Saturday, 9 January 2010

Vintage Pressies

What else is there to do but stay verrrry snuggly in this weather? Any excuse, I know! You may remember a glimpse of my rather lovely Christmas present from Mr HenHouse? The gorgeous lilac floral eiderdown?

There is quite a story behind this eiderdown and how it came to be mine. We need to go back to the time of the last Vintage and Handmade Fair on 14 November when, before the Fair had opened to the public, I spotted my friend Donna waltzing past my stall clutching a very fetching eidy, yes, THE lilac eiderdown! I sort of rugby tackled her to have a nosy at the eiderdown and discovered that sadly, I had missed my chance, as Donna had just bought the said eidy from Sue, whose stall was right next door to my own! Hummppphh. Not fair!

To be fair, Donna did suggest the eidy might be for sale in the future and I have thought about the eidy many times and chalked it up as "the one that got away". But what did I find when Mr HH handed me a very big barrel-shaped pressie on Christmas morning? Only THE lilac eidy! Oooh, Mr HH and Donna, you scheming pair, you!

It didn't stop there either. In the run up to Christmas day, I did give a little thought, whilst rolling out the pastry for the mince pies, icing the cake and so on, to what I might find under the tree on Christmas morning. I thought to myself that nothing could really be nicer than just a whole load of fabric as that really is my passion. You noticed? Under the tree, a sneaky peek on Christmas Eve revealed a set of three packages, individually wrapped but fastened into a trio with ribbon, the tag suggesting that I might "find these hankies useful". Hmm, I thought, Mr HH has bought me lots of Cath K hankies (tricky, as I think I already have them all!) and why has he given the game away by telling me on the label what's inside?

On Christmas morning, once the eidy had been discovered and I had cosily arranged myself underneath it, Mr HH excitedly proffered the hanky packages to me. I did my best to look excited. What did I find inside?

Only THE most amazing selection of vintage fabric fat quarters. Ooooooh!

Golly, Mr HH really excelled himself there, I just couldn't believe he had bought me those - and that he duped me so thoroughly! (Thank you also, Donna, for being personal shopper extraodinaire!) Aren't they just breath-takingly, gorgeously, vintagely, florally, fabrically, DIVINE?!

I spent many an hour fondling the bundles, taking them apart, looking at each fabric, tying them back into their bundles and of course, playing "Which is your favourite"? As we were at the cottage for the New Year, I was unable to make anything with the FQs but so much the better, I needed that time to just savour them and work myself up to the "chopping into them" stage.

Back home, life started to return to normal; I started to know what day of the week it was again. The Den had a bit of a tidy-up to make way for the many new books and goodies, I decided to wash the woolly blanket (so beloved by the furry friends) on the chair, and as I'd found a couple of new (old) ones over the holiday, I put a different one on the chair and decided I may as well go for a different cushion cover too. That cushion cover is one of the very first things I made when I started sewing again in earnest a few years ago.

Ah, ok then, that done, I couldn't wait to hunker down and get on with a spot of something crafty. The Munchkin sat making his thank you cards and I sat sewing whilst the snow fell outside and the sky inevitably darkened.

A friend decided I needed help...

Before long, it was pretty dark and time to get the dinner on. Quite a wrench to get out of that chair, though, I can tell you!

But it had been a fruitful afternoon. A new birdy was born!

A fusion of felted vintage blanket, the lovely new-to-me-at-Christmas vintage fabric, buttons and trims, the Perle cottons I bought from the Christmas market in Bridport and a tad of lavender. Cheep cheep!

Primrose Birdy the First has already flown the nest to Chester, to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very special Mum.

But I had the birdy bug, oh yes, so a few more have hatched!

My collection of colourful vintage felted blankets has reached impressive proportions!

They are looking for new nests to cosy up in and are temporarily squatting here!

Meanwhile, the New Year has thankfully meant new mags, hooray! I always find the January mags (out the beginning of December) are a bit bizarre, in limbo land, acting as if Christmas is over but not really getting on with the New Year (because of course, it's not really the New Year then!) I eagerly spotted this lovely spread in BBC Homes & Antiques mag.

In particular, I spotted these fabby bowls. Ooooh, yes please, Ms Cath K! It's that gorgeous Provence Rose print reincarnated in yummy pastel colours on these pretty bowls, oh so perfect for Spring.

