harmony but is interesting and has its own thing going on design and pattern wise. On these cold wintry nights I could do with a hot water bottle, haven't had one in years - I do like your cover as I am drawn to the nice pink stitches. One of my favourites is the pillow cases with their crochet edging - the green works really well with the pink ribbon running through. They would make a lovely special present I thought. It seems like all I get to make is a cup of coffee in the same time it takes you to renovate your whole bedroom! You surely must not ever keep still and just sitting down, doing nothing must be an anathema to you. Wish I was the same!

  42. Hello, I have just come across your blog for the first time and am amazed at all the wonderful things you have made. What an inspiration!

    I'd love to be able to find or get a copy of the pattern for the crochet cushion cover that you made as I've been looking for something like this to make for my mum.

    Keep up the lovely work xx

    Rachael (

  43. I would love to cover a headboard like that, great idea!Beautiful blog! x

  44. Hennnyyyy!
    Hello my gorgeous girl!! It's been ages since my last visit.
    Oh, how time flies!
    Firstly I am so sorry to hear about your sad visit up North for the funeral.
    As you know it's summertime Down Under and I have been kept away from blogging as we've been away for Christmas/New Year's holidays and then just caught up in the loveliness of Summer.
    I have missed all my lovely online friends, but have been thinking about you all (especially) you girls in the UK, when I see the weather reports for your part of the much snow!
    It's been a treat stopping by and getting my FIX of all things pretty, floral and sweet and just wanted to wish you and your darling family a scrumptious 2010.
    Love to you, Kali xoxox

  45. this is such a great make over I love your bed!!;) It gives me some ideas...
    I`m having a giveaway on my blog, so if you like fabric...

  46. Hi Hen, I tried to email you but it bounced back...Liz and I are running a new fair in frome and wondered if you would be let me know if you are

  47. Everything you touch turns pretty!!!!
    Can you come to my house?
    Finally posting that stuff for munchie (sorry been a busy/poorly girl)
    Would love for you to pop over and join in my giveaway!
    Are you going to be at the handmade and vintage in may?

  48. love the quilt. Have noticed it before and it is just so bright and fresh.



  49. what a happy, homey place to rest


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