The Munchkin and I ventured into London yesterday to go to the Flicks and just happened to pop into Ms Kidston's emporium but sadly no bowls were to be had. Apparently, they are part of the new range (obviously) which they expect towards the end of the month and I noticed from Cath's website that they grace the cover of the next catalogue/mag which is coming out in a few weeks. By the way, congrats to Cath who made it into the New Year's Honours list!


  1. Lucky you. Does the lovely and thoughtful Mr. HH have a brother?
    Best wishes,

  2. Ok those bowls are on my "I'm having for sure" list.....woot!
    cheers have excelled yourself once again!

    Lovely christmas quilt, very pretty Henxxxx

  3. Hi Hen, I love your eiderdown story with it's happy ending. I also spotted the Cath Kidston bowls in Homes and Antiques but hadn't seen them anywhere so I guess I will have to be patient for a few weeks.I have a set of her bowls in different colours but sadly the blue one has been broken and I really need a new set. I have just ventured out to get the new Country Living magazine so I can settle down in the warm to have a read. Your birdys are lovely , I have just placed an order, they make me think of Spring.
    Ann x

  4. Oh!....loving that eiderdown, no wonder you fell head over heels in love with it. The birdies so sweet, and a one lovely hubby to search out all your favourite bits and pieces....and those spring C K bowls, honestly us fans won't have much room for anything before long, but strange thing is I do use her stuff all the time, the patterns and colours are just so cheering.....keep warm, keep sewing, one brilliant post.
    Teresa x

  5. I love those birdies!! x

  6. I love your lilac eiderdown it's just gorgeous and the vintage fabric is to die for, what a very clever other half you have, I think mine may need re-training hehe.
    It's just started snowing again here and I have to admit to being a complete wimp in this weather I hate it, love to look at it but hate to go out in it.
    Take care

  7. I just love your cozy cozy den...its so pretty! Must be lovely crafting in there especially with a furry companion!

    Happy Blogging!

    Sam x

  8. I Love the quilt story, can I borrow Mr HH? The quilt is fabulous! I love the birdies

  9. I can't tell you how pretty I think those birdies are - I think that blanket fabric works so beautifully and in all those gorgeous colours too, I love all the detail on them. Like someone says they lift us out of this dismal weather and into Spring time. Really like how you are displaying them. I had some twiggy sticks up for Christmas and they are not coming down - you can hang so many things on them! Yours are especially pretty with the flowers on. I love hearing about lovely husbands who support their wives in their talents and skills and listen to what they like and come up with wonderful pressies showing just that. The eiderdown is brilliant for now isn't it; in the freezing cold we are having. Brrhhh! They are very special things - my Grannie had one. Lucky you! Love the fat quarters and well, everything else really. You are so industrius - which is our good fortune!

  10. Never Mind CK, you have definately made it onto my New Year's Honours list as the most birdy-licious Hen there is!

    Those blanket birdies are so lovely, perfect with the contrasting blanket stitch and new fabrics and buttons, they just make me wany to tweet for joy!

    Sarah x

  11. Hello Hen! You are so lucky, I wish someone would get me a floral lilac eiderdown! Those birdies are soo soo cute! May many more be hatched! suzie. xxx

  12. What a gorgeous eiderdown .... I can see why you fell in love with it. I've seen the new mags on the shelves but I am trying to restrain myself this year .... I've decided that I could buy a decent craft book for the price of 2 or 3 mags so that's what I am going to do. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Oh Hen, the eiderdown is just perfect, you lucky thing! Your little birds are very sweet too! Bet your mum loves hers!
    Rachel x

  14. Well done Mr HH to get you just what you liked.
    I love your birdies, I like birdies, the real ones are eating me out of house and home at the moment, bet yours don't!

  15. Love the eiderdown, it's gorgious.
    What a thoughtful Mr HH.
    Enjoy it in this chilli weather.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  16. How lovely - a friend who sells beautiful textiles, and a husband who buys them for you!
    And I love the blanket birdies - really pretty.
    By the way - ages ago you showed pics of scrapbooks that your sister had made - when did you post that, as I'm looking for inspiration to make a scrapbook myself. Thanks very much
    Gill x

  17. those little birds are absolutely charming.. looks as if you have more snow on the way today! Lizzie x

  18. PS - Don't worry, it's taken a while but I've found it - now I just have to get cutting and sticking
    Gill x

  19. Your blog is quite beautiful and all your sewing projects are wonderful!


  20. I just love your eiderdown. What a schemer of a husband. I think he is definitely a keeper! Your little birdies are so sweet. They sing of spring. Stay snug.

  21. What wonderful little birdies! Your mum is very lucky to have one flying her way!
    What wonderful pressies from your Mr H! Those fat quarters in particular..yum!

  22. I just love visiting your blog. Cute, cute, cute little birds. Wish my hubby was so thoughtful in gift giving. He is very utilitarian thinking in his gifting. I got snow boots, long heavy ski type gloves, and a couple of kitchy appliances. Still love him lots though.

  23. What a lovely surprise gift for Christmas from your DH!! How sweet :) My DH doesn't shop so I have to buy my own sad is that??? I love the little birdies, too.

  24. Oh!! The lavender filled birds, the fabulous lilac comforter, all the vintage fabrics ... I love everything in your blog!!!

  25. Lovely little birdies Hen! and well done Mr HH!!

  26. What a lucky girl you are - in more ways than one !You sure are clever too I love your little birdies and the quilt YOU made is lovely too.
    Keep your crafty bits comimg. I enjoy it all

  27. Who's a lucky hen then?? Mr HH always comes up trumps on the present front :-)

    Thanks for the sneak preview of the CK bowls, I will be adding them to my collection very shortly!

    Natasha x

  28. That eiderdown was meant to be yours wasn't it? I'm so glad that your lovely Mr HH bought it for you. I had such fun choosing the fabrics for you and selected some from my own collection which I don't usually sell as I knew that they were just 'you'.

    The birdies are just beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you make with the rest of the fabric.

  29. Happy New Year to you, Hen. Obviously, you have got a wonderful man there in Mr HH, who does know you truly. And that young lad is another gem.

    The blanket birds you've been sewing are delightful ... very in touch with traditional forms from many cultures, yet so contemporary. I just love their embroidered eye dots.

    Enjoy the snow that may still be with you, and have lots of fun with your creative spirit in the new year.


  30. Those are such wonderful presents! :) I do love that eiderdown!!!

    The birds are sweet...

  31. I love my eiderdown, so toasty, but so does Nanny....I can't get him off!! I think we all should send our OH's to Donna, what great gifts!
    Loving those bowls, I'm hoping to head up to London next week but it'll be too early for those. :( x

  32. What a fantastic husband you have! Loving the new bowls from Cath, they will be on my wish list. I brought some back last year and they flew off the shelves never to be seen again so they will match in perfectly!

  33. Hiya Hen. Soooo glad we are getting back to normal. That means a lot more bloggy posting to look forward to from you!

    Fabby Christmas prezzies. Lucky girl. Not shared mine yet. Saving them for a dull day.

    Pretty blanket birds, it's good to get sewing again isn't it?

  34. Full marks to Mr HH wonderful eiderdown. I just love the birds and the CK bowls are too divine will be on the lookout for those.

  35. I love love love all your fabrics stacked like that in the cupboard - they look so decorative just like that!
    You might have to be in quick for those gorgeous bowls if they are on the catalogue cover - I ams sure they will be highly sought after!

  36. Oh NOoooo! I wish I hadn't read your post because then I wouldn't have seen those gorgeous CK bowls,which I am now lusting after.
    The eiderdown is soooo lovely,what a perfect surprise... and the birds you have made are so sweet and delicate.The pink one is my favourite.


  37. LOL you have started something with those bowls I predict many bloggers queuing at CK shops soon :-)
    the eiderdown is gorgeous as are the FQ bundles you lucky girl !

  38. Sounds like you were nicely spoilt this Christmas - what a thoughtful, loving husband you have! Loving the birdies and I'm so glad you had a lovely holiday. You paint a cosy picture! Looking forward to more creative adventures this year! xxx

  39. How thoughtful is your Mr HH going to all that trouble to get such perfect presents for you

    Victoria xx

  40. Hi Hen. Bit late as ever here, but LOVE that eiderdown. Great presents all round and the birds are so sweet too x

  41. Mr HH did really well this year - bet he's earned lots of Brownie points!


  42. First time on your blog and I've fallen in love with it. It's so colorful and ... warm. The eiderdown is beautiful and so is the patchwork. Reading your posts, I feel like talking to a friend.Hope you can find the time to come and see my little blog. Clara xx


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